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    • Two shopping days remain

      12 years ago


      Ahhhh!!!! So much to do!

      But, always time for Halo Action Figure Theater! Right? Of course right!

      First, a note about the Halo music video I linked to in my last journal. That group has been featured in a number of stories over at halo.bungie.org and LouisWu was kind enough to provide me with links to a panoply of hbo news items where you can see a variety of cool videos, hear a professional recording and read an interview with Hanah, the awesome and sexy teenaged violinist from Julliard (woot!):
      * halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=16648 <-high school talent show
      * halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=16660 <-another version of talent show video
      * halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=17323 <-recording
      * halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=16758 <--interview
      * halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=17483 <-"studio" video from the other day

      And now onto Halo Action Figure Theater. For those arriving late, the first 39 episodes can be found here. Also note there are two purples, they are twins: Betty and Claude. And... uh... Six and John-617 have history... and um... and Cent Cinq is from Quebec. Er... the rest is too confusing to explain. You'll have to go read it all. LOL!

      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents
      Episode 40: No Way Out ("Bombe D'Amour")

      Today's HAFT is dedicated to the memory of devoted 'Scaper Steve Palmer, who passed away December 21, 2006. Save a space for us in the Uncharted Territories, buddy. We miss you!

      Today's Vocabulary Review Quiz
      Which of the following words is NOT defined correctly:
      A. behemoth: (n.) a huge or monstrous creature
      B. impeccably: (adv.) to make a mark that cannot be removed
      C. preponderance: (n.) the quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity or importance
      D. surreptitious: (adj.) kept secret, esp. because it would not be approved of

      The answer to the last quiz was B. PITHY is to APHORISM as TERSE is to ADAGE. Pithy and terse are synonyms, both meaning a concise and brief way of stating something. An aphorism is a pithy observation that contains a general truth such as "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." An adage is like an aphorism, a short saying or proverb stating a general truth... like Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong, it will."

    • Halo Music Vid

      12 years ago


      If you don't watch Burnie's Journal (and why don't you?!), and you haven't seen this video of the kids in their living room doing the Theme from Halo cover, go watch it NOW! I absolutely love the arrangement, and the fact that they have a girl playing the electric violin doesn't hurt either.

      I LOVE it when there is a girl associated with ANYTHING to do with Halo. Isn't she awesome?


      ...and stay tuned for another ep of Halo Action FIgure Theater (and the answer from yesterday's Vocab quiz, which possibly might have been "B") later today. I'm determined to deliver the stunning climax by Christmas!


    • Head asplode

      12 years ago


      Ahhhhh!!!! Too. Much. Holiday. Cheer... Must get... holiday shopping... done... must write... cards and send... packages...

      I'm done for, see? Look, Kowalski, go on without me. Just too many... *cough*... holiday concerts to see and performances to be in for me. I...

      Send back a ... chopper if you can... I'll stay here and...


      ...put up the tree... and...


      * * * * *

      This excerpt from the dramatization of "The Big Red Christmas" was sponsored by Burger King. Don't forget to pick up the entire Burger King XBox 360 Trilogy next time you visit for a package of Chicken Fries.


      My particular favorite (I am ashamed to say I have them all) is now "Sneak King" where you hide in garbage bins and jump unsuspecting civilians and give them sandwiches and then do a disturbing dance: "Come here little girl. I want to give you my meat package!"

      * * * * *

      Ah yes, the "Holidays". If you've see the RvB Holiday PSA (which is evidently available here now in addition to XBox LIve, which is where I saw it) they talk about "Happy Holidays" and how you say that not to offend people. ROFLMAO! BUT, let me make the following comment: Last year I put up an avatar that said "Happy Holidays" because it was easier than writing, "I am Half-Jewish and celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas so Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!" but in response I got quite a few very angry comments, my favorite (and most pithy) one being, "Merry Christmas, Dammit!" This led me to writing a rant entitled "You are not too old to spank" about the entire matter. It wasn't pretty. So, just remember that SOME of us are saying "Happy Holidays" not to be politically correct, but just to save on valuable typing space.

      Last year I think I just gave up and used this greeting to spread holiday cheer:
      Yay for Crunchbite! (May he rest in peace.)

      Now I gotta go put up my Christmas tree. The one with the six-pointed star on the top. It's all good.

      * * * * *

      Yes, this is a very disjointed journal. I told you that the third week in December makes me crazy!

      * * * * *

      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 39: Frying Pan ("Sacré bleu")

      * * * * *

      Today's Vocabulary Review Quiz

      PITHY is to APHORISM as:
      A. koan is to schwarma
      B. terse is to adage
      C. homage is to eclectic
      D. haiku is to Canadian

      The answer to yesterday's quiz was B. Epiphany. An epiphany is a sudden revelation. Caterwauling refers to the howling of a cat, a cacophony is a discordant clash of sounds, and a hullabaloo is a big commotion.

      Have a great day!

    • Note he was a Windows user

      12 years ago


      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 38: Checkmate ("Touché")

      Today's Vocabulary Review Quiz:
      Which of the following is NOT a word describing a type of sound:
      A. caterwauling
      B. epiphany
      C. cacophony
      D. hullabaloo

      The answer to the last quiz was B: ordnance (a military term meaning weaponry, ammunition and related equipment) and electrocution (noun describing the act in which a person is injured or killed with electricity). Elocution refers to a clear and precise manner of speech and an ordinance is a piece of legislation made usually by a city or town.

    • Kiss the Screen

      12 years ago


      SO, it is very old news to you anime fans, but I just heard about the Wachowskis doing the Speed Racer movie. As long as they cast someone who is a good actor as Rex Racer (also known as Racer X). I'll be happy. I used to be in love with Racer X.

      Sure, I can hear what you're thinking:

      "What? Why weren't you in love with Speed Racer? Are you some sort of Pinko Commie?"

      "What? You were in love with a cartoon character?"

      "What the f*** is a Speed Racer?"

      I had a girlfriend who told me she used to go up to the TV screen and kiss it when Speed was onscreen. She was about 8 at the time (in the early 1970s), so you can forgive her. She's a physician now and married to a completely three-dimensional person, so was evidently not scarred for life.

      Since I heard the movie might get re-made, I popped the Speed Racer Vol 1 DVD (of course I have it!) into my computer here while I did some work at the desk and.... Holy Hannah that is a weird show. I'll have to do an entire pictorial review one day when I have more time. But here's a screen capture I grabbed which I think will explain everything.

      Also, I agree. It does look like his torso is on backwards. We can explore this further in future journals. Or not. Probably not, actually. Because that would be weird.



      Today's Vocabulary Review Quiz
      Which two of the following four words would be most likely to be found in a Halochief89 comic about marines fighting zombies in a power plant?

      Ordnance, Elocution, Ordinance, Electrocution

      A. Ordnance, Elocution,
      B. Ordnance, Electrocution
      C. Ordinance, Elocution
      D. Ordinance, Electrocution

      The answer to the last journals' question was B. Piltch. Piltch is not a word. Yet.

    • Less of a leech

      12 years ago


      So. The good news is that I did get that little job teaching the one class over at my local college. It is just a two hour class, so it isn't tons of money, but I feel so happy to have a sense of purpose. Although I will admit I do sublimate a lot of that desire over here. Hence the physiology lectures and word lists. I've got just about a month to prepare for the class - I've already ordered a textbook off of Amazon. The class I'll be teachiing is not nearly as advanced as the training I've had, but I could use a review. I'm pretty sure there have been a new drug or two in the last few years I might not have heard about. smiley8.gif Holy moly. I'm so psyched! smiley0.gif If this doesn't set off my inner ear thingy too bad I'll go for a heavier load in the summer and if THAT goes okay then I'll go for a regular academic job.

      *crosses fingers*

      The bad news is that I've clearly lost touch with the young folk. For instance, today Spyton said to me, "I can't wait until the World of Warcraft Expansion comes out!"

      I said, "Dude, you haven't even finished the first game."

      "But Alliance sucks. I want to be Horde, but I'm waiting for the Blood Elves."

      "But you never even got to 60 in Alliance. How do you know it uniformly sucks if you never finished?"

      He rolled his eyes and said, "Look, Mom. Pants are pants. Okay?"



      ...Yeah, I have no friggin' clue what that means. "Pants are pants?" You kids with your rock n' roll and your jive talk.

      Anyway, to celebrate the whole "being employed" thing, I thought I'd start winding up the Steve n' Lois saga. And don't worry, there will be a happy ending. Hey, it's me. <---name that quote

      As always, previous episodes can be found at my TaiChiKnees.com website, or here. Enjoy!

      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 37: Check ("En Garde!")

      Vocabulary Quiz Review:
      Which of the following words is not actually a word?
      A. munchnones
      B. piltch
      C. segue
      D. adze

      Answer in next journal!

      PS: To all the Lyric Contest people: You should have received your Trocadero CDs in the mail in the last week (unless you already had them) and if you are wondering what ever happened to VertigoX's song that he wrote, the song has gone through 3 complete rewrites on my end, including a complete switch in genre. But I'm hoping to get it done and recorded (again) by everyone involved in the next few weeks.... promise!

    • Edumacation

      12 years ago


      When I was living in Baltimore, on the radio I once heard an interview with a School Superintendent from one of the districts in the area. She said, "It is really an outrage. Ten percent of our population in our district is black, and yet only 8 out of our 80 teachers are black."

      There was a pause and then the DJ said, "I think 8 out of 80 is ten percent."

      And she responded, "No, 8 out of 80 is one percent... "

      "I think it's ten percent... "

      "No... one percent..."

      And then there was a long pause and they cut to a commercial.

      LOL. I was reminded of this event by this link my sister sent me. You only have to listen to the first 2 minutes to see what the customer was up against. It is so painful to hear him trying to explain basic mathmatics to the sales rep. Man oh man oh man. (BTW, He FINALLY got them to give him a refund. D'Oh!)

      Well, if you can't get educated in the real world, at least you can get some learning here at RvB! Back in April, in my poorly punctuated journal entry "Sniff the apple. Sniff it I say!!!!" I decided to end the submission with a vocabulary list. Since then they've become increasingly regular features. I like them because frankly they keep me on my toes about double checking my own spelling (wish list for next website upgrade: spell checker!). I admit that now and then I throw a big word into my journal for the sole purpose of adding to the list. I've rarely doubled a word (i.e., "Zuckerkandl") and some are, admittedly, not actual words (piltch being the prime example), but overall I think we've had a little bit of learning here while we looked at action figures and talked about eyeballs. And for that I feel a wee bit of pride.

      So, in case you wanted to review, here is this year's vocabulary list. I have no doubt it will extend well into the comments section.

      As I went back through my journal, I also decided that THIS is my favorite image from the year. Because that is exactly what it is like to be a mom. Rather, that is what it is like for me to be a mom. Something to do with pirates and monkeys. Freaky. smiley8.gif

      VOCABULARY REVIEW LIST: Not for the faint of heart:
      5-alpha reductase deficiency
      Dominican Republic
      Utah (Compare and contrast with Dominican Republic)
      Wolffian Duct
      Müllerian ducts

      "G is for Guns!"
      Organ of Zuckerkandl

      Gus Man

      mutual funds

      Percy Bysshe Shelley

      Walter Payton

      Nov28 - Friends Only
      Devil's horns
      Errol Flynn - Best Pirate?

      recidivism... um...
      mendacious uh... frell, I can't think of anything...
      incontinent and ... um errr.....

      The Beatles <--I was horrified the first time my baby sister asked who they were. Last week Spyton asked who Mick Jagger was. I'm so friggin' old.
      Sir Mick Jagger <--Not a Beatle. He's in a different group called the Rolling Stones. And strangely, a knight. Weird.
      The Rolling Stones <---Also a book by Robert Heinlein



      Nov 22
      Snapz Pro X <---Worth every penny
      Motion 2



      Norris Sense


      Discovery One




      fancy schmancy

      Parkinson's Disease
      tardive dyskinesia



      epigenetic reprogramming
      HAL robot<--Remember: Hit things with sticks.


      shoulder pads

      English Horn


      Phasenschwaetzchen <----I have no frelling idea what the frell this means.

    • The girls that turn into men

      12 years ago


      There isn't really a handbook on how to be a parent. So you just do your best, and try to remember what it was like when you were growing up, and... okay you just wing it. My personal philosophy is "Knowledge is Power" and that means that in general that over the years when my son has asked me questions like:

      -"Is Santa real?"
      -"Can we get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?" or
      -"Is there any chance a regular boy can just turn into a woman?"

      The answers I give are:

      -"I guess it depends on your perspective. If you believe in Santa you get an extra present on Christmas morning. What would you like to believe?"
      -"Sure. When you're 18. That's also the age when you'll also be able to vote, get a tattoo, get a body piercing, and you can legally change your name to Mister Giggles. And then I legally won't have to give you any more money and you can work in a coal mine. But we can negotiate all that later."
      -"No. But girls sometimes spontaneously turn into men. Now, go to sleep and don't be too mentally scarred."

      These sorts of answers sometimes get me into trouble as Spyton often feels the need to pass on the information to his friends and teachers. When he was in preschool he made a fuss at snacktime that all the kids had to wash their hands thoroughly or "Bugs would eat their retinas." Which is actually true. (A subject for another day.) But it annoyed the childcare workers. LOL.

      So every now and then I find it necessary to send an e-mail like the following. Keep in mind that I had utterly no interest in showing up the teacher. Rather, I was passing on the information, because frankly, I always thought this syndrome was fascinating. Hence the self-deprecating nature of the letter. I thought you guys might be interested in the syndrome as well.

      Dear Mrs. XX (Not her real name):

      [Spyton] tells me he was having some discussion with you about 5-alpha reductase deficiency syndrome and asked me to e-mail you about it.

      He was under the mistaken impression it was a problem in Utah (LOL) when in fact the rare cases I was familiar with were in the Dominican Republic.

      I'm a physician, and so... I guess I am supposed to wow you with my vast knowledge of bizarre endocrinological disorders. I have a feeling that the argument was more about Utah than the disorder itself.

      At some point in the past I'd mentioned it to [Spyton] - I think one day he came up with the question, "Is there ever a case where a boy turns into a girl?" I assured him no, but then told him some of the specifics of this disorder for his interest; I taught Endocrinology at the U of Illinois Med School for two years and I'm familiar with all sorts of unusual hormonal conditions. Yay me.

      *rolls eyes*

      Anyway, you likely already know all about this, but it is a condition in which 5 alpha reductase is deficient, that enzyme being the one responsible for transforming testosterone into DiHydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the hormone responsible for the development of external male genitalia in the fetus. Testosterone is present in these patients, so the testes do form normally, but don't descend into the scrotum in the fetus. So an XY baby will sometimes be born that looks like a female. (Although most are born with sort of ambiguous features that are a clue this has occurred.) Then at puberty, the normal spike in testosterone that occurs causes enlargement of the vestigial penis and lowering of the voice etc. So the apparent little girl suddenly becomes a man at puberty. These men are capable of reproducing and therefore transmit the genetic disorder.

      Anyway, I wanted you to know that I agree with you completely. There is no well-documented large population of 5-alpha-reductase deficiency patients in Utah. But I've heard there are some fancy ski resorts there. And a lake filled with salt. Or something.


      Yours sincerely,

      I'm sorry I don't have a photo or anything to show you of this disorder. Alas my old Endocrinology book was lost on some move years ago, along with my original Star Wars and Blade Runner movie posters (heavy sigh), and I can't find any non-sensationalized photographs on the net. Basically, picture in your mind a little girl in a lacy dress with "Before" underneath and then a man with a moustache and a big cigar with the caption "After" and you'll get the idea.

      If you can't picture this whole concept in your head (of how the organs in the male and female fetus correspond), I found some really helpful images over at the McGraw-Hill Image Bank (<-a fabulous resource), like this one showing how the inner bits of a man and a woman come to differentiate:


      Freaky, huh? But, I know you want pictures of the undercarriage. Fine.

      Here is a side-by-side comparison of the undifferentiated external genitalia of a male vs a female progressing to the normal developed sexual organs so you can see more clearly what I am talking about. Click A then B then C:
      A -> B -> C

      ...and here is a table for Alsace, who will need to know this stuff for the medical Boards.

      continued in comments....

    • "No room! No room!"

      12 years ago


      "There's plenty of room!" <---name that quote

      What a week! ...and it isn't even over. Of course everyone knows about the studies showing folks are most likely to suicide during the holidays, and although personally I think that is more likely due to the changing day length and seasonal affective disorder than anything else, I think I'm not alone in observing that the so-called "holiday season" is basically the season when you are most likely to find yourself driving in your car with the windows rolled up screaming swear words really loudly at random passing objects and writing extremely long run-on sentences.

      Or is that just me?

      With the exception of July 1, the middle two weeks or so in December are always the most stressful times of year. When I was in school there were final exams, and there is holiday present shopping (and remember, we celebrate Chanukah AND Christmas), and my mom's birthday is Dec 19, and there are all the school concerts etc. I had my choir concert Sunday, and my guitar concert tonight. We have another smaller choir concert next weekend, and I promised to fill in in a friend's choir next week, and Spyton has his band concert and aaaaahhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Today I also went to a job interview about a possible part-time teaching job. I'm not sure about doing it, as it would be an evening class, when I'd prefer to be home with my spawn wonderful son, but I need to be doing something academic... it is in my blood. Or that might be malaria. I'm not sure.

      Also, with the end of the year, I inevitably feel an urge to clean out my desk and my closets... partly because of the impending W-2 form arrival, and partly because I prefer not to have any New Year's resolutions. Best to get everything done ahead of time. Oh, like buying myself my Christmas/Hannukah present!

      One of the perks of being a single mom (hey, there are a few!) with a kid with no money is that I can buy myself a nice holiday present every year and feel utterly no guilt about it. So I got myself some reference speakers that I've been really wanting to get fo about a year- Behringer B2030A Truth - I love the way they sound. So last weekend I cleaned off my desk and put my new reference speakers on my desk. There is one slight problem.
      There is no actual desk on my desk. Right. Like I would move my action figures. Or my cat. As if!

      Yes. My hobbies have finally filled the volume of the container in which they are stored. <--Name the phase of matter this most closely describes.





      So... I thought, "Surely there must be a YouTube video by some random teacher about Solids, Liquids and Gasses to link to that little mod point quiz," and although I did find a really boring and somewhat circumlocutory lecture by a "Mrs. Han" (which I don't recommend) I did find this "Biology Workout Video" made by three random girls. I watched the entire thing. I find human beings so fascinating. Perhaps we will allow some of them to live when we destroy the planet.

      But I have said too much.

      I have nothing against using interpretive dance to learn science. (I've done it myself. In class. And been paid for it. Ha!) And they obviously went to some effort to put together this video about science and squats, and put it on YouTube for public viewing, and I think, therefore, it is our choice, NAY! OUR DUTY! to watch their workout video and tell them how much we learned about states of matter and genetics from their efforts. C'mon, let's spread some holiday cheer confusion! ...or not.

      And, so I don't feel guilty about linking to these hapless teens, don't leave mean comments about the bouncing boobs or anything else nasty either, please, or I will feel bad. Or... I'll severely admonish you. That's it! Or... I'll use the word stanchion in a sentence. Again! Or... tell you about the village of girls that turn into men... or... no, anything but that... I'll... mention the Organ of Zuckerkandl!

      *insert screams of terror*


      Today's Vocabulary Words
      "G is for Guns!"
      Organ of Zuckerkandl

      PS: You think this is bad? You should have seen me on some of my July 1sts!


      12 years ago


      I get a TON of mail every day.... what I generally do is put it in a big pile and once every week or so I sit down and go through it all, putting 95% of it through the shredder or into the recycling bin. Today I was doing that job and came across this flyer:
      I realize this may be old, old news by now (one of the perils of never going to the forums section of the site), but it was a happy surprise to me. I always thought Gus was a superhero! LOL!

      Oh, and in case you missed my last journal abuot OboeCrazy's Barenaked Ladies Bank Job Video, Go watch it now. I command thee! smiley0.gif

      My book Club is reading Wuthering Heights tonight, a book that somehow I never managed to read in high school or college. I've still got about 50 pages to read. I always thought it was supposed to be one of the greatest romance novels of all time. But rather than Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff & Catherine and their Tempestuous Love I think it should have been titled: Wuthering Heights: The Story of the Immunologically Depressed and Violently Insane In-breeding English Neighbors. It is really entertaining, and well-written, but to my mind more a comedy than a romance.

      Maybe I'm the crazy one. <insert own insult here>


      Okay, gotta go. A ton of things to do before noon....yikes!

      PS: I wouldn't be so behind if I hadn't been forced to watch the new Halo 3 trailer a zillion times. I've got some links for the high def trailer in my images section. OMG, I love Master Chief. I think they put the bit of him running in just to tantalize the womenfolk. Women love to watch men run. Am I right girls?



      Today's Vocabulary Words
      Gus Man

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    • Gee

      13 years ago


      I am 28! do I act like I'm 19?

      okay, now I'm depressed. :P

    • jmess110781

      13 years ago

      a soccer mom that games online..that rules!

    • Oblivionsnk

      13 years ago


      The Game of Tag
      If I tagged you... HA! You now have to follow the rules of the game:

      -You cannot tag someone who tagged you
      -You should tag at least 5 other people (those with 4 or less will be punished by flogging or any other way I can think of)
      -Random tagging is accepted
      -All tagging should be done in the personal comments section on the homepage of the tag-ee
      -Do not eat a live chicken
      -This game is only fun if people participate
      -The goal is for everyone on the site to get tagged EVENTUALLY
      -If you decide to participate, post the rules in your journal or link them to this journal
      -I have a space monkey in my pics section
      -There is no violence until I change the game to capture the flag
      -When capture the flag breaks out, the teams will cluck like chickens until I am satisfied (....???)

    • Laid_To_Rest

      13 years ago

      wow, kool pics...

    • Halochief89

      13 years ago

      coould you draw me

    • Halochief89

      13 years ago

      hurray for me!!

    • monopoly_j

      13 years ago

      your profile is awesome and you are from Illinois so you obviously rock

    • Gee

      13 years ago

      you're too kind. really. I'm not nearly as cool as you are.

      and I love that you said frelling. yay for Farscape!!!

    • Gunner45

      13 years ago

      youare a medic/gunner for the new empire movie_bg.jpg

    • Royal_King

      13 years ago

      One day, after Elnea had finished owning 20 males who believe that mahogamy is some type of wood, Elnea had a moment of reflection. "Should I hang up my Pink armor once and for all?", she pondered. "Maybe I need a new profession."

      So Elnea put away the famous pink armor, in exchange for pink spandex. She is no longer Elnea the Pink Spartan, she is...

      Elnea, the Pink Electric Angel of DOOM

    • xenomorph64

      13 years ago

      you are one funny lady. i want you to know that...

    • StpdPvtTuckr

      13 years ago

      I don't think WoW is good for me. As you can see from the Time OF Post of my last comment, I am already addicted. :P

      I love it though.

    • StpdPvtTuckr

      13 years ago

      Yay lvl 9 Female Night Elf Druid. Lvl 9 already! W00t.

      Who's bad? I'm bad.

    • VertigoX

      13 years ago

      Ya I'm on Cenarius with a few chars, just look up Fistand and that's me :) Oh and warning, WoW is EXTREMELY addictive :) but fun too

    • StpdPvtTuckr

      13 years ago

      I actually just got WoW and I'm still persuadeing my mom to use her credit card, and she also doesn't like it 'cause school is starting up sort of soon. But sooner or later I'll be on. I was actually planning on making a female Night-Elf druid named Udara.

      Maybe I'll be on tonight!

    • gsrottie

      13 years ago

      Damn straight,girls play halo too! Not only that, but we OWN!!!

    • no_good_name

      13 years ago

      Wheres Chiyo?
      Theres Chiyo!

    • OboeCrazy FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Freelancer

      13 years ago

      Hrm...guess Gus is enjoying your pink light-red Spartan, he gave you an award for it!

      Soon we will be able to buy Spartans in all the colors of RvB. And then who needs and XBox, we can just play with the little 3D characters right on our carpet! And it'll be just like Dark Helmet playing with his dolls in Spaceballs!

      Or...maybe I'll just get an XBox...
      Lauren (OboeCrazy)

    • Nala

      13 years ago

      How did you get that award???

    • Halochief89

      13 years ago

      Lol Pixils and ooo dis for ur mom lol nice drawings though lolololololl

    • StpdPvtTuckr

      13 years ago

      No problamo.

    • Elnea FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago

      Awesome! I wrote Joyride studios about 6 months ago and requested the pink Spartan. I never got a response and that is why I did my own custom paint job.

      But what is TOTALLY hilarious is the description of the pink Spartan (evidently due to come out Winter 2005):

      "This UNSC Spartan in lightish-red Mjolnir Mark VI armor, armed and ready to fight the Covenant or battle in a Halo 2 Slayer match."

      Lightish-Red. ROFLMAO! Obviously a RvB reference. Gotta love it!!! Thanks for pointing it out. I will definitely be ordering a few!

    • VertigoX

      13 years ago

      I personally liked your Donut custom paint job better :)

    • StpdPvtTuckr

      13 years ago

      x_spartan_pink.jpg Haha, I saw this on Joyridestudios.com and instantly thought of your pink Spartan antics. :P

    • Pixilz

      13 years ago

      Cool, you got an award

    • VertigoX

      13 years ago

      Yup, I can agree with the coolest mom ever bit, but meeting her in person... she's the colest person/woman gamer that I've ever met :D and I've met a few.

    • cpr940

      13 years ago

      Coolest. Mom. Ever.

    • auguststorm

      13 years ago

      it must be nice to spend time with your kids, nice family times.

    • Abandoned

      13 years ago

      you were sitting a couple rows infront of me, Capt_ed and co.

    • Pixilz

      13 years ago

      I wish my mom was this cool...

    • halo2nerd

      13 years ago


    • darth_mall

      13 years ago

      41 and still playing halo u are awsome

    • StpdPvtTuckr

      13 years ago



    • icedragon981

      13 years ago

      Man, I just noticed, your as old as my mom, weird.

    • Chirpy

      14 years ago

      you should post a title, its only for sponsers, and it will so go away

    • Chirpy

      14 years ago

      I am a genious, he he he

    • Pip

      14 years ago

      did u draw those pics cause if u did *claps

    • XDanteX

      14 years ago

      I'm balck and pink Spartan and when someone makes fun of me for having pink on my armor theres one thing to say to them...

      oops NvM there alredy dead.

    • halo_boi

      14 years ago

      it's not pink it's lightish red

    • debaser

      14 years ago

      BTVS was a great show, actually anythin Joss Whedon does is good in my book.
      Yeah Gabriel Knight, I loved all 3 of those.

    • goatman93

      14 years ago

      im pink and theres black on the side

      btw your one awsom mom!
      m dad playes halo 2 w/ me and we own but i rarely see girls on xbl

    • xenomorph64

      14 years ago

      i wish u were my mom. she played halo until she had to kill an elite. then she ran out... ha

    • Nightmar3

      14 years ago

      Are you really 41?

    • SamNMad

      14 years ago

      can i add you to my friends list on xbl. im a female and like to play online with other females?

    • Elite005

      14 years ago

      Man the kids you raise are gonna rock!!

    • spyke5689

      14 years ago

      Wow. Soccer Mom that plays Halo and gos on rvb? you are so cool.

    • funkyson

      14 years ago

      Where's that eyeball from in your about section? It looks familiar, but I just can't seem to place it...

    • gerald_ford

      14 years ago

      Girls playing Halo? That's mythical nonsense like Walruses and Pumas.

    • CaptainTrips

      14 years ago

      Hey, nice movies. Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my all-time favorite movies. Ever. Also The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and pretty much everything else you've got up there. Hmm, why aren't they in my profile? I've gotta go fix that...

    • ToolPackinMa

      14 years ago

      GK2 is one of my all time favorite games. IMHO 3D didn't make GK3 better.

      If you like vampires and werewolves and action/adventure check out Vampire Mascarade BLOODLINES. I'm really enjoying it right now.

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