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    • Gunshots or Coldness, but my ears ring

      13 years ago


      I have always found it wierd that people want it to snow so it can get warm. Yet today, I find myself in the mix with these people cause its FUCKIN FREEZING over here in beutiful Bavaria....oi.......

      My ears still slightly ring from that fucker who fired that Desert by my ears on New Years Eve. Bastard.

      "Shaq made his money in college, everyone knows that."
      --Trey Parker, BASEketball

    • Oh it hurts so good....

      13 years ago


      Just got back from boxing after a two week absense. Fuck I am sore, must hit the shower and go to bed, tomorrow is another day....

      I will say this, a boxing workout is by far the hardest workout I have endured in my life thus far and if you haven't tried it, you'll see what you are made of during it and afterwards. Now I need to get rid of this fucking huge belly.


      "Trust in my self-righteous suicide"

    • DAMNIT!!!

      13 years ago


      Well congrats to Ohio State, it was a hard fought victory over Notre Dame and I wont take that away. But i still love Notre Dame so FUCK!!!

      The game was played at ASU, where i am headed to in 3 MONTHS 22 DAYS!!! NO MORE ARMY!!!

      Got victory tastes sweet...yeah thats nice....

      *yeah....fuck me...*
      --Dane Cook

    • It finally hit me

      13 years ago


      I finally collapsed from bindge drinking over new years and to make matters worse i missed the gym. I am so fucked for boxing tonite, I am going to worked by the kid in helmet, i just know it.

      "This is how our Friday nights would be if the Nazis won the war."
      --Johnny Depp, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    • Dance Dance, we're falling apart....

      13 years ago


      Well first and foremost, happy new year to all, unless you dont talk to me cause you think you are better than i so you can simply fuck right off. But to the people who like me, hope your holidays were safe cause mine sure as hell wasnt.

      NEW YEARS 2004/5-Iraq
      SUCKED ASS, got mortared a lot and there was all of 4 women at the party everyone had to go to with no liqour....well allowed liqour...

      NEW YEARS 2005/6-Germany
      Progue fell through thanks to the incompetance of an associate, i guess i will have to go there another time, but went to Nurenburg instead.

      Started off the evening with 3 shots of Tequila, and that didnt stop.

      The germans thinks its fun to throw massive fireworks at you, especially when you are stopped at a car, not so cool. Flashbacks started, I had 2 but I know there were a lot of soldiers who were freaking out cause I saw many a german get a whoopin. Someone threw a firework at me and then tried to call me out after I just stepped on it and kept going.

      I am being good....no fighting tonite...just gonna party....

      I get to the castle with my friends and its packed, ok thats cool, whats not cool is that people think that can push anyone around and I dont respond well to confrontation...in the words of Jay Mohr...I get the snappies.

      Being good....shouldnt have watched Fight Club so many times....just gonna party...get to club....tequila shot 4...

      Countdown happens, 2006...yay only 3 months of active duty left!

      Now we are making our way through a clusterfuck to get to the club and PEOPLE START SHOOTING!!!


      All hell breaks loose, fireworks shooting off, people firing in the air, looting, raping of innocent livestock, just like being home...tequila shot 5 (for courage)

      So i am walking with this champange bottle that is now empty down a road the suddenly a man runs up beside me pulls A DESERT EAGLE out AND FIRES IT BY MY EAR INTO THE SKY!!

      So I did what anyone else would do, hit him with the Champange bottle and beat the piss out of him.

      Then I get pulled off to see that zie Polizei (Police) have seen what transpired and now want to arrest me.

      My L.A. instinct kicked and and i ran, I can run a mile in 5:30 if I am not motivated....not only was i motivated, i had 5 shots of tequila courage in me. I told my friends to meet me at the club and I was gone.

      Got to a cab and got the hell out of dodge.

      CUTE SCENE- Dance Club Nurenberg
      With another 4 shots of Tequila in me to celebrate my track and field victory, i hit the floor after i met up with my friends.

      Talked to a few more people, 3 more shots....feeling the buzz finally

      bored of dancing, only so much house/trans/rap/r&b i can take without taking a break and listening to punk or rock, head back to the bar

      Just chillin, minding my own, sharing another shot with a friend, talking to some new friends....more shots follow...

      Suddenly, the bouncer taps me on the shoulder, i have well mannered in this club so i am little shocked that he tells me i have to leave. Come to find out its 8 AM now and its closing
      time. I was nice and thanked him, wished him a happy new year, and then had him buy my that last two for the road.

      NEW RECORD!!

      "This job would be great if it weren't for the fuckin customers."
      --Randall, Clerks.

    • 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1.....1...WTF?

      13 years ago


      Make new friends and keep the old...

      and all that rubbish.


      Have a shot for me!

      "Cant you help me as Im starting to burn, too many doses and im starting to get an attraction. My confidence has left me all alone, no one can save me and you know that I want the attention."

      --Avenged Sevenfold, Bat Country

    • Around the World in 7 days....

      13 years ago


      The Vacation

      Well it was a busy time, I wish it could have lasted longer but all in all it was good. The airline comped me drinks cause I was a soldier so i was toasted flying into Chicago, which was good since it was cold there. Got to see my Grandpa and my old house in Arlington Heights, also nice. I love Chicago, its not Vegas, but its an awesome city. FUCK BOSTON! (kidding....)

      Arizona was very awesome, SO MUCH FOOD!!!! IN N OUT, OLIVE GARDEN, DENNYS, IHOP, etc, etc....I had to force myself to work out so i would not eat anymore, i can honestly say thats never happened! Went bowling, hung out with my Tattoo parlor friends and saw my house! Its gone up like 100,000 in value now. CHA CHING!!! PARTY OVER HERE!

      Met a lot of interesting people, this is not an adult site, but know that that was a fun time as well.

      Everything is pretty much set up for me at ASU for Fall 2006.

      The flight home sucked cause we had engine trouble and i was seated next to this Indian-Pakistani dude who didnt shower and keep conviently falling asleep on my shoulder and graze my hand. Even after i pretty much checked him into the wall from the sitting position, he kept bothering me. That was a treat...*rolls eyes*

      I did get buzzed good a few night for you guys, hope you all thought about me too.

      Some good news is that i no longer have duty on New Years Eve so that means i am Austria or Prague bound!!

      GO BEARS!!!

      "Everything in this room is ediable, including myself, but that is cannabalism and its frowned on in most cultures"
      --Johnny Depp, Willy Wonka


      A girl i despise for trying to ruin my life GOT HERPES!!! TAKE THAT BITCH!!!

    • Too Short....

      13 years ago


      My trip is over now, it should have been longer. I will give the rundown tomorrow, but now I have spent 30 hours on a plane with free liqour and another 4 on a train. This is also on 3 days of no sleep. Good night

      Live Fast Die Slow

      "Never Miss a Good Chance to Shut Up"

    • WTF? Cavity search? LET GO OF ME!!!

      13 years ago


      Tomorrow morning I leave Munich for London and then London for CHICAGO (where i was born) and then off to Phoenix, see you guys in 10 relaxing, fast food, drinking days!!!!


      Oh yeah, as many of you know, i have duty on new years eve, if you consider me in any way cool, please have a shot or a beer for me and post it so i know who to thank. I am only asking one beer but some people (PHAT 742 and ONEXJOKER) like to get drunk often...overachiever they are....lol. kidding!!

      Dont do anything stupid! THIS MEANS YOU FANORIA, AECONELY, ROCKTHEDEAD AND GIMPSTER,....I can out run the po po with a 1/5 of jack in me, you cant...


      "You know what I do when your sleeping? I SPIT IN YOUR MOUTH!!"
      --Stewie Griffen

      "I dont want to be buried in a pet cemetary, i dont want to live my life again..."
      --The Ramones, Pet Cemetary

    • Nobody messes with Adam We......

      13 years ago



      I just found out that I get to be on 24 hour duty on New Year's Eve. Ever have one of those moments where you were simply insulted and half of you wants to destroy anything you see but the other is simply, eh..whatever. Thats kinda how i feel about it. I mean on one hand I cant party anywhere like was orginally planned, but on the other, i know i wont wake up in another country again...yeah that was awkward....and french people are very rude. Oh well, I guess it doesn't bother me cause Ill be in the States next week but Im sure ill be a little bitter when I get back.

      Hooray for me.....

      "Well, life is too short, so love the one you got, 'Cause you might get runover or you might get shot."
      --Sublime, What I Got.

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      13 years ago

      Is this Plymouth?
      We've just come from Plymouth.
      We've gone round in a circle lads, back on the boats.

    • fluffsman

      13 years ago

      Dane cook is the man, very nice profile, your music taste is amazing

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      Merry Christmas

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      My contest has started (please go to my journal for more info if you are interested in participating)

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      neither, its walt jabasco!

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      prish the pic comment

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      got ur message, haha dont try and iceskate with out the skates it kinda defeats the purpose and is bad on the knees...lol

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    • aeconley

      13 years ago

      "How I long for a bungalow"

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      Thanx for the image comment hun

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      lol who did you do that to?

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      Thanks for the image comment man, thought it was a nice one as welll.

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      14 years ago

      lol, you got jokes....

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      johnny! your back. very strange with the disapearing acount thing though. hmmm.......

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