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    • My Halo Addiction Poem

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      The moment I rest my eyes I see the screen flash red,
      For the endless hours of gaming are running through my head,

      The stillness of silence is broken from the panicked screams for help, Then you hear the utter gasp of their last dying yelp,

      My adrenaline starts pumping and my heart begins to race, Everyone is everywhere and proceeding at their own individual pace,

      You can sense the bullets piercing through the wind,
      While subtle laughter breaks out when someone Teab@gs and grins.

      You hear shell casings spill echoing to the ground,
      While hurdling over the dead bodies that are abound,

      My hands begin to sweat and my pupils dilated,
      I hid around the corner and now he’s dead because I waited,

      Modding and bridging are for the weak,
      Those little b@stards have no fuck1ng technique,

      Being assassinating by someone from behind really starts to Irk your mind,

      Try Falling off the level plummeting to your death,
      or when your whole team gets booted and you’re the only one left,

      I believe many men live by their rank for the kind, which condemns control and justification,
      All is well for the next mutilation,

      Be cautious when throwing grenades,
      Men are often mistaken and betrayed,

      Some people fight for the same position,
      A shame when they run out of ammunition,

      On occasion you will see someone super jump,
      I guess the programmers gave Microsoft a bump,
      Working long hours for Bill Gates, that grump,
      All to fill his wallet so fat and plump,

      Rockets and Snipers are big weapons,
      Their impact on attack only deafens,

      When your teammate is out of reach and being attacked,
      You only wish you could be there to interact.

      I trust that I will Prevail against the odds,
      Defeating those who call themselves gods,

      My movement on the radar blinks yellow,
      All can see me… every fellow,

      I wish my pistol would reloaded faster,
      It’s causing way too much d@mn disaster,

      Dual weapons are the key,
      Raping everyone just sets me free,
      As my body hits the floor,
      I know I can’t wait to go back and kill some more,

      I yell at the count down to re-spawn,
      In the blue screen I feel so withdrawn,

      The quote “Pay Backs a B1tch” really comes into play, When I return and cause absolute dismay,

      I understand Lagging causes everyone frustration,
      This causes me to question my Bungie.net relation,
      I realize Xbox live is a large corporation and with just too much temptation, I buy the fastest Internet combination.

      I have met many team mates and joined many clans,
      This is all so much for just one able man,

      I traumatize everyone with whom I play,
      Because they mistake who I portray,
      Their mouths drop widely, being stunned with awe, They can’t understand I break the unwritten law.
      That this gamers a girl,
      Boy does that throw them for a whirl, which makes them want to hurl,

      But in the end they see, that its better I killed them and agree, I have the strength and ability, to triumph over thee,

      Being a girl gamer really shouldn’t be set as a disclaimer, but celebrated with victory and not a contradictory,

      I would like to conclude that I’m not trying to be rude, just state my opinion and show I am a minion,

      I just want to be accepted for my gender,
      There is No need to be a pretender,

      So if you run into me, and it may occur,
      Just know I am not a he but just a simple her,

      My wish is for all gamers to unite,
      It’s just that plain and simple in black and white.

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