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    • Im at school...

      14 years ago


      And I hate it, crap, teacher!

    • Birthday whoohoo!!!

      14 years ago


      Well, today is my birthday!

      Im 14 yo now. yup, I dont really feel any older. Some things I already got are some money fro my grandparents and the Monty Python Flying Circus box set. It has 14 DVDs (coincidence anyone?) and its pretty funny. I also got call of duty, but I'm do distracted with Halo 2 and the occasional Marathon session. Anyway, tonight we're having pizza (Viccinos) and having my grandparents over.

      Apparently its also Mister Cheifs birthday over at misterchief.com. The art contest ended and there are some great entries over there. I luv the flash one by Cody Brigan. Anyway, thx everyone!


      This is what I wish my cake looked like...

    • I had this sweet Idea...

      14 years ago


      I had this sweet Idea, except that it will probably have to do it in the summer sometime. Our Library near where i live has a Movie Theater in it. Just a single theater with a fairly large screen. Anywway, I was thinking of this great idea. We could have a Halo LAN there, but this isnt all. Because its so big (the screeen) we could split it into four, and essentially have a 16 screen game. Tho i do think this may get confusing, if it gets too confusing we could just go back to a 4 player ladder tourney. Also, the library will want a reason to do this, so i think I'd make it so its like $10 to get in, and $40 if you want to be eligible for prizes, and the library will get the money. I dont know about the prices of any other tourneys, I played in one where it was $60, and I won $20 :) . Anyway, I think you get the Idea. If anyone likes this idea, please comment!

      Part Two

      Well, I had more to say, but I also wanted to keep the above thing at the front so alright. Just wanted to say Im about halfway converting all the red vs blue movies to MP4 for the new PSP. PSP reads MP4 so yea.... Its pretty cool almost felt like importing it except that its $430. Jeez I imported the GBA when it came out for $100 USD which is the same as the US release. Anyway, yup...

    • Ooh yea!

      14 years ago


      My xbox is modded!~!! I did it myself yesterday, it was hella easy! I softmodded with the UDE2 option. It works really well now. Tomarrow im gonna put an 80 gig hdd in.

    • Halo 2 and Halo CE Clan: Ikban Warriors

      14 years ago


      Well, I started a clan. We already have a few members, but we haven't played any games yet. We take a different approach than most clans. We support most of bungie.nets features and have a community based site. I will also be uploading all our games in video format. Our site is Ikban Warriors. Please join if you need a clan and are good. Thx!

      Also be sure to check out the EnterDaMatrix page in the rosters section to see the great stats system.

    • Interesting...

      14 years ago


      Heres one for the led zep fans out there.


      Its stairway to heaven backwards with satanic messages!

      Click play backwards and show backwards lyrics.

      It also has some other tunes.


    • Cool Theory

      14 years ago


      Red this post on B.Net, its an interesting concept that I pray is true.


    • I Beat It!

      14 years ago


      Yay, I beat halo 2. The ending is so lame... But it was really fun. Now imma go play muliti

    • Suweet Emblem Maker 4 Halo 2

      14 years ago


      If you guys want to get to making those halo 2 emblems early, and not worry about the difficulty that comes with graphics design with an xbox controller, theirs an option for you. Its the halo 2 emblem creator. I found this little dohicky on the bungie.net forums, and its pretty cool.

      it is, and hopefully that link will work. Anyway, i haven't made mine yet, but ill will make it have something to do with my clan im going to have. Anyway, cya all on live! And have a nice day


      this is my emblem!! It has my high school colors in the background, and my middle school colors on the brute face. I thought that I had some good colors going, although im sure ill get flamed for it. Anyway, I look forward to seeing some of your creations, and you can PM them to me or get a thread going. Cya Round!

    • Halo 2!!!

      14 years ago


      Wow in all holy sweetness I got to play halo 2 yesterday. My cousin got his early and he came to my house and we all played halo 2. The sad part is that he had to leave, so i only got 3 hours....

      Anyway, i dont think anyone has done this yet, so i shall generate a list of all the halo 2 reviews:

      OXM: 9.7/10
      GameSpot: 9.4/10 (weak)
      OXM UK: 10/10
      OXM Austrailia: 10/10
      GameReactor: 10/10
      VG Nett: 6/6
      IGN: 9.8/10
      TeamXbox: 9.9/10
      Famitsu Xbox: 10/9/9/9 (four people review it)

      Anyway, more reviews will probably come, and ill post those in the comments so i can keep this post here. And check out ma new avatar!

      Anyway if u guys wanna see some legal halo 2 vids, (its from people who got it early from stores) head over to
      Team NME They've got it all.
      And if that link doesnt work, its www.team-nme.com.

      Anyway, cya round the forum!


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