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    • RTX London sappy times

      10 months ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      Ready for me to get sappy about RTX London again? What do you mean I've worked 3 conventions in between there?

      Okay, I'll get to those afterwards, but RTXL is still fresh. Let's goooooo

      Oh man. happened, huh? Every RTX I feel so incredibly grateful to be selected as a Guardian, and this one was no exception. And, this time, I was asked by the lovely Sole to be her co-team lead. And what a team it was. I love our Signatures family, London and Austin. 

      Our returning teammates were incredible, the new ones were wonderful, and the lines squad that joined us - they consistently went above and beyond.

      I want to give a special thanks to our incredible squad leads, Will, Chloe, Jessamy, and Harrison. 

      Y'all kicked so much butt, took care of your squads, and made sure Sole and I were functional, and I can't thank you guys enough. Really. Thank you for stepping up and being amazing. Love you guys  purple_heart

      And the rest of the team, thank you all for being so quick to learn and adapt. We made some changes from last year, and more changes throughout the weekend, and you all picked up on them and adjusted, and made sure the attendees had the best possible experience in our little box. Thank you thank you thank you!

      The Guardian fam is incredible, every RTX we rock it. Thank you RTXL guardians for being amazing and making this year even better than last year - I can't wait to see next year!!

      And of COURSE, Arileya and Boomer. You're both incredible leaders and community members. This wonderful team is because of you. We see some of your hard work during the weekend, and I'm sure there's so much more behind the scenes that we don't even know about. Thank you for your love and your passion for the RT community, RTX, and the Guardians. Lots of love  purple_heart

      I could go on forever about the Guardians, but that wasn't all this trip was. I also got to see Heathers with Jessamy, Amber, Abi, Lauren, and Shantel, and had a fabulous time. Thanks for being lovely friends. Which musical we on for next year?

      There was also the lovely RT LGBT+ meetup, which couldn't have happened without Stef/Riga and James Kirk, who are both lovely friends and great community leaders. Thanks for plotting with me and helping the community have a great weekend (and raise money for charity!)

      There are so many more people to thank for making this an unforgettable trip (finally meeting Lixxie B who is a sweetheart and lovely person! Watching Rebecca have her signing with Geoff! The Garbo heist! Hair dye and plotting with the sigs girls! Erkan's hugs! Luke organizing Cheer on the Guardians!!)

      Tl;DR - RTXLondon was incredible. The Sigs fam rocked it. I have amazing friends in this beautiful community - I wish I could see you all more often than once a year.
      Thanks for letting this American be part of something really really grand.
      Till next year,

       purple_heart Gen

    • Pre-RTX Excitement and some cool projects!

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      Happy Almost RTX! It’s been a minute since I posted here, life has been crazy with my last two college classes (EVER,) RTX prep, work, and some COOL NEW PROJECTS. 

      Let’s talk about those projects first!

      RT LGBT+

      Hey, this is a cool group of rad people. I’m SO lucky to be an admin for this incredible community group, and I’ve learned so much in the first two months of our existence.

      Zoey has been an incredible leader, and we have a wonderful admin/mod team, and a lovely community!

      From daily chats about RT content and our lives to game nights and movie nights and recording a weekly podcast (Holy CRAP Pridecast has been so much work but SO FUN to record and edit! I’ve loved every second, even with those late night editing sessions and steep learning curves it’s been so rewarding and I am so excited for what is still to come!)

      RT LGBT+ has been the highlight of my summer (so far. RTX is still to come!) Here’s to many more with this lovely community!!

      (Here’s our discord >https://discord.gg/3aRfyXM

      And a really cool upcoming project that I will share more about SOON! >https://goo.gl/forms/abyxwtusRuxR3gQl2)

      Modified Roll

      Last year, before RTX London, a group of guardians started playing DnD. And then we started recording it. And it’s been SO much fun!

      Early this year we started releasing our sessions as podcasts, and have had an incredible reception in the actual play DnD podcast community! We have people who listen to us play DnD which is WILD and we have fans and we have other podcasts we’re friends with (and I even got to guest on one? Which was incredible! That’ll be released towards the end of August!) and somehow we even got a sponsor?

      Modified Roll would be a lot of fun even if it wasn’t a podcast, and it was just a group of friends playing DnD, the podcast’s success so far has just been a lovely bonus!!

      (modifiedroll.com, twitter.com/modifiedroll, and Modified Roll on iTunes and Google Play!)

      Operation Get a Job

      I’m gonna be graduating in 10 DAYS. Holy crap!! My college journey has been all over the place but I finally found a degree I like and I’m good at, and something I’d like to keep doing. But throughout the years it’s taken to get there I’ve found a LOT of things I’m passionate about, and good at? I’ve gotten to do community and social media management, which I’ve LOVED. I’ve done a lot of audio editing and podcast production, and some basic video editing. I’ve volunteered and worked at a lot of conventions and loved every second. I’ve adored my marketing classes, and gotten myself certified in Google AdWords.

      So now I put myself out there and find a job that uses these skills I’ve learned, hopefully doing something I’m passionate and excited about! 

      I’ve been looking at and applying to jobs, but that’ll ramp up after RTX London in September (taking three weeks off between PAX West and RTX London isn’t conducive to getting a job right after graduation so… Mid-September! That’s the goal!)

      That also came with building myself a swanky website to show off what I’ve learned and what’ve done far better than a traditional resume could do (gmlantto.com) so now we throw that out there and see what happens!

      Alright, enough of that. 

      I’ve got a lot to get done in the next couple days before all the RTX excitement begins (RT World meetup on Wednesday? And Giselle’s concert? Guardian duties Thursday-Sunday! The RT LGBT+ meetup on Saturday! Let’s Play Live on Thursday! Seeing SO MANY FRIENDS that I don’t get to see every often!!)

      I’m so excited for RTX, as I always am.

      See you there!  purple_heart

    • 15 Years of Rooster Teeth

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      Happy Anniversary, Rooster Teeth!

      You have been such a huge and incredibly impactful part of my life for years now. I may not have been there since the beginning (I was only 8 years old when RT began sooooo....) but ever since I was introduced to you in 2014 I cannot imagine my life without you. Because of Rooster Teeth I have met some of my best friends, attended (and worked!) my first convention (and many many more since,) moved to Austin, and finally went back to school. I can't even believe the impact this company, this community, has had on my life, and the impact they have had on SO MANY lives! 

      Thanks for getting silly with Halo 15 years ago, and thank you for all of the incredible things you have made since, especially this community, I can't imagine my life without y'all. Here's to another incredible year!



    • RTX London 2018!

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      Two posts in one week? Is the world ending??

      Nope! It's just all the RTX hype!!
      Guardian acceptances for Austin went out, which is a wonderful community-building time, and then yesterday, after MONTHS of silence, RTX London was announced in probably my favorite announcement ever - RT messaging a community member and letting her announce it! (I may have cried tears of joy and love and support while sitting in my car after work reading everything, RT did such a good thing here, and THIS is the kind of community support that I love!)

      I'm beyond excited to return to RTX London, (I already bought my plane tickets!) see all the lovely friends I made during round one, and hopefully I'll be a guardian again! My application is in, now we just wait   relaxed

    • RTX Austin round 4, Guardian Round 4

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      It's the ~most~ wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yearrrrrr
      Guardian email day!
      I'm beyond excited to have been accepted as a Guardian for RTX Austin once again! I already couldn't wait to see all my friends and work this incredible show, but now I'm even more eager for it to be here SOON (182 days!!)


    • Podcon and Happy 2018!

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      I definitely wrote 2017 in the title... Oops.

      Happy New Year, RT friends! I've had a great start to the year with PAX South, school starting up again (I'm so close to being done!!), and working on some projects I'm really excited about! (and you'll definitely hear about at least one of them SOON tm)

      That's not what this post is for, though. Several weeks ago I said I'd write a post about Podcon and WHOOPS I never did. So let's tackle that!


      I heard about Podcon from John and Hank Green and the McElroys, who are also the creators/runners of Podcon (along with the Welcome to Nightvale guys, who I don't really follow but I admire their hard-work and creativity!) In 2017 I fell head-over-heels for the McElroy podcasts (The Adventure Zone is one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard, and I'm beyond excited for what they do next!) and the idea of a podcast convention struck every interest I have. Initially I didn't plan to attend, just back it at the level where I would get recordings of the panels, and then went Hey. I could also like... go to Seattle and attend it! Sure, why not travel even more this year, the week after moving across the country. GREAT idea! And while we're at it, why not apply to volunteer! Even better!

      So I was a *bit* stressed about going. I had a lot going on, and I knew absolutely no one who was going. I was staying by myself, so I didn't have anyone to force my company on.

      The communities Hank and John Green and the McElroys have built and fostered are absolutely incredible. I've never seen a community that is so friendly and open and welcoming. I don't know if it is the positivity that these creators put out into the world, or something else, but I have never felt as welcome and appreciated and valid as I did that weekend in a convention center full of strangers.

      Everyone I talked to, or even smiled at, smiled back, and was excited to talk about their interests. Everyone was excited to learn about new podcasts, new creators, and new ideas.

      Everyone was excited to make new friends, talk to everyone they saw, and delight in this community.

      At volunteer orientation I almost immediately made friends, and spent the rest of the weekend with them. Everyone was very friendly and creative and easy to talk to. We've stayed in contact, and I'm confident we'll be friends for a very long time, thanks to a chance meeting because of a backwards shirt and almost falling off an escalator. (Nothing brings you together like the threat of death!)

      I went to The Adventure Zone Live Show the night before Podcon, and made friends there as well, even though I had gone alone. We spent the hour long bus ride back downtown chatting.

      I worked the signature area (Team Sigs for LIFE) and every single attendee and volunteer I talked to was friendly and chatty. People in cosplay were excited to talk about their characters, people with pins were excited to share their interests, people in line for signings were SO hyped to be there surrounded by other passionate fans, and there were SO many people who had brought art and pins and other knick-knacks to give out. For free. Just because they wanted to (I got an adorable little duck pin and a TAZ print and some other little things that are lovely!)

      I didn't have a single negative experience for the entire weekend. I left re-invigorated, full of creative energy and positive feelings and a sense of accomplishment and community.

      I guess because this IS the RT site, I'm obligated to at least do a little bit of a comparison to RTX, specifically RTXAustin for this.

      I think Podcon, a first-year less-than-3000 attendee convention, felt a lot like the first 1 or 2 RTXs must have felt like - a long-awaited meeting of a community of enthusiasts and the creators they admire. I don't know if the sense of community the first Podcon created will scale as they grow, but I hope it does.

      RTX certainly has, to a point. I will always love RTX, it was my first convention, and I've made some of my best friends among the guardians. But the tight-knit community I saw at Podcon, a community that has never had a platform to connect on (nothing along the lines of the RT site, or even the old forums) gave me so much hope, and a wonderful sense of belonging. 

      I'm not entirely sure if Podcon is my favorite convention - I'm very deeply connected to RTX, and I've built incredible friendships from it. But I think if I could only attend (not work) one convention, it would be Podcon. Even just hanging out in panel rooms before shows started we made friends and chatted and had a great time - and I wish the real world was more like that.

    • 2017 Wrap Up

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      Hello friends! Happy Holiday season! I'm spending Christmas on my own for the first time this year, only partially intentionally. 

      2017 has been a crazy year, from pretty much every perspective. Personally, it was a year of a lot of firsts, changes, and big moments.

      In 2017 I traveled more than I have in any other year. I flew to Seattle (twice!) and London (and Iceland). I road-tripped from Minnesota to North Carolina via Canada, New York, Chicago (a couple times), Indiana, Wisconsin (several times), and three trips to Austin (one of which was permanent.)

      Yup, I zagged real hard and moved to Austin on my own in November. I spent most of the year planning and preparing for this, and moved to beautiful Austin, Texas the week of Thanksgiving. I've been here just over a month, and could not be happier. I'm going to try and get involved with the RT Austin community group in the new year, as soon as my work schedule calms down.

      I also took a big step this year, and finally went back to school. I took about a year off, for a variety of reasons, but in January I went back to college full time, and will be graduating this summer! Fingers crossed I can find a job once that happens!

      I spent the summer and fall working conventions all over the place, from a smaller Minneapolis anime convention (AniMinneapolis), RTX Austin, PAX West, RTX London, and Podcon in Seattle a few weeks ago! (I'll also be at PAX South in a couple weeks!) I've fallen more and more in love with working conventions, and can't wait to be at more next year! (Also holy CRAP Podcon was incredible, and I'll write a post about that later this week!)

      Overall, 2017 has been a crazy year for me, and full of growth and change. I can't wait to see what 2018 brings!

      Happy Holidays, everyone! 


    • So RTX London Happened

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      Guess what? The first post I wrote literally wouldn’t fit here! So if you got a notification that I posted sorry! I wrote a novel and the RT site said NO.  Let’s try this again...

      I’m currently sat in an airport in Iceland, waiting for my flight that isn’t for another 3+ hours— perfect time to re-cap RTXLondon!

      Let me start by saying yes, I am aware it was not the perfect event. There were bumps and growing pains and it’s a FIRST YEAR EVENT. Cool? Cool. 

      I loved RTX London. I was part of the beautiful signatures team with @LaSole @Pockets_ and seven wonderful new guardians. I got to chat with lots of first-time attendees who were so excited to meet RT Staff and I was SO excited to watch them. I got to meet some wonderful RTUK community members - and actually...

      A serious shout-out to the RTUK community. You guys have such a kind and friendly and welcoming and enthusiastic group, and I still can’t believe how nice everyone was to me, one of a bare handful of Americans at this event. The RTUK community seriously ROCKS. 

      Back to the sigs team- I was Alpha Squad lead, and I couldn’t be prouder of my squad, Luke, Noodles, and Shan. You kids seriously killed it, every signing we had we nailed, and even when we had an emergency, everyone leapt into action to take care of the issue, keep attendees safe, and make sure the signing kept running (honestly, I think we acted so well and so quickly Barb and Gus never even noticed, which is perfect) 

      Sole and Pockets were first time team leads, and you guys were the heroes of the weekend. Every problem was resolved quickly and I’m sure there were tons of issues I never even saw because of how on-the-ball you both were. Thank you both for leading the sigs team to a victorious weekend.

      The whole London Sigs team had a fantastic weekend, and I’m so grateful to have had a chance to meet and become friends with you all. Now off you fuck  purple_heart

      @Arileya and @Boomer were kick-ass head guardians. I watched them run all over the convention, all weekend, taking care of everyone and everything. You guys were amazing, thank you so much for your hard work this weekend, and in the months leading up to it. 

      The sigs team also had some assistance from freelance to be our door keepers, and MAN our freelancers were the best. You guys helped us stay organized and not be entirely over-run with attendees and queues, even when I changed the process for literally every single signing. THANK YOU. 

      On Friday morning we got a bit of a surprise. @SailorTweek @sirNARVY and @mrarcys had flown in to help out. These three work SO hard for RTX Austin, and here they were, helping with RTX London, too. I saw every Austin guardian’s face light up when we saw them, mine included.  

      You guys keep giving and giving and giving to this community, and to the guardians especially. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you  purple_heart

      I spent 99% of my weekend in our little signatures box. I didn’t see any panels, I didn’t visit any booths, I caught glimpses of center stage. I experienced all those parts of the convention through the attendees stood in queues for signatures.

      I met so many incredible attendees this weekend. I got to learn more about the RTUK community, hear stories about panels and how people found out about RT to begin with, and hear about why they were SO excited to meet Burnie or Adam and Bruce or Joel or Barb.  I held hands and gave hugs and offered tissues, and cheered as I saw hundreds of RT fans meet their heroes.  You guys are the reason I fly across the freaking planet. You’re the reason I don’t go to panels. Your the reason I give up weekend after weekend.  I love seeing how happy we can make just one person. How happy we can make 15,000. 

      (Also serious shout out to the two attendees who went and bought me coffee?? Like, that’s incredible and I love you? And also the girl who came back the day after her signing to say thank you for keeping her calm before her signing, I love you too! You’re a spider!)

      Thank you to all the attendees of RTX London, you’re the reason every guardian works as hard as we do.  

      Thank you to the head guardians, for leading us through this crazy weekend, and supporting us in our work.  

      Thank you to the Austin head guardians for offering their advice and experience not just to the London head guardians, but also to the rest of us, and for leading by example. 

      Thank you to every guardian who passed up the opportunity to attend the very first RTX London, and instead devoted that time to making it even better.  

      Thank you to the RT events team, you guys built this convention from the ground up and it was amazing. I can’t wait to see what y’all do next. 

      And of course, thank you to Rooster Teeth, for creating this community and continually giving us all the chance to make more friends, expand our horizons, and always keeping us happy and laughing. 

      Thank you, everyone who was a part of RTX London. I had an incredible weekend that I’ll never forget. 

    • I should be packing right now

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      I leave for RTX London TODAY. In like 9 hours!! (overnight flight woooo!)

      I'm super excited to meet the UK Rooster Teeth community, and I'm also very excited to help with the FIRST RTX London!! While I'm sure we'll have some bumps (every convention has its bumps), I'm looking forward to making it as great as it can be!

      It's also my first time to the UK, as well as my first time flying solo internationally, so that's gonna be fun. I think I have the row to myself on both flights, though...  laughing\

      Alright, on wards to new adventures!! (as soon as I finish packing)

    • PAX West round-up

      1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx6

      Sup RT friends. I hope everyone's having a good fall/back to school/slightly colder time! For me, fall means drowning in PSLs at work and wishing my apartment complex would turn the heat on (PLEASE) and more homework.

      So I got back from PAX about two weeks ago and I have some ~thoughts,~ specifically about PAX vs. RTX, so please bear with me as I go over this. (there are a lot of words, feel free to skip to the last paragraph for the point!)

      First off- I absolutely had a blast working PAX West. It was my first ever PAX, so therefore first time Enforcing, and I went into it knowing literally nobody. Not my team, not the leaders, not even the people I was rooming with. So it all could have gone horribly wrong real easy, but somehow, it didn't.

      I immediately made friends with some other Enforcers as we were doing set-up stuff, and even through we were different teams, we all made a point to keep meeting up throughout the event.

      I enjoyed my team (Satellite Theaters, which is pretty much RTX panels, which I've done before) and we had fun, although our theater was pretty quiet and never even got half-way to capping. So it was a lot of down time, and I'm not used to that at a convention. There was over an hour of downtime between the less-than-10-minutes of load time before each panel. It was exhausting, mentally, to be all hyped up to work hard for 4 days and then end up spending a lot of time sitting in front of a door and not much else.

       - (because of all this downtime I started moonlighting in the support room, and the folks working there literally made my PAX. They were so sweet and friendly and we all got along really well and they may have claimed me for their team for future PAXes. So that's awesome) 

      I also met a good number of RT community members, mostly Enforcers and some attendees (and also ran into @SailorTweek and @kriss who are both lovely ladies and it was so great to chat with y'all for a bit!) and found that I kept telling them all about RTX and how awesome it is and encouraging them to go to it if they have a chance (one poor kid in Sat Theaters with me mentioned he was an RT fan so he had to put up with me talking about RTX and RT in general for 4 days. Thanks, Zach!)

      I wandered through the exhibit hall twice, and it was cool. There were dinosaurs and dragons and also a Pokemon booth where I bought myself a new copy of Yellow because mine went through the wash about six years ago and I never got around to replacing it.

      Now, to my main point (wow, lots of exposition there, huh, who's even gonna read all that?)

      I enjoyed working PAX. It was a cool atmosphere and it was a tightly run ship and I met a lot of cool people.

      I met a lot of cool enforcers.

      I did not meet a lot of attendees.

      At RTX I talked to SO many attendees. We were on the same level, just a couple RT fans, hanging out in Austin for the highlight of our years. Everyone at RTX has the same base, we all have at least one thing in common - this company of dumb brilliant creative funny people - and everyone's eager to talk to other community members. I LOVED chatting with other attendees as we all stood around in lines - it made my RTX.

      PAX doesn't have that same community. You go to PAX for the content - the panels and tournaments and demos and super cool dragons you can ride.

      I didn't see a single panel at RTX this past July. I spent 15 minutes on the expo floor.

      I absolutely love RTX. I've been as an attendee once (2015), a Guardian twice, and I'll be a Guardian again for London.

      I go to RTX for the community. I go to RTX for the community and the friends that I've made and the friends I'm sure I'll keep meeting. I go to RTX to compliment all the awesome RWBY cosplays and to discuss our favorite shorts and to be really excited with people as they're about to meet Barbara or Ashley or Burnie or Miles.

      Going to RTX feels like coming home, and I eagerly await it each year. It's exhausting and a lot of work, but it's more than worth it. I've mentioned to friends that I'd work RTX every week if I could, and I absolutely would. 

      PAX was cool, and I'll definitely work more of them. But it also made me realize how much I love and appreciate RTX, and all the hard work from Guardians and Staff that goes into it, and how even with all that hard work, it really is the community that makes the convention. 

      So, thank you, RT community. 

      Love you,


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      Frwiends :D cya next month :P 

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      Happy FU day

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