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    • Why do you have Facial Hair?

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      This one is simple. Whats the reason for your facial hair? Is it because you wanted to see what you'd look like with hair on your face? Or are you hiding some unsightly facial scar? Or is it to rebel aganist a society that thinks all men should be clean shaven? However lengthy or brief a reason, please share.

      Oh, also, if you have a particular type of face hair; just a mustache, sideburns, ZZ Top beard, etc...Let everyone why you chose that style.

      Pictures are welcome.

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    • Wine

      10 years ago


      Last night I got wine drunk. For the past six years all I have ever drank was beer and a little liquor. I've been beer drunk, even shot drunk but wine drunk was crazy! Some people will tell you they don't a certain drink because it makes them do, say, or act different. Well wine is that drink for me. Apparently, on wine, I like to skinny dip in damn near freezing cold water. I say apparently becuase I dont remember much of last night. Thats also a first. I've drank myself stupid plenty of times, but I have always remembered the night before, more or less. Another thing, a wine hangover is a billion times worse than any beer hangover I have ever had. Well, im fucking tired.


      (Friendly Neighborhood Texan)

    • 360 Night

      10 years ago


      I think tonight is going to be a 360 night. I'm gonna work on my achievements, log a few hours. Besides, I dont have money to go out for a third night in a row. I need to start designating a night or a couple nights a week to stay in a play some games. It will keep me from spending some money.

    • WTF!

      10 years ago


      Who in the comic book industry decided that Geoff Loeb was a "good" comic book writer. Sad day, Sad day, Sad Day.......SAD DAY.

    • Finally!

      10 years ago


      I finally hooked myself up to Xbox Live. Boy is it a great thing. I created a new profile and have been playing my games over again. Its cool to see my avatar on my RT profile and my gamerscore updated when I get new achievements. In a few weeks, when I have some extra money, I'm gonna get my gold membership so I can play online. Needless to say I'm very excited. Ever since I got my first Nintendo, the only way I could play with other people is if they played with me or I played with them. I've played online before, but this is a totally new experience for me. It's gonna be cool to play a game with some one a hundred miles away.

      I have all the games I am playing posted on my profile, so if you play those too, send a me a friend request. I would like to have some friends on XBL so that I have more people to play with. I'm a great gamer and a nice guy. I would like to start playing online more. So send me some requests!

    • Something Random

      10 years ago


      I just checked the weather thingamagig on my Yahoo homepage, its 32 degrees outside and it says "Uknown Precipitation". Does that mean it could literally rain cats and dogs? I hope not, cause I hit a squirrel the other day and felt like shit.

    • Step two is complete!

      10 years ago


      I now have a brand spankin' new Xbox 360 Pro. I hooked it all up lasnt night and it purring like an electronic kitten! Right now im trying to play Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones cause they came with the 360 and I dont have any more money for games. smiley2.gif But once I get another check, it's game on. Either that or i'll spend my money on getting Xbox Live hooked up.

      I either have to buy a new wireless router for my internet and a wireless reciever for my 360 or buy an extra long cord to connect straight to my 360. One way or the other, I will get XBox Live! I will not continue to play single play games. I'm tired of mising out on the fun that is online. I'll be back with an update on games and Live.

    • Step one, done!!!

      10 years ago


      It's going to tke me two steps for me to get a new Xbox 360.

      Step one is to sell my new Wii for the cash to buy a new 360.

      Step two is to go to Best Buy and purchase a new 360.

      Step one is now complete. I just sold my Wii on Craigs List and made $275. Thats more than enough to buy a new 360 and some accessories.

      Hopefully tonight I have some time to head to BB and complete step two.

      I have to start thinkin of a screen name and how im going to make my Xbox Live avatar look. Oh, Im as giddy as a prepubesant monkey.

    • The day has come!!!

      10 years ago


      After 3 years without any gaming console to call my own, I am finally going to get a brand spanking new Xbox 360!!! smiley0.gif Horray, kudos for me. I have waited so long for this day to come. The day where I can create a new Xbox user profile. Earn Achievements from scratch and even participate on the website more. You know what, I can finnally unwrap the copy of Halo 3 I bought myself. Seeing how I never had a 360 to play it on and all my friends have it, I never had a need to open it.

      I should start thinking of a new username and profile picture and what games I need to get. I havent played anything other than Halo 3 for the past three years. I have missed a lot of games.

      smiley7.gif Egads, I'm so excited!!!!

    • I would like to thank...

      11 years ago


      my family, they bought me my laptop to which I am able to get online with. I would also like to thank Rooster Teeth for having an incredible website that I'm proud to be a part of. finally I would like to thank Burnie for giving me his award. I feel so warm and loved. I think I'm gonna go out on the town to celebrate my newly achieved award.

      But seriously, Thanks for the award. I'm not entirely sure what I got it for. You rock!

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