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      You know why reality television is bad?

      4 years ago

      It marks the line where television went from "hey, look what our lives 'could be' " to "well, at least we aren't them".

      MTV, I'm lookin at you.

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      My Belief

      4 years ago

      This is something I wanted to write down, to put on paper, because again it is something that is crazy. But, it just made sense to me when I thought of it, and I wanted to make sure I got it down, that I put it out there. It started out as me trying to understand how somethings in our world came to exist, but in the end I think I stumbled on a perfectly good (albeit highly unlikely and totally theoretical) idea of how everything exists. I'd love to tell it to someone in real life, to argue the idea, but who would even accept the possibilities of half of what I'm going to say?

      To start, I'm going to ease you in with my train of thought, start near the beginning of how this idea formed in my head so the destination I reached makes some sense to you. To that end, I ask you, what is math? We know, through unbreakable universal laws, that two plus two is four. We know that, and it's easy enough to prove with physical manifestations of those numbers. Example: I have two apples, you have two apples, together we have four. Bam, the equation is proven.

      But I want to take it a layer deeper. What is two? It's a number, yes, but what is a number? It's the language that we created in order to explain abstract concepts. But, you tell me, I actually have two apples, that's not abstract. True, I respond, but what about pi? How would you provide a physical manifestation of pi? Or worse yet, an imaginary number? We are told these exist, and they are used to prove certain theories or universal law (physics), but we don't have a physical representation of them. If we ask people smarter than ourselves for that solid proof, they offer ideas and equations that do nothing but prove they must exist, not proof of their physical existance.

      What does all of that have to do with my religious beliefs, or my beliefs in how all of this came to be? Well, it's simple. Arthur C. Clarke once said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". The belief that God created the entire universe on a whim is, in its purest form, the belief in magic. To create something out of nothing. Well, my question is then, what if that magic was nothing more than technology?

      What if we were the physical manifestations of the universe's math? What if it was a calculation on a super-universal (read: a dimension of being that would be a layer, for lack of a better word, above our own universe) scale that resulted in the big bang, and in turn everything that was created as a result is nothing more than the by products or remainders of that original equation, an equation that would never result in a final answer (much like pi). It's hard to wrap your head around, but the core of my belief is that in the end, all we are is information. An imaginary number on a scale so huge that we cannot comprehend the scope, let alone understand how that information is stored, read, or how it even began.

      For fun, let's assume that is true: that all we are is information. Well, all information, such as physics, mathematics, language, can be manipulated. A computer program is nothing but a series of commands, and yet it creates a result, an end product that we can actually see. It's not real, in the physical sense, but entire worlds are created through a complex series of commands, which in turn become nothing more than 1's and 0's. To deny that these programs, these things that don't physically exist don't have an impact on our physical world in this day and age would, at best, be naive, and at worst, be woefully ignorant.

      Thus, if we are information, and if it can be manipulated, then there would be nothing outside of our abilities. We could stop time, travel faster than the speed of light, break every rule in the physics book, because we would control the universe that in turn controls physics. The possibilities would literally be endless. Energy and matter, from nothing. And if that were true...then we could in turn create our own universe. We could create our very own big bang and find out what the results would be. Write our own "equations". Again, there would be limitless possibilities. We would become as Gods ourselves.

      I know how all of this sounds. But let's look at math again. Pi is an abstract idea ofr a physical number that doesn't actually exist. Why can't the opposite be true? Why can't we be the physical manifestations of abstract information that doesn't exist? More accurately, information that we don't know, understand, or even have the ability to work with. The remainder of the remainder of an equation that doesn't end...or more likely, it does end, the calculation just hasn't finished yet.

      The really clever ones out there will point out the logical fallacy of my above argument. Just because one thing is true, it doesn't automatically mean the opposite is. And I will admit, this idea, this little theory of mine is more science fiction than fact. But remember, when I first started this little tirade it started out as a discussion of my relgious beliefs.

      If millions (or billions) of people can think that we are the cause of an all powerful being flipping on a lightswitch, why can't I believe that all we are is information stored on a universal hard drive?

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      Reason # 127....

      6 years ago

      Reason # 127 Star Wars is the greatest movie ever.....

      Because even at those speeds, Luke Skywalker can pull out in time.

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      Old Journal Is Old

      6 years ago

      This is here for the sake of removing that ridiculously old post about summer school. I didn't like seeing it everytime I went to my profile. Maybe I'll start posting more relevant topics here.

      Probably not though.

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      Malazan Books of the Fallen - Erikson

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      All right, so I actually searched through all the pages of this forum and couldn't find anything on these books, which I think is a crime. This is honestly the best fantasy series I've ever read, and I've read mostly all the big ones. There's a HUGE cast of characters, all of their plots intertwine somehow, and the battles are intense. And the ending to these books....holy crap. More often then not they are depressing as hell, but always leave you wanting more from the characters. I seriously can't recommend these books enough, theres something in there for anyone who likes fantasy novels.

      Linky. The author's Canadian, so I think that one or two more books have been published up here, but they're up to 6 books published right now.

      Anyone else out there actually read these?

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      Summer School

      9 years ago

      All right, I'm in my first year of Software Engineering, but I used to be in Game Development, which was really just an arts program. So that meant I had to catch up on a bunch of Calc and Physics, and other engineeringy type things. And my school is a bastard, and I can't take it anywhere else. What's all this mean to you though, the reader? Well I'll tell you.

      Basically I'm bored out of mind and going to be spending a lot more time on the forums. All my friends have gone to their respective homes, and I don't really feel like putting up the effort to make new ones. That may change, but this course is only six weeks, in which I have to take Calc 2, Phys 2, and Linear Algebra, so I'm gonna be really fuckin busy when the courses start rolling.

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      Age of Apocalypse

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      I never read the Age of Apocalypse story when it first came out, but when the epic TPBs came out I decided to pick it up. Mostly because I read the Wolverine and Cyclops fought and injured each other severly. I, however, cannot find in the TPB the fight between the two, and it's supposed to collect all the comics from the AoA. Does that mean they never actually published the fight? I mean, one issue Wolverine's got his hand, the next it's gone. I find it hard to believe they never showed the fight, but if anyone has info (as in what issue it happened in, or if it happened at all) it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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      Hey, did you hear already about tonights Monday night lunar eclipse, it is supposed to be a full eclipse of the moon, I am not totally sure when it is supposed to be visible for all of us here in the central time zone, but I think it is supposed to begin around 11pm "approx" first the moon will turn sort of orange and then go black, and it will be a long time before it comes back out again, it will be cool.

      info about the eclipse can be read here...

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