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    • Favorite RT 2016 Moments

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      Hello community! 

      I just watched the video of RT favorite moments from 2016. It made me wonder, what are your favorite RT moments from this year? 

      If we are feeling ambitious enough, send me your short videos and I will compile a giant reel to post on youtube for RT!

      What do you say?

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    • So... I suck... But for a good reason!

      2 years ago


      So, I have a TON! A TON! Of D&D stuff to post, but I've been super lazy about it because...

      DRUM ROLL PLEASE! I started my own Youtube channel! I'm the The Ghost Gurl Gamer as you can see from my pretty (pretty bad, word!) cover picture. So check it out, comment, subscribe.

      I have gaming videos, music videos, etc. We'll get back to D&D shortly, I swear! Love!

      The Ghost Gurl Gamer Channel 

    • Episode One

      3 years ago


      So I've decided to divide each post into the story and the review section (review of the game, the website, etc.) The story portions won't be too detailed, but a general overview of what has happened on our journey. If I get too descriptive, these posts will never end.

      That's it for announcements, on with the show!


      A blinding flash of light and the minotaur rouge Beliminorgath Teskos, the tiefling bard Lyric, and the goliath wizard Tulkas Farseer appear in a cavern-like room.

      Greeted coolly by the human cleric Dhalren Krieg and the half-elf ranger Kyr, the three heroes discover they have been summoned from different worlds to this land to assist in ridding the land of a great threat. What that threat is? We do not know. This is the country of Fauchard. Dhalren is a follower of the god Kelan Vor, Lord of the Dead.

      Dhalren and Kyr lead the group through the forest towards the nearest town. Along the way, they are attacked by a clay golem. The group dispatched of the creature easily.

      Our heroes arrive in the small village of Laywood. Dhalren heads to a temple to speak with the Abbess Ealdgild. She, Dhalren, and Kyr are members of the Order of the Word. They serve Kelan Vor and believe that death is a realm that should be left in peace. The threat facing this land is that someone is trying to raise and army of the undead, and the Order of the Word intends to stop them. The band of adventurers are to travel to the city of Grey Cliff.

      The group heads to the only inn in the small village, The Half-Full Mug. Dhalren meets with the ranger Otwick who lets them know that the journey to Grey Cliff is a 10-day hike, but there is a shortcut through a fort in the mountains which may cut the journey in half.

      Tulkas and Lyric are curious about this world they have been brought to. Kyr explains that many ages ago, there was a war between the humans and the elves. King Garrick managed to unify the continent. The clay golem the heroes faced earlier was left over from the war.

      Our heroes leave the next morning for Grey Cliff (but not after Tulkas gets his revenge on the innkeeper for making him sleep in the stables - they did not have large enough rooms for his size, so he magically doused and relit the fire).

      Lyric takes it upon herself to vote "shortcut" for the group and they head into Fort Ildan, the Passage to the West. It is an old, abandoned elvish fort. Not a few meters into the fort, the group is attacked by several rotting mummies - the cursed corpses of elvish soldiers. The group fends off the creatures and retreats back towards the entrance, where they spot a suspicious crack in a wall.


      All right! Episode one! We played for 2-3 hours I believe? makes it so easy for us to play. We each have our own tokens that we selected and can move them around the map, which is gridlocked. Our DM did an AMAZING job considering this was his first ever session. The maps were not bad - nothing hand made, just some generic images. We used the chat feature provided by the website. It seemed to work okay with just the five of us, but we're adding two more next time. We shall see!

      Also, let me know in the comments how you like this layout. Any suggestions or recommendations are always appreciated.

    • D&D Characters Continued and Pictures!

      3 years ago


      So the final heroes joining us on our journey are:

      Ax McSlash - a dwarf barbarian, short in stature, mighty in strength. An alcoholic who stumbled upon our merry band of adventurers. What are his motives?

      Beliminorgath Teskos - a minotaur rouge. Do not ask me how to say his name, but he prefers to go by Teskos. A silent fellow, pure of heart, swift and strong.

      And that is our crew! I am adding my own online doll creations to my profile, so you can see what these dashing soldiers of fortune look like. I have zero artistic ability, so I credit everything to the doll makers at Because of that, the art styles will probably be different for each cast member.

      Thanks again! Stay tuned for the first full episode!

    • D&D Character Introductions

      3 years ago


      Still not sure on a title for this blog series, but that's okay. So, first off, the program is AMAZING! We're using the free service, but are all considering chipping in for a paid upgrade to get dynamic lighting and sounds. The map loads are quick and the DM is able to adjust the mobs on a whim. Status changes can also be applied to all NPCs and Players on the board. It's WONDERFUL! Best system ever!

      Now, on to the story:

      First, our players in this tale. There is...

      Kyr - a half-elf ranger proficient in the ways of the forest. His mother was human and his father elfish.

      Dhalren Krieg - a human cleric and follower of the Lord of the Dead, Kelan Vor. Behind his dark armor, he is a Caucasian male with piercing green eyes and a thick head of dark, greasy hair.

      Tulkas Farseer - a goliath wizard, bald and tall as young trees. Goliaths are a race related to giants, which explains Tulkas' stature, at over 7 feet tall, and a brutish 400 plus pounds.

      Lyric - a tiefling bard. Average height, average weight, but looking anything but average. Mocha skin, navy blue hair piled on top of her head, allowing her horns to protrude, and a tail adding a measure of feet to her reach. This is my character, so naturally I know most about her.

      A few other players will be joining us later in our quest.

      For now, these are our travelers in the land of Fauchard!

    • Character Rolling

      3 years ago


      Alright! So we're using the website It is a fantastic tool - I've never used it before. You have a character sheet that does math for you, and the spell page is GREAT! Once you click an attack spell, the macro rolls for you!

      Our DM was playing with maps, and we all have custom tokens thanks to the power of the Internet. I'm so excited to start questing!

      We will be starting in at level 5, which made character design a little more challenging, since we had to choose equipment and spells and feats without knowing how the others would roll... we discussed it slightly but kept most things secret to make role playing more enjoyable.

      I'm rolling a Tiefling Bard. Her name is Lyric. I was inspired by Geoff. I won't get into too much detail, as I hope background and personality will be discovered in future posts. However, I will post her picture fur reference. Also, she plays a mean pan flute.

      Our party with have a ranger, a death cleric, a fighter, a wizard, and one more who I am not sure about. You'll get to meet them next update!

      We begin our quest next week! Stay tuned!

    • Lead Up to D&D

      3 years ago


      Starting tomorrow, my friends and I will be beginning a fresh D&D session. Since our favorite Achievement Hunters (and Gus) are embarking on their own quest, I thought it might be fun to regale the forums with my group's own tale.

      So starting tomorrow, tune in to read about the adventures of... well, I don't know yet.

      Anyone have any suggestions for a title?

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      2 years ago

      Your On the Spot prompt was awesome.

      • Ghostgurlgamer FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Why thank you! I have been trying to get one on there for ever!

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