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    • The Real Thread for Episode 1

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      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      The stolen supply ship wasn’t to beaten up, considering the explosion it had narrowly escaped, luckily for those aboard it was empty and wouldn’t be missed in the chaos, the guy driving was getting restless, he didn’t like to be by himself, at the best of times, although no-one onboard is ever truly alone, the light grey armored soldier had enough of his solitude and set the ship to auto-pilot, they where closing in on there destination. A voice came from nowhere “What are we doing here?” the soldier simply chimed “If I knew Psi, you’d know about it
      He got up and walked out of the cockpit, we walked down the corridor and saw the crew quarter’s door was open, and the room was empty, he continued along to the cargo bay, the soldier sees his 2 companions in the centre of the room.
      He observed them both for a moment, the purple one was spraying her friends armor from solid black to what looked more like teal then the blue colour of the can, “Are you nearly done? We’ll be there soon and you still have to spray my armor if they are going to fall for this” he said, a very deep voice replied “Yeah I’ll be just 2 minutes, but there’s not going to be enough to paint you blue, and the red spray paint won’t cover all your armour so I might have to mix it with some darker shades, especially to cover the dark green parts” the purple one said. “Why have you got your voice filter on?” a click is heard and then a soft female voice replies from the purple suit of armor “I don’t want those stupid simulation troopers to all start hitting on me when we get there” the light grey soldier held back a chuckle “Your kidding – “ the mostly teal friend saw a confrontation coming so before the driver could finish his sentence he said “Don’t worry they’ll fall for it Vermont, trust me, we stick to the plan, they need additional troops and we don’t need to attract anymore attention to ourselves, how far out are we?
      Vermont replied “About a half hour, so we need to hurry up, or the paint won’t dry in time” the purple trooper simply picked up the red can and tossed it at Vermont “Then you’d better get started” she said in an almost cheerful tone of voice. Vermont caught the can and simply looked at it, he thought to himself “how hard can it be?”.
      The ships proximity light began to flash an angry red, Vermont said to the now teal soldier, “Can you go make sure we don’t hit any trees or fly through a bunch of birds or anything Ri”, “Am I done Zona?” he asked, the purple soldier said “Yep, blue from head to toe, I left you some black stripes so we can tell you apart from the other blues” Ri said “Great, can you help out Vermont he’s not going to have enough to cover himself at that rate” Zona looks over, Vermont was using the spray mostly on his front, which was almost completely red, his back was still untouched by the paint “Give it here” she said angrily as he walked over to Vermont, Vermont gladly gave the can as he wasn’t having much fun trying to spray himself “Now play nice you two” Ri said as he walked to the cockpit.
      Ri looked himself over in the reflective panels in the corridor on the way to cockpit, he sat down when he got there, and looked at the many screens “I remember when we had one screen that had everything on it” a voice from nowhere replies back, “Efficient use of supplies, was needed in early models of this ship, however the interface was not a sufficient quality and additional screens where added when it was upgraded” the almost robotic voice went silent “You know we are going to talk even less then usual when we get to this Shrapnel Gorge place” a slight bit of sarcasm could be heard in Ri's voice, “Noted” the voice said, the silence that followed was broken by a very soft bleep, bleep, bleep coming from a screen on Ri’s left, ‘Initiate landing procedure’ it was flashing at him, he tapped the screen, nothing happened, “Initiate” he said as the screen stopped flashing, the ship slowly began to lower itself into a planets atmosphere, Ri looked on yet another screen that showed a trajectory and indicated 3 minutes to land, he activated his helmets radio, “Where about to enter the atmosphere, I’m coming to you”he mapped a route to the bases, from the computer simulation it looked like a boxed canyon, the same as the rest of them he thought to himself, he set in the coordinates to redirect the autopilot “Are you sure about that” the robotic voice said “Ohhhh yeah, I’m sure” Ri replied with a grin on his face.
      Ri got up and made his way back to the cargo bay, the ship began to descend into the planets atmosphere, he entered the bar and saw a bunch of empty spray cans, some were rolling across the floor as the ship arched its way down, he saw Vermont’s armor was now a mixture of shades of red, “Nice armor” Ri said as he diverted his attention to the emergency supplies behind Zona and Vermont, “Can I just get in there for a second” Ri said gesturing behind them, Zona and Vermont each took a step away and watched to see what exactly Ri was looking for, he opened up the supplies locker, and started looking through it “What are you looking for?” Zona said as she was passed a parachute, Ri got another one and gave it to Vermont “Erm, what do you expect us to do with these” Vermont said although he already knew the answer, Ri closed the locker with his parachute already on. “You guys aren’t afraid of heights, right?
      the last part is wouldn't fit

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    • Refresh Much?

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      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Is anyone else constantly clicking refresh on their browser to see if any new alerts come up or is that just me, an automatic pop-up notification like on a popular social networking site that rhymes with facebook could be used...

    • Going shopping for a new car

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      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Tomorrow, my Vauxhall Corsa seems to be having trouble, staying alive, its going to hit the bucket pretty soon, so sadly (I'm so happy) I have to get rid of it to get a new car :/ it just won't be the same (I hated that car) I had so many great memories (I want my new car to go BROOOOOOMMMM!) Corsa you will be missed (I wonder if I can get a Ferrari?)


      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      I am NOW a member


    • I've hit my WATCH limit

      8 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      Darn it, now I have to become a sponsor, very clever Rooster Teeth website, very clever... like I needed an excuse :P Now... where do I send my money?

      For anyone I have just added that is wondering who is this? do I know this person? do they know me?
      Please click the following link which will take you to my last Journal Entry and hopefully explain why I added you, or just slip me a comment below

    • Responsibilities thread

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      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      We can say what we all are going to do and who's doing what....

      So basically we aren't going to clog up this thread :P

      Every post should say some like the following --

      Episode 1
      Name=The Office
      Written by Halo Edited by Silas Grammatical corrections by SuperPi
      Part 1=Hardy meets the Director in his Office and discuss the Alpha being reassigned
      Part 2=New recruits are being orientated, Hardy manages to slip away and find out some stuff
      Part 3=Hardy recruits Wynn into his team to try and save the Alpha

      Parts per episode can vary in quantity, I divided my parts via timeline and locations every time a new place a different day. Obviously we haven't decided who is or isn't writing every episode and editing etc... on each one yet so we can discuss in waiting room or alternative thread then you put in your own ones that you are writing =D

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    • 2019 years ago

      Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches
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