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    • Please sign my petition.

      13 years ago


      My petition is located in this topic

      It is a plea for BestBuy and other MAJOR retailers to sell RedvsBlue (and yes, for the thousandth time, I know GameStop sells them, but I'm talking about much bigger stores here).

    • BestBuy: RedvsBlue?

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      I currently work at a BestBuy in Auburn Hills, MI. I have noticed that we don't sell RedvsBlue in our store, and since the holiday is coming up, I was wondering what other people thought of having bestbuy sell RedvsBlue DVD's and stuff. I am going to request it for BestBoy Corporate, but I just wondered whether any of you regularly shop at bestbuy, and what effect that would have on you.


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    • That's a hoot and a half....

      13 years ago


      Ah, the good old days of prank calling. Listen to this cussmuffin and racist Mississippian go through the roof when two awesome comedians piss him off.


      Child Support

      Gay School

      Big Brother

      and finally,

      Nascar Fan

    • Kings of Chaos

      14 years ago


      Extraordinary fun. Kings of Chaos, while a text-based Turn Based Strategy game, is enormous fun. If you would like to play, and would like to be a member of a huge guild, go to this link:

    • Wisdom gone and wisdom gained.

      14 years ago


      Today I had my wisdom teeth removed. All 4 of em. I had heard many things about wisdom teeth surgery from different people, but my experience differed slightly from theirs.

      The laughing gas was a nice touch in the beginning. I started to "float", which is to say that my body slowly numbed. It was complicated by a nurse who kept trying to make me talk. I don't know why, but it stopped me from getting the full effects of the nitrous oxide.

      Then the doctor inserted the IV with the "General Anesthetic" into my forearm. I felt it go in, a very unpleasant stinging, aching sensation. The doctor (I can't tell you his name to give him a bad name) inserted a syringe into my mouth and numbed me with Novacane. That was as bad as the IV, except that he had to pierce several places in my mouth to numb me. He told me this was supposed to be a pleasant, no-pain experience.

      He was wrong.

      Unfortunately for myself and the good doctor, he had underestimated the needed amount of General Anesthetic to put into my body. Either that, or he was sparing on the Novacane. (observe that my weight is 280 lbs. and I am 6'4", which may have something to do with it). I closed my eyes and heard the doctor say "Open wide!", and then a building pressure on the first tooth. Then suddenly, the pressure became excruciating. Then the first tooth was out. This process was repeated 3 more times, with me not experiencing my environment BUT experiencing the pain. When the first tooth was being pulled, I could hear the nurse yelling "Hold still!" I tried my best.

      They had me walk to the "recovery" station, where I lay on the bed and listen to the nurse ask questions and stuff. The nurse had me stand with my arms on her shoulders all the way to the room and then to the car. Because of the sparingness on the anesthetic, I was fully conscious and able to talk (albeit somewhat muffled due to the cotton that was stuffed into my mouth).

      So here I am now, about to apply the cold packs to my jaw AGAIN. I just took Vicodin like 10 minutes ago, hoping to ease the pain and put me to sleep. Don't worry. I'll be fine. But that will probably fade from my mind due to the obscurity of the whole situation, so I'm writing this down.

      Wisdom teeth gone, wisdom (experience) gained. Fair trade, I guess. Things are starting to look a little like a screen filled with static, and I am starting to feel the unavoidable pull of sleep on my body. So I think I'm gonna stop writing.

      Anyhow, don't let this experience discourage you from getting wisdom teeth removed. It's a LOT better than letting the teeth crack your jaw, or so I've heard. Always go with the surgery first.

    • WoW = Crack

      14 years ago


      "Halo is like pot. Once a player, always a player. There's no goin' back."
      -My good friend, The Elite, on the old halo-mods, recently remade into The New Halo-mods

      WoW (World of Warcraft) is comparable with Halo in one way: It's addictive. Yep. Although RPG's tend to be more addictive than Halo. WoW is so addictive that when I got it, I played for 36 hours straight. That's three days, for all of you idiots. There aren't many, but there are a few. WoW has so completely taken over my life that it is my life now. Besides RvB, that is. But they keep having to repair the servers, kicking me out several times during gameplay.

      So the one thing you must remember when buying WoW is: Blizzard personnel have no mercy. Accept your fate.

    • SvF

      14 years ago


      Interesting stuff. I gotta hand it to those guys. Great job.

    • Steelers rock. Browns suck.

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      Why do the steelers always beat the browns? look at this.

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    • TNT Announcers

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      My apologies if this has been posted twice.

      While watching the Pistons (my home team) win the Eastern Conference Finals, my father and I were discussing the obvious bias of the TNT announcers. Throughout the entire 7 games, no matter where they were, the announcers only brought up Miami. After the 7th game, one of the announcers stated that the Pistons won because it was "a lucky draw." Instead of admitting that they were wrong, they continued talking about how Miami had this many injuries, or how Miami had those setbacks. What about the Pistons? For every game, the subject was about glorious Dwayne Wade and glorious Shaquille O'Neal. But not one word on the Pistons. It's sad how TNT has very little thought processes on who might be watching the Eastern Conference Finals. Maybe if they had picked better announcers (for example, announcers who either held biases on both sides instead of only one, or if the announcers had no bias at all, watching the series might not be as painful. Even if they were biased towards the Pistons during the series, it still would've made a profound impact. Maybe the viewers should have an option to listen to the game but not the announcers, because I don't know if it's possible to listen to that kind of snobbery for every single game.

      Anyone else notice this? Or am I the only one?

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