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    • Fast Rise of The Slow Mo Guys

      8 years ago


      So The Great Gav and his Slow Mo Lads have been Spotlighted on the front of Youtube.
      Which, needless to say, is freakin huge and awesome news. Extreme congrats to them.

      Yet, being the freaky weirdo that I am, the first thing I notice is....


    • Happy Featured User...Hour!

      8 years ago


      So I woke up to several comments from awesome friends, congratulating me for becoming Featured User. It was quite a nice thing to wake up to.

      But then, two things happened that I thought were freakin hilarious:

      1. Judging from the comments, I was only Featured User for about 1-3 hours.

      2. I was asleep during the whole process. ;P

      Honestly, in my opinion, that's the perfect way to be Featured User. It was for a moment, and I never even knew. lol

      Knives_Kill is Featured User now. He deserves it, not me, so go give him a zillion congrats for being amazing. As I have.

      Have a brilliant, week, fellow RTers.

    • The Day of Easter Stuff

      8 years ago


      Why Yes.
      The day to celebrate both Zombie Jesus and the excitement of discounted candy and chocolate (starting tomorrow) in all Walgreen's everywhere.

      As for me, it was one prayer, followed by much homework. But that's every Sunday, really.

      Except that This Easter Egg Vid gave me some spirit.

    • 8 years ago

    • The Month of April

      8 years ago


      The Laundry List of Doom for April (and it doesn't even include laundry):

      Write two 10-15 historiographical papers (if you don't know what that is, you're in the majority)
      Finish off another 15 page historiographical paper.
      Finish off a public history website project a team and I have been working on.
      Begin work on professional voice demos.
      Read or skim a few dozen history books.
      Write several little 2 page papers on these books.
      Play 2 minor roles in two plays that I'm in.
      Go out and about to perhaps find a summer job.
      Edit and release PAX East video I shot.
      Make preparations to move to a new apartment.

      No, I'm not complaining...I'm just leaving this here for myself. So as to not forget. About stuff.
      Don't judge. ;P

      Oh...and I need to play a lot of Reach. Reach is nice.

    • 8 years ago

    • Voiceover Work that I Do

      8 years ago


      So as some of you have seen or heard in Blawndee's tiny chats, I like to quote movies and impersonate people. Been voice acting out of the blue like that (one of my nicknames in high school was "mockingbird") all my life. Thinking of doing it on a professional basis, actually.

      So I recently lent voicework to a friend of mine, and he created this really cool 3d animated short film for his school. What do you guys think?

      Self Conflict Short Film
      Personal opinion: My voice doesn't do justice to his animation. He did a freakin great job.

      P.S. Got my tickets to Rooster Texas through all of the madness. I tell you, this summer is going to be fantastic.

    • 8 years ago

    • The Rooster in TX & the Visit in Toronto

      8 years ago


      Hello, RT friends. Much to discuss. Hope you don't mind.

      PAX EAST - Twas unbelievably amazing. But everyone has already said that, and I spent most of it as a Enforcer, so there's not too much to report. I'll be posting pictures. I'll do my reporting there.
      I wasn't able to see many RT people (saw Blawndee for a sad total of 3 minutes), which was unfortunate. I do hope, however that that changes at...

      ROOSTER TEXAS TIME - A very interesting nerd gathering/convention. In Texas. That's not A-Kon, SXSW, or ACL. Not too bad. I hope to see many of you there, full of energy and crave for awesome times.
      Funny thing is, I live only 2 hours away from Austin, but Rooster Texas will be the tail end of a road trip that I'm taking to...

      TORONTO, OF ALL PLACES - Going to see some Toronto friends of mine (from another community website) and spend a mid-May week in CanadiaLand. Kind of sad that I'm paying a visit to Ontario, but it's not for RVBTO. Alas, any good fortune that I had has run out. But nevertheless, if any of you are in Toronto in mid-May, a round of drinks and/or food?

      All in all, how I've managed to save enough money and to leave enough time for all of these trips (just did PAX East, and I haven't mentioned Comic-Con) is nothing short of an absolute blessing. Cannot take any of this for granted.

      Now look at PICS!!

      Enforcer mode.

      Secret photo of the Expo Hall during take down. Tell no one...

    • 8 years ago

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