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      The other episodes were funny too, but more of in a chuckle, grin sort of way. This episode, the characters are more idiosyncratic and interesting to watch, because we're getting a feel for their characters and their stereotypical attitudes. A couple of lines just made me laugh out loud, literally, though I heard the TEAM and ME line before recently and didn't have much of an effect, but just things like "Refrigerator, fantastic!" and "Check. Mate." struck a chord with me. The Baked Alaska line was also a definite gem of comedy, for those who don't know, Baked Alaska is hardest thing to bake in the Sims 2 along with Lobster.

      The movie making was also MUCH better, as we don't have as much awkward sweeps and erratic camera shifts. The kitchen scene was great when you look at each thing that everyone is doing. The gnome thing and how he positively ignores them is really funny, especially with the toilet, when you think, "How does he pee and not notice a big gnome stuck in the toilet." The talking part was odd, but funny, I was half expecting a Gollum'like dialogue though.

      On the whole, I had a lot more fun watching this episode and really want to extend my congratulations to the team for making each episode better than the one better. It's tough work and there's obviously some rough spots, but it's definitely going to be a great series.

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