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    • Valkyria Chronicles

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      I don't know if any of you guys have even *heard* of the Ps3 game called Valkyria Chroncles, but if you haven't, I highly recommend it. Valkyria Chronicles is a turn based RPG with elements of real time game play. It is set in a fictional 1930's Fantasy/World War universe. You take the role of a university student named Welkin, who is drafted to serve in the military of a small nation caught between two super powers. While you play, you must fend off one of the super powers which is invading your homeland, all the while looking into why exactly they invaded you anyway.

      The plot I mentioned above has almost none of the details of the game that make it so enjoyable. This game's plot is easily one of the best I have seen in years. The story line was incredibly gripping, and the characters very memorable. It successfully tells a story of persecution, love, friendship, hatred, betrayal, prejudice, desire for power, hope, and redemption all in one. Honestly, I can't think of enough good things to say about the plot.

      The game play and graphics were even more of a suprise. I expected the game play to be mediocre at best, but I found it to be highly addictive and entertaining. It is turn based with elements of real time combat introduced. It doesn't seem like much at first, but the more I played, the more hooked I became. As for the graphics, its sort of an anime-style game, so they are pretty good.

      Anyway, I highly recommend this game, despite the fact its practically unhead of.

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    • Summer Welcome; The Laptop from Hell

      10 years ago

      Duke_of_the_URL Formerly Dom

      Been a little while since I wrote a journel, so guess its time for a new one.

      We (the parents & I) just got back from the University of Missouri -- Columbia's Summer Welcome program this past friday. While we were there, we essentally took care of all the business we needed to get done before the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year. When we went there, we had no idea where I'd be staying, or what classes I was going to take, or what kind of stuff I needed to bring to college, etc. Now, I do. Yay.

      I'm going to be majoring in Chemistry during my 4-5 year tenure at Mizzou. Most of my friends in high school have questioned why I chose Mizzou for that major. Mizzou is a school that is known for its journalism program above all else, but it also has a wide variety of degrees that just about any student could ask for. I chose Mizzou for a couple reasons...as one professor at summer welcome put it.

      One reason I chose it was it was close to washer & dryer home. Its only a two hour trip from campus to home...so it's close enough to make it home in an emergancy.

      At the same time, its far from home. I do not like living here in St. Louis...too many bad memoires. Its also far enough away from my brother and parents that they cannot bother me with their problems. Our family is like a soap opera, and there's nothing I want more than to be out of it.

      The last reason I chose it was I felt Mizzou offered the full college experiance. I did practically nothing in high school, so I missed out. I want to redeem myself at university, and I feel that Mizzou will give me that chance.

      Anywho, while we were at summer welcome, we also picked up a new laptop for me to use for gaming while at school. Naturally, first thing I did when I got home was begin installing stuff into it....Then the problems started.

      First thing I installed; A new mouse. I am not a fan of using the touch pad for gaming, so I went out and bought a USB wireless mouse (with no software...ugh), and plugged it into the PC. Seemed to work ok. Then I installed Starcraft (and Brood Wars), and began playing it. Still no problems....Then I decide to install Battlefield 2142. I install it, surf the net for the update needed to play online, to no success. I promptly uninstall it, and play Starcraft.

      First problem my PC ran into happened while I was doing that. In the middle of my game, the laptop just out of the blue fails to detect the CD drive...I get pissed, I walk away, I come back 2 hours later & surf the web on youtube & deviantart.com *cough*...No further problems yet...I shut down the laptop, and go to bed.

      The next morning, my laptop cannot start up. I try repeatedly to get it to boot, and eventually it does...then it can't shut down properly. After a forced shut down, it goes into a complete frenzy, and the mere act of booting it up creates a stop error (aka: Blue screen of death). The stop error plagues the laptop for hours, and both my parents give up on trying to fix it. Then around 3 A.M that night, I decide 'screw it, its broken anyway' and reformat the PC,

      So now the PC is mostly fixed, except now it has no ability what so ever to connect to the internet. :(

    • Freind Wipe

      10 years ago

      Duke_of_the_URL Formerly Dom

      Deleted all random friends


    • Graduation; Memories & Regrets

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      Duke_of_the_URL Formerly Dom

      Graduation Season for the class of 2009 is just about to end. To me, graduation (High school) didn't really seem like that big a deal. In my school, my entire class didn't seem paticularly excited about it, and I was no exception. We all focused more time worrying about other things, such as getting that elusive A in physics class, or grumbling about the senile english teacher, than we did on the date that would mark the turning point of our lives.

      Then came graduation -- and lock in -- day. Graduation itself was about a two and a half hour long ceremony (our senior class was an astounding 305 people). We listened to our class leader's speeches, went up to the stand, accepted our diplomas, and eventually threw our caps into the air. Not really to my suprise, very few people stayed around to chat after the ceremony. Everyone pretty much went straight home (again, I was no exception).

      At 11:00 P.M that night, the senior class lock in began. *None of my friends* were going, so I wasn't really comfortable going myself, but I went anyway. Fifteen minutes in, I called my best friend, and told him that he was missing out on a huge party and needed to get up to the place. He came in a hurry. The lock in itself was the following; The school rented out the local YMCA location (yes gym & pool & all), and basically allowed the senior class free access to do what ever they want. The main lobby was turned into a card game casino (fake money, but the top 5 money makers won prizes). There were multiple texas hold'em, black jack, roulette, and draw poker tables. Just outside that, there was a station for Tarot cards and palm reading. Inside the complex, the class was given free reign to the pool and gym. One gym was just straight up basketball, nothing special. The other gym had several obstacle courses set up. Further inside the complex was the cafeteria. They had more pizza & soda in there than I could count, and had Rock Band set up on a *massive* projector & speaker system. They also had pool tables, ping pong, air hockey, etc all set up.

      After about 3 hours of doing all of the mentioned above, a hypnotist came. The entire class was gathered into the theatre, and watched the hypnotist. Everyone was highly skeptical of it, saying things like how it's complete bullshit, or how lame it was going to be.

      It was neither. That hypnotist was easily the funniest thing anybody in that class had ever seen before. About twenty students were called on to be hypnotized. She (the hypnotist) worked her magic, and soon that class was doing the following.

      *Belly dancing
      *Posing for playboy/playgirl
      *Pretending like they were on the Jerry Springer show (classic!)
      *Being Elvis Pressly
      *Pretending they had a new 250,000$ sports car, and some asshole just drove by and splashed mud on it. (One student gave the entire senior class the bird)
      *Other random things that made them look like complete fools.

      It was an incredible high for me, and after the party (at 5.30 A.M), I began thinking to myself about my time in high school, and that brings me to the point of this thread.


      After that party, I realized I basically did nothing in high school. I joined no clubs, no sports teams, etc. I never had the nerve to try out for any of these things. I've always been an extremely shy person, and in general do not trust people. I didn't try out for anything until second semester senior year, in which I tried out for Men's Golf. Even then, it was only because I knew the coach and got along very well with him. I didn't go to Prom, junior or senior year. I never had a girlfriend, I never made any friends, etc.

      It took that party to make me realize on all of the incredible things I missed out on

      The regret I feel about that is absolutly massive. Those four years are gone, and are not coming back. My only choice is to make up for it in college. This fall, I will be at the University of Missouri -- Columbia (Mizzou, go Tigers!) studying chemistry. I realized all of the incredible things I missed out on during high school, and I am now determined to take that lesson with me to Mizzou to make up for it.

      What about you guys? What was graduation like for you? Do you have any memories of school that stick out? Any regrets?

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    • Graduation

      10 years ago

      Duke_of_the_URL Formerly Dom

      So uh, yeah. Graduated from High School last weekend. Woot! Off to Mizzou in 2-3 months :D

    • I could cry

      11 years ago

      Duke_of_the_URL Formerly Dom

      1. Went to work, have nothing to do for 6 hours straight.

      2. Come home, find PC infected with a virus. Spend 3 hours fixing it

      3. Have 150$ worth of stuff destroyed by an idiotic friend.

      4. Xbox 360 Red ring of death..

      I had a great day....

    • w00t!

      11 years ago

      Duke_of_the_URL Formerly Dom

      I got Mile High Club today! YAY!

    • Oh. My. God.

      11 years ago

      Duke_of_the_URL Formerly Dom



      *DISCLAIMER* I am not any of the three people in the video, nor am I friends or in anyway associated with them.

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