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    • Halo Vs. CS:S

      13 years ago


      Not only is it a subject that i'm getting tired of hearing, but it is a subject that is almost entirely begun by Halo worms.

      I'm down with Master Chief, i'm down with Counter Terrorists, and i'm down with Soldiers. They're all FPS's, and fun to play. Why do we have to have these people who begin crap-wars between X and Y? X usually being CS:S and Y usually being Halo.

      I rememeber watching a flash at www.newgrounds.com that featured Master Chief vs. a CS:S noob. Master Chief was of course played by a half-decent player. Then the CS:S player was just some dumb, random, 10-year-old nub. The nub of course got annihilated.

      I've noticed that people who've played Halo seldom play other FPS's. When they do play other FPS's, they stop playing them after a few days, then go back to their life of heavy armor 'n' shields in Halo. I think the reason is because Halo presents little challenge compared to other FPS games.

      "What the fuck is this!? The Blues are travelling in packs." (I made it look nicer, this is not what the exact wording of the player). What I have cited here is the words of a player on Halo who was bitching that Blue team was working together as a team. Which is the entire point of games like CS, CS:S, CoD, DoD, NS, and many others. It's like teamwork is an alien principle in games like Halo. Maybe that's why Halo players can't play other FPS's, but I can't be sure. (If you don't believe me, I have single-handedly taken down entire teams solo on Halo. I am not the only one who can do it, either).

      There are people who play mostly Half-Life and Half-Life2, and HL/HL2 modded games, but prefer Halo. These people are extremely rare. In fact, I can only think of 2 off the top of my head. Everyone else I know prefers HL/HL2/HLMOD games.

      It is worth mentioning that I would never have picked up a copy of Halo if I didn't watch Red Vs. Blue. When I did pick up Halo, I was surprised that the sheer number of morons in Halo far surpasses the number of morons in CS:S. (I played Halo online).

      When I played online, if I used a pistol, I was a pistol whore. Shotguns made me a shotty whore. Rockets? Fuck no, i'm a rocket whore. Fuel rod gun made me a fuel rod whore. So what did that leave me with? The assault rifle, Covenant weapons, and a flame thrower. I'd rather be a whore then be forced to use weapons to make everyone happy. Oh, and using a sniper rifle made me a camper REGARDLESS OF WHERE I WAS STANDING ON THE MAP. I was accused of hacking everywhere I went. It seems like being killed in that game automatically makes the person who killed you a hacker. (Note that the above mentioned problems to exist in CS:S. The difference? Despite having many more servers and players, there is far less of that kind of bitching on CS:S)

      What you all need to know is that Halo itself did not destroy my interest in Halo. It is the outrageous number of complete idiots who shout "OMG HALO IS BETTER THAN CSS LOSL, ALL MY FREIENDS SEY SO." So what I need to ask people like this to do is to please shut up. The truth is, regardless of whether you can believe it or not, is that Half-Life lovers far outnumber Halo lovers.

      "The only FPS I don't play is Halo." Which according to a friend of mine was said by the almighty Fata1ity himself.

    • What do I do?

      13 years ago


      This is probably the last place I should write this, and I doubt anyone will EVER read this anyway.

      My friend Ukei and I were talking on AIM like we always were. She is the type of person who always used to talk about death and stuff, and she knew I didn't like it. She kept talking about it though, not out of spite or anything.

      Earlier before the major event, she asked me "Would you be angry if I was dead?" To which I just furled a brow and shook my head. I told her "Probably not" Or "I doubt it." Or etc. Of course I wouldn't be mad if she was dead, I'd be "SAD!" Not to mention that if she was dead, i'd never find out about it. (She lives in a different state).

      Well, anyway. Eventually she said something about being bored. Anyhow, I had told her "You should get CS:S so that I can send you a love letter. Straight from my gun to your head >=3" Note the lame MGS reference?

      Well anyway, she then says "I will take that as meaning that you are not against me committing suicide." Then she logged off of AIM before I could have any kind of chance to respond. She logged off somewhere around 4-8 hours ago.

      She could've just said that to scare me, but i've been wondering. What if she intends to make good on her threat? (For lack of a better word).

      What am I supposed to do at a time like this?

    • Santa Clause

      13 years ago


      I recently watched the movie "Polar Express," and it got me thinking about a lot of things.

      For those of you who don't know, the Polar Express is centered around a boy who's come across that time in his life when he realizes that Santa isn't real.

      I was having a conversation with a girl who I know on AIM. She told me "I never believed in Santa because I never had a Santa to believe in."

      That's when I potentially said one of the most intelligent things i've ever said in my whole life. I told her: "I still believe in santa, know why?" She responds: "Why?"

      I told her "Santa was a Russian Monk who would go around and give money, clothes, and food to the poor people of his little town." I then continued by saying "There have been 100's of santas across time and space. Anyone who has ever given money to the poor, clothes to the cold, or food to the hungry has been a Santa Clause."

      So to anyone who doesn't believe in Santa Clause, There have been 100's, even 1000's of them all over the world. Anyone who donated to the disaster relief in New Orleans, anyone who's worked in a soup kitchen, anyone who's given clothes to a charity. All of these people qualify as Santa.

    • One little two little

      13 years ago


      Three little pigs, burning in a fire that's what I did. One little two little Three little pigs, gettin' high off my acid!

      You don't know what I've been through, pretending that you've all been through it too. Shivering in bed when I sleep at night just to find that there's no such thing as light!
      Tossing around, flying into a dream with fears. Gasping for breath in a puddle of my own tears! You notice that I make this shit rhyme? That's what I felt like doing this time!

      Little pig, little pig let me in. I have to repent for my own sins.
      Little pig, little pig get out of bed. can't you see my face filled with dread?
      Little pig, little pig run away. It's a shame things had to be this way.
      Little pig, little pig I got a knife. i'm about to end your life!

      Eat ham for Christmas dinner, and make your new year's resolutions. Little pig is now dinner, a victim of my violent revolution. Merry Christmas to one and all. Drink egg nog, or if you're adventurous, maybe a little alchohol. (ILU GUS!)


    • All the great videos on the internet

      13 years ago


      FPS-Doug. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it now. BOOM HEADSHOT!

    • Metaphors

      13 years ago


      People who speak in metaphors should shampoo my crotch!

      That is all.

    • Olioliolioliooooo!

      14 years ago



      Stop that!


      You stop too!


      Would you...


    • Holy watermelon swallowing monkeys!

      14 years ago


      Not a whole lot to report. I'm finally going back to school, I sign up for classes this monday, gonna take Computer Programming classes.

      I've been playing a booty-load of CS:S lately. I've gotten really good compared to my first time playing. I believe my very first CS ratio was... oh 0:40 =(

      I just played a round of CS:S, and my ratio was about 3:1. With over 30 kills, not bad eh? (It wasn't on a bombing map, it was a hostage map). Those kinds of ratios are really hard to get on CS. The M4A1 and Deagle are your best friends. They should just... ban the AWP from the game... just ban it. The Scout is fun, the auto sniper... well it's as strong as the scout but it's an auto. The AWP always does between 80-400 (not joking) damage. Even through walls and crates. I got hit for 400 from a headshot at medium range from an AWP. Those guns are so lame.

      I've also been playing as much Phantasy Star Online as I can. I have a level 100 RAmar. (Ranger Human Male). The max level is 200, and get this. When you reach level 181, you're HALFWAY DONE WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE POINTS!!! Good god... Anyway, i'm done. Talk to you dudes latah.

    • I lost less Karma than I thought

      14 years ago


      I was inactive for about... a month in a half? I lost maybe a level or two of Karma. Not like I had much Karma to begin with o.o

      Aaanyway. I've been playing a lot of Halo lately, and I devised a new move. Well... it might have been devised before but.... anyway, it's called "Master chief tries to fly." Jump in the air and repeatedly tap the crouch button. Enjoy.

    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

      14 years ago


      Every time I go through this game, I find a new weapon/item. I love this game to DEATH! Who just so happens to be Dracula's closest friend.

      This time, I found a weapon that dishes out a bunch of blades all at once. You shoulda seen what happened when I fought Dracula, it can only be described as a "Storm of 81's." 81 damage, 5 times a second. I had barbeque Dracula for dinner that night, it was delicious.

      The weapon is called the Crisegrim or something like that. If the name is different, i'll edit it later.

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      Arg, found you slower

      I e-fail

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      Duran Duran has TWO "Durans" in it. So it obviously pwns Duran.

    • Gilrean

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      They have Hungry Like A Wolf and Electric Barbarella, they dont NEED a flying sword thing.

    • Gilrean

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      (that fat kid on drums is FUCKING CREEPY)

      I bet Duran Duran is better.

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      like Duran Duran?

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      lol. ^_^

      Hello, Duran. =D It's nice to make your aquaintance.

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      In Reply to MasterVash

      Hey Calius, I didn't know you made an internet video =P

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      For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here's a fat kid playing the drums!

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      yo man you rock. . be still me hearties yo ho

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