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    • 7 Year Anniversary

      3 years ago


      It's been a big year for me. I no longer have the need for glasses, bought a new car, and coming up on 2 years at my job, and I actually like being there. Most anniversary journals I see are people explaining how they came into the community or how they were introduced to Rooster Teeth's content. I've already done that in previous journals. This year, I decided I wanted to be more introspective.

      I was watching Jacksecpticeye's 11 million subscriber video last night, and he was randomly talking to fans on a whim because he wants to meet everyone you subscribes to his channel. It made me think of why I am part of this community, and why I do what I do. Now, I know I am not the most journal heavy or staying in the forums all day kind of person. I like interacting with the community as real people. I've gone to a couple of fan events, this will be my 5th year going to RTX(It's now just basically become a pligrimage), and even though I am incredibly shy when it comes to meeting new people, once we are friends, you find out just how now shy I am.

      But RTX is my big thing. During my first couple of years going, I was the starstruck fan going and wanted to meet everyone. Now it is my 5th year going, I am not as starstruck around everyone from Rooster Teeth(except a couple of people). But the reason I keep going is because I work in the RT Store every year. I get to see everyone in the convention and hear the stories they get: who they met, what panels they got to go to, seeing the merch they are getting just so they can get that one signature they've wanted their entire lives. It shows me that our community loves being together, and they love the people of Rooster Teeth, and the content that they provide for us.

      It's like Burnie has said all along, "We'll stop making content when you guys don't find it funny anymore." Now that the content provided for us has expanded to so many things(very excited for where Day 5 goes), I mean this community crowdfunded a movie that was really good, and I glad to have been a part of that opportunity. So, I will be in Austin in a week to help start the festivities of RTX 2016, and it is just my favorite time of year because it is so close to my site anniversary, I am able to share my thoughts on how much this community means to me, and I try to do what I can to make someone feel special like when I started going to RTX or being part of this community. I know I'm rambling now, but I just want to say that my life hasn't been the same since I joined this awesome community, and look forward to hopefully continue being a part of it for a long time. Love ya Guys and Girls. See ya at RTX 2016.

    • Final Day of Giving(for now hopefully)

      3 years ago


      I've really enjoyed doing this. There are few times when I can actually do this, and I'm glad I spent this week giving back to the community. So I will now finish this week with a 7 day trail.


      So, once again, I'm so happy about this idea I had, and I'm glad I could give back to the community, since I'm not artistic at all.(although my altar of pimps is seen in almost every AH video now). So I look forward to seeing everyone at RTX 2016.

    • #RT13(and also still giving)

      3 years ago


      The year is 2007. RvB was getting ready to do episode 100. I didn't know about the website, community, or the staff at all. All I know is I was intrigued about this Red vs Blue I remember from high school. So I took the next 2 weeks and binge watched all 100 episodes of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. So, because of hearing that RT was done after 100 episodes, I thought nothing of this, until 2009 when I researched some more, found out about Reconstruction, and after that I was hooked, and became apart of this awesome community.

      Because of Rooster Teeth, I have made some awesome friends through the community, and I look forward to seeing them every year at RTX. If it wasn't for everyone being awesome, I wouldn't now have a yearly pilgrimage to Austin. So Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth, and since I didn't plan this(but it works awesomely), I'm giving a 14 day trail to Xbox Live Gold today.(Mostly because they don't make a 13 day trail)



    • Day 3 of Giving(even though it's only day 2 of Writing)

      3 years ago


      I'm going to start today by mentioning I forgot to mention how long the trials are. Like the first two codes were 2 day trials, and as the week progresses the trials will get longer. So since the week is half over, I thought I'd give another 2 codes out for 2 days.



      See everyone tomorrow with another code.

    • Week of Giving

      3 years ago


      So, I thought I would do something fun this week. I have all of these Xbox Live Gold Trials that I can't use because I am able to renew my Gold every year. I know that some people are unable to do this, so I decided to give them out into the community. I will give out 1 code a day for the next week. I know I'm not the most followed member in the community, but I know that those that I know in the community can help spread the wealth.

      Since today is Tuesday, I'll make up for Monday by giving away 2 codes today.



      Congrats to whoever gets these. I'll be back tomorrow with another code.

    • Hi Community

      3 years ago


      So, my last journal was a little negative. I'm a better place now, and also have had a feeling lately of not being as connected to the community as I've wanted to be. That is all my fault, and I take full responsibility. So I just wanted to take this journal to just say:

      Hi. How are You?

      I know that I haven't been able to make it a computer in a while to talk to anyone, but I'm going to try to do better to interact with the community more. So, my first gesture is if anyone hasn't gotten their tickets to RTX yet, or has a friend who thinks the tickets are a little expensive, and need some help, here's my sponsor code for RTX tickets.


      Here's to a good March to all.

    • A Trend I am Seeing

      3 years ago


      I've had the nagging feeling that has been appearing over the internet. I know that this will not be seen by many, but I've been wanting to say this for a while. I've been noticing from several of my subscriptions on youtube, and I've also noticed a small inkling here with Rooster Teeth. It seems that everyone is wanting to either try new things, or they are wanting to reevaluate everything they are doing. I'm not saying that new things are bad, and people are allowed to do whatever they want, but it just seems unsettling to me.

      I usually don't subscribe to a channel on Youtube until I feel that it is something I would watch on a continual basis, and I want to support they youtuber. It just seems as I have now subscribed to their channel for things I have enjoyed, they decide that they want to complete change up what they have been doing. Now it has either been for personal reasons, like Markiplier; or they had just hit a huge milestone, like Black Nerd Comedy, but I'm going to use Rooster Teeth as an example, because it's the most visible example I have about a channel that has already tried bringing on new things.

      I know that this is something that took me a while for acknowledge myself, but I find that I do not have the time to watch everything Rooster Teeth has to offer anymore. But I have found myself just staying around the mainstays, RvB, RWBY, AH, etc. The only new things I have found myself watching is Funhaus, because they are short and sweet and I can relate to their humor. However a lot of the new things that are on the website just do not seem interesting to watch. My main problem is with Free Play. I watched the pilot and shut it off after the first 3 minutes. It is an AOTS ripoff, which I don't think works anymore, and it was just came off as annoying. It seems that with RTES, Rooster Teeth is trying to get a TV show, which I know they have mentioned for years when they were in talks to get Immersion on TV. I haven't watched RTES yet, but I plan on seeing at least 1 episode when I have the time. So I just don't like this idea of seeing what sticks to the wall, or just basically just doing whatever they want because they can.

      Don't get me wrong. I am still looking forward to Lazer Team, because all of the reviews are telling that it is the older Rooster Teeth humor. I am still enjoying everyone I am watching on Youtube, I haven't unsubscribed from anyone's channel yet. I am just finding it interesting that just am I finding the awesome things that everyone has known about on Youtube for a couple of years, everyone seems to be wanting to change thus alienating part of their audience. I thank anyone who read this, and I am sorry if it seems like rambling, but I've just wanted to get this off my chest.

    • 4 years ago

    • New Website/Late Anniversary Journal

      4 years ago


      So I know my site anniversary was almost a month ago, but I've been relatively busy. So now that RTX is over and I have some time. I can say life's been great. I have a great job, own a home now(welcome to adulthood finally), and loving life in general. Now also in accordance with a new website, I feel that my profile needed an update. Not that I haven't enjoyed my picture with Burnie, I needed a more updated picture. Also, I changed my username to be more associated with my now social presence on the interwebs. I'll have a cover photo as soon as the new group guardian picture is out. But I like what 2015 has been so far. SO, in conclusion: new username, new profile picture, and all is well.(I know it sounds stupid, but I couldn't figure out how to end this journal.)

    • Being Punished for Playing

      4 years ago


      I usually don't complain about when I given something for free, but since this has been bugging for the last couple of days, I have felt a need to vent my frustration.

      So I watched the top five where the easiest games to 1000 point were featured. I saw the the fast and furious standalone in the list, and I thoughtit'd be fun. I hadn't sat down and seriously played a video game in a while because of my work schedule. So I downloaded it for my xbox one, and I had an absolute blast.

      So, I had the idea, if I could finish this game easily on the xbox one, I could finish the 360 version just as quickly. Oh how I was wrong. In the xbox one version I never had to touch the pause menu except to make waypoints. For the last 3 races in the 360 version, I had to lower the difficulty, because the computer was taking the fun out of the game. I know that racing games aren't supposed to just let the human driver win, but these races became unbearable, so it was sucking out the fun. Oh, the final race is the worst. I spent 4 days trying to beat that stupid plane, and the only way I beat was forum hopping trying to figure out the perfect combinations for settings, and realizing the only way to follow exactly what that green line told me to do. I literally jumped for joy when I finally got the achievement.

      I have a problem with this. I've heard other people talk about this, but it just seemed for the last bit, I was being punished for trying to complete the game. It's things like this that make most people not wanting to finish games. It's why we all have a pile of shame. Now I know that most people playing games like Bloodborne are thinking that games are supposed to be a challenge. While I agree for the most part, when you have a game that is supposed to be a selling point for another game, punishing the player isn't the best selling point.

      So, I just wish that games could be an enjoyable experience all the way through, and not throw some bullshit in there right at the end. Because for those of us who have to plan our gaming activites around our lives, we want to be able to enjoy what little time we have to devote to games. But seriously, fuck that plane.

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