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    • Mogar Fanart Day 1

      1 year ago



      it's been slow going but i'm making progress. still a lot to do no doubt but i think i'm starting to get the basic shapes and structure right 

    • Some screenshots from my new game Crusade

      1 year ago


      Crusade is a religious themed rts played on a global scale you must command vast armies of your followers and use every ounce of your divine power to claw back your world from the grip of the dark forces that have claimed it. 

      The game will be available for free at from Sunday 22 October

      such a small world when you can look down on it like this

      2949868-1508473579781-butiful_world.jpgthe view from the surface crusade cinematic mode

      UI Enabled

      First steps towards victory 

    • Game Environment Uni Project

      1 year ago



      Game environment UE4 made this for my virtual environments class at uni not quite done with it yet but it's looking good right ? 

    • Indie Dev Project - Crusade

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      Hi all;  

      Colour Triangle Games (the studio I co-founded), an up-and-coming indie game studio based in Brisbane, has announced our next game for Windows desktop PCs.

      You take on the role of The Great One, an ancient all-powerful being who wishes to restore faith back into the people he once created. Commanding large armies of followers and unleashing powerful miracles upon your foes, you must expand and spread your faith across the globe until only you and your followers are left standing. 

      Crusade features an all original soundtrack and artwork.

      Check out our website: www.CrusadeGame.Com

      The game download link will go live on Sunday 22nd October at 12:00AM AEST. Give it a try.

      In the days leading up to launch, we will be posting promotional material including game-play videos, posters and a trailer on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Feel free to like our Facebook page, follow our Twitter page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.




      Post your thoughts below.

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    • RT Community Discord

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      Welcome to the Roosterteeth Community Discord


      Discus your favorite shows, hang out with other fans and watch something together, party up and play, share your fan art with the the rest of us.

      Basicly its like the forums but with voice chatmicrophone and the ability to see who's online making connecting with the community a whole lot easier.

      Server rankscrown are based on your RT sponsor status tower comment your discord name here and an admin or mod will update your rank to match; we are working on a botchurch1 to automate this but for now please bear with us.

      There is a group now so you can join that if you want .. not sure what use it will be as the server is basically a group with better functionality (not a dig at the site love the site the site is great don't ban me ;p)

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    • Community Discord Server - OLD

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      Server is still up but its now been opened to the console peasants aswell ;0 so i moved the thread to general

      Ok so here's the deal i made the server and i'm still in the process of setting it up but for now feel free to join.

      This server has been set up so that we the PC Gamers of RT have a place to hang out, chat and most importantly group up and play together.

      (if this has been done already plz let me know i wet through the first 2 pages of threads and didn't find a post so either the ideas not popular or has not been done yet :p)

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    • RT Emails [Resolved kinda]

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      Hey anyone know if RT ever check emails? I have tryed RT Games and RT Questions and after a few weeks still no response what do.

      (I did actually get a responce seconds after emailing but it's from the mail managment bot; so that doesn't count and I know the email got to them)

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    • Updated My Portfolio

      2 years ago


      now that this semester is over i thought id get a headstart on the job hunt and update my website.

    • Lip Sync

      2 years ago


      Animation of shots 4 and 5 for grandma's house short film 

      Test render frame step 10 .. the rig was corrupted hence the strange result ... rendered in mental ray Maya 


    • Funny story

      2 years ago


      Not so funny as it turns out more me just being dumb.

      Anyway i have a few RT accounts; yes plural. hence me being dumb.
      Long ago i had an rt account back then I was a big fan of RT and RVB but after a long time of autofill doing all my passwords and stuff; a computer crash left me no password and no idea what email i signed up with. At the time i was watching most of RTs content on youtube anyways so i moved on.
      Years latter i signed up with the purple macaw becasue i wanted to get that sweet store discount. All was going well, but then a few years latter i encountered a problem with the store it was giving me all kinds of problems saying i was not logged in when i was ... anyway that was during the extra life event and i wanted a poster so i logged out and bought it at full price .. its for a good cause so who cares right.

      Another year and a bit later and i finally had a job and wanted to watch theater mode so i signed up for a sponsorship but with the glitchiness of my old account i decided it best to make this one. 

      latter still I found an old bit of paper back at my parents house and it had my old acount on it the first one so i thought it worth reviving as hey being an old school rt fan gives me bragging rights. 

      and that's my not so funny story of why i have 3 RT accounts.

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