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      so im a homeschool kid that found rooster teeth when i was six (lol not the best of influenes), ive been a fan off an on for a while until i was 11 and i decided to rewatch the updated red vs blue from where i left off in red vs blue to catching up to the most recent episode (which idk what it was at the time). but i continued to watch and i continued ever since. i recently decided to get off my lazy ass and sign up so yeah here i am. my goals on life is to join the marine core then move to japan and do directing and writing because i have a fuck ton of ideas that i have been told are pretty awesome. i have a list of anime ive seen that is so long that it protects my virginity, and when i was 14 i got so deppressed i tried killing myself 16 times but rooster teeth productions were the only the only thing that kept me living for a while so rt means quite alot to me. im now healthy on 5mgs of anti deppresents (soon to drop that btw) and im finishing my secound year of highschool. but yeah this is who i am.

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    • GeneGenesis

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      welcome to the site! if you have any question feel free to add or Pm me. kk XD

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