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    • There is hope

      7 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Finally after god knows how many years, I've convinced my mother to buy a new desktop, to replace her nearly 8 year old dell pc... Old pc you will not be missed

      The only bad thing is this new computer is better then mine because I customised it myself... I now need a new computer because if my computer isn't the best in my own home then what is the point smiley0.gif

    • Wazzzzupppppp!!!

      7 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Some of you may remember this reference fondly, some of you may think I hate that damn advert, some of you may be like wtf? Does Wazzup mean? Wazzup is what lazy people said before they started texting wuu2
      Here's the link I was only referencing the 2000 version but the 2008 part was cool too... it's all the same guys... can't you post a youtube link without it embedding itself at the bottom of the journal makes a regular long journal look super long...

      Anyway what is up? It nearly the end of August already, I've got an exam next Wednesday I believe, which I already failed so I'm resitting it so I don't have to take the class again... Economics sucks, which is why I didn't care the first time enough to pass it.

      Anything else, Eurogamer Expo is coming up end of next month, really want to go, went last year and loved it, want to see if I can meet up anyone from the site at this, I know there is a Achievement Hunter presence, but I'm unsure which day they will be attending.

      Some of you may know that there is RVB:UK going on in October just before the MCM Expo, which I really really want to go to but I just don't know if I can get time off from University and work to go back to London a month after I've been for Eurogamer Expo which I've already got time off from work and know there is no University at that time.

      This just turned into a pretty long journal, so I'll leave it with something amusing that happened to me today... well not to me but I saw it and laughed my ass off, LMAO if you will...

      So it was raining pretty heavy today and I was at work, customers keep coming in soaking wet, dripping all over the tiled floor infront of the counter, there's a carpet by the door most customers dry there shoes as you'd expect but there is one girl without the comprehension of drying yours shoes when you come in from the rain, to a possible slippery surface, she walks in and shes is actually standing on the carpet and looks over to the wall furthest from the door which is maybe at stops 3 or 4 steps away from her, the girl is looking at the wall and takes precisely 2 steps forward both feet are now on the tiled and wet floor while she is still looking constantly at the pictures on the wall... you may see where this story is going... now don't think banana peel think car driving over oil, shes manages to slide along the floor without loosing her footing, I am behind the counter quite abit back and I'd swear if I didn't know better it looked like she was flying, she tries to get some sort of balance by wildly grabbing at the air and then BOOM!! FACE AGAINST WALL... and then her friend comes in and orders some food, I don't know what's more funny the faceplant or lack of care for friends well-being when hungry

      I leave you with this image smiley0.gif

    • So it's Monday

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      I've been thinking I'm forgetting something all day I couldn't put my finger on it... I made plans to go watch Harry Potter this morning even though I've already seen it...

      Got some exercise... ate plenty of food... went shopping... WTF was I missing all day... it's MONDAY Red vs Blue at 1am

      I can't believe I forgot such an essential part of the week...

      Thank God (Or Adam/Gus) For the alerts system smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • I have been back

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      I'm still not caught up on my alerts just for peoples journals I must have atleast 200 journals to read thats after clearing a bunch as well, I have 6000 replies between 4 threads.... yeah I just can't keep up with it since I came back... its been 3 days and its seems like everytime I've finished reading one persons journal another 2 pop up... ahhhh sucks to refuse to clear alerts

      So obviously I've been doing other things or else I should have made atleast a dent in ^^^ all of those alerts... well actually I finally paid off my car after working everyday last week with some money too spare, so naturallly if theres money in my pocket I have to spend it, no new games out you might say this is true but how about old games that I couldn't buy due to lack of money...

      So I've been playing Mortal Kombat some Guitar hero 6, Dirt 3 is on the way, I have way too many games right now I need to finish some and trade them in for more games :D

    • So I'm going A.W.O.L.

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      I've been working since last Friday everyday, and I'm struggling to keep on top of any alerts for journals or threads/forums, and I've still got work everyday until Monday I hope I get Monday off, when I do get a chance to look at alerts I'm too tired to concentrate from all the work so I've decided I'm going to let everything build up and I will simply read it all in a couple of days...

      I already have over a thousand replies from threads and comments I'm watching... however it's the journals that concern me the most, some people already have 4 journals I haven't read... I watch 104 people so this could build up very fast.

      I will be back in a couple of days, if I have less then 10k replies journals to read I will be disappointed... if it's more then 20k... I may just clear a few alerts

    • God help me!!!

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Ok so Ponies... I saw this fad bubble to a tipping point and I wanted to cry, a lot of people watched it and apparently enjoyed it enough to speak publicly about it, so this isn't a personal shame it's something you openly recommend to people... to this end I watched the first 2 episodes on youtube yesterday...

      Friendship apparently is magic... that's a fact... it's not even close to the worst kid's show currently available to that age range, I'd say it's half watchable, but the music parts don't float my boat, not into ponies singing gotta say not there best quality, I know some of there names though... ones sparkles she's the unicorn and purple, I want to say rainbow was the flying one?, then theres another flying one, and 2 more that I can't recall the names of, there are 4/5 in the main friendship group of ponies

      And then there's the princess(or was it a queen?), and some other princess that went evil so was banished to moon but it's cool now they sorted out their differences... only took a thousand years, women... am I right... dudes will back me up... ladies please ignore previous sexist statement this is a journal about ponies what do you want from me smiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gif

    • TeamSpeak

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Or Rooster Speak, so I couldn't figure out how to get it to work on my desktop, it simply refuses, as I was lacking a working microphone at the time I didn't try to much, but my dusty laptop that I hardly ever used has one built in, downloads Teamspeak on laptop, it works fine I search for Rooster speak, it comes up I click on it, people are just in there talking this whole time.

      So I've been just listening in as I really didn't have anything relevant to say, ok I may have been kind of shy, internet scary, people already know each other and are in a conversation so I just thought I'd backseat it, DaCuban noticed me instantly and welcomed me and so did a few others, I only typed to talk to people because there was a conversation being had without saying hello to the 'new guy' aka me, it seems like a cool place though people just talking...

      I recognised a few people by name, I didn't know anyone (by know I mean talked to over the internet previously) but I had heard of them or seen them around the site before, maybe I'll talk in a teamspeak one day but today is not that day smiley1.gif

    • Replacing the lost journal

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      So I tried to make a journal yesterday, I'm not pointing any fingers in Gus and Adam's direction but the site has been a bit buggy since Episode 6 was released, but my browser crashed so you all lost what I'm sure was a very interesting journal written by me about me and okay it probably wasn't that interesting but now you'll never know for sure what you missed...

      Today I purchased a bunch of Halo merchandise, 4 books, volume 1 of Halo Evolution's and the first 3 novels (Fall of Reach/First Strike/The Flood)

      I've already read Halo Evolution's volume 2 and it was better then I thought it would be, couldn't put the damn thing down... that's what I get for underestimating anything related to Halo.

      Gaming news Lego Rock Band is a bitch I hate that game so much, I've nearly completed the game, nearly 80% through the story I'm guessing, gone back to 5 star every gig on medium in the short version of the song such a pointless feature, why would you have a regular and short version of the same song when I hit 700 gamerscore on this game I swear to god it will never enter my Xbox again

    • Catching Up on everything

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      So having returned from my holidays this week, I had many podcasts to catch up on, I listen to around 5-6 different podcasts every week, my 2 favorite are the Drunk Tank and KOXM Radio (Official Xbox Magazine Podcast) and to my surprise found that episode 263 of KOXM actually mentions Rooster Teeth in the trivia question around 1 hour 3 minutes in if anyone wants to check that out

      I haven't stopped listening to podcasts since I got back, literally 20 or so podcasts I missed each atleast an hour long, also managed to catch up on some gaming finally completed Prince of Persia which is an old game which I believe is a 2008 game that I bought for next to nothing before my holidays, 700 gamerscore in less then 12 hours I actually really enjoyed this game it holds up and has a half way decent story, I also picked up Bioshock 2 for 5 pounds get your currency converters out because that is cheap especially for a game that only came out over a year ago haven't had a chance to play it yet put its on the shelf staring me down...

      But right now I want to finish Lego Rockband, this game sucks so much compared to any other Rockband or Guitar hero, the playlist is so small you end up playing the same songs 10 times in every hour, the only good thing is you can make the songs shorter so you don't have to play the entire song but still its so repetitive I've only managed about half the campaign I want to finish it so I can burn it / snap the disc / trade it in on a decent game, it is definitely my least favourite Lego game of all time... ever

    • So what did I do on my holidays

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Without an xbox... and very few opportunities for internet access, and also TV with only Turkish channels (I do understand the language but lack enthusiasm to watch any of the drama/romantic/comedy shows that are on all the time) I drew some pictures, as I have 2 months of no educational responsibilities ahead of me I think I may draw some more also... maybe even Red vs Blue related

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