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    • Lost Planet

      12 years ago


      Spyton is so frelling awesome. We just opened up Lost Planet, and I was just watching him play on the second level and he was just fighting one of those really big spidery monster things out on the street, and he latched onto it with the Spider-Man grappling hook thingy by accident, and it flung him up in the air, but he didn't lose a beat, so while he was in the air he switched weapons shot it with the rocket launcher. Like it was nothing. The whole thing was over in half a second.

      When the apocalypse comes, he wins.

      I'm so proud.

      PS: Lost Planet is a gorgeous game. I swear it looks like live action half the time. I can't wait for Halo 3. O.M.G.












      EDIT: OH YAY! Now he's fighting a girl who is fighting him in a pink roundy mech with purple swirlies all over it! Yay for girls in pink and purple girlie mechs! Weeeee!!!!!!

      Heard on the sofa during gameplay:

      "Do you like my light-up pants, baby? That thermal energy doesn't just warm up my arm!"

      "Quick, suck up that placenta!"

      "Yeah... PDA analysis? Uh, it's a rectangle, and it holds memos and addresses"

      "My name is Michael J Caboose, and I hate BABIES!""

      "I'm in your base, killing your spiders."

      "You shoot it in the eyes and butt. The place everyone looks at anyway."

      "This was not in my contract!"

      "Two nipples to go! I'm callin' this place 'Nipple Palace'!"

      "I'm Indiana Jones, bitches!"

      "It's an enormous alien wang of destruction!"

    • I would like everyone to know...

      12 years ago


      ...that I am lame. We pre-ordered the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion pack & it came out today. Spyton installed it for me (along with his copy) while I was out teaching my first class (Yay!). When I got home tonight I began to explore the new areas with my new Blood Elf with Spyton. Here's Spyton as "Nanael" and me as "Linnaea": (you can see the family resemblance, can't you?) along with my pink pet dragon that some random person running by bought for me. Don't we look totally haughty? I was all, "Let me borrow your hair pomade" and he was all, "Let me borrow that top." <-NSFW (Thanks to OmegaShinra for that link, btw) Yes, it was great fun. But after a fairly short time I found myself back in my old rut, doing this:


      I'm sorry, but I just really like to fish. Especially late at night. It is very soothing. For those who haven't played World of Warcraft, when you fish you basically cast into the water, and then you hold your mouse over the bobber until it splashes, and then you have to right-click on the bobber within a second or so. If you do this, you catch a fish, which levels up your fishing skill. And you can cook, eat or sell your fish.

      It is the most boring and lame activity in the game, but I just can't stop doing it. It is on par with Sudoku or Word Search or Poppit in terms of mindless wastage of time. I've already tried fishing in all the different watery areas in blood elf newbie land (whatever that was called)... don't bother trying to fish in the fountain in the city. No fish. Nice lily pads though.

      Ah yes. I know WoW fishing. For instance, do you know you can fish up to level 150 in the gross green water of the Undercity canals even if all you catch is old skulls? It's true.

      Okay, anyway, that is my lame news. I'm so ashamed. On a less lame note, while I was at Gamestop picking up the WoW expansion packs, I also grabbed Gears of War and Lost Planet. I don't know when I'll have time to play, but they're in the house and that is half the battle. Also, I reserved the ultra uber version of Halo 3, the one that evidently comes with a scale replica of Master Chief's forehead made out of leprachaun tongues and uranium ore or something as well as some extra content disks narrated by the cast of Lord of the Rings. Or something. I really wasn't paying attention to the Gamestop guy as I was reading the back of the Warcraft packaging while he was talking. C'mon. It's Halo 3. I'm sure I'll love it.

      Man, I'm beat. I was really nervous before teaching tonight. Really. Nervous. I don't know why. I'm glad the first day is over and hopefully I didn't terrify the students too much. But I'll be good from here on out. Something about the first day. Weird. To celebrate my return to the world of the employed, today's vocabulary terms come from my lecture. Because let's face it, Undercity and Blood Elf are not good vocabulary words.

      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms*
      First-Pass Metabolism
      Fentanyl Lollipop

      *There will be no quiz on these terms. There will, however, be a quiz on where the best places are to catch Stonescale Eels. smiley8.gif

    • Middle School Memories

      12 years ago


      I'm sitting here feeling terrible as Spyton had the first of six dance assemblies at school which evidently started at 5:00, although I had 6:00 written down in my calendar. I even went and got him a new tie and everything.


      How is he supposed to develop normally if he can't experience the excruciating hell of dance assembly, where you are forced to dance with partners you don't like, and made to do the Foxtrot, Polka and/or the Hustle? Wait, he probably won't have to do the Hustle. Let's see, when I went to Dance Assembly (at the same school) it was 1975. Hmmm. I distinctly remember dancing to the Bay City Rollers: "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y....NIGHT!" I never did learn ballroom dance properly, as I never once got picked by a boy to dance, and had to always dance with another girl. (Feel free to say "Awwwww..." here, lol.) Even though I was a year younger than the other kids, I was a good head taller than most, so I always had to "be the boy". The first time I danced with a man who could actually lead was at my wedding when I danced with my dad. (My ex and I actually got booed. At our own wedding!) In fact, my feeling is that women don't actually have to take ballroom dance if their partner knows what he is doing. But alas, it is a dying art form. Sort of like voting Republican.


      At my sister's wedding a year ago, Spyton watched my dad dance and then proceeded to dance with me and every female in the room. He seems to have a natural feel for how to lead. He would do okay in dance assembly.

      Hm. Maybe my confusion about the time of the assembly was some sort of Freudian message from my subconscious. Although, kidding aside, I was intensely curious to see how it went from the male perspective. Ah well, I guess I will have to wait until next week to find out. I wonder what horrible modern dance they will be forced to do whilst wearing sport jackets.


      Anyway, here is the next HAFT. In case you were wondering, I do try to do all the pictures as action figure shots, with a minimum of photoshopping, etc. For instance, this is what the original photo from panel two looked like with the toys in front of my "earth" screensaver (note Mazha trying to get in frame as always). Thank goodness for 10-pound fishing line... I just love dangling those little Spartans from my desk hutch. I think it helps channel my repressed anger at whoever it was that invented "The Bump".


      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 44: Two in the Side Pocket ("Rebondissez la fille")

      PS: Halochief89 keeps sending me zombie links for his RedVsBlue-forum members-fight-zombie series and last night I had a dream that the PowerPuff Girls turned into zombies and I had to buy new stereo speakers. When I woke up, my pillow was gone.

      What does it mean!?

      PPS: Don't forget to tune in tomorrow (Sunday, Jan 14) for OboeCrazy and my big appearance on Jengaship's podcast, 7PM EST. All the details are here, WOOT. Remember, although a phonecall in isn't free, you can listen or text chat for free and the talkshoe account is free. Be warned that some topics may be unsuitable for small children or the easily offended. Especially if you are offended by ophthalmologists.

      EDIT: "OH NOES!" I hear you exclaiming, "I MISSED IT! Now I won't know what the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT was!" Never fear. You can go HERE to download or listen to the podcast, which clocked in just under two hours (although Jenga might have pared it down) and as for the special announcement, well, it has to do with YOU BEING IN OUR NEXT MACHINIMA! Go to OboeCrazy's Journal for all the details!"

      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
      roundhouse kick <--Chuck Norris is UNSTOPPABLE!

    • Stream of Consciousness Plane Rant

      12 years ago


      So I got home finally, after my "day trip" to Baltimore. Basically I got up at about 4am, took a 6:15 flight out, got in a taxi to Hopkins, met up with folks, went to the bookstore and bought an updated copy of Harrisons and the Washington Manual, got back in a taxi, back to BWI, sat in BWI for six hours, sat in the plane for an hour on the runway, two hours flying, home.

      The thing is, that when I leave the house in the morning, I am all dressed up, looking very smart, very Lauren Hutton... but by the time I get back here I am more Jane Darwell. And being up in that plane screws with my knees and ears and bloats me up so I look 5 months pregnant. I couldn't possibly feel less sexy. That isn't to say I haven't met people on the plane. I met a guy on this commute once actually that I dated several times. Go figure.

      The one paradox to flying is this: No, wait, there are two flying paradoxes. The first is that although I understand how planes fly, I don't actually believe that they fly. Yet, I fly. This is why you should not trust your feelings, Luke, because you are a dumbsh*t.

      The second paradox is that although theoretically the planes that commercially fly nowadays were built sometime after 1950, they are all built for tiny midget people. I'm currently 5'9" or so, and I was so squashed in my seat that tonight when I stood up I actually gave a little shriek as my right knee popped back into place. Given that the average height of an American male is about 5'9" or so, this means that half of all men that ride in these planes are at least as uncomfortable as me (but probably less inclined to shriek) if not more so. In fact, the guy that I dated, I struck up a conversation with him because he was so compacted into his seat I felt I had to give some words of encouragement... when we deplaned it turned out he was about 6'4". God bless him.

      "They" say that with "better" nutrition (minus the twinkies) we are all taller than our ancestors. But this is ridiculous. What human beings were these seats actually designed for? They aren't even good for children, as I distinctly remember Spyton sitting beside me on countless plane trips when he was a toddler and his legs, not being long enough to bend over the edge of the seat, were just long enough to allow him to kick the seat in front of him over and over until the person in front of us was forced to strangle us both to death.

      I feel this is a glaring case of reverse heightism. Who can we sue?!?!

      ...and while I am kvetching about this whole thing, let me just say that men, yes, MEN, are armrest hogs on planes. I will say no more on that matter.

      Lastly, I would just like to say that if the emergent sentience of our combined XBox 360s doesn't kill us all, Matrix-style, I predict that airplanes will be the cause of the downfall of humanity, because you have 300 people sitting in a tiny enclosed space, all breathing each other's air that is moving in and out of each person's lungs (and unfortunately often, intestines) and into the next person's lungs and they are like little petri dishes of contagion and general yuckiness. Yes, that will be the way the final deadly plague wipes out the entire world... um, except for those weirdos in New Guinea or Borneo or whatever who eat their enemies. They'll all just die of kuru.

      So there.

      Oh, and while I was crushed in my seat I drew this sketch. Note the scribbling and deep pen marks and complete lack of regard for proportion or ... really anything. The artist was seriously pissed off at her surroundings when she drew this. But not at Jengaship. He would never hog the armrest.

      Today's Words and Terms
      Lauren Hutton
      Jane Darwell

      PS: On a lighter note, I see this is coming up. I've listened in or done the online text chat a few times for the JengaJams, which is free for the cost-conscious. (That's the mom in me giving y'all advice, lol.) This time I'll be actually speaking. Hm. I hope I can use the dahd-blurned phone... you kids with your rock-n-roll and online podcasts!

    • Welovegus is right out

      12 years ago


      A couple of quick things. (Ha! As if.)

      First, the last several days have been taken up with orientation meetings and forms and paperwork for the new job, which looks like a go as long as the class roster doesn't drop too low. I met the other instructors, and I'll tell you, I was really impressed. Some of the instructors have PhDs from places like U of Chicago and Northwestern, and there are people from industry etc etc. All of the people teaching the nursing class that I am teaching are MDs. A lot of folks just teach a class there on the side as a hobby, on top of their high powered 40h+/week regular jobs. I don't think students realize what a deal they are getting at this school. Anyway, it was fun to meet the other instructors, and I like my chairman, and I think that so far she likes me, so... keep your fingers crossed for me!

      As a side note, I had to do a little investigating to figure out which textbook I could use get pictures for handouts under Fair Use in US Copyright law as the department print shop is very picky about copyrighted images. I'm really glad I went to the Machinima Festival and saw that legal seminar about copyright and licensing.

      Weird how life runs together....

      Second, QuackJAG asked me for an instrumental version of Jingle Bells and he made a very silly holiday video with it. Go HERE for his "Plasma Bells" video. He so silly.

      His vid reminded me to put up an iPod version of the vid he did of my "Girls Play Halo Too: Blow Boys Away" song at my videos section at TaiChiKnees... he was the first to machinimate one of my songs, and his animation for the line about how to succeed with women always makes me smile.
      D*mn straight. Anyway, if any of you have those iPods that can watch movies, would you let me know if the movie works on your little iPod? I never heard back from anyone yea or nay about the River Styx podcasts....


      Last, for any World of Warcraft players, when I downloaded this latest patch yesterday, I actually READ the End User License Agreement before I clicked "I agree"... they had a bunch of rules about what you can name your character I hadn't seen before.... I hope the rules aren't retroactive because it seems to me that a lot of people could get in trouble. For instance, you aren't allowed to have a name which is a sentence. Such as Ikillyou or Givemegold. Or you can't have a name that is a deity, a celebrity, or a trademark. So you can't be Zeus, Napoleon, or Pepsiâ'žÂ¢. Darn it! Anyway, watch out for that.

      And again, I can't decide what server to do our Horde blood elves on (provided I have time to actually play WoW once classes begin, lol). I know a lot of folks are on Bonechewer, but it is "PvP", which is just a euphemism for "Get Owned by Level 60 A**holes Everywhere You Go" and that isn't fun for me. I'd go to Thunderhorn, where Linayah is, but it is always full. Or will there be new servers?

      Okay, I've got a day trip out to Baltimore tomorrow. Back on Friday and hopefully a new battery for the camera so we can get back to Spartan Barbie and Chuck Norris! Also, I think this weekend is the weekend where OboeCrazy and I team up on Jengaship. I'm hazy on details. Hopefully butter and/or trash bags won't be involved. Much.

      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
      Fair Use
      End User License Agreement

      PS: QuackJAG just sent me this image he grabbed off of a Bungie update.

      Can I get a "Hell, Yeah!"? <-Name that quote

    • Butter, Bananas and Bats

      12 years ago


      So I planned to do something special with my sister over the Winter break. Originally it was a trip to Australia, then it became a trip to Mexico, and it ended up being a trip to the spa and opera.

      Which was today. So today we went to the Red Door Spa on Michigan Avenue and I got this butter wrap treatment wherein I got rubbed all over with shea butter and wrapped up in a plastic bag. Which is frelling weird. I mean, that is just... weird. But, okay. Evidently this is considered luxury. After the buttering, I had a massage and now when I move my head side to side there are no popping noises and my neck doesn't feel like a big knot. Which is very nice.

      But let's talk more about being rubbed with butter. Like a big chicken for baking. Now, when they were deciding what types of treatments to put on their services I imagine the meeting went like this:

      Okay, so we should have like five different treatments, you know, so people feel like they have variety.

      Yeah, yeah, okay. What else should we offer?

      Well, there's the thing with hot rocks.

      Hot rocks. Check.

      Um, and I read lavender is a nice smell. We could have smells.

      Aromatherapy. Check.

      So how many is that?

      We have lotion, sea salt, rocks and lavender. Four. We need one more.

      How about butter?

      What is this, a Marlon Brando movie?

      I'm serious.

      Yeah, okay. But who would sign up for that? It seems.... icky.

      Just write it down.


      *END SCENE*

      Anyway, after the buttering and massages, we went over to The Penninsula and had High Tea (which is high end tea with lots of tiny yummy food, and not tea with hallucinogens). It was nice. There was a tiny delay in getting our tea, so the manager ran over to our table with tiny banana soufflés in order to appease our mighty buttered wrath. Mmmm... banana soufflé....

      Then we went to the Lyric Opera and saw their production of Strauss's Die Fledermaus. It was really well done, and not surprisingly, had many, many waltzes. I haven't been to the opera in a little over ten years and the audience has changed considerably. I was surprised to see some people there dressed in jeans (in my day everyone wore formalwear) and at the end people were yelling "Woo hoo!" instead of "Bravo!" which was weird. Not get-rubbed-with-butter weird, but weird. The European cast members must think Americans are complete concert-going Philistines. Um... which evidently we are.

      Ah well. But we are buttery, and that is what counts. Very, very buttery.

      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
      Shea Butter
      Marlon Brando
      Banana Soufflé
      Concert-going Philistines

    • When in doubt, guess B

      12 years ago


      You know, I give and I give, and I give some more, and I keep on giving (<--name that quote), and yet, you kids with your rock-and-roll, you don't listen. When you have no idea of what the answer is, guess B. I'm tellin' ya, it works. And "42" may be the answer to the question: "What is nine times six in base thirteen math?" but in my journal the answer, when no answer makes sense, is always B. And despite what some of you suggested, you cannot choose the correct answer by consensus. This journal is a benign matriarchy/gynecocracy, not a democracy.

      I am drunk with power!

      *staggers around, doing Marlon Brando impression*

      Luckily, that exam doesn't count towards a grade.... so YOU ALL GET AN A+!

      ...and a GOLD STAR!



      I haven't been online because I've been working on my New Year's Resolution, which was inspired by LouisWu's office picture, namely to clean up my office, because with the holidays and Barbie etc, I couldn't find ANYTHING. So, my home office has gone from looking like THIS (scary!) to looking like THIS (yay!). I actually found some unopened Christmas cards from 2005. That's how bad it was.

      But no longer!

      You do find some weird stuff when you haven't sorted your files in over a year. Usually I just find a lot of phone numbers on post-it notes with no names attached... But... well, for instance, I found THIS NOTE in my own handwriting. WTF does that mean??? If I ever became famous, and 300 years from now historians found this note, they would never be able to figure it out. I sure can't.


      Spyton is with his dad all week, so I've gotten the house spotless and have treated myself to a few... treats. Like I went to the butcher and got myself a 8 oz filet mignon, which cost about $15. (Still cheaper than a pizza and a sailor!) I cooked it up on my little George Foreman grill, threw on some steamed peas, and set it on the table. I went to get a Pepsi and when I came back this is what I found:


      I actually shared it with them. I'm hedging my bets, just in case it turns out that in the afterlife I end up in cat heaven... you know, I'll be able to say, "But Bast, I shared that filet mignon with my cats! I cut it up into tiny pieces and everything. Doesn't that count for something?" Also, I'm hoping this will reduce the chance that Sparky and Mazha will steal my soul while I sleep tonight. Again.

      Well, now that the desk is clear I can get more of these lectures done... and do a few more Halo Action Figure Theaters... I know you are all on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next.

      *strains to hear the sound of yawning and snoring... In the distance a cricket chirps wistfully*

      Okay. Off to enjoy my clean house with my glutted cats whilst I lounge about in the sartorial splendor of my sushi pajamas.


      Today's Vocabulary Words and Terms
      base thirteen math
      sushi pajamas.

    • Mom Song FTW

      12 years ago


      I just got the call from Spyton that he's arrived safely in Tampa. He's there for his annual winter migration to Florida to visit his Dad. He had to switch planes as the electrical system was acting wacky so got there almost two hours late... on the upside he managed to get a first class seat as it was the only free one on the plane. Being an unaccompanied minor does have its perks!

      So, now I have a week with no parentlng duties. Too bad I have to prepare all these lectures, otherwise it would be wild parties and sailors every night!


      It's like I can actually hear you rolling your eyes and thinking, "Yeah, you wish!"


      Thanks so much for the nice comments on Spartan Barbie. I do realize that she is a travesty against all that is holy in both the Barbie and Halo worlds... but that is why I had to build her. Never has a warrior wielded an enormous gun and a hairbrush with such vigor and finesse! smiley8.gif I'll have to post some pics of the building process... I'll confess that sewing on the hot pink-and-black animal print body armor detailing was probably the thing that made me cackle the most insanely while I was working on her. I'm so evil!

      Before I give you our next exciting installment of Halo Action Figure Theater, I thought I'd link to a song I put together as part of a gift to my mother for her birthday, which unfortunately for her is December 19th. Alas for all December birthdays, they do get swallowed up in all the other holiday festivities, don't they?

      This song is for you, mom.


      And now...
      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 43: Mother's Touch ("La mère patrie")

      End of Year Vocabulary Exam:
      Which of the following is the correct answer?
      A. A
      B. B
      C. A and B
      D. none of the above
      E. all of the above
      F. 42


    • Best. Barbie. Ever.

      12 years ago


      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 42: Deus Ex Plastica ("Joyeux Noël")
      Merry Christmas!

      *runs off, giggling*

    • Dreaming of Sugarplums

      12 years ago


      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 41: Full Plate ("Tour de Force")

      No Vocabulary Review today. The answer to yesterday's quiz was B. Impeccably is an adverb meaning something is done in a perfect or flawless fashion, as in: "His bedroom was impeccably cleaned, so his father gave him twice the usual allowance."

      Hope Santa brings you something nice, because I know you've all been good!

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      ……,/’’(\• • • • • • • • • , • • • • •`\• • • • • •`\• `\,….
      ….,/’ •(‘\`-, • • • • • • •/• • • • • • o’\• • • • • •‘\/’•}…
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      i dont mean to bother...but im real new and iv seen a few red vs blue adn loved then so i joined but i dont get how to watch em... oh and i like the cat pic

    • UT_TEXAS_17 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago

      Congrats on being the featured user!

    • frylord

      13 years ago

      congrats on featured user
      cool pics you have

    • Xhyra

      13 years ago

      I love your female MC's!

    • heiko

      13 years ago

      con grats on beig featured

    • Sirhc_Havok

      13 years ago

      yo, good job on the featured user thing. i love the pics you have. awesome.

    • teamcoltra

      13 years ago

      featured not sponsord

    • teamcoltra

      13 years ago

      ... YOU GOT SPONSORED! WOOT!!! now rember .. talk to them about your best friend

    • qfmmr

      13 years ago

      It's always great to see another Stargate fan.

    • MMTess

      13 years ago

      WAHOO FOR SCIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zi0n_123

      13 years ago

      damn i wish i could draw like that, a real nice avatar would be awesome to have. ^_^

    • Shadow3003

      13 years ago

      Congrats on being a featured user and also I know that girls play Halo also, but you hardly hear from them and stuff.

    • jtbrown

      13 years ago

      So how long did it take for Sparky to wreak his revenge on MC? Or you for putting him there? ;^)

    • mak_wikus

      13 years ago

      Coolest. Mom. EVER!!

    • mentepazzo

      13 years ago

      ^_^ Congrats being the featured user! I just wanted to say that you're artwork is awesome and I love how clean and neat you shade everything. It's great to see that you can be a harder work'n mother and still have time for drawing, RvB, and Halo butt-kicking. ^_^

    • goatman93

      13 years ago


    • Gee

      13 years ago

      omg! CONGRATS!! You so deserve to be featured!!

      I have long been a fan. :D

    • somedrumdude

      13 years ago

      fautured user, nice! =D

    • Ben_Antilles

      13 years ago

      Hello General. Could you please get your foot off my shoulder. Look at your Be Nice Elnea pic.

    • drunkomonko

      13 years ago

      damn soccer mom i'm 11

    • Shankster

      13 years ago

      Soccer mom/halo playing pink spartan.....
      it's no wonder why you're featured user

    • haloperson

      13 years ago

      congrats on featured user smiley0.gif

    • agent_z

      13 years ago

      i agree with coolio

    • splicedpunk

      13 years ago

      My mom dosent even know how many halo rings there are, your kid is so lucky.

    • JetSlater

      13 years ago

      dude ur freakin shweet at drawin

    • coolio_7

      13 years ago

      you have to be the coolest mom EVER

    • coolio_7

      13 years ago

      it is great to know that there are weman out there that play halo and watch stargate and stuff like that.

    • Pixilz

      13 years ago

      I see you picked up another award from the staff. Nice work!

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