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    • New Video Up and a request to all my friends.

      1 year ago


      Hey everyone,

      I recently finished an AMV that took about a month and a half to complete. Its about Yang -- big surprise I know -- and here is the link: RWBY AMV ~ Yang...A Fire Woman

      Also, if you guys could subscribe to my channel to help get my numbers out that would be greatly appreciated. My younger brother and I have some projects in the pipeline and we need all the support we can muster. 

      Lastly, I will do my best to keep uploading content during my next semester of college. I predict it will be very difficult however, given that I have a very large  course load. I apologies for any future delays that might occur. 

      Thank you,


    • Good new's, bad new's, and "Yang is Bei" video is done!

      2 years ago


      I have good new's and bad new's. 

      The good new's is the video is finally complete and up on YouTube! Here is the link:"Yang is Bei"

      The bad new's is I am going to be take a long leave of absence to focus on my studies and thereby giving myself more time to work on multiple personal projects over the summer. 

      But I will return so don't worry! 

      Until then,

    • "Yang is Bei" Update

      2 years ago

      Gearboxhero, nuff said. 

      Yes, I am almost done with the "Yang is Bei video". Right now it is going through final revisions and being looked over by my guest speakers; before posting. 

      I plan to have it up by the end of next weekend, and will make an announcement on here as well. 


    • Next Youtube Video!

      2 years ago


      Merry Christams, Happy Kwanza, and Happy -insert holiday here-

      SO! The holiday's are here, and it's now time to make another video since I am on break. I will be making a RWBY themed video based on the 3 different possibilities bellow:

      1. Psychoanalysis: Is Cinder the Prince Arthus (i.e. The Lich King) of RWBY?

      2. Yang is Bae! 

      3. RWBY Volume 4 So far...

      I appreciate all advice and feedback, and if you are interested in being in any video please let me know. 


    • My Task is Done!!!

      2 years ago


      GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! The first video is finally done! I knew it took long and I do apologize for that; however, being a college student can cause this sort of time isssue. Never the less, I have published the video on YouTube. 

    • Jianju asked Gearboxhero a question

      Hi Gearbox, I kno u r busy, and still have to finish that 1 podcast ;) But if u get the time... eventually, I made a YT vid about Pyrrha's death called Should Pyrrha Stay Dead? C my profile news

      Answered: Oct 28, 2016

      I will do that!

    • OC Hunter Team

      2 years ago


      As the Title implies I am making my own OC Hunter Team. I mainly want to do this so no one steals the idea first. -- sorry if that comes of snobby --

      Now onto the breakdown of the team!!!

      The team title is refereed to as GHST -- pronounced ghost --

      Gree Jäger

      Heart Gold

      Sapphire Steel

      Timber Wolf

      I am mainly doing this for some creative criticism and feedback. This is my first OC project I have shared publicly so I would appreciation any feedback. Thank you!!!

      I am also leaving out genders and character bio's for now, but will be added in the future.

      UPDATE: 8/2/2016

      After researching, discussing, and brainstorming, I've changed the entire theme and names of the characters from the precursors above. The team name is now TITN: I will be revealing on the first character for now bellow.

      I hope to have a crest and drawing done with in the next 2 months -- keep in mind I start college the last week of August and I am now working 8-6 Monday. to Friday. I can't draw very well but I can describe my characters very thoroughly.

      Name: Taigan Artemas

      Gender: Male

      Race: Human

      Height: 5'6" (1.67 meters)

      Weight: 130 Lbs.

      Body Type: EctoMorph

      Hair Color: Silver/Gray

      Eye Color: Brown

      • Fun Fact: when using his semblance his eye's will change color to that of a full moon and appear to be void of pupils.

      Skin Color: White

      Colors: Pine Green, Coyote Brown, and Silver.

      Typical Garb: Short Sleeved Trench Coat w/ hood (pine green w/ silver trim and crest Embodied on Back in Silver), Combat Boots (Brown), Pants (Pine Green), Shirt (Coyote Brown), Gloves (Brown), schmeg (Green).

      Weapon: Primary: Aktí Selínis (Greek for "MoonBeam")

      • Specification:
        • Clip size: 2 or 4 cartridge box dust cells
        • Anti-Material Ionized Dust Particle Sniper Rifle that has a sword edge under the gun.
        • Has sonic dampening systems to lower or intensive the power of the beam; for the Aktí Selínis Rifle is capable of killing a single target in one shot anywhere on the body as long as the beam makes complete contact.
        • It is also highly effective against small to medium vehicles, and can shoot threw most medium strength shielding and armor. However, dense matter and elements -- like lead -- can result in a deflect of the beam.
        Secondary: Handgun and Combat Knife.
        • Fun Fact: The handgun was his mothers and the combat knife was his fathers.

      Semblance: Seals

      • Unlike glyphs or Runes, seals are a area of effect (AOE) based not on Aura level but Aura consumption. This means that as long as the user has Aura, a seal can be casted. However, the user must see the seal or mentally picture it clearly enough to cast the correct design. If off by the smallest amount, the seal will misfire and the Aura spent will be lost.

      UPDATE: 8/3/2016

      Just a small bio update:

      Taigan is a reference to "Taiga" which is a type of biome also known as boreal forest or snow forest, and is populated by coniferous trees consisting mostly of pines, spruces, and larches.

      Artemas is a reference to Artemis the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon, and Archery.

      Taigan's personality is very "black and white" -- like my own -- and understands that whenever, whoever, and wherever you are in a battle, "it's either you or them"; experience has made him realize it's a choice you make but can't decide on the outcome. Therefore, he believes it's better to fight smart and use common sense at all times; never putting yourself in unnecessary danger when your life is considered. He values honor and chivalry the most; respecting his elders and/or superiors, choosing to learn from them rather then besting them.

      He dislikes people how lack motivation, have no respect for women, are wasteful (this can be from food to a human life), and arrogant. He also hates dairy products and refuse to eat anything with milk in it.

      In his free time he likes to spare in hand to hand, practice his marksmanship, or a just a classic game of chess. Occasionally, he does like a good squall in a bar though. Due to his upbringing, he has never preferred staying in one location for long and prefers to be always moving or traveling if possible.

      His team is TITN (pronounced "Titan") and his is the first "T"; I will reveal the other members in time but for now; one at a time to keep my sanity. XD

    • RWBY DeathBattle (Pyrrha Nikos Vs Kuvira)...and other ideas

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      So I saw a picture on deviantart by Bluexorcist93, the title was Pyrrha Nikos vs. Kuvira.

      DeathBattle anyone??? :D

      103 replies

    • Heroes...what does it mean in RWBY?

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      Before we get started I would like to say this will be a very long post and I predict topic overall.

      It's has been about two months since I last visited these forums and the Pyrrha Nikos form I was avidly apart of has grown...and all I can say is after 8k (see link bellow) O_O

      It's pretty clear at this point we are pissed at Rooster Teeth...


      Okay you have been warned:

      Lets do a retake on all the major death -- confirmed/unconfirmed -- of some well known hero's from multiple areas of science fiction that have happened in the last year or so.

      1. Star Wars Rebels: Ahsoka Tano

      2. Star Was Force Awakens: Han Solo

      3. Lord of the Rings

      4. The Hobbit (a lot of dwarfs died in the making of that film)

      5. Avenger Age of Ultron: Quick Silver

      6. World of Warcraft: Garrosh Hellscream (hero of the horde)

      7. Red vs. Blue: Church

      8. Star Wars Clone Wars: Echo, Hardcase, Thorn, Heavy, Keeli, etc.

      There are many more; but the point is we have a problem and no one is taking a stand, and calling out those that are twisting the word "Hero". I see the well known series Game of Thorns by George R. R. Martin, infecting the fictional genres as a whole both in film and video games. It's depressing that people actually like seeing heroes die. I thought personally RWBY would be different, giving us a true fantasy that take our western folk lore and brings it into a new adaptation.

      I have done mathematics about Pyrrha's death to try and prove her death impossible; was told magic and disowned. I tried comparing the binding of Juane and Pyrrha's aura as a Paladin "lay of hands" trait like in WoW; again disowned. Each time I suggest something practical and in line with our western fantasy people seem to screech in horror.

      Maybe I am to "black and white" and reality is I don't agree with the death, or the idea of "killing off" a major "hero" without at least giving them a proper "victory or death" fight. Look at the horde for crying out loud, why are they so popular? Simple, they hold honor above justice, you prove yourself by actions and you win. Pyrrha deserved a warriors death, not a french execution. If a hero dies they should go out giving the all like every clone and Jedi in the Clone Wars. Heck even J. J. R. Tolkien gave us an awesome last minute, suicide, battle that won the day. Heroes are heroes because they sacrifice everything and are redeemed.

      Now I am not perfect, I am only human, and therefore neither right nor wrong. Yet I tend to think -- and pray -- people don't want heroes to die. A good hero and villain combo will hold honor between both sides. Thus making them appear to be equals with different goals and aspiration. You don't strike an opponent while they are down, you throw them a sword, tell them to get up, spit the blood out of there month, and engage one last time.

      They say leave it all on the field, leave it all on stage, and so leave it all on the battle ground where you opponent shall lay. If you feel the need, follow up with a good game (GG). :)

      ~Gearbox Hero

      Now I will not be back on until Monday, so I look forward to all the criticism and feedback good/bad. Lastly, I am not a grammar nut; therefore, I apologize for any miss-spellings or sentence structure issues.

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    • 3 years ago

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