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    • Dust Colors and Elements

      1 year ago


      From RWBY Volumes 1 to early 3, Green Dust was associated with Wind. It wasn't until we saw Amber's staff and her use of wind that White was clearly the new color for "Wind". Actually, it could've been Mercury's rounds that first but I'm still skeptical about his. We see White as Wind again in Volume 5 when Fennec Albain shot an air bullet from his rod. And yet, I could've sworn I saw Leo Lionheart spawn Earth from White Dust. What was green then?

      That wasn't the only question either. If Red was Fire, why did Cinder's Orange burn and why did the Volcano Biome in Amity Arena have it? What is Orange? It also isn't clear what element Cyan Dust is and Water has never been seen in its primary form, though it could've just been the regular blue Dust crystals, even though I've only ever seen Dark Blue for Ice.

      My point is, there's either an inconsistency, a redundancy, or an ambiguity when it comes to the Dust colors and their elements. The best thing for the writers to do is just create a clear chart showing which is which and set it in stone for all the future volumes regardless of what some were in the past. Just call it the new Dust chart and establish it; there were already enough confusions with the previous Volumes' showings of them and even the wiki struggles to wrap their heads around it.

      Here are my own personal choices:

      Red = Fire
      Blue = Water
      Yellow = Lightning
      Green = Wind
      Orange = Earth
      Cyan = Ice
      White = Steam
      Black = Gravity

      Let me explain starting with Blue and Cyan. I know Dark Blue as Ice has always been consistent, but if Cyan were Ice, that would easily depict the combination of Blue and Green as that of Water and Wind, respectively. Maybe Water had already be depicted as a "regular blue" distinct from Dark Blue, but I think one shade of blue would avoid confusion (and Cyan is distinct enough to be its own color).

      I know Cinder has worn Orange and channeled Fire, but if you can establish that there's a layer of Red underneath the Orange, that can actually explain her glass creations. Moreover, the Orange can also represent the rocky terrain of the Volcano biome. Besides, I generally associate Earth with the color brown, but who uses that for something like Dust? But Orange literally shares a light to dark spectrum with brown making it the closest thing.

      I really don't know what else to give Green. It was Wind before, what else could it possibly be? Earth? That only makes sense if it can create vegetation. Then again, Green with Wind was also based on a spiritual/philosophical connection to trees and the grass wind blows on. Nevertheless, for something supernatural as Dust, I'm willing to follow the latter.

      However, if Mercury's White Dust rounds were Wind, it would be consistent with his "winged sandals" theme. Still, the very first time I saw him use it, I really though they were Steam bombs since they ensnared Coco and Yatsuhashi in a vapor, blocking their view (I doubt Wind would have the same effect even if it blasted the ground like that). In other words, even if Steam has nothing to do with Mercury's theme, it does suit his role as assassin when it's used like a smokescreen; besides, the very fact that his weapons are boots is already a sufficient reference to the sandals. Plus, that would also make the geyser field in Amity Arena all the more appropriate Mercury, since it's the biome he used to defeat Yatsuhashi. (And of course, if my theory on Mercury's Semblance is correct (involving ghosts), Steam would actually be more fit him even thematically!)

      So with all that, I think this would be a fair layout for future Dust usage. And eight is good enough number to work with. But for now, I just wanted to use this as my headcanon.

    • New Notes on Ren's Semblance Headcanon

      1 year ago


      0. Stockpiling of Evil

      All the negative emotions he buries eventually stockpiles and takes the form of a sentient, inner demon with serpentine motifs and the power to overtake others' aura. Visually, the latter is identical to Ren's canon Semblance but emits green aura instead of pink. Effects may include poisoning, paralysis, trauma, maybe more (it's much like what happens when any mere ninja get exposed to Tailed Beast chakra in Naruto--they can't handle it.) I'm naming that demon Lienji for distinction.


      1. Not Just Emotions

      Any mental/spiritual ailment can be fed to his inner demon if Ren uses his own Semblance to overcome them. Let's say Emerald causes Ren to hallucinate, the latter can not only clear his head but also drain the sensations that made him hallucinate (and I don't need to repeat what kind of drain that is.) As a result, Lienji will also be able mimic Emerald's Semblance albeit his own variation of it; that is, unlike Emerald who typically uses it to deceive or misdirect enemies, Lienji will use it to cast his killing intent and the inflicted will witness their own brutal deaths in a vision.

      2. Role of Pink

      Ren constantly needs to keep Lienji in check, because the last time he got careless with this power, he nearly killed Nora (in all seriousness Lienji might as well be a snake Faunus), but that was a long time ago. For the most part, he's been pretty successful but Lienji may still slip out at any given time (but that's just my excuse for Ren to be Pyrrha's partner in the Vytal Doubles). However, that would mean that his fight against the Nuckelavee should have been the most reasonable time for it to be unleashed and yet no cigar.

      Or maybe, the best time would've been specifically after his aura was depleted in said fight. To avoid conflicting with canon, Ren could be about to use Lienji's power but still be prevented from doing so by Nora (who doesn't even need to realize what Ren was planning). So for consistency, this would have to be explained in a later season. And so with the Nuckelavee dead and his relationship with Nora growing, it looks like Lienji can't and won't need to surface again, right?

      ...A full circle this early is a bad omen. I don't like it.

      3. A Guide to the Underworld

      If we're ever going to see Lienji in the story ahead, someone or something else needs to forcefully awaken him from Ren's heart. One such idea I have depends on my theory for Mercury Black's Semblance to be correct: He can steal, store, and channel the ghosts of everyone he's killed, which is how he guides his Dust rounds--each one is possessed. But more on that can be explored here:


      I envision a fight between Ren and Mercury, in which the latter will send a whole swarm of ghosts to try and possess Ren. Once Ren uses his Semblance free himself, all those ghosts will be sent drowning into Lienji's realm where the demon devours them all and grows so much stronger from them. From this point on, Ren may struggle and fail to contain Lienji again.

      In addition, from Mercury's Semblance, Lienji also gains the ability to summon phantom snakes that extend his own power through their fangs.

      4. Yakuza Zombies

      Another storyline for bringing out Lienji involves an OC villain of mine to serve as Ren's archnemesis. His name is Yakuza Yuying, whose Semblance enables any inanimate object he touches to move and act upon his will. This also works on dead bodies as well as the ornate Dust tattoos all over him. The corpses are still technically dead, but they will walk, jump, run, and fight at his command like any living huntsman.

      My point is, this Yakuza is the guy responsible for unleashing the Nuckelavee across villages in Anima, and for each population killed, he collects the bodies, tattoos them with various types of Dust (a distinct decoration on each corpse), and reanimates them all to form an undead army, or what calls the Yakuza Zombies. And who do you suppose would be among their numbers...?

      If Ren were to see his parents again being desecrated and used to assist Yakuza's crimes, then that would obviously trigger him and Lienji. Or worse, Ren could be forced to take them down when they become a threat to his friends as well, and when he does, I don't expect to see him even try to hold Lienji back--just let his rage and hatred run wild as swears to kill Yakuza (who would in turn make seizing Kuroyuri's survivor a priority).

    • Lie Ren (Thoughts) - Old and New

      1 year ago


      The purpose of this is really just to better organize my ideas on Ren and what I'd like to see of him.


      I've always wanted his Semblance to be poison for both symbolic and subjective reasons. Even after his real Semblance was revealed, my wish didn't cease. Immediately, my first thought was for him to have all the negative emotions he's buried to be manifested into both a distinct power and an alter ego who can use poison and/or more. 

      The more I think about it, the more I would envision him as a dual-themed character, finding every possible reason (or excuse) to say it's a brilliant idea. And since he's my favorite and I'm biased, I could take my ideas even further to portray him as the current reincarnation of both Gods of Remnant and henceforth the one destined to own the Four Relics. But that's all unlikely and I'd be lucky enough just to see Ren have that toxic other half. 

      Regardless, I also have a few ideas on how Ren should develop based on what he's already got. According to Ozpin, Semblances can evolve and ideally I would want his to surpass everyone else's in as many ways as possible. So far, my best idea here is for his Semblance to become a sedative.

      Lie Ren - Yin Yang Lotus by CapricornGuy
      "All can see the bright petals of the flower, but not the dark depths of its roots."


      This Semblance theory was based on complimenting his fighting style as a "ninja", focusing on the filthy swamp half of the lotus flower he is themed after, and comparing him to a snake in the following regards:

      1. Like a snake, he's as quiet, fluid, and slippery.
      2. His choice of weapons can be compared to a snake's fangs.
      3. Like the lotus, snakes can easily be a symbol of rebirth and renewal for their ability to shed their skins.
      4. Likewise, there are tattoos and other arts depicting a snake crawling out of the lotus as an allegory to how something so beautiful and tranquil can belie lethal danger.
      5. His fight with the King Taijitu (not to mention the first fight to showcase his abilities) struck me as symbolic in more ways than one.
      6. Ren has demonstrated sharper senses than his peers. I presume he can fight in the dark, much like how snakes can rely on senses beyond their poor eyesight (might even be a trope).

      For either moral or practical reasons, poison is ideally an element you'd want to keep hidden unless really necessary, especially if you're a ninja. Or if you're an honorable warrior (per Monty's description of Ren), you would want to forgo using a Semblance like that. Not using his Semblance on camera in the first three volumes, made me wish he was hiding it. (Of course, his real Semblance would explain this last part.)

      Lie Ren and Viper - Lotus Gradient by CapricornGuy
      Even Viper (from Kung-Fu Panda) has lotus ornaments on her head. And like Ren's, her fighting style can enable her to turn her enemy's strength or attacks against them.

      Truth: Masking Emotions

      It fits the lotus theme as directly as it can. Having such an ability by itself would be nice, useful even. In fact, it could definitely benefit me in my daily life. But for a Semblance? It's underwhelming. All of the Semblances we've so far has been superhuman, but being able to hide your emotions beneath a state of tranquility is humanly possible; it can be trained and exercised. But to be fair, a superhuman part of his Semblance is being able to channel it into others as well. Its primary benefit? Avoiding Grimm detection. But against anyone else, he's already as calm as a cucumber so his Semblance wouldn't benefit him much.

      But I digress. Regardless, I just wished there was more to his Semblance as given. I had hoped that if he could mask his emotions, he can hide other things. Suppress other things. Name 'em. Imagine 'em. Despair of 'em ever happening. But never mind 'em, it didn't stop me from picturing all of his negative emotions accumulating and manifesting themselves into one distinct power...

      Darkness Unmasked: "Lienji"

      Ren would have a dark, malicious alter ego with powers that were not just toxic, but powers of pure negativity, making him a bane to everything he comes across. (I'm going to name him Lienji for now so that I don't have to keep calling him "alter ego".) That is, all of his attacks would turn the enemy's aura against them (aura poisoning/contamination). Or if the enemy has too little aura, it would just them. He is even able to paralyze his targets with his mere killing intent. I've also thought to have Lienji manifest his powers in the form of black serpents with the same power as his own.

      Personality-wise, Lienji would be greedy, vindictive, bloodthirsty, cynical, ruthless, cunning, and of course, associated with snakes. Having been fed and really made up of so only negative emotions from Ren's Semblance, Lienji is able to clearly see into people's darkest natures, but is nowhere as insightful in picking up their positives. There always seems to be a reason for him to loathe everyone around him and Lienji believes that all life should either bow to his power or not exist at all. He especially despises and fears those whose "mere existence and worth challenges his own", eager to kill them and without a second thought. Lienji also hates the notion of being fragile, weak, or mortal with a passion and desires an eternal life. Not surprisingly, he has the typical sense of self-preservation of a Slytherin. 

      Additionally, in contrast to Ren who likes to move forward in life, Lienji lets no grudge go and never forgives nor forgets. Despite his frustrations with Ren holding him back, however, Lienji does not hold a grudge on him and even wishes the best for him (behind harsh criticisms), fully acknowledging their places as halves of a balance (even more accepting of it than Ren is), and the two usually converse or argue in their mind. He even calls Ren his "brother." To that end, even as a soul of pure evil, Lienji would serve as an antihero.

      Lienji would surface if Ren's canon Semblance fails to mask all the negative emotions, much like a clogged drain. Who knows, it might even provide an excuse to why Ren couldn't "abuse" his Semblance during the Nuckelavee fight. Bury too much negativity and it would flood into the form of Lienji. Lienji's indiscriminate assaults may also make him the snake that would poison Nora (similar to how Thor was), flooding Ren with remorse and compelling him to forgo using this power ever again (or at least try to and then fail miserably).

      The Ren we know has pink aura. Lienji has green, because conveniently enough, Ren has a dual color code and they happen to be complimentary at that. Anyways, this duality will serve as the root to all my newer ideas on him.

      Lie Ren - Hero of Light and Darkness by CapricornGuy 
      If I like how my ideas animate in my head, there's no way I'm leaving it just because the show would play otherwise. After all, I did come up with them myself so it's not just a former theory for me and I take a lot of pride in it. It's also what I do for fun.

      Rebirth and Renewal: The Immortal Lotus

      I kept thinking about what more I wanted to add to all this. One of my first ideas at this point was for both halves of Ren to act as each other's "extra life", meaning if either "dies", the other will take over while the other's soul slowly replenishes. If Lie Ren gets killed, a swamp will emerge from beneath him, he will sink into it, and his alter ego will rise out of it. Then, while Lienji is active, Ren's soul will slowly be restored in his subconscious. If Lienji is somehow killed, a giant lotus flower will grow out of his body with the original Ren ready to get out of the flower as soon as he wakes up. However, each's rebirth will not happen immediately after each other's apparent "death" if he isn't fully restored yet, but it won't stop him from recovering however slowly it may take; sometimes even months.

      I'll admit, this idea is unnecessarily specific and insane even for me. I wanted my favorite character to last forever so I abused the theme of rebirth, but hopefully, he won't even need to be immortal. Still, I thought of it and felt like putting it out anyway.

      Synergy and Dynamics: The Twin Lotus

      So far, the relationship I've given between Lie Ren and Lienji is no better than Samurai Jack and Mad Jack's or maybe it's similar to Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo's from Bleach. Of course, at some point, I would want both to be able to cooperate effectively, understand or set aside their differences--you know the drill--and I want them to be able to train and spar with each other in their inner world. And when they finally become equals and reach a balance, Ren shall have the power to split himself (if even for a limited duration) into a pair of "twins" who can fight together like a tag team, much like Kiba and Akamaru from Naruto or New Destroymen from No More Heroes 2.

      When divided, each will be surging in his own individual aura and have better control and mastery over it. Likewise, their individual strengths, speeds, durabilities, and senses are also enhanced. But here's where they differ in combat:

      Lie Ren:
       - Combines offense and defense, attacking and countering simultaneously
       - Engages enemy from the latter's front
       - Is better able to predict enemy movement
       - Can loosen enemy's grip

       - Combines offense and subterfuge
       - Strikes enemy from behind or from a distance
       - Can poison the enemy
       - "StormFang" charges and shoots powerful black beams instead of rapid bullets

      Combination techniques include forming a cyclone together or alternating their attacks in Warp Strikes (Lie Ren's ultimate in Grimm Eclipse).

      For Lienji, I merely reversed the black and viridian areas of the original's shirt and replaced all the pink with light green, gold with silver, and red with indigo. I gave his "StormFangs" the same color as Ren's heirloom dagger; I referred to a more saturated image of the dagger though.

      Mulan Man and Mushu Man

      I don't know how willing RoosterTeeth would be willing to incorporate a Disney exclusive idea (they probably wouldn't but they totally could), but even before I realized it, Lienji could so perfectly fulfill the role of Lie Ren's own "Mushu" counterpart! (And I had to double check with the Disney Wiki to be sure!) I'll just list the similarities (as well as some key differences):

      1. Mushu is an eastern dragon, giving him a serpentine appearance (he's even mistaken for a snake in the pond scene). Lienji has a strong snake theme.

      2. Both Lienji and Mushu are extremely confident and selfish, in contrast to their "Mulan" counterparts. However, Lienji is more cautious while Mushu is more impulsive.

      3. As Mushu was demoted in status at the start, Lienji has to be inhibited by Ren much to his frustration. However, if Ren proves to be strong enough on his own without his or anyone else's assistance, Lienji will not complain.

      4. Mushu wishes to earn back his status by aiding Mulan through her ordeals as a soldier. Lienji wishes to assert his power and existence, constantly offering Ren to use his power even if it means taking over him.

      5. Mushu would do anything to assist Mulan, even try to help her cheat her way up the ranks. When given his way, Lienji would use any means--however dishonorable--to make sure that either he or Lie Ren will triumph and survive in any battle, in contrast to Ren's morals.

      Kingdom Hearts 2 Comparisons

      In KH2, when Mulan pretends to be a male soldier named "Ping" and keeps Mushu out of the other soldier's sight, she isn't being her most effective as an ally to Sora. Rather, after her cover is blown and she works with Sora as her true self, she also has Mushu fight alongside her, making her a much more able ally.

      In RWBY, Ren could mask whatever inner demons he may have. In this case, the only demon is Lienji. As much as I like how Ren fights, he could still do so much better, especially if Lienji's active.

      The Man in Green: The Ideal Host of the Relics

      If RoosterTeeth were to turn his masked emotions into that dark half, I would already be very satisfied, even if it's not everything I would dream of. Nonetheless, by making Lie Ren a split between a virtuous, noble warrior and a vile serpent of destruction, I would go as far as to make him the reincarnation of both of Remnant's Gods at once--that is, both the God of Light and the God of Darkness would find their new life in this one child. Lie Ren shall therefore be this destined "chosen one" to wield and master the full extent of the Four Relics' powers. Our man in green will be the one to ultimately decide which fate--perhaps he give his fellow huntsmen, huntresses, and Ozpin the blessing to save Remnant from whatever Salem's planning, or he will carry out Salem's agenda and bring Remnant into the apocalypse. Sure, our Ren will definitely choose the holy path, but his other half? Truth is, Lienji wouldn't care about what happens to the world as long as he gets to enjoy his divine powers though it will likely blow up Remnant if he does have his way.

      Before I even thought about this part, I had already established Lienji as destruction incarnate. And so, as the "Brother of Darkness" of the two halves, Lienji would have an affinity for the Relic of Destruction. To balance this, Lie Ren would need to have an affinity for the Relic of Creation (while the other two just follows along arbitrarily). We've seen the silhouette of the Brother of Light create plants and wildlife, and Ren's symbol just happens to be a flower, generally regarded as the purest form of life. I could imagine Ren--at his strongest--manifesting his own power in the form of lotus flowers, similar to how Gautama Buddha was born with the power to grow a lotus flower per footstep. Ren can then have those flowers drain away others' negative emotions as well as perform other divine abilities that I've yet to think of.

      Just one problem. "...How do I bring a flower?" (Hell, I even quoted this when trying to eliminate Semblance ideas in old theory!) ...Maybe after he gets the Relic of Creation?? 

      Blue: Creation
      Green: Knowledge
      Red: Destruction
      Gold: Choice

      Okay fine, enough about the Gods, enough about Lienji, now back to the real Lie.

      "Temple of Nirvana"

      As far as I can tell, when he masks people's emotions, he also calms and relaxes them (if it can stop someone from trembling), at least while his Semblance is active. To take it even further, I'd like him to turn his Semblance into a sedative--that is, overdose his target with feelings (or even "non-feelings") of relaxation and/or drowsiness until he or she falls asleep.

      I'll admit, I only have a vague idea on how to connect "sleep" with the concepts of Zen, nirvana, or meditation that the lotus themes may have in common with (and Google could only provide me so much clarity). However, it's not only fitting for a ninja (sleeping powder's a common utility), but it fits Ren's personality well enough (even better and more directly than my poison theory ever could).

      For this idea, I envision Ren casting his Semblance as he normally does (maybe a wider range). If he can successfully put all his targets to sleep, it's checkmate and gg--he wins. Of course, I can imagine at least some enemies strong enough to resist that, only suffering some drowsiness at worst. (Hazel seems like someone with a strong enough will, even if he does look half-awake most of the time.) I would like it even more if Ren can combine it with his physical attacks so each strike can be a relaxant to a specific muscle, but I'm afraid that would stray from his core Semblance, which only directly affects the heart and mind, not physical parts.

      For now, that's the only evolution stage I have in mind for Ren's Semblance.


      Springtime of Youth

      So far, I've only talked about what more I think Ren should have. Not saying I'm done there, but as my favorite character, Lie Ren has a lot that I already like, which can all still be improved.

      Reverse Tech

      Earlier I've made a comparison between Ren and Viper for their fluid movements and their ability to reverse an opponent's attack or weapon. Examples include (1) tearing the King Taijitu's fangs and using one of them to blow up its head and (2) using trapping Nolan in his own prod and making a human shield out of him. I want him to be able to counter any kind of opponent as such (which is why I was disappointed that despite his speed, fluidity, and sharpness, he couldn't counter Yang who was more predictable, while Neo could in all the ways I believe Ren should).

      Lie Ren - Semblance Theory in Action by CapricornGuy
      "Reverse Tech" could also be applied in my old theory that he could poison his enemy with the latter's own Aura. Good times...

      Nailing the Sweet Spots

      Against both the Deathstalker and the Geist, Jaune may be the first to point out their weaknesses, but it is Ren who hits it first and before Jaune calls it. Now I just wish he can discover the weak spots of any human (or Faunus) enemy as well and I think this part can overlap with the previous section.


      I swear Ren could've taken this whole thing out on his own. As soon as he caught the stinger and started blistering it, he had it right where he wanted. If the shots could already loosen the stinger, any more would cause it to fall right on the Deathstalker and then he can nail it in with with a palm strike or two. It'd be King Taijitu all over again.

      6th Sense

      According to Pyrrha, having your aura unlocked can grant you superhuman senses. But Ren's seems to surpass at least his peers as shown in "Tipping Point" when he saw Tyrian coming before any of his teammates did. I definitely want to see this become of more use in the future. Hopefully his senses will be sharp enough to pierce through illusions such as Emerald's hallucinations. I can also picture his Semblance aiding that by clearing his mind. (I think that might be a trope.)

      Palm Strikes

      We've only seen him use this in one battle, but it does much more damage than his StormFlowers do so I want to see him use his bare hands more often. Here's hoping that when he uses it on a human or a Faunus enemy, the attack will deal internal damage that not even the enemy's external aura can protect (I'm sure his martial art inspirations do focus on internal over external forces). But since he does channel his aura externally when using his palm strikes, it does drain on him, so hopefully he can develop a greater aura reserve, because if he is more likely win a battle with his palms, he might even finish the battle more quickly.

      Heirloom Dagger

      Not an impressive looking weapon but yet another tool that's more effective than his StormFlowers, or at least, it seems to cut deeper than the latter could. Hope he can use it as one of his aces.


      I like that it's a light portable weapon that can easily be concealed (if he has sleeves--another reason why I like his old outfit better) and I like that he can throw them like boomerangs (ditto with the dagger). However, the stuff I listed before this tells me that Ren isn't fighting at his best with his typical StormFlower usage. I mean, his weapons can definitely do him some good in certain scenarios, but both his bare hands and his heirloom dagger are much more powerful. To me, the StormFlowers seem to hide his true potential almost like how his Semblance masks his emotions. If so, I hope he's hiding even more just as much as I hope they get unleashed!

      One thing I would like to see him do is increase the speed of his StormFlower slashes so that he can perform them in a blister that can repel attacks and be hard to counter.

      Warp Strikes

      Now this is an exclusive ability of his in Grimm Eclipse (it's his Ultimate) so it isn't canon. However, I think there is plenty of time in the series for Miles and Kerry to include that in Ren's arsenal because it kicks ass and it's so efficient in dealing against several enemies (easily the best Ultimate in the game and I'm definitely not the only one who thinks so). For those unfamiliar, Ren teleports to each and every enemy in the vicinity and deals a devastating palm strike that even splashes against clusters of enemies. If there's only one enemy, he can just whale on it with a barrage of palm strikes while avoiding any damage. And I think RT can pull it off in the actual series. If necessary, Ren can train his speed to surpass Qrow's and Tyrian's (I mean, Ren is already pretty fast in general) and he'll be able to mimic teleportations while spamming his palm strikes! It will do him a lot of good in battle against any number of opponents.


      The very best idea in my opinion would naturally be to combine all of the above. If Ren's Semblance is evolved into a sedative and he has Lienji with all his venom, not only would he be an OP dual-type that no one would see coming, it would even make it easier to define and dichotomize the two: Pink for Sleep, Green for Poison--just one word each for the gist; looks neat to me. And of course, I could not ask for more than for Lie Ren (you know, the "quiet one") to be the "God" of Remnant.

      But however he develops, I see a lot of potential in the guy just waiting to be kinetic and I hope he has more surprises left. Quiet, chill, and bullshit free, Ren or not, this is easily just the type of character I want to see surpass everyone else. And even when such a guy does snap, it's only a surprise party...!


    • Salem's Thread

      1 year ago


      Salem - Spider Empress by CapricornGuy

      Some time ago, I was watching an Let's Play of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (the only way I can experience games without getting to play them--haven't got the time, why else?!) and there was a beautiful, dual-themed dungeon called the Ancient Cistern. The upper half is holy and Buddhist-themed with lotus flowers growing on the waters (with thorns below the pads--never letting go of that sight!) The lower half is a hell-verse with zombies and toxic swamps. Naturally, the whole thing makes me want to see that duality in Mulan Man even more:

      But that's not what I'm here to talk about today (was merely letting my wishes leak again).

      The Ancient Cistern was based on the story The Spider's Thread and I'm just going to copy the summary off the Wiki page's trivia section:

      The Lord Buddha is walking through paradise and gazes into a pond, past the lotus petals veiling the water's surface, seeing into the depths of hell. There in the darkness, he sees a criminal, Kandata, who once intentionally avoided stepping on a spider. Moved to try reclaiming this man, the Buddha lowers a spider thread into hell, and Kandata starts climbing to paradise. However, other sinners begin climbing as well, and Kandata, worried that the thread will not support the weight, exclaims that it is his and his alone. At this point the thread breaks, because Kandata was worried only about his own salvation and not his fellow sinners.

      After watching RWBY and revisiting this, I immediately thought of Salem, of whom I'm convinced has a spider theme.


      But what else do we know about Salem? Right now, it looks like she's the Mother of all Grimm and resides in the equally hellish looking domain. If I tie that in with The Spider's Thread, I could interpret that in two ways:

      1. Salem genuinely means well for her followers, whom I'll compare to the sinners in the story. She offers them "salvation", or a better world/life for them (as long as they help get to her own goals), but if any of them get on her bad side however so, Salem would cut thread and abandon them all to damnation. As a side note, Tyrian's cry of despair and pleas to Salem also made me think of Kandata's desperation to be saved, though I hold this comparison loosely.

      2. Salem is merely using her followers as pawns (as Qrow suggests). So the metaphor here would be, she's using the spider thread as a guide (or puppet string) to manipulate her followers (again, the sinners) into moving how she wants them to. But in the end, she'll abandon them when they lose their usefulness to her.

      So for both scenarios, the reason for "severing" the thread is different from why in the original story, but they share similar enough themes. That said, I probably don't even need to tie Lie Ren's symbolism into this, but nonetheless I have some thoughts about him in this topic.

      Lie Ren - The Lotus Veil

      Go figure, his Semblance follows the themes of the lotus flower, cleansing his heart and mind from overwhelming emotions (mostly negative ones), or masking those emotions. It helps him and his targets avoid the Grimm's detection, thus "detaching" them from those creatures of Hell. Likewise, in The Spider's Thread, the lotus paradise far transcends that underworld and is forever out of the sinner's reach. 

      While I'm still less than impressed with Ren's Semblance only being useful against Grimm so far, if I only look at it symbolically, chances are Ren's powers will play a much bigger role against Salem's forces one way or another and I sure would love to see Ren be a huge danger to Salem and her plans! I would like to think that Ren's Semblance can also cloak him from Salem, but as a Grimm-humanoid hybrid, I doubt she has the same limitations as any Grimm. 

    • RWBY OC Villains - The Three Tyrants

      1 year ago


      (Well, two of them are OCs and one's just an undead Pyrrha.) And if you couldn't already tell, I designed these three to be the archenemies of the 3 remaining JNPR members (Jaune, Nora, Ren).
      The Three Tyrants by CapricornGuy
      I dubbed these three "tyrants" for the influence each of their powers has over several opponents in battle.

      1. Pyrrha Necros 
      "The Iron in the Wine"
      Aura: Red and Black
      Species: Grimm-human hybrid

      (Original art of Pyrrha Necros) 

      Yeah yeah I'm sure you already know about this one by now, details are in the picture's description so I'll spare you all that here. Only differences from then and now is her appearance (latest version in the drawing of all 3 Tyrants above) and actually having a shield instead of being the all-out offensive.

      Her Semblance is of course still Polarity, but enhanced to the point where she can even control the metal atoms/particles within people's bodies (may have to review my natural sciences though).
      Arkos - March of the Jauney Boys by CapricornGuy
      As for her dark Jaune clones, I decided to make them magnetic forces in human shape. But they also have the power to merge with Dust as well as people. The latter would then fall under Pyrrha's control.

      2. Shuang Yuyin
      Aura: Blue
      Birthday: February 21
      Blood Type: A
      Species: Human

      Back then I had named him Yu instead of Yuyin. The weapon I gave him was a fishing rod with an amorphous hook made of water Dust. I intended to make him the former fourth member of a Cinder's Haven team ("Cemetery"). 

      Powers, abilities, and weapons

      Currently, the weapon I have for Yuyin is a pair of gauntlets that can each extend and contract wired needles beyond bullet speed (though he can still use them to fish). Every needle is designed so that even if it can't pierce through an opponent's aura, it can steal deal internal damage. Additionally, he can unleash and control water from the Dust seal in each hand palm. (Likewise, water is an element known to deal internal damage in a variety of different shows and games.)

      His Semblance is the power to summon a school of phantom sharks that can devour aura, disrupt or inhibit aura flow, or possess his opponents. And of course he can merge them with water Dust form them to deal physical damage as well.

      Not only is Yuyin's own aura reserve vast, he has even used his sharks to inhibit his power, which he can unlock only when an opponent is strong enough to provoke him to. As such, Yuyin has classified his power with three defined levels: "Prince", "King", and "Emperor". As a "Prince", Yuyin's Semblance is basically a sphere of influence around him. As "King", his Semblance can cover up the entire arena. As "Emperor", an entire city's worth. But Yuyin aspires to become a "God" such that his power can wrap the entire planet. For each ascension, the volume of water he controls also augments.

      Yuyin is a ninja, so his fighting style includes fast hand-to-hand combats, mixed martial arts, and even walking on water.


      Yuyin is a cold and greedy mercenary who will do anything to raise enough money for his own ambitions. Although he rarely ever expresses much emotion, he is a very bloodthirsty and belligerent mass murderer. Apart from specific missions, whenever he encounters an opposing army (can be a tribe of bandits of even huntsmen in training), Yuyin will slaughter everyone in his path just to hone his abilities until he bumps into someone who can rival, though it's a rare encounter. Yuyin disdains those that are weak, finding their existence worthless and disgusting. However, Yuyin is capable of showing respect and honor to an opponent that may just be stronger than he is, even if he becomes even more determined to kill him/her. Despite his warped view of society, Yuyin is highly intuitive and perceptive. He is very often successful in talking his opponents into despair, manipulating their emotions, baiting them into traps, and just tormenting them psychologically in general.

      Yuyin's end goal is to kill all people on Remnant so that the world could be his alone to spend in what he deems to be true peace. (His vision of his "utopia" is Remnant completely submerged underwater.)

      However, when he is not out on the battlefield, he spends his time fishing, meditating, and doing calligraphy. He is also skilled at making high-quality sushi.

      Little on his Backstory

      Yuyin was raised under a ninja foundation located within Anima (similar to Danzo's Root in Naruto and the Daughters of Aku's Cult). There, even children who would befriend each other may ultimately have to fight each other to the death to weed out the weak and keep the strongest. However, at the same time, from Yuyin's Semblance, the foundation feared him as a threat and would do whatever they could to undermine him while he was still young and didn't know better. They would either send him to hostile locations where his powers can used to their advantage or he would be killed. 

      The more he learned and endured, the more betrayed he felt until one day after learning he was much stronger than his superiors, Yuyin briefly lost his sanity and killed everyone in the entire foundation. Yuyin was 9 at the time. He would then be targeted by authorities who had opposed the foundation. After killing them, Yuyin continued his spree across various villages. He wanted nothing more than to kill everyone he saw, including innocent lives. Only until he reached the shores, did he regain his sanity. To him, the calm waters of the ocean signified the peace and freedom he had always sought while being trapped in the foundation.

      Of course, as he gets older, he would become calmer and more self-disciplined, but would also find more and more reasons to hate everyone around him. 


      His name Shuang Yuyin means "twin fish-shadow" in Chinese (双鱼影). (The pinyin is really supposed to shuang1 yv2 ying3 with the 'g' sound at the end, but Yuyin just sounded better to me.) And yes, I'm aware that his name also sounds similar to "Shan Yu", the main antagonist of Disney's Mulan, though they mean and sound differently.

      Speaking of Shan Yu, although Yuyin is just as ruthless and murderous like the Hun, he's not based off of him (but feel free to keep making that comparison). And while Shuang Yuyin's design is based off Chinese culture, he is actually inspired by the Russian fairy tale "The Golden Fish", not of any specific character, but the story overall. In short, it's about an impoverished old couple--a fisherman and his greedy wife. The fisherman catches the eponymous golden fish, but it speaks and begs the fisherman to spare him. In turn the fish would grant him any wish. His wife would then have him go to the golden fish to wish and make her "prince". And then "king", then "emperor", and then "pope". However, when she desired to become a "god", the fish just said "fuck you" and returned the couple to their very original, impoverished life.  

      Other Inspirations


      - Kisame Hoshigaki  

      - Shino Aburame  

      - Kimimaro Kaguya  

      - Neji Hyuga  

      - Zabuza Momochi  

      - Kankuro  

      - Kabuto Yakushi 

      - Sasori   

      - Kakuzu  

      - Gaara  

      - Sakon & Ukon 

      - Danzo  

      - Temari 


      - Tier Halibel 

      - Grimmjow Jaegerjacquez  

      - Coyote Starrk  

      - Aaroniero Arruruerie  

      - Gin Ichimaru 

      Kingdom Hearts:  

      - Saix  

      - Xaldin  

      - Demyx 

      Xiaolin Showdown:  

      - Chase Young 

      3. Royal Capricorn
      Aura: Cyan
      Birthday: January 11
      Blood Type: AB
      Species: Faunus

      Originally, "Royal Capricorn" was an idea I had for a member of OC organization "IMORTA", but my ideas for him now are different. Not only is this a new Royal Capricorn, he is also the newest of my 3 Tyrants, so I don't have a picture of yet besides the one with all 3 of them.

      Powers, abilities, and weapons

      For starters, Royal relies on the multiple high-tech weapons stored in his "supervillain" getup. This includes laser beams, explosives, jet boosters, tether beams (similar to Syndrome's Zero Laser from The Incredibles), lightsabers and more. But his main weapon of choice is his "Bass Cannon", a giant blowhorn-gun roughly shaped like a goat's horn, which can blow devastating ultrasonic blasts or open a portal to his pocket dimension. Royal can also use his Bass Cannon as a heavy blunt. The surface of his Bass Cannon is malleable enough such that it can send opponents flying like a Bumper from the Super Smash Bros. games and bounce back heavy attacks.

      Royal likes to announce the names of his attacks like characters from many video games and anime.

      His Semblance allows him to switch places with other objects (i.e. Substitution Jutsu). However, when he channels his Semblance through his Bass Cannon, he replace other objects with his own machines from his pocket dimension. Machines may include vehicles, tanks, and giant robots, but his common choice is an army of "Capribots", robots that roughly resemble Ultraman but with goat horns (either that or QuickMan.exe from the MegaMan Battle Network games) that armed with various weapons and can attack rapidly.


      Easily bored and mischievous by nature, Royal seems to enjoy causing panic and chaos for his own amusement, treating the world like it's nothing more than a playing field or a testing ground for his weapons. However, in truth, he is both a nihilist and an egoist who is convinced that his talents are unmatched throughout the world and that everything else is bland, worthless, and easily replaceable. With that mindset, Royal is unable to comprehend how the majority of the world can find so much value in the things they do. What he despises most is that he and his own values become irrelevant while everything else (which he deems petty and stupid) has priority. To that end, Royal is determined to prove his own existence by creating all kinds of crises everywhere he can. 

      However, Royal is not interested in world domination. Rather, his ideal world is a multiplayer RPG for him to play and hone his talents. With that mindset, Royal treats everyone as mere players, lives and deaths as statistics, and real consequences as visual effects. 

      Some of Royal's hobbies include video games, reading comics, recon, constructing secrets bases in various corners of the world, and presetting traps wherever he visits.


      My intention was to base Royal Capricorn off of Loki, but I'll admit I was too lazy to enough research so I merely skimmed Marvel's Loki for ideas before coming with my own for Royal. From Marvel, I only got the "horns" and the "God of Mischief" part. But if Royal Capricorn does indeed have more in common with Loki than I thought (you tell me), that's more than okay with me.

      For the Color Naming Rule, there's a "royal blue" in the spectrum.

      Other Inspirations

      MegaMan Battle Network:
       - Colonel
       - QuickMan
       - Bass
       - CosmoMan

      No More Heroes:
       - Destroyman
       - Travis Touchdown
       - Nathan Copeland
       - Kankuro
       - Gaara
       - Kidomaru
       - Hidan
       - Gengetsu Hozuki
       - Obito Uchiha

       - Rudobon Chelute
       - Nnoitra Gilga
       - Baraggan Louisenbairn
       - Grimmjow Jaguerjacquez
       - Ulquiorra Cifer
      Kingdom Hearts:
       - Lexaeus
      Xiaolin Showdown:
       - Jack Spicer
      Dragonball Z Abridged:
       - Perfect Cell

      Sonic the Hedgehog:
       - Neo Metal Sonic
       - Infinite (already)
      Teen Titans:
       - Cyborg
       - Mad Mod
      The Incredibles:
       - Syndrome
      The Dark Knight:
       - The Joker
      The Matrix:
       - Agent Smith

      Other Thoughts

      The Anti-Ren


      Go figure, I created the tyrants with my old Poison theory in mind, such that the only thing that can stand a chance against Yuyin would be that dark venom, even if Ren wants to avoid using it at all possible. Although now, the only way RT could possibly incorporate my idea is by having the negativity buried down by Ren's "Zen" Semblance manifest into both that powerful poison and a growing malevolent alter-ego, but of course that's too big an "if". Still, I can't stop playing my own idea in my head... There are so many more symbolic reasons why I want this to happen or why I recommend it, including few that are new to what I've written in the past, but I'm not about to let this take over my journal's main topic.

      I've also imagined a flashback scenario where Ren and Nora confront Royal Capricorn. Ren would attempt to use that dark power on Royal, but the latter switches places with Nora. And I'd like to keep that as a past even so that Nora's "fate to the snake" wouldn't need to happen in the present or the future (also a reason for Ren to not want to use that theoretical Semblance half).

      Jaune's Archrival

      I said that the Three Tyrants would be the archrivals of Jaune, Nora, and Ren, with Pyrrha Necros being Jaune's for about a volume or two (with the hope of Jaune being able to bring her back from the dark side). However, the one I've always and truly wanted to be Jaune's rival is Roman Torchwick. I would've liked for Roman to survive the crash in Volume 3 with a Semblance befitting a "gambler" so that Jaune and Roman can finally fight. In fact, best case scenario:

      Tyrant Interactions

      Unlike their rivals, the anti-Ren and the anti-Nora have a much more volatile relationship, similar to that of Hidan and Kakuzu's in Naruto. Their interests, personalities, and methods often clash, and both are openly hostile to one another, but they can still work well together and acknowledge each other as worthy partners whenever they do cooperate. Plus, both hate the world and treat their enemies like shit. Still, on good days, Royal will provide Yuyin training equipment and Yuyin will help Royal take over certain regions. And at other times, Royal will steal Yuyin's sushi much to the latter's annoyance (because what's an amazing dynamic duo without some comic relief?)

      As for Pyrrha Necros, the two have differing opinions on her. Although Yuyin derides her for dying to Cinder, he does acknowledge her status as a young champion and expects a lot from her abilities. However, he can get impatient with Necros when she acts like a prima donna and critical of her when she overspends or overindulges herself. Royal, on the other hand, does not criticize her behavior, but likes to crack lewd jokes about it and just Pyrrha Necros in general, whistling at her scant apparel and deriding her for her obsession with "that beta male". For the most part, Pyrrha does not seem to care at all about the other two tyrants, but when she does respond to them, it's also with hostility and annoyance.

      That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

    • RWBY Chibi Ideas (3)

      2 years ago


      1. Friday 13th

      On an ordinary day, Qrow meets Jaune, Pyrrha, and a rather uneasy Ruby sitting at one of the tables outside a restaurant. Go figure, it's Friday 13 and Ruby has just spilled salt on the table. Qrow nervously laughs this off as BS. But throughout the day...

      (1) Weiss is busy checking herself on the mirror, until Blake drops from above and lands on the mirror causing it to crack, much to Weiss' annoyance. Apparently, she was trying to hide from Zwei again.

      (2) Yang is just strolling by a sidewalk but she steps on a crack. Meanwhile, in a distant village, Raven's starts to suffer severe back pain and stumbles on the floor in agony wondering why her back is hurting. Ren and Nora then seize this chance to capture Raven in the same cage used by Ren in this scene:
      Lie Ren - Trap Ninja by CapricornGuy
      Nora: "There's no escape from us deputies!"
      Ren: "Hm, where have I seen that face before?"
      And Raven just curses her predicament.

      Back to Ruby and Qrow, the latter continues to tell Ruby that there's nothing to worry about then takes a sip from cup. However, Qrow finds that instead of beer, he is drinking water. Jaune then cries for help, as he is magnetized by his armor to a drunk Pyrrha, unable to free himself from her grip. "Who put beer in her cup?!" asks Jaune.

      2. After Class

      This is actually a follow-up to the "Ren Gets the Ladies" idea I had on my 2nd list of Chibi ideas:


      Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Nora all have to see Glynda Goodwitch after class for their unruly behavior in trying to get Ren (who is seated behind where Glynda is standing). "Why do need to be here?" asks Ren, while Glynda continues to reprimand the girls. "Now, I can understand that at your age, you might go crazy for some boys, and Ren is indeed a handsome young man and a very good student," says Glynda, to which Ren smiles nervously as his eyes widen in fear. When Glynda then turns around to the girls again, Ren quietly makes a run for it. Meanwhile, the girls are all staring at Glynda awkwardly. "What?! Why are you all staring at me like that?!" asks an indignant Glynda. Long story short, the girls patronize and indirectly insult her, and Glynda angrily gives them a month of detention! After dismissing the girls, Glynda turns around and is shocked to see Ren long gone.

      3. Kung-Fu Class

      Ren invites his team and Team RWBY to learn Kung Fu under him, but they all have to wear the same green outfit he does, much to the girls' discomfort. Jaune arrives late--looking unusually "muscular" in the green suit but has much difficulty moving. Still, it doesn't stop him from trying to impress the girls with his "buff physique." "Why yes, those muscles feel absolutely... solid!" compliments Pyrrha, who has already sensed Jaune's armor beneath the green.

      Anyways, Ren goes all "Master Shifu" on his pupils, going on and on about those mystical kung-fu concepts (concentration, discipline, balance and harmony, etc.), and proves to be a strict "master", quick to attack the others if they don't pay attention. Yang gets upset and tries to attack Ren, but is swiftly countered by him. "Seriously! How do you move in this thing?!" Yang complains about the outfit once more, while Ren defends that the suits are perfectly designed to allow flexibility and freedom in movement, the exact opposite of what everyone else is experiencing.

      Ren moves on to having the students go through obstacle courses with all kinds of booby traps laid everywhere, but they all fail miserably, much to Ren's dismay. Of course, he is still completely oblivious to the green outfits' impediments to the others' mobilities. 

      4a. Roman Arc

      One morning, Jaune is seen standing on the roof looking out on the world again, with Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren asking him what's up. Jaune goes "deep" and tells them in order for him to grow as a huntsman, he has to take himself on a solo quest of sorts. As he decides to begin, he spreads his arms as though ready to jump off of the cliff and fly like a superhero, much to his teammates' horror. However, Jaune quickly notices that he can't make the jump and decides to use the stairs, to his teammates' relief.

      Meanwhile, as Roman and Neo notice Jaune leaving Beacon, Roman notes that infiltrating the school to gather information will be much easier than he thought, and that he will even be able to do better than Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury. After waiting for another hour or so, Roman has Neo use her abilities to disguise Roman as Jaune to spy on the students.

      Throughout the day, Roman experiences the following:

      1. Zwei barking at him ferociously as Ruby restrains him

      2. The rest of Team JNPR finding wondering why "Jaune" is back so early. "Oh I failed my mission miserably, sorry guys!" Roman also gets on Pyrrha's good side when he compliments her more than the real Jaune did, to her elation. Ren and Nora (more so the latter) however, suspect something "not right" about "Jaune". "Wh-what do you mean?! Of course this is Jaune Arc!" responds Pyrrha. But Nora remains suspicious. Ren then humorously suggests to Nora they leave him to the "Jr. Detectives".

      3. Constantly being bullied and pinned to the wall by Cardin Winchester. At one point, after Cardin leaves him, Roman utters to himself, "Oh, the White Fang and I are gonna enjoy killing him!" But this blows his cover, as "Jr. Detectives" Sun and Neptune have been keeping an eye on him! Pyrrha then arrives and threatens Roman, demanding to know where the real Jaune is.

      4b. Jaune Torchwick 

      Meanwhile, still on his quest, Jaune was able to disguise himself as Roman Torchwick (though he had to pay the shopkeep his entire allowance) and successfully infiltrates the White Fang's base. "And now for the hard part!" says Jaune as he takes a deep breath, preparing to gather intel. However, Adam Taurus catches and threatens "Roman", demanding to know why he's here. Though scared as hell, Jaune responds, "W-well, what's so wrong about the White Fang leader returning to the White Fang base?!"

      "Oh, the leader, eh?" Adam asks menacingly. He then pins Jaune to wall. "Don't think I trust you one bit!" Jaune eeks in fear as Adam continues, "Just because Cinder gave you this job, doesn't mean you're safe from me! So know your place, Human Torchwick!" To this, Adam's Lieutenant softly chuckles, "Hehe, 'Human' Torchw--!"

      Adam sharply turns to the Lt.
      "--k' I'll shut up," says the Lt.
      "Keep an eye on him," orders Adam.

      Moments after Adam leaves, the Lt. whispers to "Roman", giggling and asking him to come and take a look at the photos he hid of Adam and his ex. "Oh, I see, haha! So uh... this Blake! ...Is his ex!" says Jaune.
      "Shh! Quiet, or Adam will hear us!" warns the Lt.
      "Right, right, sorry, hehe! ...Wouldn't want that!"

      5. Oobleck's Pet 

      One day, Oobleck suffers cardiac arrest (go figure, caffeine overdose) as his students gather around him in concern. Before being taken into the ambulance, Oobleck entrusts Ren, his best student, to teach next day's class. Ren of course, deems this a heavy burden on him and tells Oobleck that he isn't up for it. But Oobleck gives him a packet listing long, detailed instructions prepared for any substitute to get the job done. "The rest... is up to you!" whispers Oobleck before he loses consciousness.

      Still nervous, Ren uses his Semblance calms himself, reminding himself that he had taught a kung-fu class before and all he needs to do is just follow Oobleck's instructions carefully.

      The next day, however, it is revealed that Oobleck's instructions consisted of having the students cuffed to their seats and being subject to hypno screens, installments Ozpin had once banned Oobleck from using. "But he didn't say anyone else can't use it!" And so, Ren activates all of them and just read off Oobleck's notes, while contemplating on the morality of the methods in use.

      6. MC Kong & Nepp Tunez!

      Sun and Neptune work on a rap video about their titles as Jr. Detectives. Sun goes first, then Neptune. Everything goes smoothly until Neptune apparently messes up a line, or rather...
      Neptune: "You said I'd get the 2nd verse and I did!"
      Sun: "You took my second verse!"
      Scarlet then breaks up their argument and Sage reluctantly agrees to record them for the fifth time.

      7. Evil Dreams

      After Cinder reports to Salem about her work progress, Salem responds with approval and promises to make all of Cinder's wishes come true if she succeeds. Emerald and Mercury wonder why they aren't promised any wishes for their part in Cinder's "nefarious plans". But then, when Salem agrees to grant their wishes, Emerald and Mercury respond with delight and begin fantasizing their deepest desires:

      (a) Emerald dreams of living the extravagant life extravagant lifestyle of a queen, walking around tall and proud in expensive clothes with everyone bowing before her, even earning the respect and admiration of Cinder.
          Cinder: "Emerald, let me just say that you were always the better of us two. You should've been in the lead from the start!"
          Emerald: "Oh Cinder, don't be so humble! I'm still honored to have you here!"
          Cinder: "The honor is all mine!"
      In contrast, Mercury becomes Emerald's slave, forced to suck up to her.

      (b) Mercury dreams of piloting a giant boot-shaped robot armed with laser and missiles. And of course, Mercury can also have it hop and stomp over enemies. In his fantasy, Mercury uses it to nuke Beacon Academy and then stomp on a helpless Emerald and Cinder, thus establishing his freedom from them.

      As Mercury and Emerald drool in their fantasies, Cinder drags them with her, for they have work to do. Emerald is saddened, but Mercury grins menacingly and whispers, "With pleasure!"

      8. War Games 

      The White Fang Lt. gets his ass kicked in an online war game, much to his chagrin. Too bad his opponent was none other than James Ironwood, who of course, is gloating about his victory where he is, while Penny mechanically compliments the general and comments on how much fun the game looks. Ironwood then offers to let Penny play, though she has no idea how to play the game.

      Meanwhile, Adam tells his Lt. to watch and learn as he plays the online game. Go figure, Adam beats his opponents easily. "Whoa, you're good at this!" exclaims the dumbfounded Lt.

      Ironwood observes Penny's horrific failure at the game and politely (but nervously) suggests he play "this part" since it's under his username. But Penny insists on continuing the game since it looks fun to her, not recognizing the explosions as a loss. Bummed, Ironwood then collapses.

    • JNPR vs PNCH (Vytal Doubles, Headcanon/Fanfic)

      2 years ago


      If I remember right, Roosterteeth had once intended for Pyrrha and Nora to move up into the Vytal Tournament's Doubles rounds and face Sun and Neptune. But since none of that is canon anyway, I'm moving Ren up instead of Nora. "But Nora's the more ideal choice!" Okay, I do agree. I hate to, but you're right. She does have a power-based Semblance unlike Ren. And even iff Ren's Semblance does mask a 2nd, more dangerous and potentially OP half, the ideal choice for an open tournament is not something so lowkey, but a combatant who can just fight without such gimmicks; head on, direct, and that's Nora. But nevertheless, nothing will stop me from sharing my vision of the doubles fight if Ren were Pyrrha's partner.

      Anyways, let's get to know Pyrrha and Ren's opponents from Team PNCH ("Punch"):

      Team PNCH's Double Team

      They hail from Shade Academy. Since only two of them are participating in this, I only bothered to come up with these two for now:

      Platinum Hu 

      An oriental-looking tiger Faunus and the boastful, vain, and sharp-witted leader of PNCH. He wears a black and white, heavily striped attire. He enjoys fighting and showing off his talents. Platinum moves at swift speeds and fights with martial arts. His weapons are a pair of gauntlets that draw out lightsaber claws and his Semblance allows him to emit a wide array of light and darkness, covering all his surroundings with strong stripes of black and white and disorienting his opponents.

      Helius Globos

      A masked wrestler in training who is no less arrogant than Platinum, but is more bombastic and self-aggrandizing. He enjoys trashing talking, taunting his opponents, and appealing to the crowd even at less than suitable timing. His only choice of "weapons" (other than his own physical strength) are gravity Dust tattoos all over his upper body which he can channel to amplify his attacks. Helius' Semblance allows him to increase his size at will, mind his aura allows it.

      Stage Biomes

      Because why wouldn't I come up with my own? And for an idea of where they'd be on the stage, start by picturing how Pyrrha and Ren are facing Platinum and Helius on the center platform prior to the fight:

      Helius                        Pyrrha
      Platinum                    Ren

      1. Cherry Blossom Trees 

      Just a pretty pink forest with loose petals everywhere including the ground. This biome appears in the quadrant closest to where Ren's standing at the start.

      2. Junkyard

      While there are piles of trash everywhere, the floor seems to be made of various garbage. This junkyard also features several floating blocks of debris, possibly due to gravity Dust. Appears in the quadrant closest to where Pyrrha's standing at the start.

      3. Theme Park 

      A colorful "castle" surrounded by large props, balloons, and roller coasters, have fun with that. Opens in the quadrant closest to where Helius is standing.

      4. Dark Cemetery 

      A graveyard obscured by a thick, dark fog that makes it look like it's night in there. Hidden beneath various parts of the grass there are bogs you can sink into. Closest to Platinum at starting.

      The Fight

      Naturally, Platinum and Helius turn all their attention to the champion Pyrrha first thing, expressing their desire and honor to finally fight her, and the two briefly argue on who gets to fight her. With little idea of how to respond, Pyrrha awkwardly tells them the honor is hers. Platinum and Helius then introduce themselves with an extremely theatric pose in which they call themselves "Team PNCH's Duo of Destruction!" which baffles Ren and Pyrrha completely (yet surprisingly appeals to the crowd). Helius then wonders why the two from JNPR aren't giving a "declaration of battle" like they are. Ren dryly but indirectly ridicules the idea of such a "performance", which offends Platinum and Helius, who were so proud of their act. The latter two now turn their attention to Ren, with a much less positive attitude than they had with Pyrrha.

      When Helius expresses his dislike of Ren and desire to beat him, Platinum then decides that Helius shall fight Pyrrha while he shall teach Ren a lesson himself. They agree, but when Port and Oobleck give the cue, Helius makes the first move by charging in and landing a punch where Pyrrha and Ren are standing. The latter two quickly get out of the way but are blown back further because of Helius' gravity Dust. Pyrrha rebounds herself by using her Semblance on the junkyard's garbage heaps, while Ren grabs on to one of the sakura trees and regains his balance.

      Ren vs Platinum 

      As Helius goes to confront Pyrrha, Platinum immediately rushes into the blossoms to attack Ren, giving the latter minimal time to react. Whenever Ren tries to shoot at Platinum, the Faunus repels his shots with his gauntlets. The latter does not draw his lightsaber extensions at first and instead starts by fighting Ren with just his claws and martial arts skills. Although they're close in skill, Platinum is more aggressive and relentless with his attacks, and quickly gets the upper hand. After kicking Ren back and taunting him, Platinum rushes in again, but this time, Ren kicks up a flurry of sakura petals that were already piled on the ground to distract him. Platinum brushes aside the petals but to his surprise, Ren is no longer where he was.

      Ren quickly strikes Platinum from behind, pushing him back. When Platinum lunges in to attack Ren again, Ren pushes his arms aside with his own StormFlowers, and quickly follows it up with a series of rapid slashes at Platinum, much to the latter's ire. Ren then attempts to conclude his attacks with an elbow strike, but Platinum counters him by drawing his lightsaber claws and knocking Ren aside. As Platinum declares the start of the "real battle", Ren quickly realizes that he does not have a good defense against Platinum's weapons, his speed also accounted for.

      Platinum advances at Ren again. The Ren gets away from his attack and parkours up a tree to shoot at Platinum, but misses completely. Platinum mocks Ren for his poor aim and proceeds to chop down the tree Ren's standing on. Expressing a bit of shock, Ren jumps away from the tree to another's branch and continues to shoot at Platinum. Once more Platinum attacks, and although he aims for Ren, he ends up chopping more trees instead. Ren repeats this cycle, shooting at Platinum from various angles while on the move, provoking Platinum to attack at his direction, knocking down even more trees (allthewhile missing Ren). Frustrated, Platinum decides to cut down the whole forest and does so in a rampage.

      However, Platinum then finds himself completely overwhelmed by clouds of scattered petals blocking his view and even covering himself. Irritated, Platinum forcefully spins to clear himself of the petals, but only then notices Ren already right in front him in a stance. Ren throws a palm strike at Platinum.

      Platinum commends Ren for making good use of his surroundings to conceal himself, but "let's see how you fare in my world!" Platinum leaps into the air and activates his Semblance, covering the entire biome in his moving stripes of light and darkness. The light was as bright as the sun while the darkness couldn't be thicker; it was a combination and display that could potentially cause a seizure to its victims. Even when Ren closed his eyes, it just looked like moving red and black stripes under his lids, disorienting him still. No longer able to react to Platinum's attacks, Platinum pummeled him from all directions as Ren struggles to shield himself while moving. Eventually Ren collapses.

      But just as he is about to gloat about his victory, Platinum notices from the screen that Ren still had 25% aura left (a little above tournament limit) so he keeps his Semblance active, ready to land another attack on Ren. However, Ren activates his Semblance to clear his mind and senses so that Platinum's light and shadow array would not affect him again. He senses Platinum approaching him, but knowing he is unable to counter the Faunus' lightsaber claws in time, Ren instead escapes into the graveyard biome, where he notices some of the hidden bogs...

      Annoyed at Ren for hiding yet again (instead of fighting head on), Platinum goes into the cemetery as well. But Ren is nowhere to be seen. Knowing Ren is hiding in the graveyard somewhere, Platinum proceeds to cut down every gravestone in the yard, but still no Ren to his chagrin. He then rants about Ren "fighting like a coward", until Ren sneaks up behind him from the bog below and spikes the sides of Platinum's upper torso (about where the lower ribcage can be felt), channeling his Semblance into him. (Now, normally, when Ren uses his Semblance on someone else, he can calm their hearts as well as his own, but when channels it via an attack, I'd like to think the impact of the attack would spread in a similar fashion; but more on this later.)

      Paralyzed and incapacitated by Ren's last attack, Platinum collapses, losing his battle against Ren. Oobleck and Port make note of Platinum's aura depletion and announce his elimination (much to Jaune's relief and Nora's glee). However, they are bummed that they could not see how it happened beneath that fog, with Port complaining, "Who's idea was it to have that setting here anyway?!" "Oh be quiet, you said the same thing before about the forest too!" says Oobleck.

      Ren then goes to see how Pyrrha is doing...

      Alright, I'll take some time to discuss my ideas for Ren's Semblance. I still don't feel like giving up on my old Poison theory but since he already has a confirmed Semblance involving some Zen, I wish for his Semblance to be double natured. Yes, duality is actually among my reasons for my Poison theory too, something along the lines of a lotus flower concealing a snake--and I didn't make that shit up. So in the flipside of his tranquility Semblance, I envision him desaturating his enemy with a hidden green aura, which, instead of putting the target at ease, does the exact opposite and at such an extremity that the target may be paralyzed in fear, despair, you name it. It also amplifies pain perception so that Ren can combine a physical attack with this 2nd Semblance half to spread the impact throughout the enemy, making it a poison for both the body and the mind. When used for too long, this 2nd half may also darken Ren's heart as well, making him more ruthless and bitter; though we won't be seeing too much of that in this battle.

      Pyrrha vs Helius

      (Note this half of the story/fight begins at the same time when Ren and Platinum began their duel. And to be honest, I haven't given this one as much thought as Ren vs Platinum so it may not be quite as detailed; I apologize in advance.)

      Before they fight, Helius tells Pyrrha that he is usually uncomfortable fighting women, but promises not to hold back against her on the grounds that she is a champion. "But maybe if I win, I can take you out on a date! So how about it?" Unimpressed, Pyrrha suggests they just fight, while Jaune expresses his annoyance with Helius.

      Pyrrha and Helius start their fight at the Junkyard, in which both try to manipulate and weaponize the trash with their own abilities--Pyrrha with her Polarity and Helius with his Gravity Dust. Instead of trying to attack her, Helius tries to defeat her by ring-out, but whenever he tries to blow her back with his gravity, Pyrrha always manages to keep herself in the field by magnetizing herself with the metal debris. Helius will later try to reel Pyrrha in and fling her out, but Pyrrha will just take advantage of that to score more hits on him. Similar patterns continue until Helius decides he has to attack.

      Helius rotates the floating debris around him and tries to attack Pyrrha at mid-range. He believes that with this move in play, he can either attempt to knock Pyrrha out of the ring again or be prepared to attack when Pyrrha does close in, whether he chooses to draw her in or not. Moreover, he can use the debris to distract or guide Pyrrha to leave an opening so he can attack her. And whenever Pyrrha's Polarity would defy Helius' gravity, Helius would use his Semblance to grow larger, little by little, upping the difficulty for Pyrrha.

      Pyrrha too does not want to give away too much of her Semblance, but with Helius being able to manipulate the objects too, perhaps she can get away with using more of her Polarity. So, when Helius seemingly manages to bombard Pyrrha with the debris, she uses her Polarity to create a thin magnetic barrier around her to shield herself while making it look like she's trapped beneath the pile of scrap. Then, when Helius attempts to finish her off, Pyrrha surprises him by throwing the piles straight into his face with a full force Polarity, causing him to stagger and leave an opening for Pyrrha to pummel him with attacks, knocking him into the theme park biome.

      But of course, Helius isn't ready to call it quits just yet. He taps into the full power of his Semblance and becomes a giant. Helius expresses embarrassment in having to become a giant against a lone woman but he acknowledges her champion status once more. At first Pyrrha is shocked to see Helius in that size, but she then tries to hold herself from laughing, much to Helius' chagrin. But Helius then realizes why she's laughing, the roller coaster tracks were picked up by Helius' amped up gravity Dust and are now orbiting around him with karts in motion, a silly sight.

      "Pyrrha, stop laughing!" calls Ren from a distance as he alerts her of Helius' next move. Helius throws one of the coaster karts, propelling it at a high speed with his gravity. Pyrrha barely gets away from it. Helius then closes in on Pyrrha and when she attempts to pick up the debris, Helius draws them away himself and then picks Pyrrha up (King Kong style) while she struggles to break free. Helius then tells Pyrrha that the battle is over and if she surrenders, he will let her go.

      It is around this time that Ren gets on one of the orbiting roller coasters and fires at Helius, who is annoyed that Platinum had lost. The latter drops Pyrrha and extends an arm to attack Ren. Ren gets on and slides his way to Helius' body, taking advantage of the wrestler's gravity to orbit around him while letting his StormFlower blades grind along Helius in circles while Helius struggles in pain trying to grab Ren. Throughout this, Ren's 2nd Semblance half is active but before it takes its effect, Helius finally manages to seize Ren and throw him out of the ring, eliminating the latter by aura and ring-out.

      However, Ren's Semblance finally affects Helius. Normally the victim would just be "poisoned" or paralyzed, but given Helius' size and enhanced durability, the masked wrestler is merely shrunken back to his normal size, his aura is no higher than Pyrrha's now, and he can no longer use his Semblance without expending the remainder of his aura. This is Pyrrha's chance to defeat Helius once for all.

      Long story short, Pyrrha wins and gets to move on to the finals.

      THE END

      So yeah, that's how I imagined JNPR's doubles round. When coming up with Team PNCH, I thought of some parallels and dynamics with Team FNKI. Both teams have something of a performer's flare, but whereas one came out of a party, the other came out of a dojo; and to me, there is often this dynamic between a character who loves fighting and a character who loves music instead. Maybe it's a physical vs spiritual relationship, or a war vs peace thing. Platinum Hu is supposed to be the Neon Katt of Team PNCH, a flamboyant feline Faunus radiating his own colors in some pattern. But in contrast to Neon who leaves a trail of rainbows with her speed, Platinum unleashes an array of black and white with his Semblance. Also, unlike Neon who is mostly cheerful and playful, Platinum is edgier and more belligerent.

    • RWBY - Random Talk about Grimm and Huntsman Battles

      2 years ago


      We all know Grimm are among the most prominent threats to Remnant, lurking just about everywhere and some bigger and badder than others. So when our favorite characters defeat some of the stronger Grimm, fans get excited and feel happy for them. But to me, defeating even the strongest Grimm still only proves so much. Sure, they may have a shitton of power, but they're barely able to think or feel at all. Actually, even if you kill some of the more intelligent ones such as the Goliaths, it just isn't the same as defeating an enemy huntsman or the like.

      I'm talking threats like Salem and her elites, people who are trained in a variety of skills and can shape their ways of thinking. Moreover, they can feel, meaning there's just so much more meaning to their reactions upon winning or losing; whether it's in the form of dialogue or just facial expressions, they evoke so much more than a Grimm's defeat. Overall, whether it's about their strengths or their emotions, defeating another character means so much more than defeating a Grimm, even if the character isn't necessarily stronger than a Grimm.

      ...It's still hard for me to express all that in words. I've always made the analogy that Grimm are basically the Koopa Troopas, Moblins, and Heartless of the RWBY verse, while other characters are the bosses that are, at least in my opinion, much more memorable to fight and defeat. Again, I like to hear dialogue between the fighters. I like to see their reactions. If the enemy was a dick and I shattered his pride, I'd be feeling so much better about myself than I would after taking out some mindless monster. (Even if Grimm aren't actually mindless, I'd still feel the same way.)

      Another analogy I could make is to fighting other characters in a Smash Bros (or really any fighter game). I think of Grimm as the max level CPU opponents. I think of RWBY's characters as an actual player I'm up against. I could defeat each and every character on the roster at the highest level operated by the AI, but I may still get bodied by my competitive roommate (whom, needlessly to say, would've just as easily defeated the CPU's strongest). And because there are so many competitive players, at that point, you're no longer considered "good" just for trashing AI. Rather, you're good if you can beat the other players. 

      And that's how I feel about huntsmen vs Grimm. I want my favorite characters to defeat opposing characters way more so than the Grimm. When Ren finished off the Nuckelavee, it was only a "meh" for me. If he took out, let's say, Tyrian like I hoped he would (even if he much help would be needed), my day would've been made. Similarly, it's the same reason why I was dismayed at Ren's Semblance only being effective against Grimm (so far at least; still trying to come to terms with that cold pizza).

    • RWBY Wishlist

      2 years ago


      1. Power to Lie Ren

      Even if it were to come true once, I will never ever stop wishing that my favorite character Lie Ren, will be strong enough to defeat any enemy he comes across. Of course, that may be much to ask for, but I've always seen that kind of potential in him, even when his Semblance underwhelmed me. Nothing could please me more than seeing the quiet, humble, rational, chill, and BS-free character who was easily overlooked turn out to be a unique kind of powerhouse that no one saw coming. And as odd as it may sound, it even makes me feel special to be a fan of him; it's not something I can reason out but it's how I feel. 

      But I digress, seeing him finish off the Nuckelavee Grimm was a pleasure but a bare minimum for me. He barely killed it, but no Grimm, not even the most powerful ones could ever mean me as much to me as an opposing character. I want to see Ren defeat characters who are stronger than him and I want to see how those characters react to losing to my fave. But how? How can anyone defeat someone stronger than them by themselves? Even the strong are prey to the unknown and if there's anything I expect a ninja to be good at it's subterfuge.

      Problem is, while Ren's Semblance may save him and others from Grimm, how can it help against powerful enemies who aren't Grimm? A calm mind is useful, but Ren himself is clear proof that it's far from enough for anyone to rely on that alone. That is why I strongly hope to see more diverse applications of his Semblance. If he can calm one's heart and/or mind the way he does, he's technically controlling them in at least one way. And if he can do that one way, why not take it further? If one's mind and aura are linked, I'd love for Ren to be able to control or suppress someone's aura overall. And from there, a whole new world of options can be available to him, an explored territory that can make him the ultimate dark horse of Remnant's heroes!

      Of course, all that is merely an example of what I'd love to see. I just want to see Ren become so powerful and still lowkey at the same time, and more importantly, win all (or at least most) of his battles. 

      2. Mercury Black as Qrow Branwen's Son 

      I normally don't like these kinds of theories, but I really do want Qrow to be Mercury's real father instead of Marcus. Not only does Mercury physically resemble Qrow a number of ways, they even have similar personalities and manner of speech. However, that's not the reason I want the two to be father and son. If Mercury is Qrow's son, he'd be Yang's cousin, a revelation that may heat up their rivalry even more. It'd also draw a few more parallels between the two. See, Yang's mother Raven Branwen left her when she as an infant. Now imagine if Qrow, another Branwen and Raven's twin brother, left his son Mercury as an infant as well; that'd be yet another thing Yang and Mercury have in common, and I like rivalries like that.

      Moreover, given Qrow's Semblance and he feels about it, I can only imagine why he might want to leave his child if he had one.

      3. Sun Wukong vs Adam Taurus

      It seems like RT plans to make Ilia Sun's rival while Blake fights Adam, but hopefully that doesn't mean Sun and Adam can't fight at least once. I like to see how the two react to one another. Although I'd root for Sun, I wouldn't mind Adam winning either (since he is my 3rd favorite character). However, I want there to be an actual fight instead of the one shot Adam threw at Yang. Let the fight last a few minutes (average time of any fight in RWBY).

      Their rivalry can also fit the Journey West Folklore in which the Monkey King and the Bull Demon King were sworn brothers before becoming enemies (apparently it had to do with the Monkey King dicking around with the latter's wife or something).



      I want to see these matchups in battle. As for why, well, may the picture speak for itself.

      5. Emerald Sustrai's Ultimate Illusion

      First off, I expect Emerald and Weiss to fight someday and if Weiss uses her summoning in battle, I want Emerald to rival it with a powerful illusion like no other--a giant green genie who can serve as her guardian. Fits the Aladdin theme well enough and would make for a match against Weiss I'd think.

    • Thoughts on Lie Ren's Semblance

      2 years ago


      So the latest episode of RWBY finally revealed what Ren's Semblance is. From the looks of it, he can calm his mind (as well as others') and henceforth avoid being detected by Grimm. When I first saw this, I was dismayed, because as many of you know, I've been hoping and expecting his Semblance to be poison (or at least something as powerful) for a long time. (I would've been more pissed if I didn't find the whole "greying" effect cool to look at.) 

      My problem with his Semblance merely being that is it just looks like a half-assed version of invisibility, an idea I didn't like either. He may be a ninja, but invisibility isn't worth waiting four long volumes to reveal. But for fuck's sake, now they give us something that only allows him to hide from Grimm. Yes, Grimm are everywhere but in the end of the day, most are still as threatening as any fodder enemy roaming around the stages of a video game. Well, ok, the larger, more powerful Grimm may serve as bosses and it'd be cool to see Ren assassinate them given his Semblance; but honestly, I'm much more worried about the enemies that aren't Grimm, because in a battle, they're no less (if not more) of a threat than the Grimm. I want to see Ren defeat those guys! I want to see my favorite character rise above others and be a fuck-you to everyone else (because that's just the kind of guy I am). But I digress...

      So let's say we're not dealing with threats other than Grimm. By default, the only benefit Ren would get from his Semblance is a calm, rational mind, and as so many people would tell me, that's a great advantage to have against others, especially those who are more hotheaded and reckless. Yeah no shit, I agree! It's one of main reasons why Ren's my favorite character. He's always been calm and collected! And yet how well he's fought in the show thus far is still debatable. And as much as it pains me to say it, he couldn't even defeat Yang, who is so hotheaded and reckless (and I've seen so many videos on how Tai Chi can defeat boxing!) Regardless, if suppressing his emotions and being calm is his Semblance, what difference does it make for someone who's already so calm? Sure, it's not always easy for everyone to just chill in dire situations, but it's still humanly possible and can be exercised, so for it to require a Semblance just sounds ridiculous to me. (Hey, guess what my Semblance is--having a wild and useless imagination because that's what I do, hurr durr!)

      It just raises the question: If that up there is Ren's Semblance, does that mean that he can't keep his emotions in check without it? If so, then Ren's Semblance may well have been active the whole time, which may explain at least partially why he runs out of stamina so quickly (though there's also the fact that he uses his aura externally). But while it's still dumb idea, let's say it were the case. If his Semblance were merely suppressing his emotions, then he's already at the extent of his power when most Semblances give their users more options in battle. But on the other hand, if he's been suppressing his emotions this whole time, what then might happen if this suppression breaks? Because suppression and release are really two sides of the same coin, I'd wager something interesting would happen if Ren were to let go of all inhibition...

      The Black Lily

      Now normally, I'd favor the blue oni over the red, but if blue only helps Ren so much, I want to see what his red would look like. That is, I'd like to see what would happen if Ren lets of his darkest or most negative emotions burst out, and if they do, I'd love to see Ren convert it all into power, making him a threat in battle against any opponent. True, that would now attract Grimm, but if he's suppressed so much for so long, the power he lets out could potentially make him a living death trap for Grimm (as well as a surprise for any other adversary). Personally, I picture in my mind those emotions manifesting themselves as a deleterious miasma or something that can be channeled to give his attacks a deathly enhancement; call it the other half of his Semblance. (Hell, it may even give my Poison theory a chance after all! But only if RT would be so kind...) Symbolically, this may fit two things:

      1. The folklore behind the tattoo of the snake coming out of the lotus. (Something so beautiful and tranquil may hide something venomous and deadly.)

      2. When Ren first activated his Semblance in Kuroyuri, the lotus flower he saw earlier in day was there that night as a metaphor for said Semblance. But in the present, the lotus flower has long wilted and is grey/black in color, roughly befitting the name of the village. Kuroyuri means "black lily", a flower that symbolizes death, the opposite of what the lotus symbolizes: Rebirth (along with other virtues). And should the Grimm horseman's reappearance force Ren to return to that graveyard of a hometown, I can't help but wonder, how long can he keep his cool then (for the better I hope)? He really did not want to be at Kuroyuri at all (i.e. he was getting emotional about it)!

      But with all that being said, I want to take a step back and go back to just the suppression half. Even if he can't release a miasma, there's still so much more I wish he can do. Whenever I see Ren turn grey from that Semblance, I can't help but feel like emotions aren't the only things he can suppress. Intuitively, I can imagine more uses. We'll start with something simple and less combative...


      While I don't think of Ren as a healer, purity is a theme conveyed by the lotus, and to an extent, you sort of get that vibe when Ren first activated his Semblance. As far as I can imagine, anyone greyed out by this ability can be cured from status ailments such as poison, curses, or hypnosis, as though squeezing it out of the person's body. However, if Ren could actually perform this, he should've been able to cure Qrow, unless he simply didn't already know. If the latter, hopefully, I hope something (anything at all) does help him figure it out, because as far as Qrow is concerned, they are at a time table now exacerbated by the Grimm horseman's emergence. If Ren can't pull this off, I can't imagine what miracle RT would provide Qrow with (although I have always believed that Jaune's Semblance would involve actual healing, but I really don't see his full reveal coming anytime soon. The underdog still has a long way to go.)


      If Ren can tranquilize a heart, how about the physical body? Either way it looks as though he can run his aura through another person in his/her entirety. I can imagine Ren putting the target to sleep with it. But likewise, he may also get someone out of it with this ability. Just a thought, this still isn't my favorite one.

      Aura Constriction 

      Now in this one, Ren can freeze his discolored victim's aura, either paralyzing him/her or just preventing him from using his/her aura. Or he may opt to just turn the enemy's aura against him/her, by forcing it to overflow in one area causing an internal explosion, using it suffocate him/her (feels as though a snake were squeezing the victim to death), or bringing the victim intense pain all over; any of which has the potential to be lethal. It does share a principle with Tai Chi (turning opponent's strength against him/her to remove his/her balance), an art Ren is capable of. In fact, with or without it, Ren still has his tendency of redirecting the opponent's attack/weapon like he did against both the King Taijitu and Nolan.


      The least likely of these to happen, but since I thought of it anyway, here's how it goes. Anyone greyed out by Ren will under his control, physically and mentally.

      Yeah. That's it.

      So as much as I wish Ren can do at least some of these, I'm not going to get my hopes up this time since it's rare that RT derives any more abilities from a single Semblance (like usually, that Semblance would have to be as dynamic as Weiss' glyphs, Emerald's illusions, or Velvet's imitations). But with whatever Ren's given, I continue to hope that he can turn out to be the ultimate dark horse I've always seen in him. I'm out.

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