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      3 years ago


      So for those who don't know - which is probably most of you - I'm currently a PhD student at Durham University. I study religion and popular culture, and really like to question the "religion" side of things. I'm an anthropologist at heart, and study the anthropology of religion in areas of the world I love, like internet culture, video games, and anime.

      Where this is all going, is that I'm working on a slight side project while I'm doing the boring writing parts of my PhD thesis, where i can focus on stuff I find interesting but doesn't quite fit into the specific study my thesis is on. And this is where Rooster Teeth comes in. I've always been fascinated by the fact that Rooster Teeth has created a community in an interesting way. While this is a community built on something as simple as common interest, my time here has demonstrated that the way we talk about the community is something above this.

      So help me out!

      One thing I love to work with is stories: folklore, legends, myths, everything. And the stories that people tell are really important. So my research involves the stories that the community I'm studying tell.

      Tell me your story:

      How did you come to find out about RT? How did you join the community, and why stay? What does this community mean for you? Anything you want to tell me about, I'm here to listen!

      You can post publically by just commenting, or you can message me privately if you'd like it to remain private (if you do this, I promise I won't share names). You can feel free to message me any questions or concerns you have, which you can do here or on my uni email: vivian.asimos@durham.ac.uk

      Thanks loads! And stay sexy ;)

      EDIT: I feel obligated to also explain where this all may be headed. Could be a journal article in an academic journal and/or conference paper if all goes well. But it may end up just being a journal here and on my website if not. Either way, I'll share it all with you.

    • 3 years ago

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