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    • Shameless Plug For An Awesome Group!

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      Hey all! The very awesome user ImACreep recently started the RT Musicians and Friends Group! This is the place for the musically inclined and the truly passionate about music to meet, greet, and converse about one of the universals: music.

      You should absolutely join and help us grow! And make sure to introduce yourself in our forum and join in the conversation!

    • Music Merch

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      I thought it would be cool to have a show-and-tell type thread for everyone to share their most prized, music-related possessions. Things like records, autographs, t-shirts, instruments, musical theater playbills, set lists, vials of a your favorite musician's blood, etc. etc.

      I'll start us off with one of more recent additions to my collection...

      I got tickets to Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway for my college graduation and the show was unbelievable. Here's the playbill, signed by both Neil Patrick Harris (Hedwig) and Lena Hall (Yitzhak). Even cooler, they both went on to win Tony Awards for their performances!

      If it means something to you, if It has an interesting story to tell, or you just feel like bragging, share a picture with us!

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    • Sponsorship Resolution Update #1: My Work-Out Playlist

      5 years ago


      In keeping with the goals I put forward in my last journal update, I've been back to the gym! However, I'm now remembering one of the reasons I stopped going the first time: It's so. Fucking. Boring. However, in an attempt to combat that, I've made a playlist, combining hard rock with 80's ultra cheese. For shits anf giggles, I decided to share that playlist.

      (1) "Lights Go Out" by Fozzy
      (2) "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor
      (3) "Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood" by Volbeat
      (4) "Live To Win" by Paul Stanley
      (5) "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler
      (6) "The Beers" by The Front Bottoms
      (7) "Can't Trust Anybody Now" by Jeff Williams
      (8) "Shining" by The Misfits
      (9) "Flashlight" by The Front Bottoms
      (10) "Angry Inch" by Type O Negative
      (11) "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam
      (12) "Destination Greenpoint" by The Fleshtones
      (13) "I Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osbourne

      If you have any suggestions as to what I should add, send them my way. I'm always looking to add more to the list.

    • Sponsorship Resolution

      5 years ago


      Much like everyone everywhere, my New Years Resolution was dead roughly 13 seconds after I declared it. As it turns out, not eating a pint of ice cream a couple times a week is a lot less fun than eating a pint of ice cream a couple times a week.

      Regardless, as a recent college graduate, I'm faced with the realization (one I've been fully aware of for some time but it's so much easier to ignore it) that nothing is going to happen for me unless I pull myself up by the boot straps and get shit done. What this means is imposing deadlines and actually keeping to them. What this means is putting in the hard work for reward or recognition that may never come. It's a lot easier to bust ass when you're striving to see that 'A' at the top of your assignment, but the days of working toward a grade are over.

      One of my dreams and goals is to one day work at Rooster Teeth. I understand I am far from unique in that goal, but striving toward that goal is one of the factors that is going to keep me moving forward. Part of striving toward this goal is attempting to become active the community, and the best way I saw to do that was lay down the cash and purchase a sponsorship. For an aspiring filmmaker and Rooster Teeth employee, the date of your first sponsorship is like a New Years Day of its own. Even if it isn't, we're going to pretend it is, because otherwise the point I'm trying to make falls apart.

      I'm declaring my Sponsorship Resolution, a goal (or list of goals in this case) that will better me both professionally and personally. By my sponsorship renewal date, January 7th, 2015 (convenient timing), I resolve to accomplish the following goals...

      (1) Complete First Draft of my script of progress: I have ambitions of being a writer, but that's hard to do when you aren't actually writing on a consistent basis. I aim to change that and have, at bare minimum, a first draft of this new story completed.

      (2) Start a Podcast: I am an avid podcast listener (Rooster Teeth Podcast, The Patch, Art of Wrestling, and many more) and it's a medium I would love to get involved in. All I need is an idea and I'm in business.

      (3) Get Back Into Shape: This is obviously far more personal than the other goals, but I was once upon a time in really solid shape for a guy my size. I'm hoping to get back there.

      If you've been struggling with motivation and getting back into the swing of things, I'd recommend you join me in declaring a Sponsorship Resolution. As a community, let's whip ourselves into shape.

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