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    • Concrete Goals

      4 years ago


      Thinking on what I've been spending a lot of my time doing lately, I think I need to stop doing the stuff I've been doing lately.

      Destiny is a fun game, and has very solid controls. Its mechanics are fantastic. But I've always been much more driven by story -- and this isn't a typical "Destiny has no story" rant. Rather, it's a complaint I could level against any given MMO -- there's just no goddamn end to it.

      Same with the damn pokemon bejeweled thing I got lately (or really any given Pay to Play game) -- bite bite, chomp chomp, come back for more. But there's ALWAYS more. So I don't feel I should bother.

      Need to shift time and energy into things with more concrete goals -- definitely always enjoyed surmounting an obstacle, being DONE with stuff. I don't feel that same rush when playing stuff that could be repeated ad infinitem.

      Then again, that's really just a good summarization of some of my listlessness at all lately.

    • LPL Addendum

      4 years ago


      SHAME ON ME for not mentioning @spacetree in my journal. She made the drive down from Wace just to hang with us all on Saturday; it was great to see her, too!

    • Let's Play Live

      4 years ago


      Last week was an absolute blast. Started off tiring as fuck, slamming forty hours into four days just so I could get to Austin all the sooner. Was totally worth it though -- got to meet back up with @thegovna @gpanga (who had to deal with me as a roommate), and saw a good amount of @cs5391 as well! (Also, get a better username, JFC).

      @StanLewis played a wonderful host Friday afternoon as we got to finally meet the famous Kevin. He's much smaller in person, but it was good to see all the fame hadn't gone to his head.

      The actual event of Let's Play Live is kind of hazy -- alcohol will do that -- but the amount of energy flowing in that stadium was RIDICULOUS. As George put it, for those in the VIP seating, it definitely had more the feel of a giant community event with the AH guys as wonderful background noise. I would attend the event again in a heartbeat, so I hope that it gets a chance to be shown to others.


      Thank you @Lindsay @Miles and @Adam for getting a chance at the pictures, and a double & triple thanks especially to @Adam for taking the time to talk with a big group of us before the event (and even continuing into the opening act). I really appreciate all the insight you gave into what you do and how RT works. Same goes to @Gray, who I caught and spoke with some during the intermission.

      More thanks to @AxialMatt for taking even more time when we hung out to talk with me and answer a bunch of dumb fan questions -- I can't imagine how tired & stressed you were with everything going on, and it was great to talk with you again!


      Finally, shoutout to all of the great members of the RT Community I got to meet, both at some meetups and at the Child's Play Livestream. @DWNLDBLCNTNT @SageOfHalo @JeneralArch @kriss @ileen @GB330033 @Karl and all the others whose names / usernames I didn't manage to get this time around. It was an exhausting time, and I'm so so so looking forward to August with eager anticipation.

    • Monty (pt. 2)

      4 years ago


      In truth, I'm jealous of Monty. I've been struggling for a long time to find something to become passionate about, and to hear the words of such a bright flame spoken so easily -- I belive whole heartedly in his message, and the spirit that others have been expressiong and quoting today: the idea of throwing your whole being into your art, your creative outlet, seems such an unattainable thing to me. Maybe the most I can do, in wake of this tragedy, is to redouble my efforts to find my own passion. It's not like I want to take up his mantle, think I could replace him -- that's a level of arrogance I can't even imagine.

      What I want is to find my own niche that I can become infinitely enthusiastic about. Maybe I'll be stuck on that trail for a while -- but as I sit here and try to shape any of this writing into a coherent flow, for the sake of hindsight pondering or the input of others, I have to find my own path and take my own step forward. After all, finding the race's starting line is just as necessary as finding its finish line.

    • Monty

      4 years ago


      Long stream of consciousness below.

      Ever since the initial announcement made on Friday, I've been asking myself the same question: Just WHY is it that this news about Monty affects me so deeply? At a surface level, I enjoyed his work, but I only met him briefly twice. Not a big personal connection. After the news that broke today, it's been on my thoughts without remorse. I've come to two thoughts on the matter, one in regards to his role in Roosterteeth as a whole, and a second as him as an individual.

      I've always found it difficult to really connect with other people. Was always an awkward looking fuck, and I was always afraid of being mocked for my interests, so I usually clammed up in primary school. Those few friends I had made, I quickly lost touch of upon hitting college -- it was usually just awkward to talk with them afterwards. University brought me esposure to another group of people, and I started spreading my wings and meeting new people. I found good friends, and while I was a lot less hesitant in finding people to be close with, it still ended up being a recurring thing that none of them would have quite the interests I did, or weren't enthused at all by the things I were.

      What I've found over my life is that the people that most invigorate me, that I most want to speak with, are those that I meet with shared interests. From when I was roleplaying before becoming a teenager, to video games as I went through adolescence, anime binging in freshmen year in college to Homestuck as a junior. And I've always managed to find those people online -- I can remember those people as well as anything in my life (which I find a surprising inability to remember details about anything roughly 6+ years ago). I could get enthusiastic about things, and wouldn't feel guilty about bemoaning this or that to them.

      My personal Roosterteeth family has had this distinction extended to them. I'm glad I took initiative to take part in RTX '14, and try to find others to connect to and stay with. For all of the things that weren't perfect about it, the stay at the Swag Shack Railyard last summer was the highlight of my whole year. I've met some truly fantastic people, and I'm incredibly thankful for it. It's all thanks to having been shown Achievement hunter back in early 2013, from a mix of my friend Larry to seeing posts on LP:MC from Tumblr. So, I spare a thought for what continues to attract me to Le Cockbite.

      So initially, six loud men yelling for 20-50 minutes at a time was a confusing experience. But as I caught up on months & months of Let's Plays, I properly learned the dstinct personalities, and gained immense enjoyment out of the hours & hours I watched. Once I ran out of AH content, I ventured into RT at large -- rediscovered Red vs. Blue, found RWBY, learned the personalities of the whole company through RT Life and the Podcasts. Looking after my journey with RT over the last two years, I can only come to the following conclusion:

      Roosterteeth, both the company as a whole, as well as the employees that make it up, are my role models.

      That likely doesn't mean much to some of you, or might just accept that as the norm, but that phrase carries a lot of weight for me. I never grew up with a role model, someone (fictional or real) that I looked up to. I did not care for others in an abstract sense; I had some choice individuals I respected, but I really did not care for emulation. In entering college, as part of my scholarship interview, I had to answer a question along the lines of "Who did you look up to growing up?" and had about five seconds to pull a name out of my ass and BS as well as I had on any essay. Objectively, it might be weird as fuck to ever look up to another human; it's certainly strange to feel like a group that has no concept of you as an individual as great friends. Yet that's how I find myself thinking about these folks. They all get to do a job they love every day.

      And through all that mess I just spat up, there's the first hit: This group I love, that I've met great people through, that I look up it, isn't permanent. It will change. It will evolve in its own organic way. Like all change, this can be good or bad, and will be basically beyond my control. I tend to be too clingy, even to concepts, and the sudden shift, the lost of part of the soul, is a thing I wasn't ready for.

      For there is no doubt, Monty was a part of the soul of Roosterteeth.

      I never got to know Monty; I encountered him twice at RTX 2014: Once in a bar a night or two before ite began, and then in line to get an autograph. I personally didn't think too much of those interactions -- they weren't any good way to form an opinion, and I'm sure he had a lot on his mind at the time. But Monty is a rare individual: I've literally never heard a single complaint about him or what he has done, be it Reddit or YouTube or Tumblr. Through the reflection of the perception of others, I can only hold the greatest respect for a man who was a perpetual ball of energy, ingenuity, ideas, creativity, and passion.

      And to lose that beacon, that energy, is devestating.

      Seeing the effect that he has made upon the Roosterteeth community that I've observed, what he has inspired in the artists I know or watch, or the people that love his work -- it's devistating. I've never been fond of celebrities -- distant personalities touted in popular media as I grew up never meant a thing to me. But this man, I saw in person, saw through video -- he is a real, tangible, concrete being, with an indisputable force.

      And he is gone.

      So point the second: He's gone, and it hurts to be confronted with that cold, hard truth: We're not here forever. We don't always get tomorrow, we don't always get the chance to make up the time lost.


    • 4 years ago


      Totally forgot that the RWBY event next week would be ALL of volume 2 streamed.


    • RWBY Times

      4 years ago


      I'm ready for the new episode today, and even more stoked to head to Austin next week for the season finale event. Hopefully with this to look forward to, I can pull myself out of the weird slump I've been in for a while.

    • 4 years ago


      Just finished Shadows of Mordor on the Xbox One. Got to actually make use of some Achievement Hunter achievement videos! Dragged on a bit at the end, but overall pretty solid.

    • 4 years ago


      Decided to take a trip up to Austin and join in the RWBY watch-a-long. I loved the huge group that gathered on Saturday night for RTX14 to watch Volume 1; definitely hoping to relive that. Feeling a little alone in my enjoyment ever since ditching some schmucks at ABIA.

    • RWBY

      5 years ago


      Finally watched through all of RWBY. I had started several months ago, but didn't enjoy how short each individual expisode was, so meant to wait for a handful to come out before watching all at once. Then kind of forgot.

      I'm glad being part of the community, as well as listening to Internet Box podcasts, got me to properly finish it. Definitely looking forward to season 2.

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      5 years ago


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        What you want

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