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    • Extreme Self Doubt (a.k.a. Why does my brain talk me out of every idea I've ever had ever..?!)

      4 years ago


      I held back posting anything after signing up to RT (and, more recently, becoming a sponsor.. Hell yeah) mostly because I wasn't sure what kind of things people posted on here, and also because every time I think of something to post, I spend so much time thinking it over and over that eventually I decide it was an awful idea and it never happens.

      Which is what I wanted to post about.

      I want to be a comedy writer more than anything. I have a lot of ideas, and occassionally they are funny.

      On second thought, you probably don't know me.. ALL MY IDEAS ARE HILARIOUS.

      And whilst I was studying Television Production at University for three years my ideas were encouraged, either that or I HAD to come up with something because deadlines.

      But now I've graduated, the only person who hears my ideas are me, and Me is a bitch, and she usually talks me out of them before they reach paper.

      I'm trying to stop doubting myself. I like to remind myself that there are definitely people out there who have come up with worse ideas that have actually been made into shows. If a show about a guy telling every woman he's slept with that he has chlamydia can be a thing, then something I can come up with could be a thing too. (Props to whoever called it 'Scrotal Recall,' though.)

      So I'm forcing myself to stick to my most recent idea, for a mockumentary-style sitcom, which is very much drawn from my own personal experiences. Maybe it will work, maybe it wont, but I'm going to make sure that I actually find out. I've just written a freakin' post about it, which means if I don't do it, there is proof out there on the internet that I failed. So take that, me.

    • 4 years ago

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