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      3 years ago


      A couple of days ago I was walking around the mall just trying to kill time. I looked over to the side and saw a guy walking towards me in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, looking pretty southern. I stopped walking and he came up to me and I recognized him eventually. It was Woody Harrelson. Woody told me that he just started working for RoosterTeeth and said that he knew I was a bit of a fan. He said he had picked random members of the community and was giving them a chance to work some small jobs for the company to see if they would be a good match for a full job. I obviously took the offer and left with Harrelson. Hindsight it was probably not the most strategic move to just leave from a mall in Virginia and drive straight to Austin, Texas. I took the onus to drive and let Harrelson relax. The trip took no time and we were soon at the Rooster Teeth productions facility.

      The facility was totally different than all of the tours that have been released to the public (as if it wasn't the real thing...). Harrelson brought me in and had me talk to Barb, who told me I would be doing outreach things with the community. She took me to where I would be working, a long narrow room with a printer on the left and a small table with some office supplies and a phone to the right. She told me the small table was where I would get everything done. I didn't care if I was going to be working inside an abandoned refrigerator outside in a rainstorm, I was ecstatic.

      The first job Barb gave me was to call this woman Erin, who lost her husband a couple days earlier. She told me I needed to ask her if she wanted some sort of insurance, it didn't seem like something that RoosterTeeth would be involved in and I didn't really understand what kind of insurance it would be but I figured I would do my best. I went into my work area and as soon as I picked up the phone I heard gunfire. I left the room and saw there were people outside firing at each other. I ran outside quickly to see what was going on and was shot in the back. Everything went cold and the next thing I knew I was walking around my house in Virginia. I called Harrelson and he told me that I had been killed and respawned back at my house. I tried to figure a way that I could get back to Texas since my car was still down there from when I drove the first time. I decided I would at least call Erin and see if I could get her that insurance. I picked up the phone and Erin answered. I still had a piece of paper that Barb had written everything down that I needed to say and I started reading it to Erin (To those on the podcast that say you cannot read in a dream..... Not always the case). I got about halfway through what I was saying to Erin and I felt my arm go numb. I rolled over in my bed and realized my arm had fallen asleep, and that all of this RoosterTeeth stuff was just a dream....

      RoosterTeeth answered my dream... Technically they answered my dream in a dream, but that still counts for something right?

    • 2019 years ago

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