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    • Help me help you

      1 year ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n

      So in my last journal I mentioned my path to a new career as a guy helping people figure things out financially. I can happily say I'm still doing that, but I've run into kind of a hiccup. I'm a far cry from a social butterfly and just about the only way for me to grow my business is through calling people or being referred to new people to call. I don't have anxiety by any means, but it's definitely the thing I find hardest with my job. For somebody who figured their way through graduate school I'm not finding the social side of things to be any easier than when I first started. 

      One thing I would like to do is start serving the RT family in a sense by working with people within the community, preferably people who are well connected. You're probably asking yourself a couple of questions including how is this relevant to you, how does any of this help you, etc. Well, if any of you love the RT family as much as I do, have ever had troubles feeling like you were making a difference in the world, and have ever thought you could use some help understanding more about the financial side of adulting, then not only have I been there myself but I'm now in a position to do something about it.

      The hardest part about me growing a clientele within the RT fam is kind of twofold. First, I don't really have contact information for many people on here. Secondly, I have compliance to deal with, meaning I have to be careful about what words and platforms I can use to promote my business so I'm doing things by the book. With that in mind I appreciate any help I can get from you guys, whether it's just moral support, a share, a like, or something else that helps me be able to reach out to the people who actually need somebody like me in their lives.

      I love all of you and I look forward to helping as many people as I can in whatever capacity I am able. If you'd like to throw some love my way, here are a couple of links to my business social media pages:

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grantjohnson.nm/

      Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grant-johnson-mba-nm/

      NM: http://grantjohnson.nm.com/

    • News Time

      2 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n

      Short and sweet version: I'm starting a new job next week!

      Longer version: Around RTX I had a meeting with a friend I made around the time I started college, this is going on 7 years now. He works for this company and after meeting with him I decided this might be good for me because I like dealing with financial knowledge and being somebody who has helped raise money for Extra Life in the past, regularly donates blood, and started coaching football this year, I do get enjoyment out of helping others. Anyway, I get immersed in the interview process, find it has a lot of perks like flexible hours and spending my time talking and interacting with people I choose, or let me after being chosen, whatever. I'm really looking forward to this, as well as being done with grad school. Just another two months and I'll get my Sundays back.stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye 

    • 1.26 seconds

      3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n

      By my calculations this is roughly my share of Lazer Team's run length that I funded. I'll try to remember that as I watch it tonight and maybe there will be one segment of that length I can feel particularly proud about making it happen. Happy screenings you guys.

    • Back from the dead

      3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n

      Hello all you lovely people. I just wanted to see what's new with you guys. I'm busy with grad school still (4 classes left until I'm done, absolutely will finish during 2016 as long as I don't flunk a class). I have a dog now, which I didn't have until between Thanksgiving and Christmas (I think). His name is Toby and he's a shiba/eskimo cross. He's a major pain in the ass sometimes but still fun. Still working out but I hurt my back a few days ago and still not sure how that will affect things (from helping clean the house no less, see if I'll do that again :S ). I've also been playing trombone with the local high school pep band because they need help, unfortunately I am out of practice. Luckily I don't receive a lot of criticism about playing something wrong from people 7-12 years my junior, who knew? So let me know what you've been up to since we last spoke, that and fanboy/girl with me over Lazer Team if for no other reason because my name's in the credits (and no, not Ed unfortunately. I thought I'd be serious for a second).

    • 11/16/15

      3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n
    • 3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n
    • 11/2/15

      3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n
    • Buff Buddies: One Week Late

      3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n

      So I'm just a little bit late to the party, but luckily I've been on kind of a health kick since just before RTX 2015. I have some progress photos starting at 9/14/15 so if you talk nice to me I just might upload them.

      Goals: I've been at a constant 180 lbs since high school, which for me ended six and a half years ago. I also was in every sport I knew how to do and took a weight lifting class which means I've seriously dropped the ball in the time I've spent since then (maybe 20 workouts during that time). I think a good weight goal for me would actually be to add muscle, so I will be shooting for around 200 lbs. I will also be looking to surpass the level of strength I used to have which was something around 200 for bench, 300 for squat, and 350 for trap bar deadlifts. I don't have a trap bar at home, so I'll be switching that out for primarily the Romanian deadlift. The other key point I want to increase is my endurance. The weights I just listed for the different exercises was around my one rep maximum. This time I will be following a workout that focuses on a combination of high weight/low reps and lower weight/higher reps.

      Program: I won't spend a lot of time in today's journal going over the specifics of the program I'm using aside from the exercises and my current weight/set/repetition values. The actual program can be found by going here: http://www.leanhybridmuscle.com/build-muscle.php I found Elliott's youtube channel and it was one of the main reasons I got back into paying attention to my physical activity and diet so the least I can do is give him a minor plug.

      Exercise day 1: Please take my progress with a grain of salt. I'm listing my current progress but omitting the 2-3 months of exercise I did leading up to where I am now. I will also limit the amount of exercises I include in the journals to around half of the program since the point of Elliott selling it is for exclusive access. If I just give it away I'm doing him a disservice for how he's helped me so far. On to the exercises:

      Bench: 115 lbs at 6x3

      Overhead Press: 60 lbs at 3x6

      Bicep Curl: 50 lbs at 3x8

      Tricep Pushdown: 60 lbs at 3x8

      Exercise day 2: The day after day one (duh). I normally have day 1 of exercise for the week fall on Monday so I workout Tues., skip Wed., workout Thurs/Fri., and rest on the weekend. With the holiday this week I started a day later so I could include that as a workout day. Since this day 2 was that holiday, I also took my new dog (got him on Sunday) for a two mile walk. It was a brisk 34 degrees Fahrenheit where I live this day, so I decided to run for between a quarter mile and a half mile because the wind had picked up at that point and I wanted to be done with that cold bs.

      Squat: 115 lbs at 6x3

      Deadlift: 135 lbs at 6x3

      Plate Crunch: 35 lbs at 2x10

      Knees to Elbows: about 18 reps across 3 minutes (go for 30 secs, rest for 30 secs).

      Diet: I try to follow the recommended plan but I find myself focusing less and less on being spot on and just trying to be in the ballpark. Following a strict plan is also harder when you cook for two and one isn't watching what they eat as closely. My favorite healthy foods so far are eggs (the trick I use is 3-4 of just whites and one whole for color and to help with the consistency), chicken, veggies you can dip in peanut butter, and all dairy products. I'm currently in the process of deciding whether to stay on the whey concentrate I have now or to switch things up. I might get two or three different ones just to see which I like best.

      Closing thoughts: I hope I can keep up the journal posts. Even if I don't, I believe I can keep up the progress for the next four months because I've finally gotten into a rhythm of making it a part of at least my weekly routine. One thing I do need to work on is cardio since it's obvious to me I'm lacking there and the majority of the body fat I do have is in my gut, which probably won't go away if I only lift weights.

      Weigh in: 184 lbs

      Weight to goal: 16 lbs

      Composite total (bench/squat/deadlift): 365 lbs

      Composite left until goal (850): 485

    • 3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n
    • 3 years ago

      Ed_Radley Aye Aye Cap'n
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    • optimus2020

      5 years ago

      Hey hope you got home safely! I'm glad you guys came out to our meetup! You're an honoree RTNY. smiley0.gif

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