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      Hey fans of RWBY lets all come up with ideas for a character. The example and idea i had was this.

      Name: Sanguine Makuremoa

      Personality: A crazy guy that is optimistic and has a strange fondness for the human body.

      History: He is an orphan that lost his parents at a young age. His family was attacked by grim he got slashed in the eye by one and his parents jumped in front of him. He freaked out and closed his eyes his hands heated up and all of a sudden a burst of fire torched the grim. He opened his eyes to see the fried bodies of his family and the grim he to never kill another person with his power .He may have only one eye but his eye is spot on. He is a wizard with a bow and very talented in battle. And he was also very smart and loved to learn about the human body. He wanted to truly learn the human bodies limits and push himself. Also in his study of the human body he learned pressure points of humans and even grim.. He wanted to make his own body beyond others so he trained extremely hard. He was good enough he eventually got accepted into Beacon Academy.

      Likes: burritos and spicy foods

      Dislikes: stupid people (except the nice stupid ones)

      Semblance: The ability to summon,resist, and control fire at an extreme level(though he douse not now a lot about his power). His power has major potential he can summon fire and change the heat. He could become very powerful he can infinitely control the flames heat. But pushing himself to raise the heat tires him. If he pushed himself to the max he could probably make a new color of flame or even a new value of flame.

      Attributes(1 bad 6 amazing




      Willpower:2 1/2


      Intelligence:4 1/2

      Weapon Name: Fire & Gas

      Weapon 1 Fire: Fire is a bow that has fire dust inside of the arrows it shoots. The arrows have a barrel down the middle. A button on the bow activates the arrows to shoot a bullet out the back. It makes the arrow shoot forward faster. And the fire dust in the arrow activates when it hits its target. So he has fire to control and does not need to waste energy to create fire.

      Weapon 2 Gas: Fire straightens up and becomes a staff. The ends of the staff open up and release a highly flammable gas into the air. He lights it up and it makes any enemy light up in flames.


      Hear Style: Short Mohawk

      Hear color: Black

      Eye Color: Yellow

      Hoodie Color: Blue

      Eye Patch Color: Black

      Glove Color: Black

      Skin Color: Tan

      Height: Slightly Tall

      Side Fact: Kuma would shoot arrows at a target and race it to test his speed(he would win).

      Is that good?

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