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    • Reign of Terror

      12 years ago


      I am SO tired. I was up 'til 5:30 last night working on some music for this group in Canada.... so I am a little punchy. But have you ever been so wiped that you started to doubt whether you were spelling things properly? Like your name? Or the word "word"?

      Alsace sent me a cute note yesterday mentioning that as outgoing Featured User my reign of terror would be soon ended. To which I had to respond by sending him the following image: Linnea's Reign of Terror. Please note that my jaw does not actually unhinge like a snake. That is just a trick of the camera.

      ...and I'm sorry, but reign does not look right. Riegn is clearly not right, and rain and rane and rein are also right out. Today I see Alsace is now Featured User, and I felt compelled to pull out the weird word and make: Alsace's Reign of Terror.

      Still looks wrong. I think I will start spelling it "Rane". Just because I'm tired.


      Okay, here is next installment of Steve n' Lois. How many Marvel plots can you spot that I've ripped off here? I've been ripping them off all along, but I thought I'd review for Jengaship, who might be feeling a little sad about the whole Rane of Terror FU thing. I know he is a Marvel fan like me, and it might give him a giggle. I should also mention that the character "Brad" is rumored to be the fourth Summers brother... but I couldn't fit it into the four panels.

      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 35: Room With a View ("La pluie en Espagne")
      Okay, sleep now.


      PS: How long do you think I need to keep Burnie up as my avatar? I'm starting to get bizarre feelings of depersonalization when I look in the mirror and I have a girl face instead of Burnie face. Is so confusing.

      Things of Talk-words:
      Norris Sense

    • Why FU? Oh why??

      12 years ago


      ...am I reading it right? Was I supposed to get really drunk? I mean, like I got this message from my good friend CuteyKitty. And what is this about me being a dude?! AhhhHHHhhHHhhHHhh!!!

      *runs in circles*

      Seriously, I can't see the letters "FU" and think anything but that it is an adjective meaning to be drunk, beaten up, or an imperative telling me to get frelled. I guess RvB is turning something nasty into something nice. Very nice indeed!


      I see my blood warm when I feelst it cold! <---Name that quote

      Speaking of which, this time I definitely got a screen shot. I couldn't be more proud.

      (By the way, can you spot what three things are wrong in that screenshot? - See answer in comments)

      RE: Ben Browder: Ben Browder did get the book I compiled with all the international messages in it on Sunday morning, November 5, for those of you that sent messages. Later Ben appeared on stage in a bunny costume, and when exhorted to remove said costume, revealed he was wearing a fan-made SpongeBob/Farscape T-shirt underneath. The man must have real confidence in his manliness. Go Ben!

      RE the Mac Pro: My only complaint is that it is a desktop, which requires me to look down a bit farther to see the keyboard... the looking back-and-forth exacerbates my vestibular thing a bit... I guess I am finally going to learn how to type without looking. LOL. So forgive the typos as they come. Oaky? Tahkns!

      RE: HAFT: One cool thing that came with the computer was the easy-to-use program "Comic Life" which inspired me to put out Episode 34 of HAFT. I'd like to point out I controlled the urge to incorporate the word "ordnance" in this strip, despite the fact that "ordnance" is a great vocabulary word. (I generally misspell it "ordinance" which is a completely different and less cool word.)

      Yes, I am so wacky!

      So, without further ado, Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles Presents:
      Episode 34: Huddle Up ("La lumière lumineuse.")

      Today's Vocabulary Words

      PS: Don't feel bad if you just skipped down to the cartoon. To be honest, the rest of today's journal was pretty lame anyway. I do have an uncontrollable urge now to turn every photo I have into a cartoon. I'll try to control myself. But it is difficult!

    • If only the MacPro & the 360 could mate

      12 years ago


      ...they would have the most kick-a** baby ever!

      But it is the age old Romeo and Juliet story, isn't it?

      *Breaks out in song*:

      "Oh the MacPro and 360 should be friends
      Oh the MacPro and 360 should be friends
      One of them has Master Chief
      One of them ...is a Mac
      But that's no reason why they can't be friends!"

      (Name the original musical).

      ...okay, perhaps not one of my best filks. I'm a little punchy, as Spyton & I were up late last night saying "OOOOOoooOOoh and AAAhhhhhhhh" after setting up the new Mac Pro. Actually, "setting up" is not really the term that is appropriate. Like all Mac products, the thing came with the machine and a plug. We took it out of the box and plugged it in and it set itself up. Literally. Then it asked if I wanted to transfer my files from my old computer:

      Mac: "Hello, Linnea. Would you like to transfer your files from your Powerbook?"
      Me: "Uh, sure."
      Mac: "Okay, hon. See that firewire? The black thing with the square end? Stick that in me and your power book."
      Me: "Like this?"
      Mac:" No, the other way."
      Me: "Sorry."
      Mac: "No Problem."
      Me: "Okay, got it."
      Mac: "Alrighty then. This will take about 40 minutes. Go play Halo 2 while you wait."
      Me: "That's awfully generous of you."
      Mac: (shrugs) "Microsoft doesn't scare me. Now run along, I'll take care of this."

      Forty minutes later everything from my Powerbook was transferred. EVERYTHING. I didn't have to reload Logic or The Sims, or WoW or anything. All my files and applications, transferred. Bam. And after all that, it still has like 380GB of free space. Even so, I'm still going to go get a second 500GB hard drive as soon as my next CD matures.... (that was the one drawback to the MacPro... a little expensive as Macs go... but not more expensive than my first Gateway laptop...)

      I remember when we had to feed punch cards into a computer the size of a Buick. This is so FREAKING COOL!!!!

      Spyton is in the next room right now, cackling insanely playing WoW with no lag. Which is fine, except he keeps singing this STUPID SONG he got off the internet. He sings it over and over AND OVER. I think that singing that song over and over should be a form of punishment. As in this excerpt from my next best-selliing novel When Pigs Wear Pants:

      The courtroom was in chaos. Women were screaming, babies were crying, dogs were barking, and someone was throwing pies into the ceiling fans.

      Judge Wembsley pounded his gavel. "I want order in this court! The court condemns the convicted to be placed in solitary confinement and the I pwn you song will be played over and over until he is dead... which should take about three hours. "

      Somewhere in the distance, a lonely guitar strummed the opening chords to "Smoke on the Water."

      Louise fainted.

      Ha! How many of you clicked on the link? Now you'll have that stupid song stuck in your heads. ...because I own ya noobs, la lala la lalala lala ......" HA! Doesn't that suck!?

      Now you know the hell that is my life.

      On a completely different note, evidently Gerb nominated me to be Miss RvB. ROFLMAO. I told ecjulien I will participate in her contest, but in the unlikely event that I should win, I will insist on being called "Doctor RvB" because... it would be funny. Ooooh! Wait, no, I would insist on being "The Honorable Doctor RvB-zzorz" or...hm....

      Yeah, see, it hasn't even started and already I am drunk with power. It probably isn't a good idea.

      Okay, I have to kick Spyton off the new computer and go load up Logic Pro while Frank goes outside the Discovery One to make some repairs. Hopefully the MacPro won't kill us all in our cryogenic chambers while we are en route to Jupiter. I hate when that happens. If you have any idea what I am talking about, then you are very cool... or at the very least, a big nerd like me.



      Today's Vocabulary Words
      Discovery One

      EDIT 10-14-06: Hey! I'm Featured User! You like me. You really like me! (<---Name that quote) I'd just like to thank all the members of the academy, and my agent, and of course my mom and dad, and ... oh, wait, this wasn't one of those random computer-generated things, was it? Hello? *knocks on microphone* Hello? Is anyone out there? *Hears crickets* Ah well. Well, I won't change my journal, in the unlikely event I wasn't randomly chosen. For a partial index to my journals go here and for Halo Action Figure Theater go here. Thanks for swinging by!

    • We make our own fun

      12 years ago


      When we woke up today the power was out, so as we sat munching Froot Loops with our still-cold milk we played a pick-up game of Pictionary. (We were bored of playing with the two sticks and a rock.) Spyton totally stumped me with some of his, and I got him with a few. See if you can figure these out. Answers are below in invisible printing. (use a highlight command to see the answers.)


      1. Kittens with spikes }<--highlight for answer. Spyton guessed "Declawed cats." I win at RvB trivia

      2. Y HELO THAR }<--highlight for answer. I guessed "Why wave at Toronto?" I don't do enough 1337 speak.

      3. Bob Dole }<--highlight for answer. I guessed "Fishing banana." I guess I haven't been looking at his image section lately.

      4. Not like this! NOT LIKE THIS! }<--highlight for answer. Spyton guessed "Rope loves litterbug, shoe children throw wigs." He obviously doesn't read my journals. Or watch our machinima.

      Did you get them all? I'm really impressed if you got those middle two. I was totally stumped. I don't think it should be allowed that discomfiting internet sentences should be viable subjects for Pictionary. It isn't right. Spyton won. Darn kids with their rock n' roll and jive talk. Oughta be a law.

      The other thing we did was catch up on our stockpile of comic books. As I was reading the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Girl (shut up), in the back they had a mini-comic for "Guiding Light", a super-hero crossover story with the soap-opera Guiding Light which was evidently aired sometime in the last two weeks. When the power came back on I hurried to check if it was for real.

      There is something about the entire concept of doing a comic book episode in a soap opera series that I really, really love. I don't know if I love it because it is so incredibly twisted, or because it implies that comics are becoming more accepted in the mainstream... I can't decide. Anyway, if you are curious about it, you can watch the whole wacky episode at cbs.com/daytime. It's your classic story of: beleaguered mom gets electrocuted, mom gets superpowers, mom fights crime, mom has sex on couch with hot husband. You know, the usual. At the GL website they have the following quote:

      “Joining forces with Marvel is such a natural fit for us because comic books and soap operas have so much in common,†says GL headwriter David Kreizman. “We both feature long running characters and larger than life stories that appeal to a loyal and passionate fan base.â€Â

      Which is basically true. Except in comic books everyone's legs are about a foot and a half longer. And they wear more capes. He goes on to say:

      What working mom hasn’t wished for superpowers every now and then?

      In fact, the first manifestation of her powers involves her using powers to manipulate kitchen appliances, and she also captures a bad guy by chasing him around with a vacuum cleaner.

      Women's lib sure did work out for us, didn't it girls?

      If you can't bear to part with 40 minutes of your life, you can watch just the trailer over at www.marvel.com/comics/Guiding_Light. I admit I watched the entire episode, transfixed by its weirdness much as I was transfixed as I watched Bubba Ho-Tep with the commentary by Elvis. I regret nothing.


      Today's Vocabulary Words

      HEY! I just realized it is Veteran's Day! I see some of our Canadian brethren have very sad pictures up memorializing fallen soldiers...

      EDIT: I've now been informed by my Canadian buddies that they only have one military day in Canada. They don't have a Memorial Day like we do here in the US. So, their single Veteran's day is therefore very somber.

      Here in the US we have a Memorial Day which is where we remember the ones who either died in battle, or have since passed in time. Veteran's Day in my mind is the day where we celebrate the people who are still with us and tell them thanks...

      in that spirit, I'll say to my buds here on RvB that are serving now or have come home. "Thank you for what you've done. You are my heroes!"


      ...and that goes for the veterans from Canada, the UK, Australia, NZ and all our allies. You rock!


    • A Handshake, Old people, & Spider-Mamas

      12 years ago


      1. The Handshake thing. So, someone asked what the deal was with the handshakes when we went to the Mackies (as described in my last journal) and dramatized in this thrills-a-minute Halo Action Figure Theater:

      The reason I was particularly impressed with Burnie's handshake was that earlier that day I had received the absolute worst handshake I've ever gotten in my entire life. I received said handshake-of-death from a nice enough fellow - one of the guys from "This Spartan Life" (I'll refrain from identifying exactly who) but he shook my hand the way an 86-year-old woman would handle a dead rat. He sort of lightly grasped the side of my palm with the pads of two fingers and his thumb and then slipped off my hand in a slithering sort of way. It was really weird.

      Actually, shaking hands with men is always a weird thing. I'm old enough to remember when the whole shaking hands with men really started up, and even weirder, when women started shaking hands with other women. It still always feels a little odd. I've done it a ZILLION times, as I always shake hands with patients and their familes.... but how I do it...

      It differs from person-to-person, but if I am meeting someone in a casual setting, I imagine my hand to say to the other person something along the lines of, "Hi. I am a really nice person, and I'm really going to like you and you will like me too." If it is a professional setting, I imagine my hand to be saying something like, "Hi. I am an incredibly competent surgeon, and you can rely on me 100% to take extremely good care of you." Actually usually I am just thinking something like that so it gets transmitted in the handshake. I don't think about how my hand itself is moving.

      I know there are all these rules supposedly about the way you shake hands and grasping the person with a second hand and leaning into it, and the angle of the hand etc etc but that always feels very contrived to me. And the one thing I absolutely HATE are men that feel compelled to crush the life out of my hand. I think they think they are communicating the message, "I am the alpha male, don't mess with me," when in fact they are communicating the message, "I either don't know my own strength (and am therefore a dangerous and clumsy fool) or I am an incredible jerk, and you will want nothing to do with me."

      The art of men shaking hands with other men has its own rules dating back thousands of years.... I won't comment on that. That is men's business. Like being in hockey fights... and driving without a map.

      But this handshake I got last Saturday... Blah. I mean, I sort of got the willies. It was a Nosferatu handshake. I can only hope he was just so utterly disinterested in meeting me that he forgot my hand was there and subconsciously thought he'd accidently touched a dead fish or something. Weird.

      Anyway, Burnie gives excellent handshake. As does Alsace, LouisWu and most people I met in NYC. I don't think I shook hands with a lot of people though. I was in fangirl mode, which called more for shy waving. I think there was waving at Matt. Yes, I am SO intimidating and impressive.

      2. Old folks got rhythm. My choir just had a gig at my son's school for their jazz festival. The maestro of the Evanston Symphony was there with his jazz group and we performed "It Don't Mean a Thing" and "Sing Sing Sing" with them. It was freakin' awesome. Yes, old people occasionally can be cool. I didn't even shame Spyton at all... much. That came later, when I was tapping my foot to the jazz music later. Evidently he is too cool to appear to be into the music, lol. Oh, and best of all, in the middle of the evening the maestro had a jazz piano clinic for a half-hour. OMG. I learned so much in twenty minutes. What an opportunity.

      3. The avatar thing. I rarely do it... I think the last one was the dingolord avatar trend... but I couldn't resist. LOL. I think the most disturbing version award should go to Halochief89 for ZombieBurnie. I'd give Halochief89 the Psychotic B. Award nod for this week, but he's already won that title before. Oh, and I also enjoyed GWChupaCabra's creepy Terminator Burnie. And IAMCHURCH's Count Burnie. Very disturbing. But nice to see the young folks being creative. LOL.

      4. Steve n'Lois Halo Action Figure Theater. More is coming! I swear!

      5. New computer. My Mac Pro arrived in the mail... FINALLY. It is frelling huge.. it weighs over 40 pounds. My laptop weighs like 5 pounds. What the heck is in that thing? Does it run via the power of a tiny neutron star? (If it did that would be so COOL!!!) Spyton and I are going to hopefully set it up this weekend. I'm SO excited. Wee!!!! Oh, and look, they use Macs on the set of Doctor Who. I only point that out so I can blow raspberries and say nyah nyah nyah at my dad, who is totally PC.

      6. Spider-Mama. I would just like to say that I've been burgled in the past, and it is a HORRIBLE feeling. But if I saw a 8-months-pregnant woman rappelling down the side of a skyscraper to get my designer jeans, I think I'd be okay with it.

      Today's Vocabulary Words

    • Mackies Action Figure Theater

      12 years ago


      As you guys know, Spyton and I were fortunate enough to attend the Machinima Festival & Awards this year.

      On Saturday, we met zsgamemaster, uxb, and of course LouisWu. Here's a pic of me with uxb and LouisWu. Oh wait, I mean here's the pic Reality is so difficult to keep track of. smiley8.gif

      Although I didn't spot any other RvB fans on Saturday, I spotted several RvB shirts on Sunday, and snagged a pic with these folks: Alsace, kittiegirl92, me, and this young fellow whose name I didn't catch (Whoever you are, message me and I'll link you!).

      As for the Awards Ceremony itself: This was the only part that Burnie and Matt attended. We ne'er-do-wells (Spyton & I) got the invite because we'd submitted our River Styx 2 Halo/WoW/Sims2 machinima mash-up that we & OboeCrazy made this summer. I got the impression from reading AmandaJ3162's report last year that the awards ceremony and after party was something of an informal get-together, a time where folks hung out and chatted and generally had a good relaxing time. In contrast, this year my impression was that people were there to network. There were people from gaming mags and 1UP.com there, and a lot of the machinimators were professional actors, directors, producers, filmmakers. There were a variety of Europeans there, and people were dressed fairly nicely... there were a few little cocktail dresses, and some of the guys were dressed very "LA" There was an open bar, but no one was getting drunk. Know what I mean? Folks were pretty reserved.

      The awards ceremony itself was very slick. They'd hired a good professional comedian to emcee (his opening joke was something like: "Machinima: it combines the artistic expression of filmmaking with the gripping suspense of watching someone else play the Sims") and all the categories and clips were made into equally slick video presentations. They even had a girl in a cute dress come out and give the awards and escort people off stage. The highlight of the evening was that the vid that won the most awards was by these three French guys who seemed utterly baffled that they'd won... every time they came up to accept another award they were more stunned than before. It was sort of neat.

      Right after the awards ceremony we approached Matt and Burnie. First, as to how they look in person... well, Matt is a lot slimmer than he looks in his photos and, Burnie is extremely tall. I think he is taller than two years ago. Or I am shrinking. Burnie is very gregarious, just as you'd expect him to be, but at no time used curse words, tried to change the course of time, or possess the body of a robot. Matt was very soft-spoken (or tired, or both, lol) and in no way seemed eager to drink the blood of his enemies. So, evidently the RvB characters aren't completely drawn from life, lol.

      We talked about a few things...Matt told us about the plane being stuck because it needed technical support from Brazil (yikes) and we all talked a bit about the upcoming release of the PS3 and the Wii. (Wee!) I can't remember exactly what else, but it was boring mom stuff for my part... we all talked about when it was a good time to let kids start gaming and which games were good for kids. Burnie made a really funny comment, which I can't remember exactly (argh) but will try to reproduce below... But basically they were both very charming and professional and of course totally won enormous points with me because they spent a long time chatting with Spyton. And for all you young folks on the website here, they spoke to him in a very courteous way... you know what I mean? They didn't talk down to him, the way a lot of adults do when they talk to younger kids. I think that says a lot about the respect they have for young people in general, which is reflected in the way they run this site.

      They had an interview to do, and we were going to leave, but Burnie asked if we could stick around, which was very nice.

      You guys know I'm not shy, but I just sat and people-watched at the after-reception, because again, I figured a lot of the people there were there to network, because machinima was a possible livelihood for them, whereas I was there as a hobbyist. Ben (zsgamemaster) and his colleague Hugh were kind enough to come over, and I had a wonderful time chatting with them. Since Spyton IS a young person, we couldn't stay late, and after a little while we did take off. But Burnie did stop us as we were leaving to thank us again for coming and say goodbye. Those RT guys are definitely a class act. Don't let the cartoon fool you.

      And now, of course, since I have no photos, I will dramatize the encounter with some Mackies RvB Halo Action Figure Theater. Again, I am paraphrasing here, and I apologize if I didn't get the words verbatim. Burnie is much funnier than I am, lol.

      So, all-in-all, it was not the thrills-a-minute drunken funtime party that I think a lot of you were imagining it was going to be. It was a professional meeting, and very subdued. I learned a TON from the panel discussions and from speaking with some of the sound and music engineers, but unless you were going as someone who actually makes machinima, I don't know that it would have been worth your while. There is an event coming up in Boston which sounds to be a bit more relaxed...

      continued in comments...

    • Mice, goats and corn cob pipes

      12 years ago


      Okay, I have this long involved photo-filled Mackies Action Figure Theater Journal I just can't seem to post. So instead, I'll post some musings about the election. Jengaship is doing it, and I don't want to be out-intellectualized by him. Because it is a competition.

      Oh, and by the way, here's an article about mouse retinal stem cell research I saw reported on today's BBC News website. Just because we were talking about it the other day. (It is actually work that has been going on for about 6-8 years, but we won't tell BBC.) Um... and here's an article about a man who married a goat. Just because.

      And RE: the election. I see some folks getting all upset or manically jubilant or otherwise emotionally freaked out. You guys are so young that you just don't remember that for a really, really long time, the Democrats always controlled Congress. Then the Republicans controlled for a while. Meanwhile a Republican was president, then a Democrat, then a Republican, then a Democrat, etc etc. During none of these eras did the planet explode or humanity end (although it frequently felt that it might.) The way our government works best is to have a balance of the two parties. That way both constituencies feel they are have a voice in what their government does. Now the Republicans can feel they are represented by the Presidential branch, and the Democrats can feel represented by Congress. For the last several years the Democrats have felt really disenfranchised and it has led to a really virulent and focused hatred of all things Bush, which, in my opinion, was really just a transference of rage over feelings of helplessness and underrepresentation. Which is a really crappy way to feel. All in all, it's going to work out. You guys know I like a lot about President Bush (yeah, 'cause I'm old and bitter, shut up), but I think this will probably be a good thing in the long run. Or the planet will explode. But probably it will work out.

      "Yep," Elnea said, taking a long draw from her corncob pipe and easing back into her rocking chair on the porch, "these whippersnappers don't remember the old days, back when we didn't have no fancy schmancy recounts or computer voting or CNN exit polls. We had two sticks and a rock, and we had to share the rock, and by gum, we liked it!"

      ....okay, seriously, why can't I get my regular journal entry to load? Are they moving the images to a new server again? Or is it my new Comcast service which has frelled up all of my computers? ...and why does my XBox360 keep insisting it has lost all of my saved games? It's been doing this. Pretending to lose saved games and you have to turn it on and off 3-4 times and then it finds them again. It did it with DOA4 two weeks ago and I just about had a heart attack. Spyton spent two days unlocking that Spartan. Why, XBox 360, Why?!? Screw the election, I want my Halo 2 levels unlocked!

      *shakes fist at heaven in defiance*
      "As the lawd is mah witness, Ah'll nevah run Gravemind again!"

      Today's Vocabulary Words
      fancy schmancy

    • RE Stem Cells

      12 years ago


      ...I just logged on briefly here to see if folks made it home, etc, and I spotted a journal entry by pharesm about Michael J. Fox appearing on TV in support of Stem Cell research. I personally feel rather strongly about the subject, but I want to step back from the political and ethical aspect for a moment to give you guys a bit of perspective.

      Parkinson's Disease is a completely rotten disease. If you see the interviews Michael does (I caught some in the airport yesterday), you see he is writhing all over the place. It is distressing to watch. The twitching and moving around you were seeing is a side effect (called tardive dyskinesia) of the medicine he has to take. The disease itself actually freezes up a person so they can hardly move at all. It is awful. It's a no-win situation. Either you are a trembling statue, or you are a writhing mess. Terrible.

      Setting the ethics of using human embryos aside for a moment (stay with me here before you make a comment!) I think it is worthwhile to continue research in stem cells. However, the truth of the matter is that even if the US government makes it completely illegal to do research with embryonic stem cells in the US, it will continue in the rest of the world. And if the government makes it illegal for government funding to be used for embryonic stem cell research, it will continue in the private sector. We've seen this happen before many times. In particular I am thinking of the work done with the so-called "abortion drug", the anti-progestin RU-486, that was developed in France despite a huge protest here in the United States trying to ban its development. (We'd get threatening calls about it all the time when I was in grad school, and we were using it to try to fight breast cancer!)

      We saw a political hullabaloo similar to the one you are seeing now about stem cells 15 years ago with animal research. The animal rights people are still around but they've turned down to a dull roar, as the least necessary animal research (as in eyeliner testing on bunnies) was stopped and regulating panels for ethical animal research were made more powerful and more strict rules were put in place. Which I think are good. There is no need to do unnecessary work, and there should be no reason to do unnecessarily cruel things to the little critters. I think everyone can agree about that.

      I think ultimately we will see the same thing here.

      There is no question that animal research has hugely benefitted mankind (and animalkind! - think about advances in veterinary medicine). From the scientific journals I've read, and from some of the AMAZING retinal studies I've seen result from work with embryonic retinal stem cells (yes, there are "stem cells" in the eye that have really amazing regenerative properties), I think that there is a tremendous amount of information we can learn from them. Whether that information comes quickly or slowly is a matter of legislation, IMO, because as I said, I believe strongly that regardless of our opinions about the subject of human embryo use (which, you notice, I am NOT addressing here ) that work will continue in other parts of the world and in the private sector.

      Now, this is also my opinion, but I prefer quick to slow. But I am an impatient person.

      Okay. I just thought that was worth saying.

      I will have a less politically important but more entertaining journal coming up once I unpack and wake up (we got in last night around midnight) and I'll report on our trip to the Machinima Festival (with pics). And I'll have slightly more in-depth coverage on our meeting with Matt and Burnie than the report Spyton gave, which was (and I quote his entire commentary here):

      So after the awards ceremony we got to meet Matt and Burnie, and my mom was talking about stuff like you know the usual.


      Now, where on earth did I pack my toothbrush?

      Today's Vocabulary Words
      Parkinson's Disease
      tardive dyskinesia

    • Burnie & Matt made it, 2 minutes to go

      12 years ago


      The plane landed and they ran in literally 2 minutes before the awards started. For the gory details of their delay see Burnie's journal.

      Well, almost 1am here in New York, which theoretically is almost midnight in our heads, but we are both really tired. We would go clubbing, but they keep insisting Spyton isn't old enough to get in. Ah well. The awards show was very cool. Spyton wants to tell you the "what happened when we saw Burnie and Matt" story, so I'll let him. Spyton was, without question, the coolest kid there. Actually, he was the only kid there. Yep. We were the "mom and the kid" at the Mackies. That's right. The RvB fan community was represented by a Midwestern mom and a kid in a parka.


      The apocalypse cometh.


      Today's Vocabulary Words (from today's two journal entries)

      PS: I see they are over at a local bar until 2 am. I'd go over, I'd love to chat with them, but you know, I'm mom. (*points to self*) With kid. (*points to underage son*) I think I must be the lamest RvB fan in the history of RvB fandom. I should just take up knitting, get a rocking chair, and start shaking my cane full time. (*hides head in a bag*)

      PPS: Episode 82!! LOL!!!!

    • Quiet, too quiet

      12 years ago


      Well, the first day of the festival is over. Weirdly, I DIDN'T end up watching the nominee films, but instead went to the seminars, which were about intellectual property rights and the use of machinima in art and political commentary.

      RE: Intellectual property: They had some law students talk about what the laws are and from what I could tell basically it is really murky and a major company could probably screw you royally for doing machinima if they really wanted to, depending what the End User License Agreement says. The worst clause the guy from eff.org said you could see is that "The losing party will pay the court costs of the winning party". There is an organization online called eff that you can go to if you have questions about licensing etc. For serious questions only. For 99.9% of us, just go ahead with your machinima. No one has ever been sued yet, and since the vast majority of us are doing machinima for our own pleasure, or for educational reasons (oh, say, like trying to see if you can combine three games all into one story...), that is covered under the "Fair Use Act" and you are okay. Also if you parody the game you use, you are okay.

      RE: art and political commentary. The consensus is that yes, you can use machinima to do high art and political commentary. Some films done this way have made the rounds in "real" film festivals. But machinima about farting and containing many boob jokes are more popular on YouTube. That is just my opinion.

      I did see LouisWu there, and boy is he tall. And very nice, and seems to have retained at least 50% of his vital lung capacity despite his recent bout with pneumonia. I also met uxb from halomaps.org (who was very gracious about our RiverStyx movies, Lauren) as well as and he was also very tall and nice. Everyone milling around seemed really bright and creative. Spyton was watching the film reels for most of the time, and I missed the Stolen Life clip smiley2.gif but he said Claudia sounded great. He also spent and inordinate amount of time playing with the iToy. LOL!

      Well, Spyton and I were text messaging each other back and forth...I had my phone on vibrate... and after we got back to the hotel courtesy LouisWu and uxb, I found to my horror one of the calls was Alsace! He got there late but promises to return tomorrow.

      While Spyton finishes his $50 French Fries (man is everything pricey!!!) I'm going to go "freshen up" (euphemism for "apply prosthetic forehead") and then we are going back for the awards. Yes, we got and invite to the Awards! Actually, evidently most folks who submitted something for the festival got an invite, but I am going to pretend I got it because I am so incredibly cool.

      *trips over own feet, face lands in cake*

      Okay, off to put on my prosthetic forehead. I'll update later!


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