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    • Voice Actor-Ness

      8 years ago


      So, my friends, did I ever tell you about my voice acting ways?

      Last thing I Voiced For

      I'm currently working on a Characters Voice Demo, one of my biggest goals this summer. One of my biggest goals in many years, actually.
      When I'm finished with it, I'll post it here. I would love your opinions/suggestions/flamings of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I do mean that big time.
      It's only recently when I have started to take it seriously...and finally started to find some self-confidence, honestly. There was a period in time not too long ago when I thought I'd give it up for good.

      My enormous interest in voice acting, like many passions people have, started almost from infancy.
      A timid, skinny, yet energetic child.
      Spending an entire childhood absolutely obsessed with every Disney full-length animated motion picture from Snow White to The Emperor's New Groove. Throw Looney Tunes and a bunch of 80s cartoons onto the pile, and you've got yourself a jumpy hyper child glued to the nearest TV.
      Not for the animation or story, but for the voice acting done by the countless amounts of (often nameless) voice actors and actresses.
      Sterling Holloway, Phil Harris, Ed Wynn, Rod Taylor, Kathryn Beaumont, June Foray, Hans Conried, Brian Bedford, Cliff Edwards. Such amazing and life-changing roles (changed my life for all time) that they played, with little fanfare coming their way.
      Exhibit A
      Exhibit B

      I quoted so many Disney quotes for so many years that my parents just stopped asking or scolding. They assumed that that was just something I did. Quoting movies often looks like you're talking to yourself. One of those things or tics that can't be explained. No use trying to fix it.
      And it is something I still do, to this day. Sometimes, in the end, it IS a little difficult to explain. Doesn't mean it's wrong, though.

      These days, it's an entirely new group of VAs who are just unbelievable at what they do. Their talents are so beautiful that they become very attractive sources of inspiration.
      Maurice LaMarche, Tom Kenny, Rob Paulsen, Phll Lamarr, Christine Cavanaugh, Billy West, Jeff Bennett, Tara Strong, John DiMaggio, Richard Horovitz, Joe Alaskey, Steve Blum, Charles Adler. List continues into infinity.

      To be like that...to bring animated characters to life with voice...to be immortalized in animation via pencil or computer...to change the world in that way?

      What an honor that would be.

      But first....demo.

    • 8 years ago

    • RTX Sunday Zombie Pics

      8 years ago


      Well done, Dom. Glad to see that this day/event was very well documented.

      A few of my favorites:
      And finally, me looking at pizza...

    • 8 years ago

    • I'm not dead....I'm not dead

      8 years ago


      But I dance around in the dead, dead, dead

      Hello, my friends. Hope summer heat and/or financial crises haven't destroyed any of you yet. Unlike myself. Damn Houston heat. Damn Houston economy.

      Not much has been heard of me lately because of a couple of reasons:

      1. Looking for a summer job. My Toronto/RTX trip destroyed my bank account.
      2. Moved to a new apartment. There's no Internet there yet. Can't afford it. So I thank Starbucks for letting me use their free server. =D

      But, nevertheless, I do intend to thank my newly-made and veteran RTX friends for their kindness and awesomeness somehow. Whether it be a message or an Internet hug or a donation to the charity of their choice, whatever works.

      I'll probably be revamping my RoosterTeeth site soon as well. Expect RTX pictures to join that party.


    • RTXylophone, and follow Maril now!

      8 years ago


      Everyone who went to RTX is still buzzing over how awesome it was. And they're not liars. It was freakin brilliant.

      It was an ABSOLUTE honor to meet every single one of you. That is the honest truth. I'll elaborate more in an RTX recap journal sometime in the next couple of days.


      Remember that awesome female zombie friend of mine, Maril, who stole your hearts with her immeasurable awesomeness and her GLARING YELLOW GREEN EYES of doom?

      So go friend request the snot out of her. She (and I) love you all. ;D

      Amplified Crotch Time

    • 8 years ago

    • I have arrived in Austin

      8 years ago


      Where are my peeps? =O

    • Off to Canada Land

      8 years ago


      Hey guys. What is up and stuff?

      Haven't posted a journal in weeks because of intense finals finals finals and school. School is still not done (grading papers as I blog), but it will be tomorrow...hopefully.

      As for tomorrow, I'm off on a roadtrip with my friends to Toronto!!
      - We have friends there.
      - Because we can.

      So that will be a week of crazy awesomeness.
      And then, right when I return to Texas, that thing going on in Austin is occurring. And that looks like it will be intriguing.

      Can't wait to see you amazing people there.
      REMEMBER, I am offering up myself and my car as a limousine service....in a Pontiac Vibe. heh
      Apart from helping friends during the weekend, if ANY OF YOU might need a ride to the airport after RTX, let me know...I could be of help.

      Alrighty. Off to work, and then off to Ontario.

      To commemorate the end of the academic semester, I leave you with my 70-year-old professor's rendition of a Civil War soldier texting his wife.

    • 8 years ago

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