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      My boredom with school has only increased over the past several days. I have a final tomorrow, a final on Friday, and an 8 page paper due by midnight on Friday. I just don't care anymore. I'm itching to travel, or work, (or both) and I'm just counting the days until Clovercon- as the partner-in-crime to my roommate, I'll be making 40% of my jewelry sales. Why not 100% you may ask? Because I'm just the hired help. It's her business, she put out money for all the supplies, she's just getting ideas and whatever products are made from the hours I put in. For that, if say a bracelet I make sells, I get 40%. Fair trade. And someday, I'll be doing it on my own (hopefully). Not bad for a bit of side cash. I just wish I could be spending all my time being creative and/or making money. One more year of school, and I won't be stuck with tests and idiots who can't tell the difference between Spinne and spinne.

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      I haven't been keeping up with Daily Random Facts this week, because its the last week of classes (which mean's we're heading into, dare I speak its name.... finals week). That being said, I'll try to take some time over the next few days to think up some fun facts and jot them down so I don't slack on the job. If I were pulling them from the internet, it would be easier, but unfortunately I'm rather committed to putting the otherwise-useless stuff I know to good use. Enjoy the weekend! ^.^

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    • Daily Random Fact: Day 5

      5 years ago


      Robert Johnson is one of the greatest American blues singers in music history. He only managed to record 29 songs in his career, all of them recorded in the two years leading up to his death in 1938. While his career is vaguely interesting, its the lore surrounding his success that really captivates people.

      Nicknamed the "King of Delta Blues," Johnson was thought to have sold his soul to the Devil for the gift of musicality. Songs like "Cross Road Blues" and "Hellhound On My Trail" only perpetuated the belief that Johnson's abilities were preternatural.

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      5 years ago


      I can hardly breathe, I'm laughing so hard. About a year ago I took this Reporting course for my Journalism degree and we had an assignment where we had to write a short article styled after The Onion. This is the product of that.


      PISCATAWAY- Official complaints were filed Saturday against a Rutgers' University New Brunswick, for a major dress code violation, Residential Assistants confirm.

      Heather*, age 20 of Galloway and a sophomore at Rutgers, had several complaints filed against her Saturday, February 16, after failing to wear pants on her way to the vending machine. Asked why she didn't don the socially acceptable garment, Goodson replied "I live on the third floor, the vending machine is on the first floor. It's not that far, and it's not like I was naked... I was wearing boxers.'

      Fellow suitemate Kelly*, a junior at the university, disagreed. "Going from your bedroom to the bathroom? Fine. But traversing two stories without pants on? That's unacceptable.'

      "Guys can walk around in their underwear, and no one says anything,' says junior Josh*, "why not girls? [Girl] wants to go to the vending machine with no clothes on? Fine by me.'

      Ongoing investigations will dictate whether a forced dress code in dorm rooms is necessary.

      *last names removed at individuals' request

    • Daily Random Fact: Day 4

      5 years ago


      Back in the early days of film, color was not an option unless a filter was used. A colored screen would be placed in front of the lens, which tainted an entire shot with the color. This method is still used today for certain effects; bluer tints are used for night or supernatural shots, brown or sepia is used as an aging agent, and red has been used for drama and horror. It is used more for mood than it is for extensive coloring. For individual objects or effects, editors would hand paint shot after shot, going frame by frame in the film strips until the desired color was placed.

    • Daily Random Fact: Day 3

      5 years ago


      Mad Hatter, Lewis Carroll's character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is based on real life career hazards. Hat-makers in the time period were commonly exposed to toxicities, working with mercury vapors during their felting process. Hat-makers in 17th century France commonly used mercuric nitrate to treat animal furs that they would then use in their hats; when exposed to the substance over long periods of time, individuals suffered from what later was called "Mad Hatter Syndrome." In fact, by the time the practice became adopted in England, the proverb "Mad as a hatter" had become well known across the country. The practice of using mercuric nitrate became popular and spread first to Victorian England, then to Russia in the early 19th century, and finally to America at the end of the 19th century.

      Ironically, the specific individual who inspired Carroll's Hatter show no signs of being poisoned, nor was he a hatter; the man who supposedly influenced Carroll's writing was merely a bizarre furniture dealer.

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