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    • Rooster Teeth 14th Anniversary

      2 years ago

      ExoticImmortal Brittany

      I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth for about 6 years now. I remember watching my first video like it was yesterday; Michael's Rage Quit for Impossible Game. I fell into the incredible wormhole that is Achievement Hunter, then my love grew from there.

      I have been watching this amazing company grow and expand since then, and seeing all of their amazing content! I truly have found a group of people that I can relate to and have inspired me to be a more caring and creative person.

      I grew up in a very stressful abusive home, and I found myself angry and confused most of the time. I was creatively repressed and just genuinely unhappy with my life. As a young girl who was bullied through middle school and most of high school, I felt very lonely and did not have any real friends.

      When I found Achievement Hunter, I found that I could smile more and whenever I was upset and life was holding me down, I would shut away in my room and just watch hours of their Minecraft videos, RT podcast and so much more. These crazy guys all sitting in a room together, playing video games and making fun of each other became my best friends. They were so open and honest about who they were, that I wanted to be like them in that way.

      It took me many years, but I finally feel like I am in a better place mentally. I think a lot of that growth came from watching their content and listening to them talk about their struggles. I feel that I have grown along with them. 

      So to everyone at RoosterTeeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and so many others behind the cameras, THANK YOU. You all helped me through my most depressing times, when I needed to laugh after a hard day, when I felt like I was never going to amount to anything you guys encouraged me to keep going because one day things would work out. Thank you for being true to yourselves and being creative, and just being GOOD PEOPLE. I love you all and I KNOW that you guys will continue to thrive for MANY more years to come.  heart 

    • Monty Oum, you live on through us always.

      2 years ago

      ExoticImmortal Brittany

      I have been slowly showing my mom RoosterTeeth content over the last three months and now she can't wait to watch the RT Podcast, On The Spot, and Off Topic with me every week. 

      On my laptop I have the RWBY poster set as my background, and today she asked me what it was. Now, knowing my mom has never watched anime in her life, I struggled at first to find a way to explain this amazing series to her. I kept it simple, focusing on just the main 4 leading ladies, and she really liked the premise.

      Of course, I couldn't leave out the tremendous creator of the series, Monty Oum. He was a genius beyond measure, and he left us way too soon. As the new season enters it's third episode, I can't help but notice how it has made leaps and bounds visually and emotionally. I know in my heart that Monty would be SO PROUD of the RT Animation for continuing his vision and doing it justice. 

      Monty, you will always be remember by this amazing community. We love you and miss you terribly. You will live on through us always and forever, until forever ends.

    • Let's Play Live NYC

      2 years ago

      ExoticImmortal Brittany

      Holy crap guys! LPL NYC was tonight and it was just amazing! It was a really great cast with Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and Cow Chop! Really loved the theme of the night, USA USA!

      Fathom Events did an amazing job in streaming across the country, so cheers to the technical crew behind the scenes! Also, a shout out to the crew behind the show itself, you guys did an incredible job keeping the technical difficulties to one incident in the very beginning. Then again, it WAS Gavin's station, so you really had no way to avoid that HA! 

      Looking forward to a possible Let's Play Live event in Florida, don't care where it is, I WILL DRIVE THERE! Love you all!

    • I am attending the "Let's Play Live New York" - Fathom Event, Sat. Oct 8

      2 years ago

      ExoticImmortal Brittany

      So as the title says, I will be attending the Let's Play Live Fathom event at my local theater in Jacksonville FL! I am totally out of my mind excited! I'm looking forward to  experiencing the awesomeness in store with my fellow RT/AH community members. I've never been to any previous events or meet ups, so this will be my first, which makes me just a tad bit nervous. BUT I am determined to not let my nervousness stop me!

    • 4 years ago

      ExoticImmortal Brittany

      It's crazy that I've been on this site for only a year... It feels wayyy longer than that! But I feel late to the party, considering RT has been around for 11 years! I love all of you guys!

    • 5 years ago

      ExoticImmortal Brittany

      Re-watching RT Podcasts! Makes me so much more greatful for the amazing people who work on the sound quality. <3

    • 2019 years ago

      ExoticImmortal Brittany
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