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    • Christmas Multitrack 2013!

      5 years ago


      This is what I spent my Christmas break doing (after celebrating Christmas). It's a huge brass multitrack with a 39 part score I arranged and recorded over the course of 5 days. Multitracking is a hobby of mine and I'm very proud of this one!


    • RoosterTeeth Fan Achievements

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      I came up with some achievements for us RT fans to keep track of (and pretend the site has an XBL achievement system).

      Which ones do you have?

      Deez Thredz [ ] Purchase and own an article of clothing from the RT store.
      Ever Wonder Why We're Here? [ ] Purchase and own an RvB DVD set.
      Internet Love [ ] Have a crush on someone in RT.
      Of All Time - [x] Watch every RvB episode currently available at least once.
      Gold and Obsidian - [x] Watch every Let's Play Minecraft episode currently available at least once.
      Cancer Cure - [x] Watch every Fails of the Weak episode currently available at least once.
      Edosens [x] Watch every Halo HORSE/PIG episode currently available at least once.
      Jack's Speciality [x] Watch every Trials Files episode currently available at least once.
      That's it For Me, Take it Away Jack! [x] Watch every AHWU episode currently available at least once.
      The One That Started it All [x] Watch the original Let's Play Saints Row The Third with Geoff and Michael series all the way through.
      I <3 Jordan [x] Watch every RTAA episode currently available at least once.
      Drunk Tank - [ ] Listen to/watch every RT Podcast currently available at least once.
      Don't Scroll Down - [x] See all of the most infamous comments on RT YouTube videos at least once. Examples of comments that contribute to the achievement: *Fails just uploaded* "WHEREZ MINECRAFT??????" / "it's spelled 'week' not 'weak', I don't get how they get this wrong every week" / "WHAT IS GAME NIGHT???" / AdvancedEditionV2 "Halo ripped off CoD and I have all my facts wrong and am very obviously a troll" comments / puns with Ray's name in them / "#FreeEdgar2013" / "Don't put HORSE in the title if it's just going to be PIG" or "why don't they ever play actual HORSE anymore?"
      I'll Do Anything - [x] Desperately want to work at RT.
      Shut Up and Take My Money - [ ] Be a sponsor.
      Triple Play - [x] Be a member of the site AND subscribe to all 3 RT YouTube channels: RoosterTeeth, LetsPlay and GameFails.
      What Not to Do on YouTube [ ] Get in an argument in the comments section of an RT YouTube upload.
      Origin of Pimps [x] See the origin of the Tower of Pimps (LP Minecraft Episode 2).
      The Minecraft Effect [x] Buy and play a game because of an AH Let's Play.
      Fuel My Addiction [x] Watch the entire 2 hour Fuel Let's Play uninterrupted.
      IRL - [ ] Attend an RTX.
      Going Viral [ ] Upload (through Caleb) a Community Hunter video.
      Making Inroads [ ] Be Friends with an RT staff member on the site.
      Post Whore [ ] Post a thread in the Forums that gets over 1000 replies.
      Forever Alone [x] Post a thread in the Forums that gets zero replies (minimum 5 days of zero replies to qualify).
      Online/Offline [ ] Meet someone you met on the site in real life.

      Feel free to come up with more and post them and I'll add them to this post. Also feel free to assign gamerscore values to any of these.

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    • RT Create a Nation Interest Thread

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      Here's a grand-scale role-playing game (of sorts) that has been quite entertaining on a couple of other forums that I frequent that I thought would be fun to bring over to the best community ever. (Of all time.) Those who don't like complicated and immersive RPs probably don't have to continue reading.

      The idea is everyone plays in character as per typical roleplay custom as a nation, or the leader of that nation if you'd like to think of it that way (I usually play as the nation as a whole). Some worldwide event occurred that caused every current nation to dissolve as an entity and new nations to form, and you are one of those nations. You choose your nation's starting territories using current borders (including states/ you couldn't take the United States as one of your three starting territories but you could take Florida, Georgia and South Carolina) and base your starting income per turn and population and start playing. You can announce new technologies your country has developed (only after investing sufficient funds in previous turns), form alliances, wage wars, annex territories, build a massive high tech army, construct a utopian society, or whatever else you want to do. You can make your country just a name and jump in or you can create a complete ensemble, with a national flag, history, animal, capital city, etc.

      It is pretty complicated (as many RPs are), and there isn't really a fixed set of rules on how it should be run. They are usually voted/decided on by the game moderators and the participants. Things like how much in game time passes in one real life day (i.e. one day being a week, a month, a season or a year), what the background of the events preceding the dissolution of all existing countries is (it's been a different scenario every time I've played it), and how thorough the regulations are (just use current population numbers and territory lines or have algorithms to determine what population and income are...things like that), how battles are played out and outcomes determined, what time period the start of the game is, and so on. We could even start on a new planet with a new race or races, or make it galaxy or star system wide if that's what we want.

      It's a complicated game and requires attention and most of all maturity and common sense. When a player starts doing things like announcing a superweapon that can obliterate an opposing country's entire military in 10 seconds is when the game starts going downhill. All players have to be as realistic as they can at all times. There are usually many rules and many things to keep track of, but for people like me who love this sort of world building roleplay this game can be extremely fun and extremely rewarding.

      I posted an interest thread first because the game is pointless if it starts and stagnates with very few players. This also allows players who have shown interest to vote on the workings of this RT incarnation of the game. If there is enough interest (let's say 10 players and 2 moderators minimum), with the mods' permission I'll make an official CaN thread in this forum and this thread will be obsolete.

      [color=red]Here are the things we need to get this ball rolling:[/color] (in this order)

      1. A post from anyone who is interested in playing and/or moderating. I am an extremely busy college music student and although I would love to help wherever I can in how the game runs (as I started it), I simply don't have time to hang out on the forums 24/7 to moderate. I would much rather play the game as I am able, help where I can on advising the mods, and let said mods run the show. Remember that if you declare an attack on someone, you have to wait for a moderator to be online to announce the outcome of the battle, so the more mods we have the better it will be for everyone. Mods can play too if they desire, but it's recommended that they don't unless they can be completely impartial to themselves and have the time and desire to run and play the game at the same time.

      2. Election of moderators. Although I have been a member of this site and the RT community for quite some time, I've only recently gotten involved with the forums and the community and thus I don't know anyone, so people that do should be the ones to vouch for their friends who are applying for a mod position and vote them in. I trust all of you, of course, but that also means I trust you all to make better decisions than me. A moderator here is responsible for three things: adjudicating PvP and PvE (unoccupied territories run by AI), moderating in the traditional sense (banning misbehavior within the auspices of the game, etc.) and initiating Game Events, which are one of the main features of the game and are things a moderator dreams up like a natural disaster within a certain country, an economic downturn, and so on.

      3. Roster creation. Myself and the mods compile a comprehensive list of everyone playing. New players can certainly join after the game has started. The reason this is necessary is while the game isn't fun when there's not enough players, there will also be no way anyone can keep up in the thread if too many people are playing. This doesn't mean only certain people get to play. My idea is that we have a player number count for one planet (I'd imagine 10 being the minimum and 20 or maybe 25 being the maximum) and we just fill up as many planets as necessary, each with a different group ideally (instead of one big thread). Think of them like servers. The worlds can interact with each other too.

      4. Voting on game mechanics. This is the big one. This is where the players, supervised by myself and the mods, vote and decide how the game should run. This is everything from whether it takes place in our solar system or not to how national budgets are determined each turn. I can give items to vote on, since I know the game, but user ideas are always welcomed.

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    • Introduction/Biography (the only one, I promise!)

      5 years ago


      Well, I didn't want to bomb the Introductions thread with a wall of text and the About section of the profile has a character limit, so I figured I'd make my first Journal entry a more detailed description of myself. Feel free to not read it, as it's pretty dry and probably totally unnecessary.

      As my About section and my post in the intro thread says, I've only been an RT fan for a little over a year, but I've quickly become a diehard fan. I had seen isolated RvB episodes a few times in the past but it wasn't until summer 2012 that I decided to get into it more. I then watched every episode that was out (seasons 1-9 plus PSAs) in one sitting. My brother introduced me to the Drunk Tank and I listened to most of them for the rest of the summer. Through the podcast I discovered all the rest of the content on YouTube and the site. The first LP Minecraft episodes were just coming out and I was hooked instantly. By the end of the summer I had watched every AHWU, HORSE, Fails, Trials Files, and Let's Play that existed at that time, and there was no turning back. RT (specifically AH, but anywhere in the company really) is of course my absolute dream job now, like I'm sure most people on this site.

      While of course being a gamer (though I have never owned an XBox of any sort), I am a musician by trade. I'm currently getting a degree in bass trombone and euphonium performance (I wonder how many people here know what a euphonium is!) and am loving it. I can play pretty much any brass instrument at least semi proficiently and record elaborate multitracks for fun. I figure that if I worked at RT I could record live brass parts for RvB soundtracks or whatever else needs music. My biggest problem is that I want to do everything...I'm on the development team of a video game and provide voiceovers and story editing, I design video games in my spare time, and I'd like to write a science fiction novel. Perhaps those could come in handy too...who knows. Either way I'm excited to try.

      I'll listen to pretty much anything, but my favorite kinds of music are Eurobeat, classical, jazz, trance, and ska. I'm also a huge railfan and car guy and most of my gaming has been in racing games like Gran Turismo and Burnout (which should also reveal that console wise I'm a PS player). They're about the only type of video game I'm really good at, although I'm decent at FPS but on the PC only. I enjoy playing all kinds, though.

      Well, I think I've rambled long enough. If you read this, hope you at least didn't hate it. :P

      Brennan (DP)

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