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    • Fatali

      ME3 Multiplayer rant

      3 years ago

      Been playing ME3 multiplayer since the beta. Two things that keep pissing me off:

      1) Searching for a Bronze or Silver level match and getting put into a Gold or now Platinum level match. When I search for a Bronze or Silver my character/class choice and loadouts are meant for those levels, not fucking Gold or Platinum.

      2) Getting kicked from a 'game lobby' because my N7 rating is only 180. I've only promoted 2-3 characters and now I have them all up to 20. I don't feel like re-leveling any of them right now so don't take much stock in the fucking N7 rating people- we all can't devote our lives 24/7 to playing to video game.

    • Fatali

      2012 Altima- Adding rear deck speakers

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      I bought a 2012 Nissan Altima base and I plan on adding some upgrades- the first of which is adding speakers to the rear deck.

      I had the dealer install a stereo (single DIN JVC KD-R328 which I plan on replacing in the future with a Double-DIN touch screen system), which they hooked up to the 2 front deck and 2 front door speakers. It looks like the rear deck is pre-wired for speakers but I just have a couple questions that perhaps someone here could answer.

      1) What I'm assuming are the rear deck speaker hook ups have connectors at the end. Would it be best to cut them off to connect to speakers or look for an adapter?

      2) While the deck has the cut out and covers for speakers, the deck covering covers the holes for the speakers. Would leaving the fabric covering the holes make a noticeable difference in sound or should I cut it out?


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    • Fatali

      Help with school coaxial TV system

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      Hoping someone on this forum is able to help with this or at least make good suggestions.

      I'm the tech at an elementary school. You give me a network or computer issue here and I can fix it, but I'm not sure if what I want to do with our coaxial TV system is possible.

      Right now we have the TV cable in, which gets split to 1 cable box (for channels over 100) and to 4 different VCR/DVD combos. Each of the 4 VCR/DVD decks is set to show a different cable channel. The audio and video out from the cable box and the VCR/DVDs are then sent to their own headers which combines and encodes them to broadcast each on a certain channel. With this setup, we can only broadcast 5 TV channels to all the TVs in the school at a time, plus our school news which feeds directly from the studio into a header.

      Having to go back and change channels on the VCR/DVD decks can be a pain and it limits what channels teachers can use, more so if any of the VCR/DVD decks is being used to show a video school-wide, and we've already had 2 VCR/DVD decks die and can't replace them right now.

      What I would like to do, if it's possible, is to filter out 6 cable channels (low number ones, except 3 since that's PBS and we want to show that one) coming in and replace them (using the headers) with our own, while still retaining all the other basic cable channels.

      Preferred Setup:
      Cable in --- filter ----- Deck1 ---------------|
      |_ Deck2 ---------------|
      |_ Deck3 ---------------| ------ out to school TVs
      |_ Deck4 ---------------|
      |_ Cable Box ----------|
      |_ School News ------|
      |_ all other channels |

      Hopefully I've explained our current setup and preferred setup and someone understands what I'm talking about and can make suggestions on what I need.


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    • Fatali

      Note to fellow Reach players

      4 years ago

      If you intentionally betray me or take down my shields/health because I got the weapon/vehicle/whatever you wanted, I have no problems doing the exact same and then some. I have no problem booting for those same reasons either.

      I play to have fun, and little shits playing like that piss me off.

    • Fatali

      New uses for old things

      4 years ago

      I'm all for using something you have for something else after it's obsolete and no longer needed for it's primary purpose. For instance, my old blackberry curve has been sitting in a drawer ever since I upgraded to the Bold 9700. The curve still works (mostly, trackball can be a pain sometimes), which gave me an idea.

      The way my desk is set up, my laptop, speakers, TV/second monitor, and xbox power brick are all plugged into a remote adapter so I can completely cut power to them when I don't need them- this is to keep those devices from vamping power even though they're "off". Anyway, when I want to just listen to music I have to have power going to all the other devices that I don't need at that time. That's where the curve comes in. I have it mounted to the wall and connected to power and a second set of speakers. There's no services on the phone, but I can still play music from the SD card and use Pandora via Wifi.

      Some may argue that it's a stupid idea- that I could just re-wire my desk- or that it's silly or whatever but I don't care. I think it's a nice idea and a good use for something that otherwise would have either gone unused in a drawer or tossed in the trash.

      Anyone else have ideas for uses to old things that might be just laying around?

    • Fatali


      4 years ago

      I absolutely hate it when I get stuck on a teach in Halo Reach that is made up almost entirely of 12 year olds. It's even worse when they have mics and try to use tactics and such, and so are talking almost the entire time and giving 'orders'- and by the time the match is over not one of them has more than 2 kills.

    • Fatali

      can't think of a proper title

      4 years ago

      Pretty sure I have social anxiety disorder, which in my case is a way to lose parts of sanity. I guess I've always had an issue with social situations, but before it didn't bother me as much. But now it does. It's maddening. I want to go out. I want to meet people. I want to make new friends. But it's like there's a wall between me and doing just that. Something holding me back and I can't seem to try to break free of it. I honestly don't know how to simply go out and meet people. I don't even know where to go. And I'm envious of those who do know. Work and my apartment are, for the most part, the only places I'm at most of the time. Usually the only other thing that gets me out is going to the store. I hate it. I need to get out. But I'm at a loss as to how.

    • Fatali

      If only

      5 years ago

      If I had the $ to spend on it, I would definitely get it: www.hellocosplay.com/bleach-kurosaki-ichigo-whole-hollow-mask-p-670.html

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      I tried switching the ports already (probably shoulda mentioned that) would I have to try all of them? Cause I think my dad only tried like the first two. Besides if that port died when I dad connected his cable in that port wouldnt it not work? Thanks for the help.

      Obviously for fairness I'll only give you the mods once.

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      I like the Random Friend Request thing you have up.

      Visual Basic or Java?

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