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    • I require something...

      6 years ago


      Here it goes. This will mark my first specific attempt to become an active and relevant member of this community. I've been here for just over 7 years and only have a handful of journal entries and forum posts. I love the community. I watch every episode of RVB and follow the podcast like it's my job. Hell, I've been halfway around the world for 4 months and some change, yet still follow what these guys are doing as much as my time/internet speed will allow.

      So we will embark on this together. I'm going to work on my profile and add friends like crazy. If you get a random friend request from me I hope this journal explains it. And I hope that you accept my digital friendship.

      I'm going to update my journal on the regular from now on, even if no one reads it. Just to try and stay sane. And hope that someone out there is enjoying my thoughts as much as I do.

      Like I said, I'm halfway around the world from home right now. Currently I'm in a random part of Afghanistan. As I've stated in multiple places on my profile I am military. I can't go into much more detail about where I am or what I'm doing, but I'll just say it's not as much fun as you would think. Haha.

      I recently watched The Walking Dead in its entirety for the 6th or 7th time. By its entirety I mean up until S3E07. We can't seem to get ahold of any of the newer episodes over here. And the internet here will hardly let you load a youtube video so downloading it isn't an option. It's terrible, but I suppose I'll just have to wait until this season finishes and maybe find someone selling the whole thing as a bootleg.

      Anyway, I digress. The whole reason I bring it up is to open a narrative on this method of story telling they are going with. It's very rare that a series rips threw its main characters the way this one does. I'm beginning to think that even Rick isn't off limits. I half expect them to pull a 'Brave New World' and switch main characters halfway through the story.

      These are the type of things that interest me with fiction, though. Even if it isn't the norm, nothing is off limits for the writers. It is their show and they can tell this story how they want to. How they pick and choose which pieces of the external cannon (comics, game, etc) they use is commendable. I use to be a stickler to how things are suppose to be, but the idea of a re imagining is becoming more and more interesting to me.

      The newer Marvel universe is an epic example of this. Fan boys everywhere have bitched about different aspects they have drawn on or focused on, but in the end it is the writers decision. As a kid I wasn't much into comics, but have fallen in love with all of the modern images of each of the Avengers. I hope to see these trends continue.

      I have started thinking back to a story idea I've had since high school. Despite multiple attempts to write it out, I've still yet to bring this thought into a physical/digital idea.

      It's an expansive universe that I can't decide how to get into.

      A teacher I had in college once recommended a multitude of short stories that focus away from the core story, just to get myself in the right mindset before attempting to tackle the main characters.

      Anyone reading this, I am more that open to your thoughts on any of this. I havent written a single thing in over 5 years and even in college, my grammar left a lot to be desired. But I guess you'll never walk a thousand miles if you don't take one step.

      ALSO! I'm going to use this journal to chronicle my recent musical adventures. I love listening to new and interesting bands and CDs, so if you have any suggestions bring them on.

      Yes Trocadero, I see your advertisement sitting directly to my left. I will be stopping at the itunes store as soon as I finish this up.

      So I will leave you with a few bands I suggest you check out if you haven't already. I have recently started getting into the following:

      Circle Takes the Square
      Pianos Become the Teeth
      She Wants Revenge
      and Kings of Leon(I know i'm way behind on those last two)

      I'm open to almost every type of music so let me know what you guys are listening to.

    • RTX

      7 years ago


      So my wife and I just spent the weekend at RTX. We had a blast and I can not wait till 2014 when we can hopefully make the trip from colorado. It'd be nice if this year plays out differently and I'm not in afghan for 2013, but we will see.

      If anyone out there went and you're dying to talk about the event like I am MSG me or hit me up on facebook.

    • Season IV

      7 years ago


      I've been picking my way through the first three seasons over the course of this weekend. Tonight I start with 4 and have every intention to make it to 9. Lets see what happens. Beer.... engage.

    • Drinking the BGC

      7 years ago


      So I am bored. And It's a 4 day weekend. I guess I'm playing a game by myself. I'm going to attempt to watch all 5 seasons of BGC in one night while drinking my ass off. I'll be posting Journal entries as we go. If you happen to read it... have fun.

    • Being a sponsor

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      Okay, i've been a sponsor for a little over a month now. I think anyway. It's cool and all, I just had some questions.

      I don't follow the other series as closely as I do RVB so this hasn't been a problem before now, but with Recreation coming soon I had some questions on the perks.

      Like where do you go to watch a video before it has been posted for everyone to view? I'm going to be in S.Korea most of this summer -and the rest of this year for that matter- So if they throw a video up about 3 am. central time, that is like 1 pm. for me. So I would just like to know how I'd go about getting my earlyness on.

      The same goes for the comics. And I thought I remembered something about being able to read the comic archive. Maybe? I feel dumb.

      I know some of these are very noob questions. Just please understand that I am in the ARMY and don't exactly have all the free time in the world to be surfing around the site to figure some of this out on my own.

      Thank you all for your help in advance.

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    • One

      13 years ago


      Yarg, this be my first entry.

      I am freakin' tired and it is time for sleepy slee, but I was checking something on here and decided to make an account. Someone should read this 'cause I took the time to do it. Yeah, thats all I got. Night all.

    • 2019 years ago

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