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    • doing my part.

      6 years ago


      Erm.... where to begin? its 5:44 am eastern standard time U.S. i made this account after what might have been 3 maybe 4 years of following rooster teeth production daily or as often as i saw an update. so why make an account? well after getting off work and coming home to my pup. i thought about maybe watching the latest podcast on YouTube. it was Podcast #229. i saw this and i was enjoying it. some funny comments from Gus and Mr. Burns and just the fun energy from the show. so it was rather late so i figured i would play it and fall asleep to it like i do sometimes when i just can't sleep. but i found myself pulled from the embrace of sleep for one small moment. the stream of foul and rather sad comments to the designers and programmers on video games and other entertainment outlets. i thought about how silent i have been on product's i use and the videos i support. i don't want people who work so hard to make a bit of joy for myself and, i hope, others as well. so here i am. almost at the 25 hour awake mark typing out this Journal after making this account. so i guess i'm Just here "Doing my part." to help encourage the people whom work Hard to make content, that i Enjoy. so i guess this is the first journal and my first action in the rooster teeth community.

      my name is Endracne but you can call me En and i hope you all know i am thrilled to be a fan of all your production!


    • 2019 years ago

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