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    • Microbe

      14 years ago

      Red vs Blue is coming to Toronto for their first
      official screening of all 3 seasons
      , right on the
      heels of the Season 3 DVD debut! The show will be held
      on Saturday, July 9th from 1-9pm and admission is
      $10 if you pre-purchase your ticket and $12 if you buy
      at the door.

      The event will be held at Ryerson University in the
      Centre for Computing and Engineering room ENG103, 245
      Church St.
      The doors will be open at 12:30pm and
      we will start the show at 1pm. We're showing all 3
      seasons and some PSA's. We'll also be giving out
      prizes through draws and trivia games! Also, by
      going to our show you'll receive discount coupons for
      stores in the downtown area.

      We have a great MC lined up and don't forget about the
      Q&A session with Gus and Burnie themselves!
      It's their first trip up to Canada EVER so
      we want to make it a memorable one for them!

      There is limited seating so get your tickets
      You don't want to miss out on this
      opportunity to meet RvB forum members from near and
      far and for your chance to spend time with Gus &

      We'll all be getting together at a bar to celebrate
      the night before on Friday, July 8th. Gus and Burnie
      will be there too and will probably show up around
      11pm or midnight. For anyone that would like to buy
      these guys a drink we'll be at Mick E. Fynn's on
      Friday night which is just east of Carlton &
      Take the subway to College station and walk
      east. It's on the south side of the street just past
      the Golden Griddle. If you're under 19, there's a
      chance you'll get carded so attend at your own risk.

      Please visit our website for more details:
      If you have any questions send e-mail to:

      We want to see you all there! Tell your friends and
      together we can make this an RvB event to remember!

    • RobjaFalu

      14 years ago

      Wonderfalls is the best!

    • larrythebomb

      14 years ago

      hmmm latching thats a bit painfull isnt it reminds me of a fish that does that lol it latched on untill the female mates with it now why didin we think of that?? oh ya its called money ha nvm

    • atreyu_facad

      14 years ago

      nice picture, metroid is a great series. whats your favoite metroid game?

    • irondragon12

      14 years ago

      nothin like meetin new people that and gunning someone down or running them over ina game like a deer running across the road

    • arikane

      14 years ago

      i was searching around for people with masks in their interests and found you. i might not be a faceless mask in a sea of whte collars, but i am a white jason mask in a sea of junk called my room.

      anyway nothing wrong with liking pink. dounut is pink.

    • nikasaur

      14 years ago


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