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    • Rough draft of a part of a scene I'm working on for a story...

      2 years ago


      "So, Kio... You're a vampire? That means you're immortal, right?" Hiro said, his eyes widened with curiosity. 

      "Yeah..." Kio said, somewhat melancholically. 

      "That must be pretty co- ow!" Hiro said. He was cut off by Akane elbowing him hard in the ribs.

      "It's OK, Akane" Kio said while turning her vision towards Hiro. "Hiro, being me... It's a living hell. Sure, the power that comes with it might be amazing, but being a vampire isn't easy. I'm always finding myself with an urge to kill even my closest friends just from the scent of their blood. I feel like I live everyday walking on pins and needles, worrying that I might hurt or kill an innocent person. And immortality? ..." She said while holding back tears "it might seem like a cool thing to you mortals... But it's not. It's the worst part of being a vampire. Eventually, your family; mom, dad, sister, brother, son, daughter... You outlive them all. And if that's not enough, imagine having to repeat the process over and over again with your friends or even lovers. I am not ashamed of who I am, nor what I've become, Hiro. But this power is not like yours; i didn't recieve it as gift or come across it by chance. It was forced upon me, and i endured hours of indescribable agony when I got it" she added. 

    • Rory and Kim's talk

      2 years ago


      Rory stood on the balcony, leaning against the railing, licking his metaphorical wounds. Earlier that day, Weiss defeated him in a duel. But it wasn't the fact that he got beat that had him so distraught. He's been beat up before, so that was nothing new to him. What got to him was what she said to him afterwards. 

      Kim appeared from doorway leading to the balcony. And here I thought this was my special place to sulk she thought to herself. "OK" she said, taking seat on the railing and lighting up a cigarette "what's eatin' ya?". 

      "Those will kill you one day, you know?" Rory said.

      "Yeah, yeah. Don't change the subject. Something's got your undies in a wad. Tell me" she replied.

      "Why would you care? We've done nothing but fight like cats and dogs ever since we met, and now you're worried about me?" Rory said.

      "Ya know..." she paused, taking a puff on her cigarette and exhaling. "Right now, I'm about the only one who gives enough of a flying fuck about you to try and see if you're OK. So do us both a favour and not be a dickhole for a few minutes of your life. Now, for the last time... What's wrong?" She asked.

      Rory let out a sigh. "Fuck it.... You know how I got beat by Weiss earlier?" He said.

      "Yup. I didn't think that level of asswhipping was possible..." She said with a teasing laugh, earning an exasperated glare from Rory. "Sorry... So, what, you're mad 'cause ya got beat?" She added.

      "No. She kinda opened my eyes to something, and the sudden realization was a lot to take in..." He said. "All my life, I've always been the guy that everyone looks down on. I grew up in the slums. I was always treated differently because of assholes thinking they were better than me because of bullshit social ranking. I always thought that only poor people like me were the only ones who had real problems, and that people with money didn't. Then Weiss told me about all the hell she went through, and pretty much destroyed every thought I had about her... And everyone else..." He added.

      There was a brief moment of silence, but it was eventually broken by Kim's laughter, much to Rory's chagrin. "Sorry, sorry... But ... You're mad because someone basically explained to you why you're an asshole. That's hilarious!..." She said in a fit of giggles. Soon thereafter, she calmed down. "Look... This isn't something to beat yourself up over... " she said, hopping off rail and heading back inside and flicking her cigarette over the railing as she did so. "If you want my advice, sometimes we need a good kick in the ass to open our eyes to shit. Also, and this is up to you, but I'd probably go apologize to her if i were you... Be easier on ya in the long run, ya know? Well, I'm freezing my ass off out here, so catch ya later..." She said as she left.

    • Team MSTC (Mystic)

      2 years ago


      Leader - Myst Blue

      Other Members - Sakura Azuma, Taiga Blaqlaw, and Celia Blue 

      BIOS (summarized)


      Fun loving, fearless, and a lighthearted snarker. Myst is the leader of Team MSTC. He, alongside his sister, Celia, and teammate Sakura, keep the spirits of their peers high. He uses a naginata that collapses for easy storage. 


      Comes from a somewhat wealthy family. Connoisseur of all things nerdy, particularly comic books and videogames. Very friendly and energetic, she does a good job of being, arguably, the most likable person on Team MSTC (and would be, if not for her leader, Myst, or Celia). What she lacks in raw power, she more than makes up for in pure speed and agility. Her weapon is a repeating crossbow. The limbs of her crossbow fold inward, and a small blade hidden under the bolt track comes out, turning her crossbow into a dagger. She is a fox faunus. Pets tail when sad, and wags it when happy. 


      Very quiet and reserved, Taiga is a youngman of few words. He is surprisingly talented with tinkering and repairing all sorts of gizmos. He's the muscle of Team MSTC. He is a bit naïve to life in vale, having spent his whole life living in the woods with his father, and often takes certain phrases literally (I/E: He overheard Myst say Yang was hot, and later offered to check her temperature, thinking he meant she had a fever). His weapons are a pair of gloves with retractable claws sharp enough to cut through nearly anything. 


      Myst's older sister. Given that her name means "heavenly" it makes sense that some refer to her as an Angel. She is very polite, kind, loving, and generally sweet. However, she's also a very strong fighter. Her weapons are a pair of Tonfa-guns. Though she doesn't like fighting, she is capable of being a one woman army, if you piss her off enough. Note that it takes a lot to make Celia show any emotions other than happiness. If you managed to push one of her very few "Berserk Buttons" pray that she shows you mercy. 


      We Are One by 12 Stones

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