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      3 years ago


      So I actually started working out 3 weeks ago. My starting weight is 249 lbs. and I need to get to about 175. Now obviously I'm going to need more than 16 weeks to do this so I plan on continuing my journey after Buff Buddies is over, yet hope to stay Buff Buddies with everyone participating.

      The reason I'm doing this; 2015 has to be the worst year for me for one main reason, I almost died. For years it seems as though I'd given up hope on life and just stopped caring. I'm Type II Diabetic and didn't give a shit about my health. Then, in June, I was hospitalized with a skin infection that was worsened by the diabetes. I went into surgery to remove it and woke up 4 days later. I remained in the hospital's care for 8 more days going through 1 more surgery and a couple in bed procedures. After I was released, I could only be at home with home nursing care coming in every 2 days to change out my medical equipment.

      It wasn't until mid September that I was completely cleared and I immediately started taking better care of myself. I started with daily walks for at least 30 minutes each and improving my diet. I even jumped on that James Willems' space food diet.

      Now I have a gym membership and go every other day and my workout consists of the following:

      -Full Body Warm-ups: Shake loose, jumping jacks, high knees, squats, lunges, etc.


      -Core Work outs: (Choose 3 each day)

      Half Planks(10 sec reps, 10 sec brake) 8 Times

      Supermans(10 sec reps, 10 sec brakes) 8 times

      Leg Lifts(10/10) 8 times

      Dog Birds 8 each side alternating

      Cobras 10/10 8 times

      -Arm/Upper Body: (Choose 3 each day for full body or 5 for just arms/upper body)

      Dumbbell Bench Press(reps of 8, 10, then 12 with 45 second breaks between) 3 sets

      Military Press(8, 10, 12 with 45 sec breaks) 3x

      Lat Pull downs(same as above)

      Lat Raises

      Kick Backs

      Bicep Curls

      Hammer Curls

      -Legs/Lower Body: (Choose 3 each day for full Body or 5 for just leg day)

      Squats with weights

      Outer Thigh machine

      Inner Thigh machine

      Glutes Machine

      Calf Raises(Both Standing and sitting)

      -End With Cardio for 30 minutes or until failure whichever comes first.

      I know it looks like a lot, especially if you're just starting, but I'm just starting and I'm doing it. I'm not perfect at it, a lot of times I have to force myself into doing it finding any excuse not to, but in the end, I do it.

      I do it because while I was in the hospital, I faced my mortality. I discovered that there are way more people who care about me than I really deserve. I found things worth living for.

      I made a vow never to be in the hospital for anything like that ever again. I can't leave this world knowing that I just gave up. There's so much to see and so much to do.

      There are a lot of you here in the RT Community I'd love to meet and get to know personally, and not just the RT talent and staff.

      So, please be my Buff Buddy and help me out. Hold me accountable when I stray from my path. Help me stand back up when I fall. Look me in the eye and tell me that we're doing this together!

      Hell, follow me on twitter since that's where I'll be monitoring my progress. @DyBree440 and tell me you read my RT journal and want to be my Buff Buddy. I'll be happy to follow you too!

    • 2019 years ago

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