Well, look at that. It's been a year already? Where did time go?

Wait, it was last Saturday? Wow, I'm really absent-minded. I didn't even remember that :-/ But here we are (we? Who's we? It's been a year, and I never post anything here).

Doesn't matter. If I end up talking to the wall, I won't care. It feels good to open up and talk stuff. 

It's been quite an eventful year, isn't it, both in the forums and outside. Last year, like 13 months ago, I was working on a Plant Physiology paper, at like 10:30 p.m., and I was about to call it a day, so I was at Kongregate, when one of the usual guests wrote on the chat about Monty and how sad he was because of his passing. Others joined him, and left me guessing, "who the hell is Monty?". I guess destiny dictated that I was to look up his name that day, and like they say, one thing led to the other. When I realized, I was knee-deep into what quickly became one of my favorite shows ever, the emotional rollercoaster that was Volume 3, and I was occupying this little spot on the forum.

Now I'm finally about to graduate (yay!), we've discussed RWBY left and right, and I made a lot of good friends, some of which I've had the pleasure to talk to in chats (next time I promise to be less boring - you know who you are  barbara).

And now we're waiting for RWBY's next season. What will the future have in store? All I know is that we'll be there to see it. Hopefully it will be good.

So that's what I wanted to say. This is Fettuc, signing off.