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    • Holy Crabby Patties

      3 years ago


      It's been such a long time guys omg! :0

      I don't update this nearly enough, but here's a quick rundown of what's been happening.

      So I'm doing pretty well at Uni despite it being hell for my sleep pattern and so much work omg. I've got two games in progress, I'm helping with another one, I've started a company with my friend, we're making a Patreon to help fund our development, I'm also making portfolio pieces and organising events and omg it's all so much!

      Here's a link to my twitter account

      Here's a link to my company twitter account

      We make games and stuff! Follow those if you want to stay tuned or keep in touch ;D

      Information about the Patreon will slowly be trickled out, tell your friends if you think they might be interested!

      P.S. I'll try to stay up to date on here as well. Sorry for the shameless plug :P

    • Yay!

      4 years ago


      Thank you Sara for being absolutely lovely and gifting me a sponsorship! I'll make it up to you I swear!

    • Free Sprite Commissions! :D

      5 years ago


      Heya guys! If anybody wants to be translated into a little sprite just message me! I'll sort out the details with you via pm.
      It'll look like this:

    • Gonna become a sponsor!

      5 years ago



    • Prologue!

      5 years ago


      Hey there!

      I guess I should write something about myself. I'm an artist (wow so deep), and an aspiring game designer (good luck bro). I'm not at all new to Roosterteeth, but I never really saw a need to have an account on here.
      I'm currently interning at Right Pedal Studios. I do art (go figure). It's a really fun job!
      My name is Tom (obviously), and I hope that if you've somehow found your way to this profile you have had yourself a good time (of sorts).

      I'm weird. Say hi anyway.

    • 2019 years ago

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