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    • Marching Band...Again

      14 years ago


      Sun sets ver the scaffolding at band camp

      The instrument that I play^^^

      These are pictures of last year's Lancer Joust (I wasnt in the marching band last year, see a previous journal for details but this year I god sucked in as a sophomore). Well saturday is this year's Joust.

      The Lake Park Lancer Joust is a marching band competition that we hold each year (we arent technically in it, but we do get judged just not placed because it is our own competition). So this week we have 3 practices...two of which I've just completed (last night and tonight) and things are getting pretty crazy. Hmmm.....I thought I might have some stuff to talk about...not really oh, I know

      We (the mellophones) all got new horns yesterday. The school ordered them and they finally came in. They are Dynasties (a verrrry good brass instrument company, although not as large as others obviously)

      My Mellophone

      [For those of you who do not know, the mellophone is the marching version of the french horn.....]

      My French Horn (Holton H179)

      Its a $3,000 horn...and its not like we are really rich...needless to say, my parents are realllllly nice for buying me it.

      Hmmm what else can i put in here....


      Heres the current band directer (hes been with the bend for several years (15?) but has only become the director for last year and this year.

      Our old director Kenneth Snoeck(see! he even has a page on the Bands of America website!) has been in the music/music education business for 30 years and although he may be "retired" I would bet my life that he will be writing/helping out in various places at lake park both concert and marching bands for years to come....not to mention being asked to judge for competitions all over the U.S. (he went to both Arizona and Virginia last year for competitions). I dont exaggerate at all when i say the Mr. Snoeck was a genius. He single-handedly made the Lake Park Marching band one of the best in the State almost since he first started it, and recently he again, single handedly made it the best in the nation (unfortunately we dont compete internationally...although we do take trips we went and performed in moscow one year...and france another...and other places). Yeah...it realllllly sucks that i never had the chance to have him as a band director, but I have been lucky enough for him to conduct us a few times during ensemble... and let me tell you, he is pure genius. I honestly would rank him right up there with einstein....at least in the artistic world. (He even wrote the book for judging marching bands....and much of it is still used today)

      Various Other Things:
      Last Years Show
      From Disarray
      Comes Order


      Lake Park Marching Band Official Website

      Pictures of Marching Band

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      14 years ago





    • Help Save Owasippe!

      14 years ago


      As some of you may know, I just returned from Boy Scout summer camp. As all of you I am sure do not know, I was at Camp Blackhawk (GO!) on the 4,800 acre Owasippe Scout Reservation in Muskegon, Michigan.

      Of late, Owasippe has been running low on funds and has been trying to settle a deal to sell the land to an investor from Holland. Now there are no words that I can think of in the english language that can convey how wonderful and amazing Owasippe is. If I could, and this is in all seriousness, I would simply buy the entire thing myself and give it to the Chicago Area Council, but obviously I do not have that kind of money.

      Firstly, I urge any of you who was a Boy Scout to donate money to keep this wonderful camp open. Secondly, if you are a Boy Scout, and have not gone to Owasippe, talk to your Scoutmasters about either going, or trying to help save it so that you will have the chance to visit this wonderful campground.

      I personally think they should somehow make it into a national park, although I know that isn't really a realistic solution. Just hiking through Owasippe over the past week has been amazing, this is the first year I really got to see the entire reservation outside of my individual small Camp Blackhawk(GO!) by hiking around much of the reservation.

      You can help by donating money to the Save Owasippe Fund

      You can also help by copy and pasteing this to PMs to your friends or puting a ling of some kind to here from your journal. This place is amazing and it would be as bad to me as if yellowstone was developed into a city or something as it would be to lose Owasippe.

      Just to give you a little geography of Owasippe, they have it set up with five camps, Camp Blackhawk, Camp Wolverine, Camp Carlen, Camp Crown, and Camp Reneker. All of which are for different scouts or simply the public. (Owasippe is open to anyone from the public who might want to come and enjoy it.) There are two huge lakes, Big Blue Lake and Lake Wolverine, that serve as the centers around which most of the camps are situated. Big Blue Lake is so crystal clear it is used as the swimming area rather than a pool which serves the camps other than Camp Blackhawk (Blackhawk is the only one near Big Blue Lake).

      Now you are probably thinking well that would be prime land to buy a summer home by the lake on, and you're right, in fact, much of Big Blue is surrounded by summer homes already because the camp has had to sell off so much already. It would be a shame to lose this land even more than it has already been taken.

      I won't recount the whole tale of Owasippe here because of its lengthiness, but if you wish to read it, these are pretty much the exact words they recount to us at opening campfire every monday for the next few weeks (there are several week long sessions you can go to camp).
      The Legend of Chief Owasippe

      Well...thats all I can really think of...but I will be truly saddened if Owasippe is sold. It is probably the most wonderful place I have ever been in my entire life, and although to some I may seem to be the stereotypical teenage guy, I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.

      Again the fund donation form is here: Save Owasippe Fund

      If you would like to sign up for summer camp next year go here.

      Some Owasippe Traditions

    • You have been saved!!!

      14 years ago


      I'm back...everything will return to its natural order.

    • The End of the World Is Near!!

      14 years ago


      thats right, im leaving you guys......i have boy scouts summer camp (and btw we arent geeks, nerds, or anything else you can come up with).....so...haha ill be having fun playing several massive games of CTF in the valley behind our camp in my camo (hehe...not really....i got like half a camo paintball uniform) and building 20 foot tall fires....and missing my precious internet smiley2.gifsmiley2.gifsmiley2.gif for the next week.

      i might be able to get back online next sunday...but who knows

      on another note....look what i stole from burnies journal!

      for those who arent watching burnie's journal, heres Tom Cruise Killing Oprah

      its a QT file btw....and it takes you directly to the movie download....as ive been told to warn you of on various previous occasions

    • His Dark Materials Trilogy

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      The popular book trilogy His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman is being made into a movie!!

      half of you probably dont know the trilogy but we were talking about it in the thread for the books so i decided to make a thread for the movie.

      His Dark Materials | BridgeToTheStars.Net

      147 replies

    • Well, not that many people watch me

      14 years ago


      EDIT:ohfer you wanted me to update...now im going to expect you to read all of this...even though it is one incredibly long journal post...you better read it smiley8.gifsmiley8.gif

      apparently only five people find me interesting enough to actually watch me...and a mere 8 have ever looked at my journal....well i have had 65 profile view but thats beside the point about a billion ppl have probably looked at haxx0rs....

      well, on to new and better things smiley5.gif

      after realizing i hadnt posted a new journal entry in 2 months....(boy times flies when....nothings happening) ive decided to let you all know how im doing....tahts right...all five of you.

      well im no longer single...i have a girlfriend now, i like her...dare i say it.....i love her....thats right all you naysayers and prebubescent teenage males out there.... but anyways yeah weve been going out for several months now (yes before my last journal update) and her family and i get along great (her dad is a real jokester....hehe...is cool)

      also...i joined marching band normally this wouldnt be worth of a journal entry but there were several unique circumstances about it. firstly i go to lake park high school in illionois....our marching band have been the state champions i dont even remember how many times....well over ten in the past 20 years though. (not to mention a few grand national champions thrown in there too). also, normally you would join marching band in freshmen year seeing as how not many join sophomore but im joining in my sophomore year. i was also bullied into joining by smiley4.gif several females. (what can i say....the females tend to have a certain power over me angel_smile.gif after my girfriend begged me to, another girl i know who is a friend of mine whos whole family was in marching band threatened to burn down my house, and several pleas to join by older members of the mellophone (marching french horn) section to join, i finally just joined. for those of you who are or were in marching band...its great fun actually....the rookie camp was just this past week and we learned most of the commands. another thing that makes marching band at lake park a slightly different experience from other schools is the fact that it is an entirely extracurriculer activity here. at other schools its mandatory, if your in a concert band your in marching band. not at lake park. also, most other schools practice about twice as much as we do, and we still come out on top most of the time. schools are starting to get better though because they are learning from what we have done in the past.

      (wow that was a long paragraph)

      hmm.....yeah we had two parades we did in marching band also before school ended...which brings me to yet another change in my life since i last posted. NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

      im even more glad i joined mb now because during summer theres hardly anything to do smiley4.gif well i could go hang out with my gf but i cant do that all the time so now i go to marching band too thats fun....my summers have always been boring...i usually find myself sitting in front of a computerscrean telling firebats to move here or gripping a ps2 controller with white knuckles trying to snipe someone with an M40A1(add in the occasional lawn mowing and you have an idea of what my past couple summers have been like). well this one should be great. not only do i have the bell trip, (my church has a bell group that my girlfriend is in and my sister was in and several of my male friends are in) [bells are not sissy....they are actually fun because we get to go to florida haha losers] {o and btw i live in northern illinois....suburb of chicago....we dont get much florida weather and the beaches of lake michigan....sry no...im not gona swim in that lake for the life of me}

      and well thats about all.....for now....hehe maybe ill get around to updating by the time S4 starts smiley4.gifsmiley8.gif

    • Indiana Jones (4th)

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      Killer Movies: Movie Headlines

      Begin Discussion:

      + possible plotlines
      + are you anticipating it?
      + will it be worth seeing or just a lameass attempt to get more boxed set dvd sails
      + whats with lucas rejecting everyones scripts???

      73 replies

    • Ender/Orson Scott Card Books

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      i found these books very intriugeing and they kept my fascinated nearly all summer. id link to his website but it seems to be down...i only finished the storyline that follows ender though...the shadow puppets and shadow of the hegemon and those which i think follow a different person through enders adventures (Achilles? i think?) are on my list to read this summer though

      20 replies

    • Apollo 13: "Houston, we have a problem."

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      I dont know....something about this movie...its just dear to me.
      Maybe it is because I have loved space since I was young, not so much anymore, but when I first saw it, i loved it. (and the score has a lot of french horn...best.instrument.ever. which i happen to play...great music)

      In my opinion it is Tom Hanks best performance apart from possibly Forrest Gump(and it has the CSI: New York guy, Gary Sinese...it has Kevin Bacon too...my sister likes him).

      So...for all of you who enjoyed it...heres a thread for it.

      *sigh* I doubt anyone will post here...but i just got inspired to make this thread.

      IMDb: Apollo 13

      8 replies

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