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      12 years ago


      1. Name: Call me Isaac befriend me and ill tell you my real name
      2. Last Name: mmm no
      3. Location: Cali
      4. Place of Birth: Cali
      6. Male or Female: male
      7. Bus: ?
      9. Occupation: School
      10. Initials: D.C
      11. Screen Name: Enad
      12. Hair Color: Brown
      13 hair length-who cares?
      14. Height: 5"3ish
      15. Glasses: nope
      16. shoe size: 8 1/2
      17. eye color: Brown

      Your Firsts

      22. First best friend: Nicky
      23. First kiss: most 12 yrd olds haven't kissed someone
      24. First Sport: Baseball
      25. First thing you did today:woke up
      26: First thing you ate today: Yogos
      27. First thing you said today: Will it ever be true (its about my dream....)
      28. First Love: Jessica


      29. Movie: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
      30. TV Show: Heros
      31. color: White and Black
      32. Band: Disturbed
      33. Place to get groceries: I'm 12 i don't get groceries
      34. Food: Noodles
      35. Season: Winter
      36. Candy: Carmel Crunch
      37. Sport: Baseball and Football
      42. Animal: none...
      43. Book(s): Thief Lord
      44. Magazine: Shonen Jump


      45. Doing before you started this survey: playing WoW and Roosterteeth
      46. Thinking: about a fast leveling scheme
      47. Wearing: a t-shirt and a pair of jeans
      48. Crying: never
      49. Eating: Popcorn
      50. Drinking: Dr. Pepper
      51. Doing: didn't you read #45?
      53. Listening To: T.V.
      54. Thinking about: A certain someone....
      55. Wanting: a Wii
      56. Watching: again didn't you read #45?


      57. Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?: a Senior
      59. Want to be Married: Yes
      60. Career in Mind: Video Game designer

      Which is Better with the Opposite Sex?

      63. Hair color: Any
      64. Hair length: ?
      65. Eye color: Blue or Green but any is fine
      66. Measurements: ?
      67. Cute or sexy: Cute/Hot
      68. Lips or Eyes: eyes
      69. Hugs or Kisses: Either or
      70. Short or Tall: shorter
      71. Easygoing or serious: Easygoing
      72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Don't know
      73. Good or Bad: good
      74. Sensitive or spontaneous: Sensitive
      75. Hook-up or Relationship: relationship
      76. Long courtship?:
      77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant one: ehh either

      Have You Ever

      78. Kissed a Stranger: nope
      79. Had surgery: Yes when i was born
      80. Gone commando: maybe when i was like 4 lol
      81. Ran Away From Home: no
      82. Broken a bone: no
      83. Got an X-ray: Maybe when i had surgery i don't remember
      84. Been on a cruise: no
      86. Dumped someone: yes
      87. Cried When Someone Died: Yes my Great Grandpa died of old age at 93
      88. Cried At School: never

      Do You Believe In

      89. God: yes
      90. miracles: yes
      91. Love at First Sight: Yeah
      92: ghosts: yes
      93: Aliens: no
      94. Soul Mates:yes
      95. Heaven: yes
      96. Hell: yes
      97. Answered prayers:yes
      98. Kissing on The First date: No
      99. Horoscopes: Sorta

    • Well...

      12 years ago


      I'm broed as hell... I'm pissed... gorging myself with popcorn... damn i ran out... with no one who cares... must go slit my wrists >.>

    • 2007 Ups and Downs

      12 years ago


      Yay '07 is here!

      -'07 for cryin out loud
      -Since i had a small christmas i get whatever i want if i see it ^.^
      -Chargers are owning
      - 1 more Profile veiw for 150 1 more journel veiw for 10!
      -from Midnight - 1:30ish New Years Day we had this weird Smear the Queer game i sprinted faster than i have ever sprinted before and now i can barely walk on one leg and the other has a big tear in the skin so i can't bend it
      - I still don't have a Sponsorship... whatever that is BUT I WANT IT

      Feel free to tell me your ups and downs of your New Years ^^

    • Fortune Cookie...

      12 years ago


      grrr i've gotten this same fortune at least 5 times by now...

      "Your Kindness will lead you to happiness" WELL MY FOOT GUNNA LEAD IT'S WAY UP YOUR ASS!

      feel free to put stupid fortunes you've gotten in here ^^

    • Teh News

      12 years ago


      YAY 10!

      And yet i still can't figure out how to get comments >.>


      Good: I got Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

      Bad: I have no Wii -.-

    • Wow...

      12 years ago


      i just gained 3 Karma Levels in 1 day.. GO ME

    • What The Heck?

      12 years ago


      -.- why is everyone commenting on my Advent Children not anything else.... don't get me wrong its a great movie and keep commenting but its weird...

    • Dad the Perv -.-

      12 years ago


      My dad just told me a story which was sorta funny --

      Before he met my mom he lived accross the street from this hot girl he liked. Yet of course she was stupid. She put in a new window that was tinted or something, but of course she put it in the wrong way so she couldn't see out but you could see in. And, it was her bathroom window. So everytime she would take a shower Dad would go out and mow the lawn for a front row seat of her taking a shower and for months he did this and she had never relized it. lol. Moral of the story.. Check your windows >.>

    • How to get profile views...

      12 years ago


      For the total.. umm.. 3h ive been on (although ive had this file for days) ive seen that all the people who have comments and profile views all have girls then when i look at the mod points they have they have like 80 ive even seen ONE picture ith 205 mod points. It was a picture of a girl a hot girl... of course. Lota pervs out there....

    • 2019 years ago

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