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    • Eat your hearts out... with a cold spoon

      12 years ago


      For back to school I decided to treat myself with a new laptop. I got a Gateway MX6453. It's a solid laptop with 1.87 Gigs of Ram (including video card), 15"4 inch screen, and 160 gig HDD.

      Today really back to school(I only have 1 class on tue/thur) I'm taking 4 classes atm.
      1 Japanese 1 (Finally got into the class, I'll need to learn the language if I plan on moving to Japan in 18months)
      2 Physics 2A The only science class of the three I can get into.
      3 Asian Humanites(combines religion, history, and culture)
      4 Computer Servicing and Repair I have a lot to learn if I want to be a programmer

      What about you guys and gals? Which classes would are you taking or planning on taking?

    • Electronic and health problems

      12 years ago


      Well I got my yearly cold at the worst time, after Christain gave his cold he got which he got while we when skiing. So I've be working at half-strenght causing me to have even less time.

      Then my xbox 360 and mouse broke so I've been trying to get repairs/replacements ; ;

      Well I hope you all had a Happy New Year....... I'm guessing some of you still haven't slept off those hangovers.

      I also have been bowling a few times last week, which was a lot of fun. I'm getting a lot better I bowled a 125 as my high so far.

      So which new hobbies are you all up to? Easy mods {You can have this}

    • Not enought hrs in the day

      12 years ago


      There is so much I want to do, but I don't have the time. And next semestre I'm going to get a job, so I really am going to be swamped.

      Christian flew up to CA on thursday, and Sunday we went skiing. And well last I remember I woke up in the janitors closet and my ass hurt.

      I'd never skied before and let's just say it was both fun and extremly painful.

      Tonight we are going to do lazer tag, minigolf(With Meagan and her little sister), and I'm going to make everyone laugh by playing DDR.

      Finally tommorrow we are having a RVB Sleep over (For those of you that haven't been to one of my sleepovers, you sleep before you come over) or else you end up like this:drunkfriend006.jpg

      Today I showed up at Meagans work with flowers. Which promptly got me the "YOUR DEAD!" Reponse. I was told not to, but I couldn't help it.

      I'll try to get to what I can before I leave for sunsplash. Oh yeah Happy Holidays lol!

      I'll try to get a contest up soon.

    • Crazy Bastard Story Time

      12 years ago


      So the day before yesterday for fun I took Meagan to the batting cages because she use to play baseball and I though it could be fun.

      I know that I'm terrible at baseball........But this bad.... Well we start hitting a few softballs and it's not going great but I still have some pride left. Then another guy and his GF show up. As I start trying to hit baseballs which the machine throws underneath my knees.... so I'm golfswing to try to hit it, meanwhile the GF and BF are outhitting me. And then Meagan getting a few good rips in.

      So yeah...... My manhood took a beating.... but I made her laugh hard so it was worth it. ^^

      Morale of the story "If your woman ain't happy, You ain't Happy"

    • Happy Festivals and other holidays!!!

      12 years ago


      Well I have be absent for quite sometime and a lot has happened to me. I know it was inconsiderate to just leave and not be on. But My last college semestre was heavy and My free time went to two things.

      Continuing my bastardly ways in gaming, but mostly I've been spending a lot of my time with my girlfriend Meagan. Especially now that I have a month off I'll probably be on a few times a week at least.

      I think I'm going to wait on who posts on this journal before I look through my alerts... I have some people with 94+ journals.

      Happy Holidays, I'm probably going to redo my photo's later(I'm not supposed to post any pictures of Meagan on myspace.com, which I don't use but I think this would qualify as the same thing, but if you have me on messagers I do have one small pic as my avatar)

      So who's still out there? *In old guy from Family Guy's voice*Where are all the bustlly arm paper boys coming to bring me good news?

    • AFC: Away from Computer

      13 years ago


      I know most of you haven't heard from me, there are a few reasons for that. smiley2.gif

      Christian flew back safely to spend the remainder of the summer with his cousin and my friend Josh. Meanwhile I've been in a summer fast track course so I can transfer to a 4 year college.

      For those that have hear about those class it takes what normally is crammed three month course in about eight weeks or so. This whole week, I did have off...... Which I don't understand..... But I won't question.... Ahh the bliss of ignorance

      That gift horse and it's mouth doesn't interested me....

      WHICH BRINGS ME TO!!!!!!

      CRAAAAAAAAAAZY BASTARD STORY TIME!!*When you hear this you'll realize why I'm so crazy that I needed 10 A's*

      I went horseback riding.................Yes I did......Yes I'm crazy....And you already knew was a bastard.....Now you seen the 10 A's in action

      Well we visited some friends of friends that live out in the country which my litte who go figure... is addicted to horse and has been pestering us for months...... a little girl that likes horse.....she really is wierd.

      Well we walked a quartermile there with me and the rest of the adults walking...And Christian and Dawn*I call her Demon* on horseback just at a walking pace. And on the way back the question was asked? "Hey Alistair do you want to ride"

      So I though why not...... I even though "It could be fun, and what's the worse that could happen"


      So I did something that I think enflamed the horse, but at the time was hilarious... I when to the songs on my ipod and hit repeat on my chocobo music....... That's right I went horseback riding to chocobo music

      I'm going to die alone...But damn it's going to be fun.... I though just imagine it's a giant yellow chicken and it will be fun.

      Well the horse refused to return the ranch after after having to heel him over and over again. After he stopped to I kid you not..... Make plays at the other ranches horse....and eat of branches of trees....

      Well actually the real pain was the spine slamming into my crouch......that pain cannot be put into words....EVER... I'm going to get through all my alerts another day.

      I hope your all doing well and hope to hear from you all soon. Now that I have more time expect to see my return smiley0.gif

      Currently listening: Well my new playlist called Amped with lots of Hard and songs with great beats to drive to.
      Currently watching: I can't wait for the premiere of Monk and I'm psyched about Psyche


      This is what a chocobo is like in Final Fantasy. You ride it like a horse because it's much faster than walking and you aren't attacked


      If you wonder what's going on. Christian got owned and had me come to Raise him back from the dead. Since I had time I took this shot of my chocobo teabagging him. smiley0.gif

    • I'm GOING IN!!!

      13 years ago


      Well after I posted my new images. One of which I have to wait for it to get sent to me off my friends cellphone*It's a sign you have to see to believe smiley0.gif *

      But I have a lot of Screenshots that you don't even have to have heard of FFXI that you'll just laught at.

      About 60 journals to go...... DAMN YOU BASTARDS!!!

      Currently Listening to: Parallel Universe by The Red Hot Chilli Pepppers.

    • How did you survive without Me?

      13 years ago


      Well when Christain's here not goes according to plan and I can't even begin to get decent schedule*I truely hate that word*

      I'll put it this way.... This week I've been up to 11am once even 7pm. Not to mention Christain stealing my wireless keyboard for his 360. *Sigh*Crazy Bastard

      So using my pc has been tricky. Been listen to a lot of music especially when I drive. Which brings me to my though of the day. My liscene makes me look Arabian... Not that there's anything wrong about it. But damn..... I hope I don't get pulled over...again.

      While Christain has taken to FFXI he has done somethings that are just wrong.

      Lets just say he does somethings that are just evil involving collsion detections.

      That poor tunnel worm never saw it coming.......

      I'll continue my list and provide another soon.

      Currently Listening to: Coming Undone by Korn
      Currently Watching: Season Finale of The new Doctor Who*I assume Rose dies in this especailly because of the Preview*

    • Top Ten Luckiest Bastards

      13 years ago


      In no particular order

      Techi*The orginal* from Tenchi Muyo etc
      Kechii from Ahh My Goddess
      Shinji from Evangelion
      Takeya from DearS
      Hideki from Chobits
      Negi from Mahou Sensei Negima
      Keitaro from Love Hina
      Caboose from RVB and my friend
      Taro from Hanuyoko Maids
      Yuusuke from Green Green

      Please realize that this list is keep to those that didn't have to seriously fight with a few expections. IE I would have including a few Gundam Pilots except from the hardships they faced

      I'd like to see how you'd rate these in your top ten, but first I will do a journal on each lucky bastard and the one who gets the most votes will be the one crazy bastard to rule them all smiley0.gif

    • "Barrowed" From Grif who stole from Noir

      13 years ago


      Fill this out in a comment and I'll mod it

      1. What color are your kitchen plates? We have plates? We have a kitchen? I just use a mic and some paper plates

      2. What book are you reading? Fast Food Nation/ Manga

      3. What color is on your mouse pad? Sacramento Kings logo so Purple I guess

      4. What's your favorite board game? Stratego FTW that or Monpoly or Taboo

      5. Least favorite smell? Christian's farts

      6. What is the first thing you think of when you get up in the afternoon*edited*? I got back to bed

      7. Favorite color? Blue

      8. Least favorite color? Light Red*Hehehehe*

      9. How many rings until you answer the phone? My cell 2 and I don't answer the home phone unless I'm sure I have to and that's like 5 rings

      10. Future child's name? If I have childrent the world would end so maybe Armmeggedon

      11. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

      12. Do you like to drive fast? No I'm only 5 mph over the speedlimit except on the highway

      13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Not anymore he keep stealling the covers
      14. Do you like thunder storms? sometime but I fear electro magnetic short because of all my equipment

      15. What was your first car? Probably going to be a Toyota Camry

      16. What is your sign? Libra

      17. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes

      18. If you could have any job, what would you be? Bill Gates

      19. If you could have any color hair, what would it be? Blue

      20. Is the glass half full, or half empty? Filler up!! Actually Half Full

      21. Favorite Movie? The Matrix

      22. Do you type with your fingers on the correct keys? Now I do

      23. What's under your bed? Baseball bat

      24. Favorite Number? 14 and 2 and 7 hence 2*7=14

      25. Favorite sport to watch? Basketball/Football

      26. Your single biggest intense pain? My little sister

      27. Person most likely to respond? Grif I borrowed it from him.... You all had better respond though *shakes his fist*

      28. Person least likely to respond to this? everyone else

      29. Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup FTW!!! Mustard is crap...

      30. Hamburger or hotdogs? I'm a vegatarian but I never liked hotdog

      31. What is your favorite season? Fall nice and cool and when I was born

      32. The best places that you have ever been? LA minus nearly getting hit by a car and losing my glasses in the ocean, and all the hobo's on the beach

      33. What screen saver is on your computer right now? Random wallpapers from my archive and I do have a Gundam Wing screensaver

      34. Favorite fast food? Taco Bell, Mexican Pizzas FTW!!!

      35. Your birth name: Alistair Reynard*French for Fox* Norris

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      where are you? T_T

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      you like gundam and therefore i like you. hello.

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      if you would like to know what I look like click here

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      are you back yet? T_T


      12 years ago

      Hey man, could you do me a quick favor and comment in my journal? i need opinions in my poll for my government final, and this would really help me out. thanks

    • bluteam

      12 years ago

      you haven't been here in a long while so here's a video I had posted back:

      Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series (Episode 14)

      don't let the title baffle you, it makes fun of it. I thought it was really funny, episode 14 is my fav. so far. enjoy.

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      where are you!

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      please pass it on! or post this as a journal!
      Since you are "My crazy bastard Perverted Guy friend!"

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      hey check out this vid its actually a really good lightsaber fight


    • demagnetize

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      i knew you would like this but i was also wondering when you were going to comment on it!


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      If it makes you feel any better:


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      I always thought Yumi-Chan would end up with Hideki. But i was wrong, lol.


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      I like you (not that way) so I'm watching you now!

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      My crazy bastard Perverted Guy friend!
      Thank You! That was very nice! But you didn't give me that hentai yet *wink*

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      No this is Cheifsmokem's lil brother. and the reason why im a bastard..well i cant tell you but here is a pic to distract you from me telling you

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      13 years ago

      hey are you up for some Halo 2 tonight....im need to kill people without breaking the law....you know the police get kind of touchy when you kill someone

    • Deadbeat34

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      Let's try that again...


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      you know what, i like you. lol ( not attracted , you know what i mean)

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      just becuase you are that crazy

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