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    • Will it Blend?

      12 years ago


      Yes, those are real glowsticks. Yes, that is a real blender.

      Will it Blend? - 12 Glowsticks

      Will it Blend Videos

    • Free High Speed Internet by Google

      12 years ago


      Google scientists have pulled it off once again with high speed internet that has a basic package FREE! The basic free package is 10 times the speed of normal DSL with wireless and better packages costing up to $24.95/month.

      For more informaiton, go here: Google TiSP Beta, and sign up today!

      Here's a basic diagram of how TiSP works:

    • Spring Break!!

      12 years ago



    • Bored

      12 years ago



      I should probably go finish my calc homework...the internet can be so distracting (ie. making that ^^)

    • More Band Pictures

      12 years ago


      The Joust:
      Practice on the morning of the Joust, if you look in the background, 2 bands are already here for warmup for their Prelims performance; we stopped once prelims officially started.

      Prelims Exhibition; I'm the one just to the left of the 45 yard line.

      I'm the one in the middle...our spacing kinda sucked it seems, this is right at the end of the choral part.

      Me...I dunno where this is in the show...somewhere at the very end though.

      See comments for the rest, it won't let me post them all as one journal entry. (BEWARE OF LOADING IT COULD BE SLOW)

    • Band Camp 2006

      12 years ago


      Pictures are finally up on LPMB website

      You can see them all here.

      Here are a few good ones I liked.

      The chaos of band camp.
      We have another 2 walls full of trophies (to the left and behind the cameraman).

      "We were just marching and our instruments just disappeared!"

      "Mello on Water"
      It rained when we were learning new drill that day.

      I have more respect for this man than anyone else in the world.
      (composer/arranger for our band/recently retired director at LP Kenneth Snoeck)

      Mello hallway. Its more of a nook really...ok its a little nub between some stairs and some lockers...but I like it.

      We get fed really well too....(And that wasn't sarcastic, cheesy potatoes rock!)

      running back to sets...always fun especially when you go 70 yards in 3 sets (*sigh*)

      Me (w00t) one of the hits in 3rd tune.

    • Outrage?

      13 years ago


      I am kindof disgusted that roosterteeth didnt make a post on the front page about 9/11.
      *sigh* chalk that up to just another reason why I dont really enjoy this website anymore, I really only stay for the marching band thread because the BOA forums kindof suck as well.

    • 4 months later...Marching Band Again

      13 years ago


      Our website has pictures up so....here are my favorites

      Me...doing something...with my mellophone...maybe I was going to hit someone...hmmm

      I think this one speaks for itself

      nap time

      uhh...idk this is just kindof cool, even though its gaurd

      The piano makes its debut

      A rainy basics block

      1:30-Lake Park, right before carmel, the national champions

      the man with the cane is a genius....oh and look a marching band

      so thats what opening set looks like...
      (some of our legs are still together because its a sequential go to parade rest....and they took the picture in the middle of it)

      another one that, although its guard, is just kinda cool

      God...this is my favorite set because its where the mellos get the big hit right along the front, side 2, 30 yrd line....almost best place (50 is ideal i guess...but still)

      pizza slice set!

      D51-035_32.jpg D51-036_33.jpg
      End of mvt. 2

      march off...our field person calls off an order and if you mess up your out....winner got a snickers i think (hehe)

      playing our show one last time...:-\ wow now im getting reallly nostalgic..:-(

      Senior circle...we have it on the field of grand nationals finals after we break ranks...but that didnt happen this year...:-\ we didnt make finals...it was sad

      traditional seniors-at-the-pit-stop-on-the-way-home-from-nationals picture

      and now going back in time...

      the day before we left for grand nationals

      her knee pops out when she marches...but she marches at least our shows anyways...now thats commitment

      ...your guess is as good as mine

      funniest picutre of alll...


      gotta love the 2 feet of space they give you for physical warmup at nationals...

      the pizza slice/kneel set had a purpose, we had to get the colorgaurd's black cover flags that they took off and stuff em in our uniforms...(that flag used to be black about 5 seconds ago...)

      our piano...and our trumpet soloist...

      well...thats a lot already and there are so many more too look at from the regional competitions in indy and st. louis and all the local competitions we hosted/participated in...so i'll let you take a look:

      Lake Park 2005 marching band season

    • Back From St. Louis

      13 years ago



      well hmm what to say....i had a great time. Im not at all dissapointed we didnt place in the top 4 or anything. I mean, think of it this way, there were 43 other bands that we were better than. but then i must say the most fun of it all was when we were walking out to get set up for the finals awards ceremony and Lake Park mellophones ended up waiting in our line next to Carmel mellophones. we had some fun.

      Even if we had taken first, I would say the most fun of it all was talking to other bands (Carmel and a few others...I dont remember which ones) when we all broke ranks at the end.

      And to top it all off, we've finally ended our streak of bad prelims and better finals performances. On saturday we had probably our two best performances the entire season so far. People were literally crying in the stands...because of the amount of emotion in our show this year (or so i was told by one of our visual instructors). And im not exaggerating. people in our band have begun to get emotional a few times when we were playing (that was actually our biggest problem probably in Perlims) because the hit in the second tune is just so....indescribably amazing i suppose.

      I dont really know if there is that much else to say. I mean ok so we didnt win any captions and we didnt get a great big trophy. but out of 51 bands, we were number 8....thats pretty high up there when you think about the number of bands competing. but again, this is probably my first performance where the scores didnt matter as much to me as more the comaradery between bands.

      Me in Prelims Performance at theIllinois State Championships
      it was really sunny with the sun coming from behind the drum major, so if some people look like their eyes are closed, its because they are squinting

      Browse to your hearts content(for Lake Park, click on Groups and scroll down to Lake Park HS)

      Also, for those who dont have pictures of your band, Jolesch Photography probably has pictures on their website, just click on a competition you were in and see if you have pictures of your school

      State Results:


      Eureka 69.95
      Warren Twp 75.55
      Morton 77.10
      WheatonW S 76.45
      Lemont 73.55
      Lincoln Way C 80.50
      Marian Cath. 86.00
      Naperville N 81.65
      United Twp 77.65
      Lake Park 81.25
      Lincoln Way E 81.65

    • Marching Band...Again...Again

      13 years ago


      State was this weekend...15 hour days are great fun! smiley1.gif

      We took 3rd in Prelims and 4th in Finals (Finals is the one that counts) but it was because of crappy judging and trust me, im not just saying that. even our director said that he had been talking with other band directors about the competence, or rather lack thereof, of the judges.

      see my Marching Band Thread for more info...

      Ill probably have a few pics and links to more, as well as the Results and Recap of State pretty soon

      oh yeah, marching on astroturf ROCKS!!! its so much better than any field ive ever been on...

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