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      5 years ago


      Hello! i am back after god knows how long and oh how i missed this website! :D anyways how has everyone been im very excited about RWBY SEASON 2!!!!!!!! I cant wait on what the brilliant minds have came up with :D

    • 5 years ago


      Hey there! My name is Noslen and i'm new to the rooster teeth website. I thought it would be cool to list some things i like so here's my list of things i like.

      1. I really like anime so basically stuff like Sword Art Online, Naruto, RWBY etc.
      2. I have a xbox and i have a stupid name on it
      3. I started to watch rooster teeth since early 2007 and still loving them.
      4. I am in high school a freshmen and i am class of 2017.
      5. My favorite achievement hunter is ray but i love everyone else too.
      6. I own a RWBY poster and soon i will get a hoodie and shirt :3
      7. I'm running out of things to post here.
      8. My youtube is np0nf1r3. (shameless self promotion)
      9. I like cats...duh
      Well hope that gives you a little taste of what im like and i hope you have a fantastic day.
      Noslen OUT!

    • 2019 years ago

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