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    • Buff Buddies Week 1?

      3 years ago


      Now this is my first week writing but not my first week training. I've been constantly training for a couple of months now at a local gym and its been pretty good but i dicided to change things up and starting today i started to train in calisthenics instead of free weights which was my regular thing. Now why i did this is because i'm 17 and the gym membership started catching up to me so now ill train for free XD.

      Now a little bit about my new training scheme. I'm dividing my training into 2 parts for now, upper body and lower body ill train 3 times lower body and 2 times upper body one week and 3 times upper body 2 times lower body the following this way i can train 5 times a week and keep it relatively even.

      For my goals i'm looking to put on 25 pounds which is a lot if its not all donuts but i have till May to achieve this so i'm pretty confident for now. I'm 6 feet tall and only 135 pounds so kinda need those extra pounds on me.

      For my diet i"m using MyFitnessPal and i have too eat 3,300 calories a day which for me its the hard part but i"m taking some weigh gainer shakes and eating as much as i can so i should be alright.

      Any ways if you want to know more about the actual rutine im doing feel free to send me a message and if you add me and tell me you a buff buddie ill try to help you keep motivated on your goals.

      P.S i'm not 100% sure how the tags work so i might screw this up

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      3 years ago


      Hi my name is Gabriel i've been a sponsor for around 2 years now but ive been off the grid for almost all that time. I got into Rooster Teeth because of the achievement hunter let's plays but ended up addicted to the podcasts.

      Little bit about myself, i'm from Puerto Rico so basically i live in summer all year long. Right now i'm a senior in highschool and i'm going to study electrical engineering. Been off the video games around 2 years now which sucks and hope ill be back on soon. I'm into cosplay altho im fairly new at it.

      Anyways if you see this post and want to add me go ahead.
      have a nice day :D

    • 3 years ago

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