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    • Keoll works

      12 years ago


      As far as I know, the progress on Kotron has completely stopped....for now. My friend Kenneth (Kirak), kicked the crap out of the laptop he was using for making a courtyard (part of a level). In any case, nothing new has been going around.

      I just realized..I hadn't posted in quite a while.

      MOD The Movie (originally MOD: Season 3), has been going wuite nicely...we just haven't found time to do anything major. Although the small skits should be no problem. Night of the living Kris will take quite a while (two days of filming at least). Mason...we should do the ninja skit asap.

      In other news, Mason's cookies....are burning!

    • MOD Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      12 years ago


      Thanks to the latest footage, we now have 8 minutes worth of MOD season 3. The latest footage when edited gave us 5:30 minutes.

      We have yet to be half-way done.....but as a shoutout to all MOD members, we will be watching part one and seeing whether or not it is satisfactory.

    • Randomism

      12 years ago


      I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd do that now.

      Kotron News
      Nothing too new. Over the weekend I just sat and experimented on my 3d modelling programs and found some new tools to push better graphics.

      MOD news
      We have got 2:30 minutes of fully-edited footage and we need at least 28 minutes more. In any case, the arnold schwartzennegger bathroom scene is finished and completely awesome.

      Manga production
      Almost ready to make the real thing, just need more production sketches finished.

      In other news, mason's cookies, are burning

    • Snowy snow snow........

      12 years ago


      What's there to do on a snowday? Swordfight of course!

      My friends and I hung out yesterday and got into some interesting snowball fights while at the same time stepping into frozen puddles and crashing through them (mason).

      We haven't have school where I live for two days in a row now...which is unheard of before because where I live we almost never get snow and if we do it's usually melted away within four hours.

      I consider myself lucky since I have now gotten back into the loop of hard-core gaming (played for nine hours straight).

      In any case, I'm working on a demo of Kotron and the only annoying part is being able to get the physics to work properly (everything else is just fine)...so I should have it finished and out for people to try it soon enough.

      Wish me luck!


      Neneko rulez!

    • Sata Andagi!

      12 years ago


      I'm actually quite surprised that very few people even know what Sata Andagi..........my bad.........what SATA ANDAGI is. I had to correct myself and put in bold letters. In any case, I'm going to attempt to make this scrumptious bakery good of delight with the utmost regard for Chiyo-Chan.

      Cooking is so fun!

    • C&C 3

      12 years ago


      I know I freak out about it, but it's time for some screenies!





      You just can't beat the Mammoth Tank goodness

    • yeah

      12 years ago


      wellll....nothing too major is happening, just the same old I suppose. So....some pics for no reason!




    • Yowza!

      12 years ago


      I had to think of something spontaneous. In any case, I'm going to start posting a journal every other day cuz I've been getting lazy at posting as of late. First semester is about 70% over and I still feel like we've only begun school. DAMN!

      Keoll Studio news
      Just this monday we at Keoll Studios have recieved the last piece to our software puzzle in order to start Kotron's full potential. It is called 3d World Studio...making our job much easier. To those who had been informed of my previous works on Kotron, those tests are no longer going under production. I have experimanted with all of my software and have been messing around with sounds and music and am ready to begin production on the high-rez, kick ass game that Kotron is. Prepare to see some screen shots later on in production.

      MOD: Season 3 news
      So far as I see it, my friends and I have not had many chances to get into the gym and with officer hotpants on our trail it's difficult to do so. I have attempted (as well as gamesquirrel), to get into the gym during these past two weeks, but to no avail. Fortunately, I have recieved word that I can rent out the gym for a certain time period. It costs quite a bit, but it's worth it. Though this is just rumor talked about between my teacher and a student, I will soon find out for myself if it is true. Hopefully MOD can be finished before Christmas begins.



    • Flippin' Schweet!

      12 years ago


      I have just discovered that this weekend I will be getting the much-awaited 3d World Studio. It is a professional world development software for professional games. I can't wait to get it. I probably won't get it until Christmas because it comes by mail, but that's no problem for me!

      Please, enjoy my video.


    • *Squeals with joy*

      12 years ago


      I can't wait till this comes out!

      Command and Conquer 3 bitches!


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