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    • Those who cannot learn from history

      12 years ago


      ...are doomed to repeat it.

      First, I want to thank everyone for their advice RE Halo 3. I did go ahead and reserve a copy of Crackdown and I took the 360 to the UPS depot today and it is winging its way to Microsoft as we speak.

      Earlier today I was listening to a BBC production of The Importance of Being Earnest, a play written by Oscar Wilde. Almost every other line was a clever witticism. Although it was written in 1895, it could easily have been written today.

      I got a particular thrill when I heard the following exchange:

      ALGERNON: Do you really keep a diary? I'd give anything to look at it. May I?

      CECILY: Oh no. You see, it is only a young girl's record of her own thoughts and impressions and consequently meant for publication. When it appears in volume form I hope you will order a copy.

      Yay! Sure, the technology of 2007 is better than it was in 1895, but teenagers still want to tell everyone in the entire world their deepest and innermost "secret" feelings and thoughts for some reason. I love humans.

      I have to add that after listening to the play, and thinking about the fact that people really haven't changed over the last 150 years, I couldn't get a related Monty Python line out of my head. The one that goes: "Your majesty is like a stream of bat's piss. A stream of gold while all around is dark." Very witty. Very witty indeed.

      Yes. Well. So much for me trying to feel scholarly.

      Speaking of history repeating itself, I wanted to share the lyrics to the theme song for the Chicago Bears, "Bear Down Chicago Bears". Not nearly as clever as anything written by Oscar Wilde. But now you can sing along with the music should they play it during the game.

      Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory;
      Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
      We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation.
      Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
      You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down.

      Stirring, isn't it? No? Really? Hm. You're no fun.

      Ah well. I hear that everyone says Indianapolis is favored to win, but "everyone" has been wrong before. I've heard that some feel Chicago has a better chance of hosting the Olympics if the Bears win. I actually would prefer Chicago not to win the bid to host the Olympics, as I would just as soon keep Chicago off the world radar.

      My impression is that most of the rest of the world thinks of 1920s gangsters when Chicago is mentioned, which is fine with me. Because I figure if a bunch of wacky terrorists bent on jihad against the US are trying to decide which major city to attack, they're going to think of New York, Washington DC, Hollywood or Disneyland. I just can't imagine that Chicago would make the top five list. But if we get the Olympics... yikes.

      Besides, we don't really need to build an Olympic village that would be torn immediately down after the Olympics (which is what Mayor Daley has proposed). Not when there are so many public housing projects to tear down and turn into 2 million dollar condos!


      But I digress. I'm sure the game will be fun to watch on Sunday, and I'll be happy for whatever team that wins. Because come on, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin are one big blurry area to the rest of the country. We Midwesterners have to stick together.


      Tonight Spyton and I bought and watched some episodes of "The Office" from iTunes (Benjamin Franklin is credited with the invention of bifocal glasses!) and then decided to spend some quality family time playing World of Warcraft. We decided to start over on Thunderhorn (our usual server) and just be ourselves. The seething masses have all moved on to higher level areas so we had the place to ourselves. Here we are dancing like idiots with no one around to make fun of us.
      It's just like real life, but less aerobic. And to be fair, the frame rate in game is much better.

      I'll end with another quote by Oscar Wilde. I like this one because it is leant credence simply by the act of being quoted. There's something satisfying about that:

      "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."
      -Oscar Wilde


      Today's Vocabulary Words
      Oscar Wilde
      Benjamin Franklin

    • Halo 3 Beta Question

      12 years ago


      Because the 360 is dead and World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade really isn't that great unless you are already a level 60, today Spyton took his Christmas/Hanukah money and gift cards and blew it all on a Playstation 2.

      Yes, Hell has indeed frozen over.

      But while we were leaving Gamestop after buying Shadow of the Colossus, I noticed a display for Crackdown (the game you buy so you can do the Halo 3 beta testing) and I panicked. If I buy it now, will we get to do the beta thing anyway? Because we have no 360. Because it died. Or commited hara-kiri. Maybe it just didn't like me personally. Or it was possibly anti-demi-Semitic.

      Are there only a limited number of the games with the beta invite? Should I buy it now? It says it is a "limited time offer". So is it a limited time to buy the game, or a limited time to join in on the fun? Or is it pointless since I am missing the beta window? Can you play Crackdown on the old XBox?

      The XBox service lady said we won't get our replacement 360 for about 3 weeks. In other words, do we still have a chance to play the Halo3 beta, or should I get out the tuna can lids and begin sawing at my superficial arteries now?


      To clarify: If I buy the game, but all the recruitment is happening over the next two weeks, will I have lost the opportunity to participate in the beta playing since I have no access to a 360?

    • Phobophobia

      12 years ago


      ...or in other words, Fear of fear itself.

      So, my brother-in-law works at Google and my mom was out visiting them over the weekend. On the way back from the airport she regaled me with tales of the paradise that is the Google compound. Evidently they have free bananas and massage chairs. Also, they have a continually running display board which flashes random samples of what people are Googling at any given time.

      I personally use Google at least three times a day. In fact, today I did the following searches:

      "puttin' on the ritz" lyrics
      logic pro delay spread
      myasthenia gravis ice test mechanism
      parkinsonian dopamine
      phobia fear needles

      And somehow I got to a page from the Columbia Encyclopedia site and I learned the following piece of fascinating information:

      Walloons: group of people living in S Belgium who traditionally spoke a dialect of French called Walloon, but who today for the most part speak standard French. The Walloons, numbering some 3.5 million, reside mostly in the provinces of Hainaut, Liège, Namur, Luxembourg, and Walloon Brabant, in contrast to the Dutch-speaking Flemings of the northern provinces. The movement for reviving Walloon literature centered in Liège in the 19th cent.; today the language is considered moribund. The periodical Wallonie had considerable influence. Since medieval times the economic and social background of the Walloons has differed radically from that of the Flemings, and the cleavage became even more pronounced with the Industrial Revolution. The Walloon part of Belgium contains major mining areas and heavy industries, while the Flemings engage mainly in agriculture, manufacturing (particularly textiles), and shipping. Tension between Walloons and Flemings has long been a critical political issue. In 1970 a plan was approved that recognized the cultural autonomy of Belgium’s three national communities: the Dutch-speaking Flemings of the north, the French-speaking Walloons of the south, and bilingual Brussels. The name Walloons was also applied to Huguenot refugees in America by the Dutch, who made no distinction between French and Walloon Protestants.
      See H. H. Turney-High, Château-Gerard; the Life and Times of a Walloon Village (1953).

      But even more intriguing, evidently "walloonophobia" is the "fear of Walloons" and if you are disabled by your fear of Walloons you can go to this website to get help. Yes, get help now. Ya weirdo.

      I'm discovering something really weird about my teaching job, namely that I find myself being really, really restrained. I get very excited about the material I teach, mostly because I only lecture on the stuff I find interesting. I mean, If I don't find it interesting, how can I expect the student to give a rat's patootey? Of course, I found myself giggling with glee last week about carotid baroreceptors. I'm weird that way.

      But back at the U of I, or even U of C, I would go to any length to get a fact hammered home, even if it required me to sing a song, do an interpretive dance (I have a great one about diabetic retinopathy), or bring in a giant styrofoam eyeball (that one took me two weeks to build). But it's a new position, and I don't have a reputation to fall back on here, so I find myself chickening out and holding back a lot. I find myself frequently stammering and looking for words when I know that giant hand motions or sound effects would do the job.

      It isn't pretty, folks.

      We'll see how the first exam goes. If it's a disaster, then I'll have to cut loose. I just hope I get into my stride before we hit antifungals, because I have a really good song for antifungals that goes to the tune of Shirley Temple's "Animal Crackers" song.

      Oh, speaking of songs, the lyrics to "Puttin' on the Ritz" are amazing. But you won't think so unless you know the tune. Just really good. That Irving Berlin. He could put a word or two together. I was checking them out as Spyton and I have taken to singing "Puttin' on the RAAAAAAARRRRRRRGLE" a la Young Frankenstein, and I felt we should really learn the entire song.

      Um, so here it is, or at least the part of the song you'll see in that link above. Now you can sing along:

      If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
      Why don't you go where fashion sits
      Puttin' on the ritz

      Diff'rent types who wear a day coat, pants with stripes
      And cutaway coat, perfect fits
      Puttin' on the ritz

      Dressed up like a million dollar trouper
      Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper
      Super duper

      Come, let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks
      Or "um-ber-ellas" in their mitts
      Puttin' on the ritz

      Getting back to the title of this journal, spot the loony. I told you she was an old cat.

      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
      Irving Berlin

    • The farmers and the cowmen

      12 years ago


      I just got the following letter from the American Academy of Ophthalmology which I thought I'd share:

      New Mexico Optometrists Introduce Sweeping Surgery Bill

      Patient safety has been put in serous jeopardy with last week’s introduction of a bill that would add surgery to the optometric practice act in New Mexico. This bill extends far beyond the dangerous expansion bill that the Surgical Scope Fund helped defeat in 2005.

      This new legislation (S.B.367) exposes all of our patients to serious risk by:

      allowing optometrists to perform invasive procedures such as removal of conjunctival and lid lesions, including tumors!
      authorizing the N.M. Optometry Board to certify optometric use of SLTs, ALTs, YAG capsulotomies, YAG PIs and ARGON PIs!
      permitting optometrists to administer a host of pharmaceuticals, including intravenous drugs (FA), local anesthetics and oral steroids!
      We are working closely with the New Mexico Academy of Ophthalmology to aggressively defend M.D./D.O.-only eye surgery.

      I should explain a few things. First, some definitions.

      An Ophthalmologist is a surgeon with a MD or DO (Medical Doctor or Doctor or Osteopathic Medicine) This is someone who has been through medical school, and has done at least one year of actual training in general medicine as an intern, and then followed with a 3 year residency in ophthalmology, doing nothing but seeing, treating, and surgically operating on patients.

      An Optometrist is an OD (Doctor of Optometry). This is someone who has been through Optometry school This is a 3-4 year school, after which the person goes into practice. There is no training in terms of surgery, or in hospitals. There is some training with outpatients.

      An Optician is a person who makes glasses

      An Ocularist is a person that makes glass eyes.

      Note that Ophthalmologists and Optometrists are both called "Doctor". But in fact only the MD/DOs are medical doctors who have experience with surgery. The ODs don't.

      I hear you thinking, "Linnea, I really, really don't care. Could you tell a story about poop or blindness or something?"

      Well, actually, I can. But I wanted to point out this story. Every few years, the optometrists try to get rights to prescribe medicine and do procedures, for two reasons. First, because it is more convenient. Second, because they can charge a lot of money for the procedures. The problem is this: When an optometrist does a procedure, and screws it up, they send that patient to an ophthalmologist (the surgeon). And let's face it, if you don't have to be the one to deal with your own screw-ups, how careful are you going to be?

      To be fair, there are a lot of places in the country that don't have a lot of ophthalmologists, and the optometrists fill in the gaps with general eye care (glaucoma and cataract checks, etc.) If they see anything abnormal they refer it to an ophthalmologist. That's the way it is supposed to work.

      The optometrists always complain that the ophthalmologists won't let them do lasers etc because we want to hog all the patients and money. My experience has been that there are plenty of patients to go around. Just try and get a New Patient appointment with an eye surgeon. I dare you. Everyone is booked. But if my diabetic mother needed eye surgery of any kind, I think I'd send her to someone who actually trained to learn how to do it, and knew about diabetes and all of the diabetic eye issues related to the surgery.

      So here's a story. I once had a macular degeneration patient that came in with blurriness in one eye, and a handful of films from Fluoroscein ANGiograms (FANGs) that he'd had done over the preceding several months. He had seen an optometrist that through some loophole was doing the test (it involves injecting a dye into a vein, which is a no-no for optometrists) and who'd been following this lesion in the back of the patient's eye. So, just to make this clear, the optometrist was doing a procedure he shouldn't do, watching an abnormality he couldn't recognize, and interpreting a test that he wasn't trained to interpret.

      When I looked at the old films my heart just sank. Several months prior, spelled out on the films, the patient had something called a Choroidal Neovascular Membrane (let's call it a goomba) in the back of his eye, and over the months the goomba had grown over his center of vision. If the optometrist had just referred the guy to me months ago when he saw the goomba in the regular exam, instead of doing the FANG which meant nothing to him, I could have lasered said goomba with a 50/50 chance of stopping it and saving the guy's vision. Now it was hopeless (this was in the days before some of the newer treatments for macular degeneration.) Let's just say I was pissed off. A lot.

      Oh, and I won't mention 2 years ago when I went to Lenscrafters to get some new glasses and they ran a laughable number of crock tests on me, AND dilated my eyes, and then the optometrist only looked at the right side of both of my retinas. I guess she figured the left sides were probably okay. Okay, I mentioned it. Whoops. smiley4.gif

      Listen, there are a lot of really, really good optometrists out there. But even they don't have the training or background to be doing surgery. Or prescribing an unlimited variety of drugs. Not without a complete re-vamping of the way they are trained. I've taught senior students at an Optometric College. Those kids don't have the amount of supervised hands-on training to really know what they are looking at. They do know what is "normal". Anything else: send to an ophthalmologist. That's the rule. Hey, if optometrists want to do a medical internship and take the medical boards and do a surgical residency, then hey, go for it. Otherwise, no lasers or scalpels.


      Vocabulary List in comments... smiley8.gif

    • He's dead, Jim

      12 years ago


      Ah well. Today we put on the 360 and got this:

      So I went here (again, link courtesy of kardiez) and went through all the instructions... I got, predictably, the code "0102" which stands for: "Who the frell knows what is wrong with your frelling machine?!"

      But I called 1-800-4-MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) and a woman named Rebecca was incredibly patient and helpful and is shipping a container for me to send our beloved but now dead 360 back to Microsoft for analysis. And as Sevenar and others commented, it is covered for some reason.

      The bad news is we'll be 360-less for about 3 weeks. So we'll have to wait to see if Wayne's light-up pants really do help him defeat the Akrid menace on Lost Planet.

      The good news is we still have our XBox so we can still film with OboeCrazy. Meanwhile Spyton (who, it turns out, was not responsible for the 360's destruction) is going bananas. Because WoW, Halo 1 and 2, and the 200-zillion other games and arts and crafts we have are evidently not sufficient to keep him occupied.

      When I was a kid my sister and I had Lite-Brites, Dawn Dolls and an Erector set. (Only the rich kids had Legos and Barbies.) We also had two sticks and a rock. Of course, we had to share the rock.

      Ah well.

      I'm gonna go over to my mom's house and do some piano recording over there to cheer myself up. And here's the next HAFT. If any of you know who the action figure is in the last panel you can have some of my paltry 8 mod points. The hint is that he is a disputed character, and evidently several people claim to own his license. I got him a while back, mostly because I thought he would look cool for this exact purpose in HAFT. Yes, I am caught in a horrifying and self-perpetuating cycle of photographing action figures, seeing a need for new action figures, purchasing action figures, photographing action figures, etc., etc., etc.

      I need a 12-step Action Figure Theater program intervention!

      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 46: Schmastral Plane ("Jacques Brel est vivant et bon")

      PS: I sat and thought for a long time (about 40 seconds) about whether the correct term should be astral plane or astral plain. I see it written both ways on the web. A plain would be like the description of a vast flat area of geography, like "the plains of Africa," whereas a plane is a geometry word to describe something defined by three points in space. If we think of this mythical place as an actual place, then it seems to me it should be "The Astral Plain", but if it is some sort of freaky hyperdimensional weirdoland where Doctor Strange and the X-Men always go to fight galactic terrors outside of the flow of time, then "The Astral Plane" seems like a more valid and technobabbly term.

      What are your feelings about this controversial topic? Also, do you prefer odds, or evens?

      Today's Controversial Vocabulary Words and Phrases
      Astral Plain
      Astral Plane
      hyperdimensional weirdoland

    • Fluffy's gonna live... for now

      12 years ago


      PHEW! I worked up the courage to turn on the 360 and it works! I must have turned it off immediately prior to it burning out.


      But now that I know about this overheating thing (thank you to everyone who commented or PMed me) I decided to take that sucker out of the entertainment cabinet and let it be in the free air. Kardiez sent me the link to this cooling attachment thing. I was planning on hiring some tongueless slaves to fan the 360 with enormous ostrich feathers; this seems like a better (and more space-efficient) option. I did check under the box and the manufacture date is listed as 2005-12-05... so at least I know now that if I do get the three-red + one-green Simon-says pattern of death, I won't open the machine, but rather will call Microsoft for the replacement.

      Now I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop... smiley7.gif

      In other news, Spyton discovered my stash of all his baby teeth. See, as a parent, one must sometimes take on the responsibilities of the tooth fairy, as she is often busy, etc. But what do you do with your child's tooth after you've replaced it with a shiny dime? You can't just throw it away. It is a part of your child... your precious offspring, your spawn, your brood, the fruit of your proverbial loins. And it has valuable DNA evidence on it, that might be useful later in the game life.

      I tend to be something of a packrat, and frankly I blame every point and click adventure ever made. Because you never know if that tuna fish sandwich you picked up in the first level will be useful against the man-eating leopards in level thirteen (with the addition of sleeping powder, of course). And back in my day they didn't have multiple saves. If you screwed up you had to start completely over.

      So, the first tooth I got I put into one of these Russian nesting dolls we have out on display (hidden in plain view!). And then it was just easier to keep putting them there. Of course now I have a veritable toothy nesting doll maraca filled with tiny human teeth.

      I can't throw those in the garbage! If only this WAS a game, I could turn it into a trinket or power-up of some sort:


      But no. I can only use it as a voodoo talisman and cat scaring device. Oh well. I bet it would sell on eBay. In fact, if you search for Teeth under Collectibles: Science, Medical> Medicine, Dentistry you get a lot of hits. *shudder* Teeth gross me out. Why are people selling their old bridgework on eBay? Who wants that? Blah! I'd link, but teeth gross me out. Unless they came out of my son. Then they are wonderful and precious keepsakes.

      'Cause that's how I roll. <- my new favorite catch phrase. It replaces: "Zombies Rule Belgium!"


      Today's Vocabulary Words

      PS: The number I was thinking of was 28.

    • Women and children last! No, women last!

      12 years ago


      So, I went to Spyton's Jazz Concert tonight, and he was extremely good. I never get to hear him as he refuses to practice unless I have headphones on or am in the shower or out of the house or behind at least two firmly shut doors.

      I guess I make him nervous. (I really have to learn to listen while not juggling fire.) Go figure.

      I think there will be featured tromboning in the next TaiChiKnees production. I am thinking this strongly.

      Also, I am thinking of a number between 1 and 57.

      We were in a good mood when we got home and he wanted to play Lost Planet (I could tell because he was singing "Wayne's World!** Wayne's World! Party on! Excellent! Woohoohoohooo!"on the way home) and I mentioned to him that I wanted to get my XBox gamer score above 1000. I figure I can get away with an extremely lame score, because of my age and maternal status, but I really needed to be at least 1000 so as to avoid mockery by other, cooler moms, who will steal my lunch money. Also, I saw Sevenar, Pixilz, LordSmurph and LeftHandedJesus were playing Galaga, and I was filled with self-loathing.

      Anyway, after I played a little Galaga from XBox Live Marketplace (yes, Galaga really was that clunky and annoying back in the 1980's! What nostalgia! My carpal is dying to be tunnelled again!) Spyton got out Lost Planet and popped it in the 360 and I left the room.

      A minute later I heard, "Mom! Something's wrong with the XBox!"

      I came in and the green light was going around and around and around on the controller and just the central light was on on the 360. I got closer and then the light on the 360 went RED! And circled!

      I never saw that before! Then I had the following conversation with my son:

      ME: Sheesh, I've never seen that before.

      SPYTON: What?

      ME: It's flashing red and circling. Maybe we should turn it--


      *then follows the receding sound of footsteps going down the hall and out of the door*

      ME (shouting): Okay! I'll just hurl myself on this grenade then! Be sure to pass on my DNA!

      It turned out that SOMEONE had left the Gears of War disc sitting on top of the 360, blocking a few of the air vents. I popped the Lost Planet disc out and turned off the 360.

      ...but of course now I am worried to turn it back on. And in Spyton's defense, it did look EXACTLY like a sci-fi bomb counting down before a detonation. It even started with three red quarters and one green and then went all red. Gah!

      So what does that mean? When the light turns red and circles like that? Is it safe to turn on? I don't want it to break!


      Today's Vocabulary Words
      carpal tunnel

      ** The player character in Lost Planet is named Wayne. Spyton has pointed out on numerous occasions that Wayne has a light-up crotch. And the girl in the game brings him cups of coffee in every other cut scene. Why? Always remember: He who controls the spice, controls the Universe. He who has a light-up crotch, gets a lot of coffee.

    • The right tools for the job

      12 years ago


      So, tonight I made some beef stew and biscuits for dinner ('cause that's how I roll, baby) because I finally got a chance to use my new knives that fellow guitar ensemble member smolesmo recently sold me. She's taken a part-time job working for a cutlery company and so I took the opportunity to buy some new knives, as the knife set I have had until now is really a "knife" set only in that the utensils are vaguely oblong, marginally pointy and are only reasonably good at opening up Amazon.com packages.

      So, Smolesmo set me up with these knives, and just as a surgeon, if nothing else, it just feels so good to have some good knives in my hands again. These things are amazing. They cut through meat and veggies like butter. Seriously, I just rest the blade on a tomato and it sinks in. Oh baby. Of course it is only a matter of time before someone lops off a finger or paw by accident.

      I turned toward the kitchen and yelled, "Mazha! Get out of the sink!"

      There was a clatter of dishes, and she came stumbling out, glaring at me, dragging a bloody paw behind her.

      I sighed. "Mazha, I keep telling you not to use the good knives. You can't use them properly without thumbs. Why won't you listen?"

      As she limped off, I heard her mutter under her breath, "Jerk! Just wait 'til you're asleep!"

      Now I live in fear.

      *END SCENE*

      But I bring it up because earlier today I was drawing out a diagram of a noradrenergic synapse for a handout for class (yikes) so I had my graphics pen and tablet hooked up. (Stay with me, here.) Then tonight after class I came home and was working on this music I am writing for an outside project; it is supposed to be "techno-ish" so I am learning about synthesized sound (slowly, through books and videos and frequent trips to the music and Apple store) and I decided to try this Logic music synthesizer called "Sculpture"... again. Look at that thing. The controller takes up almost the entire screen and has a zillion switches and buttons, which is very daunting. I've been struggling with it for ages (3 months).

      BUT... I still had my graphics pen and tablet hooked up... and with the pen hooked up, suddenly moving all the switches and dials and buttons became extremely easy. MUCH easier than the mouse. And fun. Really, really fun! There's a ball in the middle you move around and it changes the sound. I was having so much FUN! And then my son Spyton finally screamed from the next room, "AHHH!!! Stop! STOP! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! STOP IT! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!"

      Because I'd been playing the same 16 beats over and over and OVER again with all synth different sounds wiggling all the little switches with my pen which sounded sort of like: Woowa waooowa Wabba wabba Wooboo booBOOBOO BAH BAH BAH beezeezeezeeZEEZAHHAHH NOOO NOOO Lalalal Dit dit dit ni ni ni na na na nene bebebeba bababab BABAB BOBOBOBO nerneenernn neNNNEEENnn nnzzzorrr nzornrzz zoeeenn zzeerrnzz.... etc. for over an hour.

      Sorry, Spyton. I really wasn't trying to drive you insane. (This time.)

      The point is, with decent knives I actually enjoyed making stew... which usually I don't like because of all the chopping and mess. And with the graphics pen, using the synthesizer was actually fun.

      Uh. So the point is... uh... if you have the right tools, chores are fun.


      Also, I should add here as a personal and gross-eyeball-related note, that after I was separated, my ex got all my tools and I slowly had to buy all new ones. But you just have to have both a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver, and a hammer with a claw on the back. And a level. Um... and a power drill if possible., and above all, you need eye protection, even when just hammering a nail into the wall. You'd be surprised how many people would come into the ER because a flake of a nail or something would fly off when hammering. Or worse... this is one we saw a few times: Someone would be pulling a nail out with a pair of pliers (instead of using the claw of the hammer) and they'd be pulling harder, and HARDER, and HARDER, and then the nail would finally jerk free and the pliers would come jerking out and the person would poke out their own eye with the nail. Talk about embarrassing and costly.

      So, yes, definitely you need that claw on the hammer.

      Here endeth the lesson.


      PS: I actually made the uber Mac Pro stutter today, which is something of a feat. But I had over a hundred tracks simultaneously running on Logic (tee hee!), each with 2 to 5 plug-ins, and I had Adobe Photoshop Elements, Firefox, my Mail and iTunes all running at the same time.

      When I have it all going like that, I like to stand over the computer in a white lab jacket shrieking unto the heavens, "Alive! It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!!" (<--name that quote)

      'Cause that's how I roll, baby.

      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
      Phillips Head Screwdriver

    • Actual Size

      12 years ago


      To follow up on the Elf thing: Spyton and I decided it was just too weird to run around together as two hot blood elves since I am his mom. It was kind of giving us the willies. So he moved his elf to another server where I'll have a troll or something less.... yucky.

      I always get messages here at RvB telling me I am "so cool" for gaming with my son. But the flip side to that is that I am hovering around the internet. So he doesn't really have the freedom a lot of you have to do some of the stuff you do. For instance, he wouldn't be able to get a tattoo, film it being applied, and then expect me not to see it, like someone I know. I won't mention names.


      In other news my sister had her first ultrasound. She is at 13 weeks so the thing relentlessly growing miracle of life inside her is now about 2.5 inches long. In fact, this is about actual size.

      Freaky. On tv and movies they always talk about the wonder of bonding with your child, etc, so I would never say anything bad about being pregnant. I remember being pregnant and just being weirded out amazed that an entire creature was growing in me that would, one way or another, rip its way out spring forth and then demand a college education and braces carry on my legacy. Late in the pregnancy I'd watch my abdomen moving around as he shifted position inside... and ....EWWWWWW!!!! I would be so freaked out by thankful for this creepy precious experience.

      Fortunately when he was born he did not try to eat anyone's face was healthy, and stole my last kill on Halo heart.


      In other news, Sparky has a new trick where he pushes things off of tables and chairs onto the floor. It is endlessly entertaining and keeps him diverted for hours on end. So now the space bar on my wireless keyboard doesn't work, and there are only about 5 bowls left in the cupboard. He is so bad!

      Oh, and here is the next HAFT.

      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 45: Playing the Odds ("La Grande Explosion")

      Today's Vocabulary Words
      "She gives me a woody." "She gives you the willies. The Willies!!"

    • In defense of the hottie elfboys

      12 years ago


      To follow up on Lost Planet, Spyton continued to play it last night and through today. I couldn't sit and watch it all as it set off my vestibular thing a bit, but I could tell he was having fun. And it is the first game I've seen where the gameplay looked as good as the cutscenes, some of which you can see in the "webisodes" section at the official website. Meanwhile, I decided to actually dedicate a few hours to getting my night elf to level 58 so I could look around the new area on the expansion pack.

      ...and after 5 minutes I was like, "Let's go". smiley8.gif<--name that quote

      The best thing about the EP, in my opinion, is that finally they made one species where the male characters aren't hideously deformed in some way but actually rather...teh sexy. The new male Alliance characters (the "Draenei") give me the creeps (seriously, wtf is that?), but the blood elf males are actually very aesthetically pleasing.

      I mean, come on, let's be honest. If you are going to dedicate hours and hours of gameplay to watching the back of your little character run around, you at least want it to look nice.

      I know a lot of guys have female characters on WoW because they'd rather look at a girl's butt running around than a guy's. There's nothing wrong with that. It's human nature to want to look at something pretty. That's why I picked a toothsome girl night elf. Because she's pretty.

      Yeah, my night elf is pretty. But she's not as pretty as Ruark, my tantalizing but evil little blood elf paladin. So sue me, I've decided to switch teams and have a boy character. Come on, this is nicer to look at than that freaky blue guy with the goat feet and rat tail:


      Mmm. smiley8.gif Too bad the blood elves have to be such jerks. No, we can't have beautiful male heroes on WoW. I think that Blizzard hates female gamers. Or at least has some issues.


      The only drawback is that Spyton insisted on making "the hottest female blood elf ever" (for the reasons listed above) and so now it is going to be really awkward explaining to people that I'm his mom when we run around questing together as two seductive elves, slinking around in our sultry wardrobe giving off +5 charisma with our Evil Pants of Lusciousness and Salacious Spaulders of Arousal.

      Yeah. Kinda creepy. Disturbing even.

      EDIT: Actually, Spyton and I decided it was, in fact, too creepy, and so he started a hottie blood elf on a different server. It was just too weird. LOL.

      In fact, as I type this, a level 60+ night elf was over ganking (unfairly killing) some lowbie blood elves but they stopped her by all ripping off their clothes and dancing around like Britney Spears and Napoleon Dynamite. I'm not kidding. Now the night elf is standing there dumbfounded. It is a bizarre, vaguely titillating, but surreal sight.

      Very surreal. But better than watching Christians being torn apart by lions, so I'm all for it.

      I'm not sure if this is the kind of behaviour Jack Thompson and others of his ilk would want to see going on. I mean, not publicly.


      PS: If anyone knows why I always name my male characters Ruark, I will give them 10 mod points.

      PPS: Don't forget about tomorrow night's filming. And remember you have to behave and take direction so we can all be done in an hour to watch the pilot for the Harry Dresden Files that will be on before Battlestar Galactica tomorrow (Sunday)... who knows if it will be any good? The books were wonderful.

      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
      evil pants

  • Comments (3262)

    • Red1

      13 years ago

      Your the first girl I've seen that plays Halo.

    • wigglepie13

      13 years ago

      yay, another girl player! ^___^ awesome!

    • quikthnkr

      13 years ago

      Hope you don't mind me spamming your comments page.

      My first movie was released on Halo.Bungie.Org today. Here is the listing that the great and powerful Louis Wu put on the front page of HBO.

      "Death by Misadventure
      Quikthnkr has put together a rather sizeable machinima - it's called Death by Misadventure, and it's just over 25 minutes long. It has a number of things going for it - kickass original music (John Gold's opening song 'Randy' is GREAT, and Katy Mae's 'Safe and Sound' was a snug fit for the end of the film), a solid plot, good filming and some fun humor. We're hosting BitTorrent downloads of the original WMP9 version of this film (95.2 mb) and a re-encoded QuickTime version (92.2 mb) - if you can play it, the quality on the WMP9 is better, though the QuickTime is certainly watchable. Please - remember to leave your BT windows open, to share the love! (Louis Wu 05:11:31 UTC)"

      Regular links in a few days. Watch it. Visit the musicians who contributed at their sites and show them some love for supporting machinima. Buy some of their stuff if you like it. Then come and tell me what you think of the film at my clans forum (www.eradacators.com)... or here. WOOOOT!

      Direct links to the WMP9 version are now available. Thanks to Roland and Breakpoint for the generous bandwidth.


    • generro

      13 years ago

      your a mom but you like red vs blue... your my hero!

    • teamcoltra

      13 years ago

      elnea, your like the mom of rooster teeth... like the soccer mom... only like the rt mom

    • Chugabooe

      13 years ago

      I just figured out how to do personal ringtones on my phone and out of respect just wanted to see if you cared if I used ur song as my ringtone?

    • DarkBowler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Photographer

      13 years ago

      Thanks for the words of enouragement. smiley0.gif

    • lxl1NSAN3lxl

      13 years ago

      hey....do you have xbox live?

    • Chirpy

      13 years ago

      very cool profile!

      i like the "blow you away" song

    • Halochief89

      13 years ago

      Diaaaa Hia Elnea *all in a shwarttzzenneger voice*


      13 years ago

      I applaud you not just for the song , but for being another cool 40 something person like myself, I also play video games
      with my son , but he usually owns me in halo , thats his picture in my avatar, i wish i could get my wife to join in ,
      but she just doesnt get video games , hurray for you a professional woman in her 40's and not willing to lay down and play dead
      I wish there were more people out their our age that acted young .

    • HavokBlue

      13 years ago

      Hey, nice parody. I've written a couple myself but cant get them recorded right. How did you get rid of the words but keep the music?

    • crichton1a

      13 years ago

      you get whatever you need, Elnea!!! smiley12.gif

    • Pixilz

      13 years ago


    • Aftermath_CA

      13 years ago

      ( pass this peom on to three people and mabye jus mabye they'll see )
      why would god be here if he helps no one,
      blod is shed for a forgoten reason
      the path to enlightnenment is now gone
      what is left
      when all life has gone
      and the good men lie to rest
      who will gaurd your soul
      in its final test
      friends may come and friends may go
      but i will be here all the same
      death will not take me
      and for this gift i have God to blame

    • dingolord

      13 years ago

      I can come fix your computers now if you really need it. I'm not really in it for the training... I'm in it to get the letters after my name so I can actually get the job that I should have now instead of the stupid low-level stuff I'm stuck with because I don't have the letters. smiley8.gif My whole purpose in the tests is to make HR people happy.

      Seriously, though, if you've got a puter problem, let me know. I'll gladly help out. smiley1.gif

    • HavokBlue

      13 years ago

      Neg Bomb the crud out of victor33, he insulted Caboose in the Caboose thread. His karma is already at neg 13 and it needs to be lower.

      By the way, Love your artwork on HBO

    • crichton1a

      13 years ago

      i am randomly depositing random thoughts of randomness

    • Teh_Turkle

      13 years ago

      Wow your Artwork is really cool. I love it smiley9.gif

    • Teh_Turkle

      13 years ago

      Thanks for the mod.
      Oh Oh, once I find my Pobox you want to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live?

    • Teh_Turkle

      13 years ago

      Ya know I think it is so cool how your are cool at other type stuf tha ordinary peoples of age wouldn't do

    • mel

      13 years ago

      are you going to Anime Reactor at the end of the month?

    • Lukie

      13 years ago


      Please go to Me or Mel's journal to vote :)

    • mel

      13 years ago

      I will make a pink one soon

    • mel

      13 years ago

      They should be.
      Technology is mean. Gus is not

    • powerbomb141

      13 years ago

      i have heard numerouse things about Remy. he has been in and out of X-2 and X-3 more than once. so i guess we will know for sure when it comes out. but i do know that Patrick Stewars said there was a huge surprise that isn't even in the script.

    • Mazha

      13 years ago

      Hi Elena!!!

      Hope things are well with you. I promise to bring home studio to class thurs. See you then.


    • Sevenar

      13 years ago


      So I was bored... smiley8.gif

      Let me know if you want a different pose or something...


    • Spyton

      13 years ago

      No! Elnea is my mom. you owe me an american flag


    • teamcoltra

      13 years ago

      Elnea is my mommy

    • powerbomb141

      13 years ago

      ok i know for a fact we can have more than 21 images if we are sponsors. beyond that, crap anyone know?

    • teamcoltra

      13 years ago

      i like me!

    • Sevenar

      13 years ago

      Anyone who lists Door Into Summer twice in their favorite books is all right by me. Along with Starship Troopers and The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, DIS is probably the Heinlein book I've re-read the most. And Text-only Zork! (Man, that takes me back to those thrilling 8-bit days....and makes every gray hair on my head stand up--watch out for the Grue!)

      Love your art, BTW. After seeing your images, I remember seeing you at RvBTO, giving Burnie the Pink Spartan at the Q&A that evening. We didn't meet face-to-face, though.

      Warm regards,

    • dingolord

      13 years ago

      You are a very nice lady. smiley1.gif

      Miss friend-of-friends, I think I'm going to watch you for a bit. Don't worry... I'm not watching you in the shower or anything... honest.


      Oops... so sorry... smiley8.gif

    • viewdrix

      13 years ago

      Congratulations on HBO's front page article.

    • Madison

      13 years ago

      good morning

    • saiyan_queen Ninja Turtle Fangirl

      13 years ago

      I just wanted to say hi.
      I'm a long time fan that just got around to joining the forum and I'm pleased to find a lot more women here than I was expecting

    • AsianKungFu

      13 years ago

      A raccoon for you

    • agent_z

      13 years ago


    • docdawolf

      13 years ago


      Go here please and check this out as well and welcome to the wolf pack!!

      Wolf pack here


      and pass the word to your friends thanks again pimp this journal out please

    • val

      13 years ago

      could you look at my new halo pics in my profile

    • ChipperHalf

      13 years ago

      Yay for Moms who play Halo, and girls who love it! We women rule! =D

    • splicedpunk

      13 years ago

      Wow your the featured user cool!!!

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      13 years ago

      Congratualtions on being the featured User.

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      13 years ago

      Please vote here

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      13 years ago

      Nice avatar! *dances like a monkey*

    • Gorillageur

      13 years ago

      believe you said pink spartan, which opens this up for the pink or lightish red discussion

    • kevster

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