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    • People dressed in plastic bags....

      12 years ago


      ...directing traffic. Some kind of fashion. <--name that quote

      Yay! Spyton and I are here in New York. We are ensconced in the lovely Marriott Courtyard at LaGuardia where I am typing this courtesy of the free internet service whilst we wait for room service.

      "But Linnea!" I hear you exclaiming. "It's Friday night in New York! Go see the city!"

      Yes, well. I am tired. And part of the deal with Spyton is that no matter where we go, we stay in a nice place with internet access and room service so that we have at least one night of lounging about like Sultans while obsequious staff members kowtow to our every need. (I tip heavily to assuage any feelings of Puritan Work Ethic-related guilt.)

      Of course, I was packing 3 minutes before we left and forgot to bring any T-shirts for Spyton to sleep in. So I had to get one just now downstairs. I was a bit embarrassed on the plane, as Spyton and I were still wearing our Chicago costumes (sweatsuits, messy hair, parkas) but everyone else was already changed into their New York costumes (all black, tailored jackets, straight and firmly gel-encrusted hair). Luckily I brought a few changes of NY costumes with me, so hopefully I will blend in somewhat with my surroundings tomorrow.

      I'm looking forward to the Machinima Festival. I'm especially looking forward to finding out if my dream about the giant rabbit in a toothbrush costume will come true. smiley8.gif

      Anyway, I'll check back here later... if you are coming, look for me. I'll be the one in all black standing next to the kid in the parka.


      Today's Vocabulary Words

    • Finally we can exterminate the men!

      12 years ago


      All right girls, Plan B46 is now in effect. It is time to destroy the men. Then line up at the parthenogenesis clinics where you can begin the cloning procedures. Epigenetic reprogramming will begin in 36 hours.

      The Age of the Amazon has arrived!

      Just kidding. Ha ha ha ha ha ha... heh heh ... heh... *cough* ... ahem.

      I just got this in my e-mail, a news item from SCIFI:

      Tsukuba University engineering professor Yoshiyuki Sankai's HAL robot suit is pretty close to production â€' up to 20 of the suits should ship next year, and 400 to 500 in 2008.

      The suits, designed for when your puny human muscles can't get the job done, will cost $42,000 to $59,000 each. But for you apartment movers, the suits are expected to rent for $592 a month.


      My mom used to always say men (in comparison with women) were good for two things. Sperm donation and heavy lifting. Which I always thought was rather unfair. They're also good for other things that women can't do. Like... uh... well, they look better in tuxedos! Oh come on. I'm sure there are other things. List other things. I command thee!

      EDIT: Mod points to Espithaca and Pixelz for their comments: Opening pickle jars and Peeing standing up. I have to agree. No contest. lol!

      Anyway, I want one of those suits. If for no other reason than so I can walk around the mall and go up to random people and say:
      "Get away from her, you B*TCH!" <---name that quote

      In other news, I did call the school and left a calm and professional message for the principal, saying I supported a anti-drug and anti-alcohol program, but felt that graphic shock videos were innappropriate for that age. I also left a message for the school social worker saying how upset the kids were.

      And finally, last night I had a dream that RvB posted a news item that four of the staff were going to the Mackies, and there was a Luke McKay drawing of the four. Gus (with Gus drawing), Burnie (with Burnie drawing), Kathleen (with Tex drawing) and "Sally" with a drawing of a giant rabbit dressed in a toothbrush costume. Please analyze this dream for me and tell me which medication I should start immediately taking.

      Yes, it is so sad when the elderly lose their little minds.

      Today's Vocabulary Words
      epigenetic reprogramming<-warning: clicking this link may cause brain implosion
      HAL robot<--Remember: Hit things with sticks.

      Actually, perhaps "Hit things with sticks" should be my new catch phrase. Mmm? Nah. I'll stick with "Don't put M&Ms up your nose!" Much catchier.

    • The principal sees you with fava beans

      12 years ago


      I'm starting to think I live in the Psychotic Bast*rd suburb of Chicago. Spyton came home today quite upset because evidently as part of the anti-drug and alcohol curriculum, they showed some film about a girl hit by a drunk driver whose passengers were killed and she was on fire and had all her skin and fingers and face and eyes burned out, and you first see a picture of how she looked, a pretty teenager, and she drops the photo frame and you see her mangled burned-off face and gaping eye sockets.

      Now, they have new laws about teen driving here which make driving for Spyton a thing that will only be possible five years from now. So, I ask, what exactly was the point of doing a shock video about drunk driving now? I mean, I got 14 zillion forms from the school asking if it was okay for them to give him sex ed (upon which I was EXTREMELY tempted to write, "No, because you won't be explicit enough.") but they showed this to the kids? Spyton said a bunch of the kids were crying etc.

      I remember in high school they showed us movies of bulldozers bulldozing piles of bodies of emaciated naked children from the concentration camps of World War II and it still freaks me out. You know. I can't unsee it. Memory forever. And I still wonder, what exactly did that do for me? How did I benefit? I had all sorts of relatives killed by the Nazis. It isn't like anyone had to tell me "Nazis are bad." I get it.

      EDIT: Nov 6,2006: I spoke with the principal. Evidently this wasn't a drunk driving presentation, it was an anti-drug and alcohol presentation. The presentation was for the entire school, so the older kids weren't freaked out. The video wasn't prescreened by anyone at the school and the principal agreed it was too much for the younger kids. Ah well. The principal at this school is a good egg (I think why I was so taken aback by the whole thing.) Sometimes things like this happen. Hopefully they'll prescreen in the future. Sigh.

      It occurs to me: that same group of kids could watch a horror flick of people having their faces sawed off with chainsaws and laugh about it. This crap about how video games and movies are turning children into psychotic killers is ridiculous. Kids understand the difference between pretend and reality. It is part of evolution. You have that instinct to know what is real.

      Which sort of segues to the following comment I coincidentally just got on my profile, left by the previously "Germanified" Halochief89:

      WTF is with kids these days? I walk around with a real machete and jason's mask and nope no one screamed when I tried to scare the crap out of them. But when I walk around with a fake machete with fake blood on it and a paintball mask I scare 10 people including my girl WTF!

      I'm not sure if pointing and laughing or dialing 911 is the appropriate response. Maybe I should start a daily feature like the Daily Good Deed KZuelch does. I could feature a Daily Psychotic Bast*rd.

      Nah, I'd have to make it hourly. Too much work.


      In other news, yes, that was my cat Sparky. (and if you left a comment on Halloween you got a mod point!) Don't you guys remember the cartoon video I made about how he peed on my bed?

      How quickly they forget.

      Today's Vocabulary Words

      Please note: "Germanified" is not an actual word.
      Please also note: There were no images in today's journal. This is possibly a sign of the coming apocalypse, or the fact that I spent all my free time tonight working on VertigoX's song. I will try to do better next time.

    • If I die, the price goes up to $1000

      12 years ago


      First, if you missed the RvBMash-Up masterpiece I've been posting, be sure to click HERE for a listen and a laugh and then go tell OboeCrazy what an amazing musician she is and compliment her on her magical lips.

      So yesterday Spyton and I picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the 360 and boy is it fun to play. And so aesthetically pleasing as well! It is built pretty much the same way Marvel Legends was, and in CO-OP mode is very reminiscent of Lego Star Wars. Of course Spyton was all "I call dibs on Spidey!" which, at the beginning of the game, left me with Cap'n America, Thor (blah) and Wolverine. I'll take Wolvie any day, but it really started being fun when I realized I could play as Deadpool. Like, one of the missions is to save a bunch of soldiers, and if you are playing as Deadpool, there is this long sequence where you negotiate with the soldiers how much they have to pay you to rescue them, ending with the line, "Well, okay, but if I die, the price goes up to $1000!" Look at him in action here with Spidey!


      Ah, sweet, psychotic, perpetually purulent Deadpool. You had me at AgentX - a comic series, I should point out, that was written by a woman. Which was incredibly hilarious and twisted, and one of only a few series I actually read and read again. But I digress. Also, they have some pretty obscure characters in the game. And Jenga and Charlie will have to help me here, but "Radioactive Man"? I thought that was just a character from "The Simpsons". Ah well. I guess my limitation to X-Men and Spidey books is haunting me...

      We did finally get Dead Rising several weeks ago, but anything with that first person view does make me pretty queasy. (And I hate that you can't save everyone. It is like how those marines die in Halo 1 in that first Flood level... you know that one room where you are on the bridge? I hate that. When the game forces you to watch your comrades die, and then you have to pass their bodies and their staring, accusing dead eyes. Call of Duty 2 was really bad that way as well. I want to save everyone.) Anyway, the overhead or third person view you get in co-op mode in Lego Star Wars or Ultimate Alliance is fairly easy on the inner ear. And a lot of fun. I see they have a version for the Wii as well. Wee!

      Okay. I just wanted to tell you guys I like that game. Also, I sent off Ben Browder's message book. I included the following picture of my cat Sparky, named after the Farscape character Dominar "Sparky" Rygel XVI, who also has giant tufts of fur coming out of his ears.


      He's my little Halloween cat!

      Yes, tomorrow is Halloween and this is the first year in many years I haven't made an elaborate costume for myself or Spyton. Spyton is going as Michael from the Jim Butcher "Harry Dresden" Books, and that costume entails a wedding ring, work boots, jeans, a plaid shirt and an enormous sword with a nail in the handle. I was hoping he'd go as the Warcraft villain Arthas, and I was all set to make up some awesome skull shoulderpads. But, good ole Champion of Light Michael it is. Ah well. I suppose I'll dress up as a witch or something lame to hand out candy. Blah.


      Today's Vocabulary Words
      shoulder pads

    • Slow... so very slow...

      12 years ago


      Hi hi!

      First, if you didn't take a listen in my last journal, click on the big button below and then go over and give congrats to SnowJade for her great reading and then go tell OboeCrazy what an amazing musician she is. You may not realize it, but the English Horn is just like a big bass oboe, and is covered with valves and buttons... so how she did that slide thing there at the beginning is completely beyond me. She has magic lips!!!

      Second, Comcast has upgraded my connection to double speed, so predictably my pages now load half as fast. A new modem is on the way, and this weekend I'm finally going in to order my new Mac so I can finally get all this music and machinima done I've been promising people. But it is just tough for me to journal and comment. It took me literally 2 days to get that last journal and all the links up. So, it might be a little slow here this weekend. In the meantime, here is some Steve n' Lois (back issues here):

      Episode 33. Mind in the Gutter ("Un groupe d'Indiens est apparu sur le haut de la colline")
      As we near the season series finale, I have some plot points for you to consider:

      1. Why is Steve's mom on the Aletheia, and what is it about her that Admiral Norris finds so fascinating?

      2. Why does John-617's highly intelligent and competent girlfriend "Six" have crappy old Mark V armor?

      3. Why was Steve so easily tricked by Jill?


      Third, if you've been enjoying the latest Doctor Who episodes with David Tennant, I highly recommend going over to iTunes where you can download three 2-2.5 hour Doctor Who audiobooks which are read by David Tennant and which are not available in the States yet... but they are on iTunes. The stories are all very Who-ish (creepy, scary, and funny), but what makes them really worth listening to is David's performance. He is from Scotland, and his English "Doctor" voice is an accent for him. He does every character in each story in a completely different accent and characterization, but reads in his natural voice. Obviously he plays the Doctor in the Doctor voice, and is hilarious in doing so. I've heard many many many audiobooks, and I've never heard one actor sound like an entire cast before. He even does a good Billie Piper. Check them out. There are three books available: "The Stone Rose" (creepy with a tinge of 'ship), "The Feast of the Drowned" (scary and creepy), and "The Resurrection Casket" (most like an episode, includes pirates!). They're over at iTunes for about $10 each.

      Okay, that ought to keep you busy. And stop looking at that photo of Chuck and Barbie. I'm telling you, they were practicing Judo! Sheesh!

      Today's Vocabulary Words
      English Horn

      EDIT (in response to M_O_DuFrense): See, now, again, you just assume I did that whole scene just to have a naughty insinuation, when actually what I really needed was the line, "Help Col. O'Hara get dressed". Hmmm.... I wonder why? Discuss. And no, there is a definite reason Six has Mark V armor.

      PS: If the link to the back issues doesn't work, you can also see back issues at the Halo Action Figure Theater thread in the forum, or as a last resort, you can go to www.TaiChiKnees.com and see them there.

    • We should make some cupcakes!

      12 years ago


      I'm quite pleased to FINALLY announce the varied winners of the Lyric Contest. First, I'd like to thank everyone again who entered, and everyone who took the time to read the entries and vote. Let's give them all a big round of applause!


      I am thrilled to say that everyone who entered will be receiving a prize in the mail from me, as we do need everyone to have a copy of the RedVsBlue Trocadero CD. Yay!

      After counting up the votes, and recounting, and having other people count, it looks like we have a three-way tie between:

      Entry 1 by VertigoX

      Entry #3 by OboeCrazy

      and Entry #7 by AllisonTex

      So, I think what I will do is have all of my sponsors split their points equally three ways between the three winners... that should end up being about 333 mod points for each person... which is a heck of a lot of points! LOL!

      Now, as to the songs that I picked to set to music. Yes, I picked two. The thing is, if commissioned to do so, I could set every one of these songs to music. They all have a lyric sense to them, in that they foster an emotion of one sort or another. Teamcoltra's kick*ss tribute to John117 as well as his song of PWNage and vengence made me think of heavy guitar riffs, and M_O_DuFrense's Tribute to the PIllar of Autumn made me think of a men's chorus, with a horn beneath... and perhaps a snare... very mournful. JulyFlame's And I see the halos... also evoked a lonely but orchestral feeling. AllisonTex's Covenant Song intrigued me, because as music from an alien culture, it was tempting to go really experimental with it... a la Farscape. Which might have been a bit more alien than you guys might be into, lol. And AllisonTex's Hiding in Coagulation was hilarious... but I didn't think I could afford to hire the entire cast of RedVsBlue to sing it for me! smiley8.gifChugabooe's tribute to the psychological comfort of the XBox was something I could definitely relate to and seemed like it needed a Kate Bush voice with a cello, don't you think? I adored Quikthnkr's Pwnage Extravaganza Duet... but it just screamed BeBop Blues progression to me... and I did promise some original music. I thought a blues riff would be sort of a cop-out. Strix Alpha's song of medical mayhem was hilarious (I sort of see Burl Ives doing it with sleigh bells... but then, I'm weird), and I was moved by Frankfurter's two offerings: the Emerge from Hiding poem and the prose about the soldier getting ready for battle. Terrific, and I think they'd be great read over some cinematic riffs... and foley effects.

      But ultimately, there were two songs that, when I read the lyrics out loud (as I did all of the entries), musical ideas just sort of bonked me on the head and then started swimming around in my brain for the next week. And once it gets stuck in there, you have to do it.

      The first I chose was VertigoX's tribute to York and Dee. That song will be performed on almost all live instruments by me and some other folks, and so will take a little while to get to you. I even found another singer. I think you will enjoy it.

      The second was by SnowJade:
      Bless Red versus Blue
      Another day may go through
      Thank goodness, yes. Phew!

      I've got the link below. Be sure to listen all the way through... so you will feel calm and peaceful once again. Also, this is NSFW as it is chock full of RedVsBlue clip goodness which means lots and lots of swearing, lol. Also, I never realized just how many times they use the word "Run!" in this series. Someone really ought to start keeping track.

      Thanks again to everyone. And, now: Click HERE to enjoy SnowJade's performance as she reads her Haiku ...as OboeCrazy and I (and the cast of RvB) back her up. RUN! RUN!!!

    • Gamer help, please!

      12 years ago


      My son Spyton called me earlier today. Through a string of strange circumstances he's gotten stuck down in Florida with his grandparents for the weekend, which means no internet for three days. Usually I'd tell him to suck it up, but he's had an absolutely dreadful week, and I'd like him to be able to have some gaming fun.

      He called me earlier asking me to Google to find out the question:

      Which maps in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne still have the original Steam Tank?

      I have never played Warcraft 3 (But Spyton loves it) and Spyton tells me that in Warcraft 3 the "Steam Tank" was changed into a "Siege Engine" which "sucks" and Spyton says he is sure there are some maps that have the original "Steam Tanks."

      Do any of you guys know? I can't find the answer on Google, probably because I am not looking at the right sites.

      Also, please go vote at my Lyric contest. Right now the front runners are 1, 3 ,5, 7, 9 and 10... I think.... I'd like to have the voting go until Sunday around noon and then we'll tally the votes and then I can alert my sponsors to begin endowing their mod points upon the winners. Phew!

      To reward you for helping me out with these two tasks, here is the next Steve & Lois. Ah.... so some of you are beginning to see my madness has a method, right? Muhahahaha!!!!

      Halo Action Figure Theatre: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles.
      Episode 32: Banshee Footsie ("Le Dame Blanc"]

      PS: For 5 mod points, can any of you guess what I called Aletheia's sister ship? Remembering of course that I name just about everything in this series after something Halo or RvB-related....

      Today's Vocabulary Words

    • The Tower of Babel

      12 years ago


      I received the following personal comment yesterday from my good friend Halochief89 after he sent me a link to this cool (but mildly anti-Nintendo, lol) image he drew:

      He elnea verstehst du was ich sage, oder ich mußt dir es erklären. Kannst du mir zeigen, wie sowieso du deine Comics nicht die Tätigkeit Tabelle eine färbst, aber die, denen du mich zeichnest, die anderen Künstler wie mckay Luke und galim gefragt haben. Irgendeine Weisen yea Hoffnung, die ich erhalte, mit dir bald auf Phasenschwätzchen zu sprechen.

      Now, I barely speak English, let alone German. The only phrases I know in German were taught to me by three different friends:

      Ich brauche eine gurke! (I need a cucumber!)
      Wo ist das Klo? (Where is the bathroom?)
      and the dubious phrase: Machen zee Schnell, schvinehund! (Go fast, pigdog!) which I am pretty sure isn't actually German.

      I think only the middle friend was actually trying to be helpful.

      So, anyway, I plugged Halochief89's message into the Babel fish translator at AltaVista to figure out what he was asking... and sent a reply. Anyone who has ever used an online translator, and then plugged the "translation" back into the "German-to-English" translator, knows that a lot of what you get is complete gibberish. Here is the conversation Halochief89 and I have had thus far, with the reverse Babel translations in italics:

      HALOCHIEF89: He elnea verstehst du was ich sage, oder ich mußt dir es erklären. Kannst du mir zeigen, wie sowieso du deine Comics nicht die Tätigkeit Tabelle eine färbst, aber die, denen du mich zeichnest, die anderen Künstler wie mckay Luke und galim gefragt haben. Irgendeine Weisen yea Hoffnung, die ich erhalte, mit dir bald auf Phasenschwätzchen zu sprechen.
      He elnea you understand which I legend, or I must to you it explain. You can show me, how you do not color your Comics anyway the activity table one, but those, for which you draw me, which asked other artist like mckay hatch and galim. Any pointing yea hope, which I receive to speak with you soon on Phasenschwaetzchen.

      ME: He Halochief89. Warum bin ich Ausschnitt Verbindung zur Hälfte? Nicht können Sie in Ihrer eigenen Abbildung färben? Ich habe kaum Zeit, meine eigenen Projekte zu tun. Ich habe nicht Zeit, Ihre Projekte auch zu tun. Haltbare Scheiße, Sherlock. Ihr Kamerad, Elnea
      Hey Halochief89. Why am I cutout connection to the half? Can't you color in own your illustration? I have hardly time my own projects to do. I do not have time to also do your projects. Durable sh*t, Sherlock**. Its comrade, Elnea

      HALOCHIEF89: Nr. Im dich fragend, wie du Ihr durch Schritte färbst
      NR. Asking in you, how you color it by steps

      ME: Lichten Sie es innen ab. Bilden Sie dann den Kontrast sehr hoch, also sind die Linien sehr schwarz. Färben Sie ihn dann innen. Welches Programm verwenden Sie?
      Make a blueprint it inside. Form then the contrast very highly, therefore the lines are very black. Color it then inside. Which program do you use?

      HALOCHIEF89Ich benutze photoshop Elemente 3.0 yea so Hows das Verrottenkriegplakat. Ein Photo von ihm machen.
      I use photoshop elements 3,0 yea in such a way Hows the gang war poster. A photo of it make.

      ME: Ich habe keine frelling Idee, über was Sie sprechen. Können wir auf, französisches oder spanisch zu sprechen versuchen? Lassen Sie uns wieder beginnen.
      I do not have frelling idea, about which you speak. Can we try to speak up, French or Spanish? Let us again begin.

      ...so you see my problem. I can't actually send a message in English, because that would be admitting defeat. But I have no frelling (note, also spelled "frelling" in German) idea what he's asking, and I am also fairly confident he has no idea what I'm trying to say either. How do I get out of this? I tried to suggest trying French or Spanish because I actually think I could puzzle through those messages. I'm thinking of pretending I've suddenly lost the ability to type. Or possibly starting a new account. Any suggestions of how to get out of this sticky internet etiquette conundrum would be greatly appreciated!


      Also, go vote at the lyric contest. Only a few days left to pick the winners!

      Also, send me your messages for Ben Browder at BensFanBook@mac.com. Like before Battlestar Galactica is on Friday... which is 8PM CST.

      Machen zee Schnell!!


      Today's Vocabulary Words
      Phasenschwaetzchen <----I have no frelling idea what the frell this means.


      PS: My son Spyton can't seem to stop playing this game.

      **The author does not encourage the use of the phrase "Durable sh*t, Sherlock" with any but the closest of friends. And even then, it should only be used in German.

    • As pithy as I can be...

      12 years ago


      Before anything else, I'd like to remind folks to please go vote at the lyric contest here. A total of 1000 mod points are up for grabs for three lucky winners and I want everyone's work to get the recognition it deserves. According to the site I have over 250 watchers. Go take a look. I promise it will take less time to look at those entries than to read one of my long winded journals, lol.

      So, to keep this quick, so you can go look at that, here is the next issue of the Steve n' Lois Chronicles (I promise we'll get back to Steve!).

      Episode 31: Extra Pockets ("La Prison")

      PS: I got a PM from someone concerned about a the amount of death and tragedy in my Halo Action Figure Theater series. C'mon. It's me! You know it will all work out in the end for everyone! ...well, BigNiceJohn will always be a giant Canadian, but we love him that way. And I'm sure he'll eventually pass that ID transponder. smiley8.gif

      PPS: I've had a number of people write and beg me to extend the deadline for Ben Browder's message book. So, because I am spineless, now people have until Thursday to send me the messages for Ben. But that is the deadline for real. I have to send it to the courier! Send to me at Elnea@mac.com and I'll get your fan letter in there.

      PPPS: There is no rule six!

    • HAFT Index - & Issue 30

      12 years ago


      Over at my iWeb site all my Halo Action Figure images are a bit small, and I thought I'd make another index here with links to the larger versions, as well as giving you the next issue. 30 47 issues! Wee! I'm completely loony!

      Halo Action Figure Theater: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles.
      Episode 1
      Episode 2
      Episode 3
      Episode 4
      Episode 5
      Episode 6
      Episode 7
      Episode 8
      Episode 9
      Episode 10
      Episode 11
      Episode 12
      Episode 13
      Episode 14
      Episode 15
      Episode 16
      Episode 17
      Episode 18
      Episode 19
      Episode 20
      Episode 21
      Episode 22
      Episode 23
      Episode 24
      Episode 25
      Episode 26
      Episode 27
      Episode 28
      Episode 29

      ...and now, Episode 30: Mint in Package "La statue laide"

      EDIT: ...and here are the following eps.
      Episode 31
      Episode 32
      Episode 33
      Episode 34
      Episode 35
      Episode 36
      Episode 37
      Episode 38
      Episode 39
      Episode 40
      Episode 41
      Episode 42
      Episode 43
      Episode 44
      Episode 45
      Episode 46
      Episode 47
      Episode 48
      Episode 49
      Episode 50
      Episode 51

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